Below The Waves

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  1. Tags: Yandere, Kikimora, Shoggoth, Mindbreak, Lewd, Horror
  4.     I woke up to the sound of my alarm clock at the side of my bed. Weakly I lifted my hand to turn it off, but the buzzing stopped before I could reach it. I rubbed at my eyes and sat up, pushing the blanket to my right and swinging my legs over the bed. My feet touched the floor, only to be met with a wet spot where my slippers usually were. The cold sensation was like lightning through my consciousness, and I was far more awake now than I had been before. I looked down at the carpet, an empty glass lying next to the dark circle on my floor. Odd, I didn’t remember bringing a drink to bed. I reached down to pick up the cup, only to recoil at the sensation that greeted me. It was slimy, as if I was grabbing a fish. I rubbed my hand rapidly over my sheets, thoroughly confused and disgusted.  My brow furrowed, the dark spot on the floor confusing me more and more.
  5.     I jumped at the sound of the alarm clock, it’s shrill cry tearing my attention from the stain. For the first time since I awoke I looked at the clock, the numbers on it’s face blinking rapidly, no pattern discernible in their movements. Each blink brought a new number to the other’s place, each of them facing a different direction than the last. I hit the top of it roughly, the high pitched beep replaced with a constant whine. Irritated, I hit it again, the numbers vanishing as it wrapped around my hand like putty, an uncomfortable, slimy warmth caressing my skin. I screamed in panic, flinging the mass away from me. It hit the wall with a burble, the wet form slipping down onto the headboard of my bed. It squelched audibly as it was sucked through the space between the wall and headboard. I stood quickly, running from my room and slamming the door behind me.
  6.     My breath hitched in my throat, the hallway was pitch black. At the end of the hall was a thin stream of light from the kitchen door, a soft humming worming its way through the opening. I stepped forward slowly, each creak of the floorboards setting me more on edge. The humming grew closer and closer as my heart crawled higher into my throat. With my hand outstretched I moved towards the door. My mind was racing, the feeling of foreboding tying my guts into a knot. The light tune from behind the wood was soft and pretty, each note ringing through my head. My hand wrapped around the doorknob, and I swallowed roughly. Over and over I ran through my head, questioning what was beyond the doorframe and lurking in the light.
  7.     Before I could reach a decision and move forward, the doorknob was yanked outwards from my hand. I fell backwards onto the ground, squinting at the sudden assault of light. A figure was silhouetted in the opening, a female shape was the only discernible feature.
  8.     “Master?” The voice that reached my ears was soft and pretty, like wind chimes in a fall breeze.
  9.     “Master are you alright? It’s late, why are you up?” The shape said.
  10.     The figure in front of me stepped sideways, the light blinding me before my eyes adjusted. Before me was a Kikimora, her simple maid outfit a comforting sight. The sleeves were rolled up past her elbows, a washcloth in one hand, her other outstretched to me. The smile on her face was softer than the pillow I had just left, her eyes full of adoration and love. That’s right, the Maid Office had sent her over a few days ago. She had showed up at my door with a simple suitcase and a letter saying my request had been granted.
  11.     “Marie, jesus you scared me, you wouldn’t believe what happened in my room.” My voice shook slightly, a frown crossing her face as she heard me.
  12.     “Is everything alright Master? Did you have a nightmare?” She moved her gaze up to my door, then back to me.
  13.     I started to speak but stopped myself. I looked back at the door and then to Marie, struggling to think of an explanation. If I tried to explain my alarm clock melting and the slime, I’d sound crazy, and she just arrived. I didn’t need to scare off the maid this fast. I sighed and nodded in agreement, grasping her hand and standing with her. Her skin was soft and reassuring, her fingers interlacing with mine as she pulled me off the floor and into the kitchen. The nightmare in the bedroom seemed far away as I sat down across from her at the table, lost in her features. Her face was beautiful yet simple, her distinctive feature the golden glimmer of her eyes, that shone in the light so brightly they were almost white. Her black hair was done up in a simple ponytail, a few loose strands hanging over her face.
