Chapter 06 (WIP)

Oct 11th, 2017
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  1. >Again, the elevator goes down with the speed of a falling meteor and you drop to the roof leaving you plastered against it
  2. >Finally the elevator reach its destiny, the SMILE's HQ
  3. >You leave it, dizzy and confused
  4. >Lyra looks you with concern “Are you right? I am going to have a talk with the technical staff to fix that as soon as possible”
  5. “Thank you my lady, but I've eaten enough avocados for today”
  6. >”What?”
  7. >You shake your head to think with clarity how to answer her
  8. “Nothing… let's go to do whatever we have to do today”
  9. >”Wait a minute, but before anything, we have to go to register our access. Remember to do it every time you come here”
  10. >You nod her and the both of you walk up the registry desktop where the same griffin from yesterday is drinking coffee and watching some raunchy monitors.
  11. >”Hi Gerald, How are you are doing?”
  12. >”Pretty good, Gillian has a very busy day and I had to bring Ginger”
  13. >”Cool, where she's now?”
  14. >”Next right to…” before he could end his oration he turns his head just to see his daughter conspicuous by her absence “Me?”
  15. >”Where she's?” he asks screaming and biting his talons
  16. >”Calm down, I'm sure she’s fine”
  17. >”Calm down? The last time I left her alone, she was playing hide-and-seek with a tetraebius in the weapons stock”
  18. “What's a tetraebius?” you ask, ignoring the rest of the current talk
  19. >”It's like a padestrus but with less legs” Lyra responses you while the poor Griffin looks under his desktop with not avail to his daughter.
  20. >In an instant you can hear a growing scream coming from the corridor but before you could guess what is, something heavy lands on you.
  21. >”Are you Pe- Anomaly?” the Griffin asks you
  22. >You look at your back to see a young griffin with bold glasses showing a big smile with dental braces.
  23. “Yes, and you... Ginger?”
  24. >”Yes but we have no time to talk, take this” and she gives you a bowl filled with chocolate bars and candies, not without before jumping behind the desk.
  25. >Before you can say something like five ponies are in front of you, they look pissed.
  26. >”Where the hay she went?” one of them asks to the rest
  27. >”Wait a second” another of the here screams looking at the bowl of sweets that you have under you “here they are!”
  28. >”Do you think this is funny? We work hard every day and the least we deserve is our daily basis of sweets”
  29. “Hmm… calm down, guys. I didn't steal your candies and even if I was me, you should eat so much sugar because is not very healthy eat so much of that”
  30. >”You’re one to talk little punk. To begin with, look at that belly, I’m pretty sure you’re saying all that mambo jumbo to have all the candies to you alone”
  31. >Another of the pack of angry horses interject “Padley… you know that he’s really not a child, right? He’s that guy from the ‘A normal and ordinary nopony’ project I think”
  32. >”I don’t care if he’s Starswirl the Bearded, he has taken our candies!”
  33. >”No, he did not take them, it was that little griffin”
  34. >Suddenly you hear a whistle, it comes from Gerald. You and all the agents in the room look turn his face to him “Guys! Sorry for stop your discussion, but my daughter caused all of this hassle.” He looks at Gillian, who is with half of her face behind the desktop.
  35. >She decides to stand up and after she sighs “Sorry for steal your candies guys…” she has an obviously fake worry face and quickly changes to a more naughty one “But I was on a special mission!”
  36. >”Special mission?” her dad asks
  37. >”Yes dad! I made it for him” and she points at you
  38. “Me? Sorry but I don’t even know you”
  39. >She extends her talon to you “Agent Gillian, pending approval. I took this bowl to test my talent and to prove how I deserve to be your assistant”
  40. “Nice to meet you but…”
  41. >”And I made you an ID!” and she shows you a card made out of cardboard. It has written “Agent Nonimo” and it has a crayon drawing of your face as well.
