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  1. She probably shouldn't have slept. But, time travel was exhausting and all Spiral really wanted was to sleep. It wasn't exactly clear what timeline this was, but she was tired. And... sleep sounded really exciting. Spiral didn't know what might have happened with her dreamself, but... well, the alpha timeline dream Spiral was alive, wasn't she? Then it would be fine to sleep.
  4. Only not.
  6. There was no way to describe what she was seeing as her so-called dreamself woke up. It was a sort of black, decaying-like space that she was floating in. Whispering, murmuring... giggling.
  9. "Let's be taaaaaGNLE BUddieSSSSSSSS"
  12. Spiral risked it, and slowly began to remove her shades, crimson eyes scanning the bleak nothingness and--movement. Squirming movement. And soon, there was a constricting tightness wrapping around her wrists and ankles, stretching her body out.
  14. "What the hell?" she started to choke out as her shades fell from her hands, drifting off into the abyss. Whatever had started to wrap around her wrists and ankles started to pulse, wriggling and tensing against her.
  15. "LET'S be TAAAAnglEEEE BUDDieSSSSSSSSSS!!!!" the voices started to say, this time louder. It was echoing, a devious blend of childish laughter and demonic groaning.
  18. And the wraps around Spiral's limbs stretched, tugging at the young girl's body. Spiral made a shout of protest as she started to feel her muscles strain. But as the shout began to escape from him, one of these restraints--which she could now see as fucking tentacles--began to wrap around her throat. Spiral tensed, more of these tentacles starting to wrap around her body, slipping around her stomach, pushing up the fabric of her clothing.
  20. One of the tentacles started to tighten around the teenager's torso, the very tip of it slithering towards her navel. Spiral let out another cry of protest as the tip pushed against it, squirming in the grip.
  22. "Don't fuckin' do that--" And suddenly she froze. The tentacles yanked roughly on her arms and legs, a dull popping and crunching sound being emitted from them as her hips and shoulders were dislocated almost instantly. Normally... she would have screamed, but instead, all that remained was a very contented smile on her face.
  24. "TaNGLe BUDDIESSSSSSSSS!!!" the voices said again, the childish laughter somehow gone now, replaced only with anguished groaning.
  26. And Spiral just smiled, smiled as the tentacle pushed once more against her navel, flesh beginning to tear as it ate away at her stomach. Genuinely ate. But there was no mouth to do the eating. So, the flesh continued to tear away, and blood begin to rise and collect on her stomach, and the thin knotted flesh of her belly button began to give way.
  28. "I'm actually pretty happy..." she muttered, smiling, her eyes glazing over as an additional tentacle ran over one of her eyes, slipping its way into the socket, ripping the eye from its place. But not a scream came from Spiral.
  30. Not even as the one on her stomach tore all the flesh away and started tugging out all the organs out.
  32. And then, a scream. A violent, pained, and terrified scream
  34. "NO! FUCK! I DON'T WANT THIS! WAKE UP, WAKE UP, WAKE UP!!!!" Spiral screamed violently, thrashing her body, wanting to make use of her arms again so she could fight the tentacles gripping her, but--where were they. The tentacles had tugged again, and one of Spiral's arms was not where she left it, instead, just a fountain of blood coursing from a vacant pit in her torso down into the darkness.
  36. Half blind, she watched as one of these outer ringed monsters tore out her intestines, tying them in knots, chewing on them, tearing out bites of tissue. Tears, suddenly, tears. There wasn't any irony in these tears. Fear isn't ironic. Dying is, but not fear.
  38. And suddenly, despite her thrashing and struggling, Spiral smiled again, despite her liver and stomach being yanked out and torn to pieces. She somehow felt comfortable.
  40. "This is so cool... and I'm hard to impress." she said with a very calm laugh before something reached out and plucked out her other eye, permanently blinding the cool kid. No wonder Roy was taken to her. Blind and covered in delicious candy red blood.
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