(MLO) The Times of Anon Sparkle: Epilogue

Mar 19th, 2013
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  4. [spoiler] So people wanted a Happy Anon and Twi to get whats coming to her? If you say so… [/spoiler]
  6. >Be “The Times of Anon Sparkle: Epilogue” in Equestria
  7. >Be Anon Sparkle
  8. >When the guard found you in the box in the alley he rushed you to the hospital
  9. >Hypothermia, frostbite, potential shock, tissue damage in the limbs
  10. >For a few days you stayed in the sterile light green room getting nursed back to health
  11. >At one point the same guard came back
  12. >”Hey there, are you feeling okay?”
  13. “Yea…”
  14. >”My name is Copper Flare, but you can just call me Coop.”
  15. >He sits next to your bed
  16. >”What’s your name”
  17. “Anon Sparkle”
  18. >”Sparkle? Hmm…”
  19. >Coop continues to ask you questions for a while, most of them things you don’t feel like telling him
  20. >”Alright. Hey Anon, I have to get back on patrol, but I’ll be back before you’re discharged, okay?”
  21. >And with a slight nod from you he left
  22. >A few hours later a nurse came in and left you some hospital dinner
  23. >It was the best thing you’ve eaten in months…
  24. >Upon finishing your food you realize something
  25. >This is only a brief pause
  26. >As soon as you get better you’re going back out there
  27. >Back into the cold, the hunger, the hurt, the loneliness…
  28. >You silently cry as night and sleep fall upon you
  30. >The next day
  31. >Right after breakfast Coop came back
  32. >With Uncle Shining!
  33. “Uncle Shining!”
  34. >”Anon!”
  35. >Your face beamed a smile as he walked over and gave you a hug
  36. >”It’s been a while squirt. How have you been?”
  37. “A-Alright…”
  38. >He pulled back and stared you in the face
  39. >”Anon, where were you? Why did you run away from Twilight?”
  40. >Your heart sank
  41. “She… doesn’t.. *mumble*”
  42. >Oh no, please don’t.
  43. >”What was that?”
  44. >Please please please please don’t
  45. “She didn’t want me…”
  46. >Tears begin to form as you look away from Shining
  47. >”Nonsense! She would never think that! Come on, I’ll take you to my place until I can get you home”
  48. >He gestures to the nurse for something and continues talking
  49. >”I’m sort of busy, and Twily lives on the complete opposite side of Canterlot, but you can stay with me for a while.”
  51. >Uncle Shining lived in a castle!
  52. >Well, it wasn’t a real castle, but it was inside of one
  53. >Captain of the Guard meant that he had a very nice place to live
  54. >The insides were furnished with stuff that seemed too expensive for-
  55. >…
  56. >You caught yourself staring at a bright pink unicorn who stood taller than anyp0ny you’ve seen
  57. >…And she has wings…
  58. >”Anon, this is my special somep0ny, Princess Cadence.”
  59. >She leans in and gives you a light smile
  60. >”Please, Cadence is fine. How are you?
  61. >You gasp in a combination of fear, excitement, and uncertainty
  62. >Was this… who… how…
  63. >The two of you began talking in earnest
  64. >By which Cadence asked you questions and you tried to answer them
  65. “Anonymous Sparkle…”
  66. >”Oh? So you’re Twilight’s son. I’ve heard about you from Shining.”