  42. “I appreciate this, but my second name is Anónimo”
  43. >”I know, but this could be your secret name, a good idea, isn't?” and she looks with a smiling face waiting for the approval of her plan.
  44. >You don't want to make her sad, she looks so fucking adorkable…
  45. “Yes, you're very creative and talented-” but before you can end to talk she wrappers in a strong bear hug.
  46. >”Thank you thank you thank you! I can't believe that I'm talking with a real xenon! Tell me all about your world! What did you used to eat? How was your old body?”
  47. >You start to drown and try to ask for help
  48. “A can brad…” you manage to mumble with weakness
  49. >”Say what? Are you talking in your language?”
  50. >”I think he's saying that he can't breathe” Lyra interjects
  51. >”How do you know it? You talk his language?” the innocent and unintentional killer griffin inquiries
  52. >”Because he looks bluest than the usual” the mint pony remarks as immediately she sets you free
  53. >The herd of agents still wait for their sweets “So, can we take our candies?”
  54. >”I don't know, maybe I should take them like an evidence…”
  55. >”Ginger…”
  56. >”Ok, Ok. Jeez guys I was just trying to make a good job”
  57. >Nobody in the group pays too much attention to her and one of them take the bowl, but not without before showing his tongue to the catbird and she makes the same.
  58. “Good to see how the agency has a professional staff. Can we leave?”
  59. >”Yes…” Lyra looks awkwardly to the whole scene
  60. >You wave to Ginger
  61. “Good bye Ginger”
  62. >”Good bye Agent Nonimo” and she giggles
  63. >She's cute and could be a good source of information. You should try to be close to her to be up to what's happening here
  64. >You follow Lyra in a long corridor
  65. “So, what's next on our agenda”
  66. >”We need to see the Shade for your medical report, remember?”
  67. “Oh Yes, I don't know how I forgot about that” you pound for a moment
  68. >The troughs in your small head are interrupted by a very little, almost inaudible flutter sound.
  69. >”Weird, you should-” before she could end to talk you put your voice in her mouth to shut up her
  70. >She doesn't look very pleased with your action and takes off your hoof “Pepe, what's going on?”
  71. “Don't you hear that? There's somebody in our backs” you look at the ceiling and there it's an old and rusty pipeline covered by a dark void.
  72. >”What are you looking for?”
  73. “I think that our secret admirer is there…”
  74. >”Again with that? I can get you are so selfish but this whole deal with you and your ‘encounter’ it's kinda annoying…”
  75. “Look, I have a good reason to be suspicious. I'm an alien brought from another dimension by an ex-con crazy god. Do you really think that everybody in this organization is going to accept me in such conditions with open arms?”
  76. >”Fair enough I guess, but you suspect that your ‘encounter’ works here?”
  77. ”Yeah baby”
  78. >”Why?”
  79. “Let's see… the first time I felt his presence-”
  80. >”’Felt his presence? Now you're psychic?”
  81. “Oh, a sorry unicorn who lives in the same city with an alicorn who was a student of a billion old-year goddess who can move the fucking sun to tell you such a weird theory. I meant to say that I sniffed that same scent yesterday when we were with Pinkie Pie. You know? it's weird how I can smell everything so deeply with this muzzle. By instance, I can tell for your scent that you had been snuggling with a certain sweety horsie” and you wiggle your eyebrows.
  82. >She keeps silence scrunching with a glowing blush in her cute face “Ok, I get your point, but I only can smell some jojoba shampoo”
  83. ”Do you use that?”
  84. >”No, I use the coconut one. But it’s too sketchy to prove anything only with the smell of a shampoo”
  85. “But I have one thing more to tell me how right I’m” you presume pointing at yourself with a smug
  86. >“And that is…”
  87. >You go to a side to wrap your forearm in her back
  88. ”A hunch of course!”
  89. >”What? A hunch!? That's one of the most nonsensical things I heard from you and that’s a lot to say”
  90. >You only laugh a little with presumption
  91. “See, I had this same feeling when I was seven years old and I had the idea to buy a lottery ticket and guess what”
  92. >”What?”
