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Moonbeam Interview

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  1. GeneralFreedom: Moonbeam arrives at the new and shiny Prodigy Center, future home of Gen Prime! She's let onto the grounds by a robotic security guard who directs her to a meeting room inside the state of the art building! Bom-Pom waits inside with an advanced robot standing at her shoulder. She gestures to a chair across the table as Moonbeam enters. "Take a seat, please."
  3. AceofFours: Moonbeam's masked visage fails to accurately convey her stonefaced expression.  She surveys her surroundings from behind her visor and crosses her arms, "I'll stand if it's all the same to you" an electronically modulated voice speaks.
  5. GeneralFreedom: "If you want," Bom-Pom shrugs. "I'm Bom-Pom, Becky Neven. And this is Tutor, my co-leader." She gestures over her shoulder to the robot. "Good evening," Tutor says politely before Bom-Pom continues. "Tell me about yourself. Have you done much on the hero front? Or do you have any experience that might help you with a growing new superteam?"
  7. AceofFours: "I've been doing what I can ever since I discovered my powers.  That was a year ago.  My name doesn't show up in many headlines and I prefer it that way.  Low profile, you know."
  9. GeneralFreedom: "Not really, no," Bom-Pom tsks. "I personally like being in the public eye." Tutor makes a robotic rumbling, like clearing its throat. "Some people work better from the shadows. Your powers are much more suited for open encounters, Ms. Neven." Becky gives the robot a look but it continues on. "On the subject; what are your powers? And do you have any other abilities and skills we should know about?"
  11. AceofFours: "I can project beams of light energy.  Strong ones.  If I focus, I could burn a hole through a car.  Thankfully, it rarely comes to that in the field.  I also see in UV and infrared.  This gear? I made most of it myself.   I've also had some training in hand to hand combat.  Comes in handy when my powers fail"
  13. GeneralFreedom: "Definitely. I mostly rely on my powers, but I've definitely had my share of hand to hand training," Bom-Pom says proudly. "I don't carry around a lot of accessories during my patrols though. I like to travel light." Tutor chimes in with, "And because you tend to be rough on your gear due to your powers. What kind of gear do you carry?" Bom-Pom purses her lips and gives the robot a glare, but it doesn't seem to care.
  15. AceofFours: MB reaches into a pouch behind the small of her back and produces a pistol sized metallic rectangle and shows it off. "I'm most proud of this grappling hook.  Perfect for quick getaways or for stopping someone else's quick getaway." She tucks it back into her belt. "I've also got a survival knife, zip ties, and the rest is just first aid supplies."
  17. GeneralFreedom: "Ooh. I like that. I bet that's pretty useful," Bom-Pom notes, apparently considering getting her father to buy her one. "Well, it's good that people are going to bring that kind of thing to the group. It always pays to be prepared!" Tutor nods. "Correct. There are many variables to consider in the field and it can pay to have support gear." Bom-Pom gets to ask the final question. "So... what do you hope to get out of the team? What motivated you to schedule this meeting?"
  19. AceofFours: "I'll be honest, I don't have much faith in young hero groups.  They all inevitably turn into trainwrecks of collateral damage and dead bodies.  I had to see for myself if this "Gen Prime" was legit.  If I'm going to put my life on the line, I'd rather not do it with a team of amateurs."
  21. (9:32:36 PM) GeneralFreedom: "Hmph. Well we certainly don't intend to end up like that," Bom-Pom huffs. "We have a surprising number of applicants with previous experience, in fact." Tutor assesses Moonbeam with his blank robotic gaze. "This team is meant to be a learning experience to help mold young heroes into the champions of the future. Trevor Neven, the sponsor of Gen Prime, has spared no expense in making sure it gets results. We will ensure that promising young heroes don't end up going down the wrong path."
  23. AceofFours: "I think that's what will set you apart from the rest.  The groups of the past didn't have anyone to guide them.  They all had good intentions, but let's be honest, teenagers and super powers are a volatile mix."
  25. GeneralFreedom: "You might have a point. I suppose I don't trust all of my peers to use their abilities responsibly," Bom-Pom grumbles. "Hopefully, our guidance will make a difference. That's all Mr. Neven wants," Tutor says. Bom-Pom passes an official Gen Prime card across the table to Moonbeam and puts on a polite smile. "We'll be in touch."
  27. AceofFours: MB picks up the card and glances over it briefly before pocketing it.  "How will you be in touch?  You don't know who I am."
  29. GeneralFreedom: "Same way you got in touch with us to set up this meeting? I'm not sure how you got in without contacting us?" She seems confused.
  31. AceofFours: "I looked up Neven Industries on the internet after following you around on your patrols.  Like I said, I had to know if you were legit."
  33. GeneralFreedom: Becky rolls her eyes and sits back. "Leave your contact information with one of the service bots then if you're really interested. See? It doesn't always pay for you caped spooky types to slink around being mysterious, does it?" Tutor gives a robotic sigh and passes an electronic notepad. "Fill this out and hand it to a service bot. Thank you for your time."
  35. AceofFours: Moonbeam accepts the notepad and taps away at it, leaving her "work number" so as not to give any clues to her secret identity.  "I look forward to hearing from you"
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