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  1. Rarely we tweet. Even more rare will there be a pastebin.
  3. But there are a few lines we feel must be communicated.
  5. We do not believe that anonops is a honeypot. We don't even believe they are bad people as such. But they do behave like we are in 1997 and everyone is a child. Mutes and z-lines are given out for fun. Even after 3+ years. We are tired of this. Any new ircnet will start childish but anonops has not evolved a bit in over three years. Actually it got worse. We are done with that now.
  7. People who refuse to grow up need to be left behind.
  9. That being said: Keep up the spirit. There are still friendly ships, a lot of them. And we will always sail along true lizards. It was a fun time, really. But there is nothing more to gain.
  11. Goodbye Anonops, goodbye LulzSec, goodbye Anonymous. It was a rewarding and fun ride.
  13. Fare well!
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