  14.     When Marie arrived she set to work immediately, taking over the guest bedroom as her space, but spending most of her time working around the house. Her specialty was cooking, and each meal she made was an entirely new experience to me. Most of the dinners she cooked I couldn’t pronounce, she said they were from her homeland, but she always seemed to dodge the question of where she was from, or any details on her past really. Regardless, I respected her personal space and didn’t pry. My thoughts were interrupted as Marie waved her hand in front of my face.
  15.     “Master? You okay? You look like you’re zoning out.” The worried look on her face was cute, and with her leaning across the table at me I was provided a good view of her ample breasts.
  16.     “Sorry Marie, I was just thinking of your arrival and the like. It’s been nice to have someone else in the house.” I smiled at her, a noticeable blush running through her cheeks. I tried to stifle a sudden yawn, looking around the room.
  17.     “What time is it anyway Marie?” The clock was in the other room, but judging by the shades still down on the windows I must have woke up in the middle of the night.
  18.     Marie smiled, her cheeks still red.“Almost three in the morning sir, I was just doing some dishes and preparing dinner for tomorrow.”
  19.     I looked over towards the sink, a few glasses remaining inside it. The pots and pans from last night’s dinner were drying on the rack, water pooling beneath them. Further down the counter, some sort of meat was wrapped up in a marinade. Next to the food, a simple white box that Marie carried with her everywhere sat with the lid off. Marie followed my gaze and quickly jumped up from the table, moving around the counter and reaching inside her container.
  20.     “That reminds me Master, I got you some new cutlery!”
  21.     The sound of silverware clanging together arose from past her, her body blocking my view. Marie closed the box, walking back towards me with a few pieces of silverware in her hands. She set them on the table in front of me, beaming with pride. I looked down at her gifts, picking up the fork. The design was simple, though the craftsmanship was clearly evident. I was about to ask how much she paid when I felt a small bump under my fingers. I moved my thumb aside, the fork resting in my palm. Right at the base of the tines was an intricate design of an eye, raised up slightly from the rest of the metal. It made me uneasy to look at, it felt as though it stared back at me. My gaze shifted to Marie, her smile having grown wider.
  22.     “Well do you like them? When I saw them I just knew I had to get them.” Marie was bouncing in place, her hands clasped in front of her breasts.
  23.     I was about to respond when something caught my eyes. I reached out with my free hand, pushing Marie’s arms aside and lifting the brooch around her collar. The eye in the center of the brooch was far more intricate than that on the cutlery, but the same metal had clearly been used. Marie looked down at my hands, a confused look overcoming her. I looked back to the silverware, them moved the fork in my hand up next to her jewelry. I felt uneasy, a sudden shiver running up my back, the hairs on the nape of my neck standing up. Marie looked from my hands and then to me, grinning.
  24.     “Oh this? It’s a family heirloom. So are the silverware.” I looked at Marie, her voice sounded genuine.
  25.     “You’re giving me family heirlooms? I’m honored Marie, it’s only been a few days.”
  26.     I feigned happiness, my unease growing. Something didn’t feel right about this. I couldn’t place it, but I knew something wasn’t right. Marie once more interrupted my thoughts.
  27.     “Try them out.” Her voice was nearly deadpan, a hint of something else in her inflection.
  28.     “Excuse me?” I responded. “Try what out?”
  29.     “The silverware silly Master, see what you think of them.”
  30.     Marie walked away as she finished her sentence, opening the fridge and reaching inside, pulling out the leftovers from the night    before. She returned to my side, setting the plate in front of me, the soft smile back on her face. Though her mouth was jovial, her eyes looked dead, the usual glimmer gone. Whether it a trick of the light or of my mind, they looked almost black. I looked at the food in front of me, and a familiar shiver ran up my spine. I lifted the knife in my off hand, slicing through the meat easily, stabbing the now free piece with the fork. The juices ran along the tines, dripping over the eye, pooling around it like tears. I swallowed slowly, cold sweat dripping between my shoulders.
  31.     “EAT,” Marie barked.
  32.     I jumped, dropping the fork to the plate. I looked up at the Kikimora, her eyes closed and a candy sweet smile on her lips.
  33.     “Please eat, Master.”