  93. “My family won the big prize!”
  94. >”Wow! That sounds like a big luck, congratulations I guess” she smiles
  95. “Yeah, it was great! I have everything me and my family”
  96. >”You must be really happy with that money” she adds
  97. “In the beginning, yes.” And you make a pause as your mood changes “But later I learned that the money doesn’t buy the happiness necessarily” and you sigh looking at the floor
  98. >The silence fills the corridor while Lyra tries to understand what’s going on with you and finally she decides to break the silence “Pepe, there’s something you want to talk about?”
  99. >No. Certainly, you decided to leave your home and planet to wear off those feels. You just smirk
  100. “I’m good. Tell you what, let’s make a deal if I bring you an evidence of my suspects, you’re going to admit that I am the intelligent one in the couple”
  101. >”OK! But there’s a condition”
  102. “And what it is, minty?”
  103. >”You can't tell me about your ‘observer’ without a solid evidence. Deal?” and you shake her hoof and she nods
  104. “Ohhh… you’re gonna regret to bet with me. When I’m right, I’m fucking right! I always kick the ass of my opponents in any competence, and nobody can beat me never, did you list me? NEVER” and you laugh maniacally so much that you fall on the floor without stopping your cackling while Lyra just rolls her eyes waiting for you to calm down.
  105. >”Are you done? We don't have any time to spend”
  106. >You just stand from the floor and you clean the tears from your face with a hoof
  107. “Sorry, I zoned out… Yes, let’s go”
  108. >And with that the both of you keep walking up to the medical room
  109. >Lyra knocks the door
  110. >”Who is there?” a voice screams behind the door
  111. >”Hi Shade! It’s me and Pepe” answers Lyra
  112. >”Good! I was waiting for you two, come in”
  113. >The medical pony is reading some papers, as Lyra and you enter to the office and you take note of how his desktop has a lot of disheveled pages and books. He surely has done a hell of an investigation, you wonder what was going on with him and you sure that you are about to find it.
  114. >”Oh, how was your day?” he asks you as he keeps reading those papers
  115. “Pretty cool, Ponyville is a nice place to live so far” you answer him with a cheery tone in your voice
  116. >”Any problem?” he asks with indifference
  117. "Not at all", you say as you recline yourself back against the chair, throwing some papers on the floor. You kick up your hind legs and place them on top of the desk for support.
  118. >Lyra, seated next to you clears her throat but you ignore her annoyance. But she catches your attention using her magic to place the chair in a more normal position making you violently sitting your butt on your haunches
  119. “Hey, what was that for?” you protest angrily to her
  120. >She sure loves to be a party pooper, weirdly taking account of how she was portrayed like a funniest pony in the fanfiction in general
  121. >”Could you try to act like a gentlecolt, please?” And that makes you burst in laugh
  122. >Horse puns are really funny
  123. >She just sighs and turns her face to Shade “Anyway, there’s an issue with the elevator…” Lyra interjects raising her hood
  124. >”Mmm… what is?”
  125. >”The two times we took it… he bumped against the floor and the roof…”
  126. >He just raises an eyebrow ”That’s weird, it was made to don’t hurt anypony and go to its destination as quick as possible, but… that was what my brother and I were studying. Pepe, go to the balance”
  127. >And you do that, you walk your plot to the balance.
  128. >You expected to have a prominent weigh with such a big booty
  129. >But… no….  the needle keeps in zero
  130. “It doesn’t work, it says that I don’t weigh anything at all and look at this booty” and you slap your rump “I clearly have a big ass”
  131. >”In fact… you don’t weigh a single ounce”
  132. >The dieto that you don’t even start it’s doing a great job
  133. “Huh?”
