[SPG][One Shot] It's not so bad.txt

Feb 13th, 2020
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  1. >You are in Master's bedroom, simply sitting there on your haunches, staring.
  2. >You do your best to keep a straight face as anger and disgust fills your mind.
  3. >Master is in bed with your sister. He has a handful of her mane in his vicious grip, and uses it to force her on his crotch.
  4. >A wet slapping sound meet your ears each time he rams her face against his hips.
  5. >Lotus gurgles and fights for air.
  6. >You? You just sit, and watch.
  7. >Master looks your way from time to time to make sure you don't miss anything of it, and you don't.
  8. >Lotus' face is covered in spit and tears. The cheap mascara Master asked her to wear as long since ran down her cheeks.
  9. >Thankfully Master is quick to come. He pulls out his cock - smeared with bright pink lipstick - from inside her throat and starts to stroke himself.
  10. >Still firmly holding her mane, he aims at her face and grunts.
  11. >You watch as Lotus closes her eyes and opens her mouth.
  12. >Adding to the mix of fluids covering your sister's face, most of Master's semen land on her eyelids and muzzle.
  13. >Some also fall on her tongue and enter her mouth, but she doesn't flinch.
  14. >He finally lets go of her mane and slumps back on the bed.
  15. >"Good girl, Blue," he says to your sister. Then, turning to you, he adds: "Pink, help her clean herself. I'll rest for a bit."
  16. >You bow your head.
  17. "Yes, Master."
  18. >You get up and help Lotus getting down the mattress.
  19. >She doesn't open her eyes in fear of getting cum in them. It happened already, and she wasn't keen to try it again.
  20. >She trusts you though, and lets you guide her to the bathroom.
  21. >Once there, you close the door and lock it.
  22. >First thing you do next is turn on the water tap, wet a washcloth and rub it in Lotus' face.
  23. >Once she can open her eyes, you step aside to let her prop-up against the sink.
  24. >She spits and washes her mouth then splashes water on her face.
  25. >When she extends a hoof to you, you hand her the washcloth.
  26. "How are you, Lotus?"
  27. >You ask as you prop-up next to her against the sink.
  28. >She looks much more presentable. There is still a bit of makeup down her cheeks, but at least the cum is off.
  29. >She drops the cloth in the sink and let outs a shuddered sigh.
  30. >"I'm fine. It looks worse than it really is," she says, moving her hoof on top of yours. "And you?"
  31. >You raise a brow.
  32. "What me? I'm fine. I'm not the one who-"
  33. >Lotus cuts you off. "Aloe, don't play dumb."
  34. >She lowers her head, averting her gaze. "I can smell it."
  35. >Instinctively you clamp down your tail on your nethers. You feel your face heat up as shame dawn on you.
  36. "I-I'm sorry, L-Lotus. I j-just can't- Oh horse apple."
  37. >You sit down on your rump and hide your face in your hooves.
  38. >You will never be able to look at Lotus in the eyes ever again!
  39. >Master rapes your own sister in front of you, and it turns you on? What is wrong with you?!
  40. >You can't help the sob that escapes your throat and jolts your body.
  41. >A leg comes across your shoulders and pulls you into a hug.
  42. >"There, there," says Lotus as she rubs your back. "Don't worry, I'm not mad."
  43. >Lifting your head, you stammer.
  44. "Y-You're not?"
  45. >She shakes her head and smiles softly. "No. Actually, I think I get how you feel..."
  46. >Lotus and you are sisters. *Twin* sisters. There always have been some sort of special link between you two, allowing you to understand her more than anypony else could, and the other way around.
  47. >In this situation, you don't even understand how you feel. How could she understand yourself when you didn't?
  48. >"I- I know it's twisted, and wrong, but... I like Master."
  49. "What?"
  50. >You slowly push Lotus away, jaw slacked.
  51. >"No please, Aloe, don't get me wrong! What he does to us is wrong, but he's not that bad for a human. He bough us together because we asked him to! He didn't had to!"
  52. "That's just because he got an offer."
  53. >"Y-Yes, but still, he just wanted one pony at first, but there's not just that. You can't say we have it bad here. We have our own room, he provides everything we need, he even allows us to say 'no' once in a while! I agree he's harsh but he's fair, and I think he genuinely care for us."