  34.     I grabbed the fork quickly, sliding it into my mouth and pulling off the food. The meat was cold, the fork warm. I nearly gagged at the sensation. I could feel the design of the eye with my tongue, the meat catching in my throat at the thought. I forced myself to swallow, pulling the silverware from my mouth roughly, my teeth scraping over the tines. Marie moaned beside me, before turning the odd noise into a laugh.
  35.     “You eat so rough Master! Well do you like it? Do you?!”
  36.     Marie pushed the table aside in one quick motion, her face now inches from mine. Her eyes were hungry, and endless. I felt like I was sinking into the abyss as I stared back at her, I could almost feel the cold water around me. Roughly, Marie pushed the chair against the wall, my
  37. shoulder blades slamming against it. I winced in pain as the Kikimora straddled me, her face still against mine. Those once brilliant gold eyes shone with a dull lagoon like green. My breath hitched in my throat, as Marie pushed her hands onto my chest.
  38.     “You haven’t said if you liked your gift or not Master! Quit being such a tease and tell me!”
  39.     The end of her sentence turned into a scream, her smile turning into a twisted visage of rage. I swallowed again, my stomach twisting. I gagged as I licked my lips, a thin trail of slime following my tongue into my mouth. Didn’t she say she bought the silverware? How was it a family heirloom if she bought it? Marie moved her hands to my shoulders, shaking me back and forth with increasingly desperate movements.
  41.     Marie was yelling at the top of her lungs, droplets of spittle landing on my face. She rocked back and forth on my lap rapidly, pleading with me to tell her. A particularly violent movement from sent my head against the wall, stars scattering across my vision. I yelped in pain, reaching a hand to the back of my head. Marie’s movements stopped, a whine escaping her throat.
  42.     “M-Master I’m so sorry, I got carried away please let me hel-”
  43.     I cut Marie off, pushing her away from me roughly. She fell off my lap with a cry, waving her arms wildly as she tried to find something to hold onto. She hit the ground hard, a cry escaping her lips as her head bounced off the tile. I closed my eyes, wincing in pain as I rubbed the back of my head. I needed to get out of here, away from her. I tried to stand, a hand wrapping around my left ankle. I looked down and opened my eyes, Marie’s face wet with tears and sadness.
  44.     “I’m so sorry Master please don’t go. I got carried away I’m sorry, I’m so sorry, please just tell me you like it please like it.”
  45.     Her voice got increasingly desperate, her words catching in her throat with each sniffle. I felt bad, my emotions a whirlwind of guilt and fear. My eyes caught her brooch, my heart jumping into my throat. The eye set into the brooch was open, staring up at me, liquid darkness dropping out like tears, each one hitting the ground with a squelch. My fear turned to anger, my guilt giving way to rage.
  47.     I screamed at her, directing all my horror and pain into my words. Each syllable made her recoil, tears streaming down her face. By the end of the sentence, Marie had let go of my leg, curling in on herself, her body wracked with sobs. Time seemed to hang on a razor edge, as if hesitant to continue. We stayed that way for what felt like hours, but could only have been a minute. Slowly, Marie stood, her gaze directed at the floor. She mumbled out something I couldn’t understand, quickly walking into the hall, then to her room.
  48.     I stood there, shaking with anger and guilt. My vision clouded as I wiped away a tears, before I settled my eyes on the silverware scattered about the floor. Carefully I picked up each piece, until only the fork was left. I lifted it carefully, wiping it with the napkin Marie had provided me. I turned it over in my hand idly, thinking over everything that had happened since I woke up.
  49.     My fingers moved over the eye, a warm liquid catching my attention. I left my thoughts hanging, directing my attention to the silverware in my hand. I pulled my thumb away from the fork, a warm slime following with it. I yelled in fear and disgust, tossing the fork away from me and onto the table. To my horror, the eye inlaid on the fork opened, as did the rest on the other cutlery. They stared into my soul, and I stared into the abyss. With a scream I ran from the kitchen, moving into the hall.