  134. >”Lyra… lift Pepe”
  135. >”Okay…” and she it does with a little awkwardness
  136. >Oh boi… he hoofs are warm and soft, you like the sensation of them touching and holding your belly with such a good care
  137. “Ohh… your hooves feel so nice~”
  138. >”Shut up… It’s true! You don’t weight at all! It’s like I was grabbing a feather!” Lyra says amazed
  139. “Oh yes, keep touching me there, I really like this~”
  140. >As you are in a jovial sensation of being held by an angel and ascending to Heaven you feel her hooves losing the grab and you fall on the balance, breaking it in a bunch of pieces and springs jumping all over the place.
  141. “Did you did that? Jeez Lyra, I wasn’t expecting that from you” you say while you rub your ass from the pain you have on it
  142. >”No, I didn’t. Suddenly you weighed like a giant rock” she defends herself from your accusation
  143. “That’s the oldest excuse in the book”
  144. >”In fact, she’s right Pepe… take a seat”
  145. >As you do it, he puts two ponies dolls on the table, a perfect figurine of a pegasus and another one made out of clay of differents colors
  146. >”I’m pretty sure you that know where does a normal pony come from”
  147. “Yes, and on my way, I plan to make a lot of foals” and you laugh a little
  148. >He just ignores your joke “Well, as you can see” and he points at the first pony doll “a normal pony, at least in this world, requires a certain amount of energy that we call… harmony. This same energy is the source of their magic”
  149. “Except mud ponies?”
  150. >”Mud what?”
  151. “You know, Earth Ponies. What can they do? Kick trees? Hahaha…” and then you realize that was something wrong to say taking account talking with one of them at the moment “It was a joke! Hahaha…” and you rub your neck awkwardly
  152. “In fact, I think that Earth Ponies have better boots than the other ones, I mean they must be great on the bed-” but you are shouted by the hoof of Lyra in your mouth
  153. >Lyra looks you annoyed
  154. “Lyra~ are you jealous? I wasn’t implying you’re not sexy..” and you smirk to her
  155. >She’s not amused and Shade just sighs “Like I was saying a pony has harmony magic. But in your case, you were made from the scratch with chaos magic. That means that you have a big amount of that kind of magic mixed with some ‘Harmony’”
  156. “And has what to do with my weight?”
  157. >”You are a pegasus, normally your kin has a set of abilities like controlling the weather, walking on the clouds, flying and such. That means that you have a degree of control on your weight. But in your case… you wave between being heavy and light without any control”
  158. “So… I’m kinda of a bootleg pony?” you ask with some worry in your voice
  159. >”I wouldn’t say that, more like a mutant one”
  160. “Mutant!? I have super powers?” you shout with excitement
  161. >”Maybe… it could be that or… It doesn’t matter because my brother and me we had developed a device to neutralize any excess of chaos, though it’s in an alpha stage at the moment due to the hurry that we had to do this” he hands you a small white box.
  162. >In the box there’s a necklace with a black and white swirl. It looks like a fine accessory, it certainly combines with your coolness and style
  163. >“Put it on your neck” Shade tells you and you do it
  164. >On your neck, the swirl begins to roll slowly
  165. “Huh? What’s doing this thingy?” you say with curiosity
  166. >”It’s channeling the excess of chaos to roll the swirl, the more chaos you produce, the more that is gonna move,” he says touching both of his hooves and closing his eyes with sternness
  167. “I’m in control of my own… amount of… ‘chaos’?”
  168. >Yeah, there’s no easy way to make that question
  169. >”We… don’t know. At the moment there is just a Dracoonequs that we had the opportunity to investigate on the science of Chaos”
  170. “To have so little knowledge on the matter, you have done this artifact very fast”
  171. >”Because what you’re wearing right now it’s just a customized version of a device made time ago to neutralize the Discord’s disharmonization effects”
  172. >So, you’re using that was supposed to be a weapon against who believed that it was to be your boss
  173. >Life it’s strange
  174. “Okay, let’s suppose that I only could understand half of what you said but… if I take off this necklace I could have super powers?”