  54. >You know all this is true. Master is one of the kindest human you ever met, and if all the stories you heard were true, you should consider yourself lucky. You're still with your sister, you are fed, you have a home and all the freedom you can ask for given your situation. All you have to do is tend to the house... and occasionally watch Master force his way with your sister.
  55. >Why he always did it with her and not you is a mystery though.
  56. >You sigh, and finally nod your head.
  57. "I understand what you mean. To be honest, I think I like him, too. I just wish he wasn't so..."
  58. >"Human?"
  59. "I was about to say 'perverted' but yes, it works too."
  60. >You two are startled when the handle of the door shakes, followed by Master's grunt from the other side.
  61. >"What? You girls are still in there? What are you doing?"
  62. >Lotus motions her head to the door, so you unlock it.
  63. "Sorry, Master. We were just chatting and lost track of time, I suppose."
  64. >You say, smiling at the human stepping in. He was just wearing a pair of track pants, covering only his lower half.
  65. >"It's okay," he says with a wave of his hand. "I just wanted to grab my shirt. By the way, I was feeling like ordering something for tonight. What do you girls prefer: pizza or sushi?
  66. >That is an easy question, you don't have to consult your sister and you both answer at the same time:
  67. "Sushi!"
  68. >"Sushi!"
  69. >Master laughs and ruffles your manes.
  70. >"Sushi it is, then!" he said as he grabbed his shirt and put it on. "I'll just ask you two to set up the table. Hey, wanna watch a movie with me?"
  71. >This time, Lotus and you exchanged a glance.
  72. >"What movie, Master?" she asked, tilting her head.
  73. >"Actually I don't know. I thought about browsing Netflix and let you choose. What do you think?"
  74. "Sounds perfect, Master, thank you!"
  75. >He smiles at you. "Great, set the table directly in front of the TV, then. Do that while I call the restaurant."
  76. "Yes, Master!"
  77. >"Yes, Master!"
  78. >He gets out of the room, already pulling out his smartphone from his pants. You turn to Lotus, smiling. She smiles back at you.
  79. >Life isn't so bad with Master.
  80. >This "Sushi and Netflix" evening sounds like he wants to make up for what he does to you.
  81. >Sure, he won't stop using you two for his personal pleasure, but at least he tries to make it easier for you two to deal with it.
  82. >He has no obligation to make it easy for you, but he still tries.
  83. >It really makes you feel like he cares, and after everything Lotus and you went trough when in training camp, it means a lot.
  84. >You trot out of the bathroom and get to work with your sister.
  85. >She loads plates and cutlery on your back before you grab a small tablecloth in your mouth and go to the living room.
  86. >There, you swiftly set the tablecloth on the coffee table and then slide your load on it.
  87. >As you're positioning the plates, Lotus joins you with the rest of the table set: glasses, water, napkins and, of course, the chopsticks.
  88. >She and you are barely able to use them, so you usually end up using a fork instead.
  89. >But it's still fun to try!
  90. >Just as you're done with the table, Master walks in, pocketing his phone.
  91. >"You're done with the table? Great! Delivery will be here in a quarter, that's enough time for you to pick a movie."
  92. >He picks up the remote and turns the TV on.
  93. >Browsing trough, he enters the Netflix menu and places the remote on the table before slumping on the couch.
  94. >You walk to the remote and start poking at it, looking at the large collection of movies with your sister by your side.
  95. >You have a bit of an argument with Lotus but it's quickly sorted out.
  96. >Tonight's movie will be Back to the Future.
  97. >Lotus' choice. Last time it was yours, so it's just fair.
  98. >It's not a long wait before the doorbell ring.
  99. >Five minutes later the food is laid on the table and you all are sitting in the couch, enjoying your slices of raw fish.
  100. >The movie is quite enjoyable too. It's an old one, this you can tell from the not so good image quality.
  101. >Also the complete lack of ponies in the background.
  102. >It's supposedly a classic, but Master admitted he never saw it.
  103. >Before he bought your sister and you he wasn't one for movie nights.
  104. >That's actually nice, because it means you can discover plenty of movies with him.
  105. >You're all shocked when the terrorist on screen shoot at Doc, and quickly after you're exited to see the car disappear in a streak of flames, only to reappear and crash in a barn.
  106. >After that scene, Master gets up and puts the movie on pause.