  50.     I slammed the door behind me, breathing heavily as I held onto the knob. Shakily I slid to the floor, resting my head in my hands. I tried to convince myself I wasn’t going crazy, but struggled to find much evidence to the contrary. I heard a bark of laughter from Marie’s room, and looked up. Just down the hall was her door, a thin sliver of light escaping through the opening. I broke out into a cold sweat, that familiar sensation of dread crawling up my spine. Not 10 minutes ago she had been crying, yet now she was laughing? I stood weakly, and tried to open the door to the kitchen. My hand slid through the doorknob, an incredibly warm sludge sucking against my fingers. I screamed as Marie moaned loudly from her room. I tried to pull my hand away to no avail, the floorboards behind me creaking. I looked behind me, trying to free my hand all the while. The door to Marie’s room had opened, a shadow blocking the light.
  51.     It felt like a tongue was running itself over my fingers, licking every inch of slime off, replacing it with more over and over. I was about to cry out to Marie when I heard a low laugh coming from her, followed by a wet slurping noise. The light to her room turned off, bathing me in darkness. I screamed weakly, the doorknob pulling my hand in up to the wrist, the warm moisture caressing my skin.
  52.     “You’re so deep inside me Master, and all without any foreplay. See how wet I am? Do you like touching under my skin?”
  53.     Marie’s voice grew closer and closer, moans interspersed with the wet squelching that came with her. I tried in vain to free myself, growing more and more frantic in my movements. I could feel her just inches behind me, her breath on my neck. I was shaking all over, breathing rapidly. A slick warmth touched my right cheek, caressing it lovingly.
  54.     “It’s okay now Master, Marie is here.”
  55. Each word was repeated a thousand times in an instant, in a different voice each time. A thousand eyes opened in my mind, staring at every portion of my brain. I screamed, and warm goop entered my mouth, cutting my yell short. Marie whispered incomprehensible nothings into both of my ears at once, my head spinning with each non syllable. Her other hand moved under my chin, pulling my head back and staring into my eyes. Her face twisted and fell, her skin sloughing off into a purple mess over and over. Her eyes shone white like spotlights, the brooch around her collar calling me to the abyss.
  56.     All along her body, eyes opened and closed, whispering to me without words. I felt something in me break, and a stream of blood flowed out my nose. Marie stared into my soul, etching her smile into my very being.
  57.     “Don’t worry Master, your maid is here.”
  58.     Every word she spoke was wet, repeated through my existence over and over. I was drowning in her presence, pulled down to the leviathan and forced to breathe. My eyes rolled back into my head as I slipped to the floor, Marie’s smile quickly turning into worry.
  60.     I awoke to a wet squelching, every inch of my body tingling. I could feel my bed beneath me, rocking to the rhythm of the noise. I opened my eyes, a pale sickly light shining in front of me. The noise continued, and I noticed the erection I had twitching. A wave of feeling hit me all at once, a sea of pleasure crashing over me. A slippery warmth encased my hips, squeezing and releasing my body an innumerable amount of times a second. The weak light was joined by two more, set a few inches higher. I was mesmerized by their beauty, following their movement up and down. A moan echoed in my head, caressing my very consciousness.
  61.     “Master, you’re going to make me cum again!”
  62. The sentence was distorted, as if spoken underwater. The end of it was punctuated by the mass around my hips vibrating and squeezing, a trillion tiny feelers seizing all at once. I yelled hoarsely as my mind went white, my length spasming rapidly with pleasure.
  63.     “Oh so much of it for me Master, I knew you loved Marie~”
  64. I shook with pleasure, a trickle of drool sliding from my mouth. Still the mass moved, the three lights bouncing in tandem. Moment by moment more of them opened in the dark, outlining the figure before me. Atop my pelvis was Marie, her skin a deep purple, hundreds of tiny lights flowing along her shape. Her ample breasts bounced up and down, her nipples visibly hard as they moved through the cool damp air. My hands moved on their own, grasping at her bosom needily. I squeezed them roughly, bouncing my hips in time with her own.
  65.     In the back of my mind something screamed and was silenced, a shudder ran along my spine and stopped half way. Looking at Marie made my head spin, the familiar feeling of a nose bleed greeting me once more. In the edges of my head things gibbered and jumped, whispering their sea-sound of black waters. I drowned myself in her image, allowed myself to be broken and reshaped below the waves. Her eyes were a lighthouse I wrecked myself upon, and deep below where the sun didn’t shine we danced.
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