  175. >”We don’t have any certainty of what could happen, but for security try to keep using it until we have more information about the matter”
  176. “Hmm… sure” and you just keep watching at your new accessory with curiosity
  177. >”Lyra… make sure that he keeps using that, we can’t have any risk with him and his… instability”
  178. >”I’m gonna keep him under my eyes” and the puts a hoof on her forehead
  179. “What?” you protest “You don’t trust on ma?”
  180. >They both shake their heads
  181. >Why they don’t trust you? Sure, you are not a goody two shoes, but you would help anybody in distress using those cool powers
  182. >Maybe you should try to be a little more behaved and less unhinged to buy their trustiness on you
  184. >”We are not saying that we don’t trust you but… you’re not the most logical pony around to be in control of such a big responsibility”
  185. >Lyra tries, without success to discourage your urges to take action
  186. “It’s not like I could just explode suddenly…”
  187. >You cross your forelegs
  188. >”I wouldn’t discard that to happen at this point, look Anomaly-”
  189. >Weird, Shade just called you by your new name out of the blue
  190. “Okay, first of all, if you are going to call me by my horse-name, just call me Anom. I like how it sounds”
  191. >”What? Aren't you protest about your proud of your real name this time?” Lyra is surprised, normally you don’t accept to be called by your imposed name
  192. “Yeah, about that... I came to think that my old name it wasn't that good. Everybody in the school made fun of me because of that. Those assholes nicknamed ‘Pepelotudo’” you remember your childhood with some bittersweet memories but again, you regain your enthusiasm “I want to be like that cool guy Anon who makes mares wet and everybody loves!”
  193. >”Whatever it makes you comfortable it’s good to me, Anom...” Lyra tries to make you feel better.
  194. >”Hmm… that name just slipped me” Shade tries to justify why he called you like that
  195. “Or maybe, it was a divine call from a superior entity” and you look at the roof with wide open eyes
  196. >”No, definitely I said that name for an accident. But do whatever you want”
  197. “But going back to the matter, I want to push myself beyond my own limits” and you hit the desk with your hoof.
  198. >”Even risking your own life?” Lyra seems concerned to your determination
  199. “I don’t care! I want to be worth to everyone around me for once in my fucking life!”
  200. >”You are worth Pe- Anom”
  201. “How so? I’m just a worthless person just like on my old home.”
  202. >”Don’t be like that, I don’t see you like that” and she continues trying to calm you
  203. “Come on Lyra, just admit it. I’m just a stupid colt”
  204. >You don’t need any of that sugar coat, you have had learned how useless you end up being most of the time
  205. >”You’re a nice colt… at least when you’re not being a clown, you’re pretty interesting to talk without to mention that you look like the kind of pony who never let down anypony”
  206. “You’re only pitying me, don’t you? I can’t help anybody just being ‘nice’, I mean, how I can be useful to somebody?”
  207. >”You can still use your brain and maybe in the future, even your wings, you're a Pegasus after all....”
  208. >That
  209. >Lyra is damn right
  210. >Even being a normal and ordinary pony like this you have a new and marvelous talent
  211. >The idea of exploring the skies and the sensation of the wind through your whole body sounds awesome
  212. “Yes! I can't wait to learn to fly to be the fastest horse around and kick some butts” you feel retrieved, with a whim for adventures and excitement.
  213. >”That's the spirit, but you need to have the determination to achieve that” the green unicorn now tries to ground you to reality.
  214. >She wants the best for you, and even with you being so hard to be with, she tries to help you to achieve your dreams
  215. >This very mare could be a great mom for you, but… you had a good one who -at least for a while- raised you to be a good man and nobody could replace her. The best you can do is establish that she’s just your partner in business and keep the things just how are now, but being less of an asshole to her.