  107. >Both Lotus and you look at him with raised brow and slightly upside-down smiles.
  108. >"I'll just clean this up a bit so we can get comfortable," he says as he picks up the plates.
  109. >You quickly move to help him but he stops you with a finger pressed to your snout.
  110. >*boop*
  111. >"No. Let me handle this, Pink. I'll just toss it in the sink."
  112. >You settle back in the couch and wait for Master to come back.
  113. >When he does, he's holding a beer in his left hand, and... two juice boxes in his right!
  114. >"Here's for you," he says as he hands you a brick each.
  115. "Thanks, Master!"
  116. >"Thank you!"
  117. >He smiles and sits back next to you before resuming the movie.
  118. >You lean back in the couch, trying to get as comfortable as possible, when you feel a nudge from Lotus.
  119. >You look at her, raising an eyebrow.
  120. >She smiles and winks at you, then gets up.
  121. >Master and you look at her, confused.
  122. >Lotus trots around the coffee table, her juice box held in her mouth. Then with a hop she jumps on the couch next to Master.
  123. >She leans against him, wriggling a bit to get comfortable. Then she pokes at her juice box with the straw and drinks absent-mindedly, eyes focused on the screen.
  124. >You smirk, and decide to roll with her.
  125. >Master tenses as he is suddenly sandwiched by his two ponies.
  126. >"G-Girls?"
  127. >Lotus lifted her muzzle to look at him in the eyes.
  128. >She was blushing like mad, but still she tried to smile not too awkwardly.
  129. >"Oh! Sorry, Master. I wanted to... cuddle, with you. I hope you don't mind."
  130. >He turns his head to you.
  131. >You look at him, trying to pull out the same face Lotus did, and gently squeeze his arm against you.
  132. >"Uh, no, I don't mind..." he says, trailing off as he refocus on the television.
  133. >You lean a bit to quickly exchange a look with your sister.
  134. >She winks at you again.
  135. >Smiling, you lean back and snuggle in Master's side.
  136. >He lifts his arm and set it on your back, pressing you a bit more against him.
  137. >He's warm, and his touch isn't unpleasant. Yet you can't help a thought crossing your mind.
  138. >You're his slave, and he abuses your sister.
  139. >This phrase repeats in your head multiple time, but strangely...
  140. > doesn't bother you.
  141. >Despite everything Master has done to Lotus and you, you still like him.
  142. >He wasn't too rough with you.
  143. >The worst he did was spanking you with the crop, or sending you to your room without a meal.
  144. >To be honest, the punishment was kinda deserved that time.
  145. >Master is always fair with his punishments.
  146. >Except for the fact that, when you did a mistake, he would not punish you but Lotus. And vice versa.
  147. >That was a twisted trick, but it worked. Seeing Lotus get the crop because of your mistakes was worse than receiving it yourself.
  148. >There was also the whole 'rape Lotus while you have to watch' thing, but Lotus said she was actually kind of OK with it.
  149. >So it wasn't really bad, right?
  150. >Beside those two things, Master was kind, permissive, and caring.
  151. >Very unlike every human you met up to this point.
  152. >Lotus and you had been Master's property for almost three months and thus there still was a strong master/slave kind of relationship between you.
  153. >However, if your sister and you started acting more affectionate toward him, he probably would do the same with you two.
  154. >Well, it was already working, as he is gently holding you close while you snuggle against him.
  155. >Resting your head against his chest, you can feel the smooth rise and fall of his torso as he breathe.
  156. >You can even hear his heartbeat.
  157. >This is quite soothing, and you even start to doze off, barely keeping up with the movie.
  158. >The three of you stay like that until Lotus starts shifting on her seat.
  159. >"Master?" she asks as she gets out of his embrace.
  160. >Master simply look at her, a brow raised - you guess, as you can't directly see his face.
  161. >"Can you pause the movie? I need to go to the toilets."
  162. >Without a word, he grabs the remote and press a button.
  163. >"Thanks!" she says as she hop off the couch and trot away.
  164. >You settle back against Master, but without the movie running, it's even more difficult to not fall asleep. Thankfully, Master's hand gently shaking you prevent you from doing so.
  165. >"Hey, you tired, Pink?" he asks, staring at you with concern.
  166. "N-No, Master, I'm o-aaaaw-kay..." you says, yawning.