  67. >The conversation lasted a bit
  68. >Apparently you are going to be living with them until Shining can take a day off to head to the outskirts where Grandma and Grandpa live
  69. >Cadence was wondering why you were out in the cold
  70. >To which Shining Armor answered for you
  71. >”Ran away, just a teenager thing”
  72. >After a while it started to get dark
  73. >Uncle Shining ruffles your mane and pointed to a door
  74. >”Come on, there’s a guest room you can stay in”
  75. >As you walked with him you looked back
  76. >Seeing Cadence give a slightly worried frown
  78. >You are now Princess Mi Amore Cadenze
  79. >Or, as you’d prefer, Cadence
  80. >You are living with your special somep0ny Shining Armor
  81. >He hasn’t asked the Big Question, but you are sure he’s going to very soon
  82. >But that doesn’t matter right now
  83. >Right now there is a young colt who is living with you
  84. >And has some… problems
  85. >At the very least you could tell from talking to him
  86. >But also anytime you are around him and raise your voice or hoof, he flinches
  87. >He is ALWAYS cleaning, his room, the bathroom, the kitchen
  88. >He never plays or reads, just cleans
  89. >It’s starting to put the hired help off balance
  90. >And he also seemed sad
  91. >Whenever you tried to talk to him about his mom, or what he liked to do, or where he was from, he got really sad
  92. >The final straw was when you found him in his room, panicking
  93. >A small mess of lunch was made on the floor
  94. >And he was frantically trying to clean it up
  95. >His hooves were rubbed sore, his mouth slightly bleeding, some sort of cleaning agent was stinging his eyes
  96. >Which made the mess larger, which made him desperately try to clean it more
  97. >When he noticed you he ran to a corner and started to beg
  98. >”Please, I’ll clean it up! I’m sorry! I’m sorry! I can clean it! Please!”
  99. >He was shivering with fear as you walked over to him
  100. >Placing a caring hoof on him only made him cry harder and beg more
  101. >Something was obviously wrong
  102. >After calming him down and assuring him he wasn’t in trouble you started to give him a closer look
  103. >Light scars could be seen under his coat
  104. >Slightly awkward stances revealed physical damage that never healed properly
  105. >Malnutrition was evident in his small build and visible bones
  106. >My goodness…
  107. >You grabbed him tight and gave him the warmest hug you could
  108. “It’s okay Anon… It’s okay… I’m not going to hurt you… no one is…”
  110. >Later that day your Shining came home
  111. >”Hey honey, I got the rest of the day off. I’m going to head down to my parents and drop Anon off. Want to come with?”
  112. “Shining, you can’t. He can’t.”
  113. >”What?”
  114. >You take a deep breath and look into his eyes
  115. “I think Anon was… abused…”
  116. >Shining looks mildly shocked
  117. >”Of course he was, he was in the streets for the past couple of months!”
  118. “No. The way he flinches, the way he acts, this has been going on for a LOT longer!”
  119. >The discussion heated into an argument
  120. >”The Streets! He was homeless! That’s where he got the bruises from!”
  121. >”I know Twilight, she’s a loving mother! She would never do anything to Anon!”
  122. >”My Parents Cadence, that’s how I know. Twi’s been living with them. If she was doing stuff like that they would know!”
  123. >This wasn’t going anywhere
  124. >With a deep breath you ask the question you were afraid to
  125. “Shining, dearest… do you trust me?”
  126. >He quiets up
  127. >”O-Of course. I’m just saying that-“
  128. “Do you trust me to do a memoria receptui translationis on him?”
  129. >A memory spell, allowing you to see what he did, feel what he felt, and experience what happened to him
  130. >”Cadence…”
  132. >Later that night in the study
  133. >Shining Armor was there, standing next to Anonymous
  134. >A servant of the house was finishing up the meditation circle on the ground
  135. >”Are you sure this is going to be okay?”
  136. “Don’t worry Shining. I can do this”
  137. >You look at Anon with a smile
  138. “Anon, it’s going to be okay. Nop0ny is going to hurt you from now on, alright?”
  139. >He nodded and started to walk towards you
  140. >But you could see a look of defeated acceptance in his face
  141. >…He didn’t believe you…
  142. >You pull his head to yours as you charge up
  143. “Just relax, this won’t hurt…”
  144. >A small whimper is given in response
  145. “It’s going to be okay…”
  146. >Then with a flash your magic reaches for him
  147. ”I promise”
  148. >The barriers between your minds start to fade and blur
  149. >His vision becomes yours, as yours becomes both
  150. >Every sound is echoed and vibrant
  151. >You close your eyes, only to see more
  152. >Every hit, every slap, every lick, every yell
  153. >Every moan, every thrust, every sickly taste and feeling
  154. >It rushes into you
  155. >Several ponies stand out against the background of vibrancy
  156. >As you try to place names to their images
  157. >You may not yet be a full Princess, but you were close to those who were
  159. -The Sparkle Parents-
  160. >Shining Armor and a few of the city guards arrived on the doorstep of the Sparkle Residence
  161. >The guards hold up their warrant and rush in, searching the place
  162. >”Shining! What’s going on?”
