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  1. //Data Variables
  2. private int _bILL_ID= 0;
  3. private string _bILL_CONTRACT= string.Empty;
  4. private string _bILL_LOB= string.Empty;
  5. private DateTime _bILL_DATE= DateTime.Now;
  6. private string _bILL_TYPE= string.Empty;
  7. private string _bILL_CLAIM= string.Empty;
  8. private double _bILL_AMOUNT= 0.00;
  9. private double _bILL_MAPAID_AMOUNT= 0.00;
  10. private string _bILL_RELATED_ARSEQ= string.Empty;
  11. private string _bILL_ARSEQ= string.Empty;
  12. private DateTime _bILL_SUBMIT_DATE= DateTime.Now;
  13. private string _bILL_RECEIPT_NUM= string.Empty;
  14. private string _bILL_COMMENT= string.Empty;
  15. private string _bILL_STATUS= string.Empty;
  16. private string _bILL_FILE_NAME= string.Empty;
  17. private string _bILL_FILE_USER= string.Empty;
  18. private DateTime _bILL_FILE_DATE= DateTime.Now;
  20. //Data Properties
  21. public int BILL_ID{get{return _bILL_ID;} set{_bILL_ID =value;}}
  22. public string BILL_CONTRACT{get{return _bILL_CONTRACT;} set{_bILL_CONTRACT =value;}}
  23. public string BILL_LOB{get{return _bILL_LOB;} set{_bILL_LOB =value;}}
  24. public DateTime BILL_DATE{get{return _bILL_DATE;} set{_bILL_DATE =value;}}
  25. public string BILL_TYPE{get{return _bILL_TYPE;} set{_bILL_TYPE =value;}}
  26. public string BILL_CLAIM{get{return _bILL_CLAIM;} set{_bILL_CLAIM =value;}}
  27. public double BILL_AMOUNT{get{return _bILL_AMOUNT;} set{_bILL_AMOUNT =value;}}
  28. public double BILL_MAPAID_AMOUNT{get{return _bILL_MAPAID_AMOUNT;} set{_bILL_MAPAID_AMOUNT =value;}}
  29. public string BILL_RELATED_ARSEQ{get{return _bILL_RELATED_ARSEQ;} set{_bILL_RELATED_ARSEQ =value;}}
  30. public string BILL_ARSEQ{get{return _bILL_ARSEQ;} set{_bILL_ARSEQ =value;}}
  31. public DateTime BILL_SUBMIT_DATE{get{return _bILL_SUBMIT_DATE;} set{_bILL_SUBMIT_DATE =value;}}
  32. public string BILL_RECEIPT_NUM{get{return _bILL_RECEIPT_NUM;} set{_bILL_RECEIPT_NUM =value;}}
  33. public string BILL_COMMENT{get{return _bILL_COMMENT;} set{_bILL_COMMENT =value;}}
  34. public string BILL_STATUS{get{return _bILL_STATUS;} set{_bILL_STATUS =value;}}
  35. public string BILL_FILE_NAME{get{return _bILL_FILE_NAME;} set{_bILL_FILE_NAME =value;}}
  36. public string BILL_FILE_USER{get{return _bILL_FILE_USER;} set{_bILL_FILE_USER =value;}}
  37. public DateTime BILL_FILE_DATE{get{return _bILL_FILE_DATE;} set{_bILL_FILE_DATE =value;}}
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