  167. >He chuckles.
  168. >"If you want you can go to bed, you know?" he says with a soft voice, smiling.
  169. >You consider it. It's tempting, but you don't want to head to bed alone. You shake your head.
  170. "Thank you, but I would prefer if I can stay here."
  171. >You hesitate for a second, then add:
  172. "M-Maybe I can, hum, sleep against you?"
  173. >Your voice almost cracked to that last two words.
  174. >You wriggle a bit and shuffle your hooves as you wait for his answer.
  175. >He smiles at you and extends his arm.
  176. >"Of course, Pink! Come, get comfy."
  177. >You comply and lean back into his side, resting your head on his chest and a foreleg across his stomach.
  178. >His hand fall on your back, and starts rubbing slowly.
  179. >Eyes closed, you only ear the bathroom door close and the clip clop of returning hooves when Lotus finally comes back.
  180. >"Sorry I took so long!" she says as she closes the distance.
  181. >"It's nothing, don't- Wait! Oh shit!"
  182. >You're startled as Master suddenly gets up.
  183. >Confused, you scramble to your hooves and look for the source of such agitation.
  184. >There, next to Lotus' hoof, is Master's drink, spilled on the floor.
  185. >You freeze.
  186. >"Please Master I'm sorry! I didn't see, it's too dark, it was just an accident I promise please don't punish her!" Lotus starts pleading, gripping Master's jeans.
  187. >You look up to him, hears flat on your head. You're terrified but unable to move.
  188. >There is no avoiding the crop, for sure. The question is not if you'll get cropped, but how many strikes will you get for that. Two? Three? Or more?
  189. >Master frantically look from Lotus to the spilled beer, then to you.
  190. >He raises his hands, palms open.
  191. >"OK, calm down, girls. We were having a good time so let's chill, alright? I'm not punishing anyone, not tonight. Blue, just go get a mop and wipe this mess."
  192. >Lotus has a second of hesitation, then quickly scurries out the room.
  193. >You can't tear your gaze off of Master as he bends down to grab the tipped over can.
  194. >"Well, there's still some inside," he says as he sits back in the couch next to you.
  195. >He turns his head to you and, with a smile, extend his arm once again for you.
  196. >You're still a bit scarred, but lean into him nonetheless.
  197. >Master frowns a bit, seeing your ears are still low.
  198. >"I'm not going to punish you, Pink. Relax," he says as he gently scratches the back of your head.
  199. >You can't help a pleased moan as his fingers reaches the base of your ears.
  200. "I'm sorry, Master. It's just that you never skipped a punishment like that before..."
  201. >"There's a first time to everything," he says.
  202. >Lotus trots back in, a mop in her mouth. She drops it on the puddle of beer and gets to work.
  203. >"Once you're done you can join us. We'll continue watching this movie and forget this little incident, OK?"
  204. >"Yes, Master! Thank you, Master!"
  205. "Thank you, Master."
  206. >He smiles and ruffles your mane.
  207. >You giggle, and once more get comfortable against him.
  208. >Once Lotus is back to Master's side the movie resume and you close your eyes, slowly falling asleep.
  210. -----
  212. >You are sitting in Master's bedroom once again.
  213. >They are just getting started.
  214. >Master has his back against the head of the bed, with Lotus sitting in his lap, back to him.
  215. >He hold her in place against him with his left arm wrapped around her torso, his fingers gently brushing her chest fluff.
  216. >His right arm is stretched down, his hand buried between her back legs.
  217. >Lotus wriggle, pants and keep her eyes close.
  218. >She does nothing to escape Master, quite the opposite actually.
  219. >She's pushing herself against him, and spreads her twitchy legs to grant him a better access.
  220. >You can tell from her face that she is ashamed to let the pleasure drive herself like this, but you can't really blame her.
  221. >Master's fingers trace the length of her slit, sometime sliding just a knuckle past her wet lips.
  222. >His hand goes up, caressing her mound, until he reaches her teats.
  223. >With his thumb and finger, Master gently pinches a nipple.
  224. >Lotus jolts, and her mouth opens wide to let out a deep moan.
  225. >You stay still, but you can't help the occasional twitch of your ears as you listen to your sister's lustful cries of pleasure.
  226. >Ignoring the heat between your own legs is starting to be difficult.
  227. >You don't look away though.