  216. >Mmm… you wonder how would it be being her boyfriend
  217. >Ok, you start to get some emotions in conflict
  218. >Quick! Time to say something, she’s looking at you as you only are looking around nervously
  219. >And most important, try to avoid this raging boner is trying to emanate
  220. “You should know that I'm stubborn as fuck, when I have a goal nothing can't stop me” and you stand on two legs and points up as your wings quickly unfold, the adrenaline now runs through your veins. However, the doctor is looking at you with attention without saying a word.
  221. >”Mmm… interesting” Shade ponds his hooves in his chin
  222. “What happens?”
  223. >Without leaving your awesome and epic pose, you ask to Shade about what is he talking about
  224. >”I feel embarrassed to don't have to take into consideration such an obvious answer for the investigation”
  225. “What are you talking about?”
  226. >You don’t understand what his rambling about, and you slowly seat again in the chair
  227. >“Well when you had lost your composure, the swirl was spinning really fast, but then Lyra relieved you, it just slowed down”
  228. >”Are you saying we depend on his mood?”
  229. >”Exactly…”
  230. >”This… is gonna be harder than we thought” and Lyra pinches her temples
  231. >She looks nervous, you need to ensure her how you has the whole situation in control and you just stretch and lean in your back as you cross your front legs behind your head
  232. “Don't worry mi señorita, I can relax in will…”
  233. >”I dunno if it’s so easy like being relaxed, the collar wasn't moving in a constant speed. It was spinning slower but for some instant his velocity incremented” tells you Shade
  234. “So, I’m a time bomb?”
  235. >”That’s an exaggeration” the doctor tries to calm you
  236. >”Yeah, try to be calm” and Lyra does the same as him
  237. >”I think you should take a time out while we prepare the next big mission” Shade deliberates
  238. “Wait a minute… are you already leaving me out?”
  239. >”Don’t take it so personal, it’s more like a... recess”
  240. >Great, you didn’t even started with your new life and you’re being abandoned again...
  241. “Look, maybe I look like a child, but I only want to be part of something cool and exciting”
  242. >”Yes… but we need to be sure of your body works” emphasizes Shade, looking at you with stern.
  243. >”So, you want to help us?”
  244. >That voice, which makes Shade gasp and Lyra just turn her face as you, is from the yellow-red maned horse who is in the door
  245. >”Because, I have a little mission for you, or a training if you will”
  246. “And what it is that mission, if I can know”
  247. >”Come to my office to talk about the details”
  248. >You only hope this is going to be worth it and not some kind of joke
  250. >You and Lyra walks following Sunset to her office
  251. “Lyra, I couldn’t be more grateful to you” and Lyra turns her face to you
  252. >”Why? I’m just doing my job”
  253. “I know, but you really are making me feel at home. Even when sometimes… I’m an idiot to you and everybody in general”
  254. >”I want to believe that you only act like that just to feel better and you eventually are going to be less annoying”
  255. >You have no answer to that. In one hand, you want to be a better person for her, but in the other one, you are too proud to admit that you are not funny…
  256. >Lyra and you come inside the Sunset’s office
  257. >It has a noir aspect, matching with the rest of the HQ. There’s not much of a decoration, except for the Celestia portrait and an Equestria map behind the chair
  258. >”Take seat” and the both of you sit on a chair each one
  259. >Sunset takes a breath and sighs “Anom, congratulations…” she doesn’t convey much of an emotion. You can’t determine whether if she’s angry, sad of plain serious.
  260. “Mmm.. thanks? But congratulations for what?” you try to guess what she’s talking about
  261. >”For accept to being part of one of the most respectful and biggest organizations in all of Equestria, of course”
  262. “Oh, I thought you were being sarcastic”
  263. >”Sarcastic?”
  264. “Yeah, you look kinda… annoyed”
  265. >”Really, sorry. I’m trying to don’t look nervous and sometimes I look like this. Well, we need to talk about your first mission”
  266. “Yes! Am I going to have weapons? And how much I gonna be paid?”