  163. >”Dad, calm down. There’s… a problem. A big problem”
  164. >For the next couple of moments all that could be heard was the guards finishing their sweep
  165. >And Shining telling his parents that his mom… she... with her grandson…
  166. >The words were difficult to say, but he kept on
  167. >Wasn’t Mom’s fault, or Anon’s
  168. >Twilight was a… bad parent
  169. >Really bad
  170. >As he spoke his mother only cried and stared at the floor
  171. >His father had a mask of shock and horror
  172. >”And then we did a memory spell, which leads us to now…”
  173. >Mrs Sparkle began to wail
  174. >”Look mom, it’s not your fault. You’re not in trouble, you were just… in the wrong place…”
  175. >”Sweety, Shining, I’m so sorry. *Sniff* I should have said something, anything. *Sniff* I just…”
  176. >She leans into her husband, who wraps a hoof around her in support
  177. >”What I did to him, what could I possibly do to make it up? *Sniff* I can’t… I don’t know…”
  178. >Shining goes over to his parents and joins the hug
  179. >”You can… you can… Just be there for him…”
  181. -Prince Blueblood-
  182. >The word ‘Prince’ is just a title
  183. >A title given a lot of weight in this matriarchal society
  184. >Only because of a divergent lineage that stretches several dozen generations ago
  185. >It doesn’t mean that Blueblood is of divine ability like the Princesses
  186. >Only that he is the most important noble of the whole kingdom
  187. >Because he has the most ‘divine’ blood of the entire nobility
  188. >From many offenses this protected him from
  189. >Except for punishment from the Celestial Throne itself
  190. >His family of course protested fiercely, along with their allied nobility
  191. >Blueblood, the youngest and ONLY offspring, the last branch of the divine bloodline amongst mortals
  192. >How could the Princesses do this to him?
  193. >Without him there is no heir, no continuation!
  194. >The bloodline would be gone!
  195. >Princess Celestia scarcely bats an eye
  196. >”Oh? And what of Blueblood’s son then?”
  197. >Any defense for him evaporated once they heard of his son, and what he did with him at a particularly lively party
  198. >He cried like a foal on the way down
  200. -Hoity Toity-
  201. >Hoity Toity was in the middle of a rather large festivity
  202. >In his company were few friends, many acquaintances, and even a few enemies
  203. >All invited of course
  204. >What’s the use of socializing with nobility if one couldn’t schmooze with them?
  205. >But this party was rather dull
  206. >Before he could remedy that situation a large assortment of royal guards flooded the entrances to the great hall
  207. >”I’m sorry gentlemen, but this is a *private* party. Invitation only.”
  208. >A white coated and blue maned unicorn stepped forward as Hoity continued to talk
  209. >”While I do appreciate the… sentiment from wanting to be here, you have to leave. Now. You are ruining this celebration with your presence”
  210. >”Hoity Toity, I am Shining Armor, Captain of the Royal Guard. I’d strongly suggest you come with me peacefully”
  211. >His face was trying to maintain its blank guards-like appearance
  212. >”Royal Guard? Do you know who my friend is? You might have heard of him. *PRINCE* Blueblood! He would be quite upset if his dearest friend were to-“
  213. >*THUMP*
  214. >Shining recoils his shoulder from knocking the unicorn out with his hoof
  215. >”I don’t care. Guards, take him away”
  216. >As his body was being dragged outside Shining took center stage and magicked a large parchment out of his armor
  217. >”LISTEN UP! I’m going to start naming ponies, and you are going to start stepping forward!”
  218. >A list of names, and magically conjured pictures of faces and cutiemarks began to appear
  219. >With each addition a new pony or two in the crowd looked shocked
  220. >After a few minutes a unicorn in a dapper suit stepped up and spoke
  221. >”I dare say good boy, what is all this about?”