  228. >Master is watching you.
  229. >...
  230. >He's smirking!
  231. >He parts two fingers and places then around Lotus' clit.
  232. >"A-Aaah!"
  233. >Each time she winks, the pink button brushes against his fingers, making her wink even harder.
  234. >Master must tighten his grip on Lotus to keep her in place.
  235. >Her breathing is ragged, and her right leg kick spasmodically in the air.
  236. >"P-Please Mast-aaah!"
  237. >Lotus jerks her head back, and she grips Master's arm - the right one.
  238. >Master lowers his head and kiss your sister right on the lips, muffling her moans.
  239. >Your tail flicks behind you, and you have to sallow an aroused moan of your own.
  240. >When they break the kiss, Master places a hand on her back and gently pushes her off his lap.
  241. >Lotus follow his moves and let him position her the way he wants.
  242. >She now has her face pressed against the mattress, and her rump as high in the air as possible, tail out of the way.
  243. >You cross her eyes for a split second, and she quickly looks away.
  244. >She is blushing heavily, but also... smiling.
  245. >Master grabs a handful of her ass, squeezes, then gives it a playful slap.
  246. >"Eep!"
  247. >He hums in appreciation. "You really have a nice ass, Blue. I love it."
  248. >"T-Thank you, Master! Aah!"
  249. >She barely have the time to say it before Master aligns his member and slides it inside her.
  250. >His first thrusts are slow and considerate, but soon turns into a bestial assault.
  251. >One of his hand is pulling on her tail while the other is pressed on the back of her skull, pinning her down.
  252. >His hips slam hard on her rump, each thrust jolting her whole body forward.
  253. >Lotus' yells are muffled in the sheets, and her eyelids are firmly shut close.
  254. >But you can tell that she is not having a bad time, far from it.
  255. >Despite how rough Master's treatment is, Lotus doesn't try anything to get away from him.
  256. >On the contrary, she keeps her rear legs spread wide, and pushes against the mattress with her front legs to press herself against him.
  257. >You hear a moan and tense as you realize it didn't come from your sister.
  258. >It came from you!
  259. >Master slows a bit as he looks at you, smirking.
  260. >"Oh, enjoying the show, Pink?"
  261. >You blushes furiously and tries to look away, but quickly remember not to.
  262. >Lotus would be punished - really punished - if you did.
  263. >Without pulling out of her, Master yanks on Lotus' mane to force her up and to look at you.
  264. >She winces, but still seems more aroused than pained.
  265. >"What do you think, Blue? Should we invite her have fun with us?"
  266. >Your eyes widen, and so does Lotus'.
  267. >Master never touched you. Not in that way.
  268. >It always had been Lotus, while you always had to watch, and just watch.
  269. >You don't know why, and never asked. Probably something sexual, a fantasy?
  270. >Why would that change, then?
  271. >"Uh, I don't know, Master," Lotus says, glancing from you to him with worry.
  272. >"I know, usually it's just you and me but... I was thinking, I have yet to punish her for the beer you spilled last week," he says, then pulls on her mane to whisper in her ear. "Do you remember?"
  273. >"Y-Yes, Master, I remember!" she says, gritting her teeth.
  274. >He then motion for you to come and point to the space in front of him and your sister. "Lay there, Pink. On your back."
  275. >You have no idea what he intends to do to you so, with your ears low and your head bowed, you trot to the bed and hop on.
  276. >After a second of hesitation and a shared look with Lotus, you lay on your flank and slowly roll onto your back.
  277. >Your cheeks are burning with shame as your intimacy is now on full display, nothing protecting it from Master's eyes.
  278. >You're not a virgin, and Master isn't the first human to share his bed with you, so this is not the reason of your shame.
  279. >The reason is you actually enjoy showing yourself to him.
  280. >"Look how eager she is, Blue! Poor thing, we teased her for too long," says Master, licking his lips.
  281. >You whimper and hide your face behind your hooves.
  282. >This is so wrong! A pony shouldn't feel like that toward a human!
  283. >Or should they?
  284. >"Would you like to take her of her yourself, Blue?"
  285. >You lift a hoof, just enough to see the flustered face of your sister.
  286. >She looks straight at you, waiting for your approval.
  287. >You nod slightly.
  288. >Truth be told, this isn't the first time you two get intimate with each other, though it has been a while.