  222. >Shining pauses and looks him in the eye
  223. >”All of these ponies are wanted for rape”
  225. -Twilight Sparkle-
  226. >After reassuring his parents on what to do, they told him Twilight left a few minutes prior
  227. >She had somehow heard of the guards coming for her
  228. >Shining left alone to go find her
  229. >It took a few hours, but there she was
  230. >On the same bridge where she left Anonymous
  231. >”Twily…”
  232. >She was sitting near the rails, crying
  233. >Not in sadness, but in anger
  234. >”Twilight, look at me”
  235. >His voice now projecting authority
  236. >But when she spoke it was of fear
  237. >”This… none of this shouldn’t have happened… I wasn’t supposed to… he wasn’t supposed to…”
  238. >”Why Twilight, Why?”
  239. >Her face shot up at his
  242. >”Twilight, just calm down. Come with me, please. He misses you, mom and dad are worried about you, I’m worried about you.”
  243. >”…Buck you”
  244. >With that a bolt of purple magic lances out and strikes Shining, knocking him down
  245. >Reflexes kick in and he throws a magical shield around him self
  246. >But before he realizes it Twilight is standing on the rails, leaning over the chasm
  247. >”…and now he ruins my life one last time…”
  248. >She jumps
  249. >Shining wasn’t fast enough to change his magical flow
  250. >The last they saw of each other were looks of horror and hate
  252. -Anonymous Sparkle-
  253. >You are now Cadence
  254. >And you saw something weird in Anon’s memory
  255. >…you mean weirder than what he already went through
  256. >A mare who looked just like Twilight
  257. >…until she didn’t...
  258. >She looked like a…
  259. >Changeling
  260. >From the far wastes, these creatures who are able to shape shift and feed off of emotions
  261. >You know vaguely of them, but not why one was hiding out in Canterlot
  262. >But you do know they are hive creatures, where there is one, there are more
  263. >Investigations were conducted, suspects apprehended, raids launched
  264. >Several months after the memory reading a large Changeling tried to ambush you
  265. >But you defeated her in a pitched battle, and stopped the invasion she was planning
  267. >”Defending the kingdom before you are even a proper princess? I’m impressed”
  268. “Thank you Celestia, but the only reason I had the ability to do so was because of something I saw in poor Anon’s head”
  269. >”Hmm… such a sad story. Blueblood’s trial is still on-going. If he is well enough I do believe he would be a welcome asset to help close it up”
  270. “Sorry, but I don’t he’s willing to see his father after what happened last time”
  271. >Celestia lowered her tea and eyed Cadence
  272. >”Father? Blueblood is Anon’s father?”
  273. “Oh yes. Was that not in the reports I sent?”
  274. >She mused for a moment
  275. >”Hmmm… I think I can make use of that information…”
  276. >Upon dropping news of Blueblood’s child, and a slight exaggeration on how he stopped a kingdom threatening invasion the Blueblood family was more than happy to welcome the colt into their midst
  278. >After living with Cadence for a while arrangements were made for Anon to move with the Bluebloods
  279. >”His rightful family”
  280. >Their apologizes of their corrupted ex-heir filled his ears
  281. >And their praise of his ‘actions’ in stopping an invasion fell upon him
  282. >It was no secret why they wanted him
  283. >To have a continuing bloodline that didn’t involve a publicly shamed prince
  284. >For a while Cadence and Shining visited frequently
  285. >They tried to undo the damage that had been done and raise Anonymous the best they could
  286. >”No Anon, that wasn’t love. That was abuse”
  287. >”Twilight didn’t care for you, she didn’t know what she was doing”
  288. >”Ponies won’t always hurt you, try and make some friends”
  289. >But eventually Cadence had to take leave for a more distant empire
  290. >And Anon was left with the royal family that he never knew
  291. >They were quick to replace Cadence and Shining Armor in his life
  292. >”You are of noble birth and humble origins Sir Anonymous”
  293. >”The very fact of the blood that flows through your veins means you are honorable”
  294. >”That corrupt actions of your father do not define us all”
  295. >Money, politics, hierarchy, power, all there for him to learn
  296. >They too told him that he was not some throwaway from a spiteful mare
  297. >But the proud continuation of a divine bloodline
  298. >He was taught that he was better than Twilight
  299. >Better than those who abused him for money
  300. >The peasants that ignored him and yelled at him were beneath him
  301. >He learned that he was better than his upbringing
  302. >He. Was. Better.