  289. >Master pushes on her skull, forcing her to lean forward.
  290. >You gasp when her muzzle makes contact, followed by a wet lap of her tongue.
  291. >She hasn't forgot how to do this!
  292. >Master doesn't even have to keep her in place and so uses his two hands to grip her rump.
  293. >He withdraw until his tip is just at the entrance of your sister's pussy, then suddenly buries himself in her as deep pas possible.
  294. >Lotus' eyes widen as her face is pressed deep between your legs.
  295. >Her cry of surprise against you makes you moan and reflexively clench your legs close.
  296. >You grab her head with both your fore hooves and hold her in place against your cunt, arching your back as jolts of pleasure run up your spine.
  297. >The teasing of the previous days - *weeks* even! - without any form of release as gotten into you.
  298. >After all this time, this feels incredible!
  299. >Master keeps pounding Lotus while you force her against you, engulfing her head between your tights.
  300. >You don't worry about hurting her; you know she will makes you know if she needs you to stop.
  301. >She shows no sign of stopping for now, and laps and kisses and suckles on every inches of your sex.
  302. >An uninterrupted string of moans escapes your throat, and you close your eyes to focus on your breathing.
  303. >You'd love this to last all day, but soon Master starts showing signs of his limits.
  304. >He grunts and slows his movements, but puts more strength in them.
  305. >Lotus fails to keep the pace with her tongue, as the forceful thrust of Master makes her go limp and dazed against your crotch.
  306. >You open your eyes and watch as Master pulls out of her with a groan.
  307. >He rests his throbbing cock on her ass, yanking her tail aside, and hump against her once.
  308. >A string of cum erupts from his tip and flies in the air, right at you.
  309. >You close your eyes just before it splatters over your muzzle.
  310. >Some hit you on the chin, dripping down your jaw and throat, and the last shot land on your chest.
  311. >When you don't feel any more of his spurt landing on you, you open your eyes.
  312. >Master is looking at you, a smile on his face. He wipes his cock against Lotus' cutie mark, stroking gently her other side with his hand.
  313. >When you cross your eyes, you can see an off-white streak across your muzzle.
  314. >The smell is not too pleasant, but nothing too bad.
  315. >You clean your snout with a quick lick.
  316. >Salty!
  317. >"That... was fan-fantastic, Girls," he says, panting. "Blue, care to help Pink getting clean?"
  318. >Looking as exhausted as him, Lotus nods with a faint smile. "Yes, Master, I'll get her clean..."
  319. >You start to get up but she stops you with a hoof to your chest and forces you back down.
  320. >"... right away," she says, bending down on you with a sultry look.
  321. >You are stunned when you feel her tongue licking your throat up to your chin, then on your lips, you cheek, your muzzle.
  322. >It doesn't take her more than a few seconds to be done, and when she leans back from you, she licks her lips with a smile.
  323. >"There! All clean! Did I do good, Master?" she says, turning to look at Master, who just sat there, staring in disbelief.
  324. >He slowly shakes his head, chuckling. "Very, but go take a real shower. I'm inviting you two to eat outside tonight."
  325. >Lotus shares an exited look with you before returning her attention to him.
  326. >"For real, Master?"
  327. >"Yes, for real," he says, laying on his back with a sigh. "I feel like spending some quality time with my two favorites horses. And I think you deserve it."
  328. >Again, Lotus and you exchange a knowing look.
  329. >"Now go get that shower!" he says, hushing you with a wave of his hand. "I'll have to take one too after you're done!"
  330. "Yes, Master!"
  331. >"Yes, Master!"
  332. >Your sister and you get up and trot outside the bedroom.
  333. >Approaching the bathroom Lotus makes a pause, then turns to you.
  334. >"Uh, sorry about-"
  335. >You interrupt her with a hoof to her mouth.
  336. "Don't. It's been... fun," you say, blushing a little.
  337. >A smile tug at the corner of Lotus' mouth. She nods, then turns away to open the door.
  338. >"So, we're... you know, his mares?"
  339. >You follow her inside.
  340. "Well, do you love him?"
  341. >"Yes."
  342. >Lotus and you look at each other in silence.
  343. >You both know this feeling is forced.
  344. >...
  345. >Just give it some time, and it will be genuine some day.
  346. >You smile, and Lotus smiles back.
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