  305. >20 Years Later
  306. >You are Anonymous
  307. >Prince Anonymous Sparkle
  308. >No longer the last heir of the Blueblood line
  309. >You are currently in a lavish study
  310. >Your wife is standing next to you, and your son in front
  311. >She was the prominent daughter of a very powerful house of nobles that managed to politic their way into the Blueblood affairs
  312. >You didn’t know her name until the day of the wedding
  313. >Your son came soon after
  314. >He was… not well received by anyp0ny due to his gender
  315. >But that’s in the past
  316. >Right now they are both looking down
  317. >Your wife is hiding a smirk of sadness, and your son is staring intently at the carpet
  318. >Your voice carries quiet easily
  319. “Mare… Mare… FEMALE! I need a DAUGHTER to continue the line!”
  320. >”I can’t control-“
  321. “When we were married you gave me a son. A SON! And now you are going to have ANOTHER SON!”
  322. >She looks up at you
  323. >”Well maybe if you weren’t afraid of getting intimate-“
  324. >*SLAP*
  325. “Get out”
  326. >Her face showed hurt
  327. >”I didn’t mean it like th-“
  328. “GET OUT!”
  329. >With a burst of magic you threw her to the door
  330. >You hated your wife
  331. >Ever since the wedding night
  332. >When she smiled and threw the both of you on the bed
  333. >And then began to nuzzle and lick and moan…
  334. >Reflexes and memories kicked in
  335. >Fear and submission was your response, Force and dominance hers
  337. >Your son wasn’t much better
  338. >He was as dumb as a brick sometimes
  339. >Always made messes, always didn’t do what he was told
  340. >You didn’t even want him…
  341. >Something tugged at your mind but you shooed it away
  342. >Years of this foal caused you so much grief…
  343. >And his resemblance to a certain purple mare…
  344. >Rage began to fill your sight
  345. >”Dad, I’m sorry…”
  346. >Every time you look at him you’re reminded of something… bad…
  347. >You don’t know what it is, but you hate it
  348. >This time it was getting in trouble with a guardsp0ny
  349. >Or last time, you don’t remember exactly
  350. >Maybe it was destroying a carpet that cost more than your first apartment with mom
  351. >Or it was not behaving in front of a foreign dignitary who was eating with you
  352. >Perhaps it was making a servant quit because of some nonsense he did
  353. >All you know is that he was now in the corner, crying, with a busted lip and several fresh bruises
  354. >This wasn’t anything new
  355. >All he caused was mischief and problems
  356. >It was like he was trying to make your life harder
  357. >If he could just behave he could be something good, something you could be proud of
  358. >Something you could show to other ponies in praise
  359. >…
  360. >An idea hit you
  362. >There’s a rather large party tonight
  363. >And in order to keep the various political ties strong favorable to you it wound up being your turn to bring the majority of the “party favors”
  364. >Wine, musicians, remedies and intoxicants from other lands, “working ponies”…
  365. >You know that a few mares who are the heads of households that are going to be there tonight
  366. >You also know that those mares in question have a preference of the younger variety
  367. >And it would be nice to have them owe you a favor or three…
  368. “Son... son… come here…”
  369. >He gets up and limps over to you
  370. >Your hoof wraps around his back and brings him in for a hug
  371. “It’s okay… It’s okay… I forgive you. But…”
  372. “Do you want to make it up to me for what you did?”
  373. >He sniffles and nods
  374. “Good… good… there’s going to be a party tonight that we’re going to”
  375. “I want to take you too it”
  376. >His face turns curious
  377. “All I ask is that when we are there…”
  378. “Don’t. Mess. Up.”
  380. The End
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