  267. >”Anom! Wait before talking about money”
  268. >”Lyra, albeit Anom is being a bit rude, he’s an adult and he’s on his right of asking those questions. First of all, you wouldn’t need any kind of weaponry for this mission and for the second one, you’re gonna get 1000 bits per month”
  269. “Only 1000 bits?”
  270. >Lyra just rolls her eyes
  271. >”That’s fair, you don’t have any prior experience in the job and your food and house expenses are pretty much covered by the agency. Without to mention that there’s not that much that you want to buy anyway”
  272. >Ok, she’s right. And with no internet, anime or beer you shouldn’t expend so much money.
  273. ”So, what’s my mission about?”
  274. >She opens a drawer from her desktop and takes a folder, she opens it and it has some photos and papers
  275. >”We need to know some information about this filly. She was adopted by a local stallion but… we don’t know something important about her. And according to our investigations, there’s some kind of non-registered high advance technology in her house”
  276. >You see the pictures, is a green filly with a disheveled black mane and a question mark for a cutie mark. The photos are just that filly doing mundane activities:
  277. >Breakfasting with a brown stallion
  278. >Playing in the schoolyard with Diamond Tiara
  279. >Eating ice cream
  280. >Reading books at Twilight’s Library
  281. >…but the weird part of this whole thing is who she is:
  282. “ANONFILLY?!” you scream surprised
  283. >This is a fucking hell of a coincidence
  284. >”What’s wrong? Do you know her?” Lyra is surprised to your reaction
  285. >”Know her? She’s supposed to be a self-insertion of a reader, not a real person. Or an incarnation of every 4chan poster, I don’t really know. So Sunset, let me guess… she was adopted by Twilight.”
  286. >She shakes her head “Not at all, she was adopted by a retired university professor, Time Turner”
  287. “Time Turner, Time Turner, that name sounds me…”
  288. >”He has found Green Hornet lost in the Everfree Forest and then he filled the papers to adopt her”
  289. ”Green Hornet? Isn't she called ‘Anon’?”
  290. >”Well, according to our investigations she was ‘Anonymous’ due to an amnesia but later she changed her name to Green Hornet”
  291. >You notice how she looks so happy with that brown stallion
  292. >It really contrasts with the asshole and angry Anonfilly you used to read about in those greens
  293. “They're gonna be okay?”
  294. >”What do you mean, Anom?”
  295. “I mean, they really look close to each other and I wouldn’t like to separate them”
  296. >In those photos, you can tell how she and that Time Turner have a very good relationship.
  297. >”Anom… I’m glad to see that you have good intentions overall. But I have to say that I’m not in the position to ignore any possible threat to our safety. It’s for the greater good why I’m concerned about this, according to our investigations there is something going on and we need to figure out what exactly”
  298. “One thing I can say about her… She or he I should say used to be a male adult human from my world”
  299. >”We know that, we have the means to get that kind of information”
  300. “The crazy thing is that where I’m from, she was a character called Anonfilly. It was a recurrent character in fanfiction in general. In most of those stories, she was a human transported to Equestria due to some kind of magic shenanigan made for Twilight.”
  301. >”Mmm… the only way that Twilight Sparkle had some kind of involvement with this was that she helped with the adoption process. But your story about how she used to be a human it sounds alike with what we know so far. Our principal doubt if she was brought to our world is linked with Dr. Turner's actions”
  302. “That would be bad?”
  303. >”Yes, because he just made a portal from another world so easily, that would mean that he could bring who knows kind of monstrosities intentionally or not...”
  304. “If you said so, I guess I can do a little stealth or make some question to be sure of what are they up to”
  305. >”I really hope to be wrong, but you know what they say… Prevention is better than cure”
  306. >It catches your attention how Lyra hadn’t said anything in the last minutes and that’s weird, she really likes to stick her nose with you since she met you.
  307. “Lyra? It’s everything okay? You were kinda quiet for a while”
  308. >She stop looking at the nothing and turns her head to you
  309. >“Ah? Oh yes. I was just thinking some stuff” and she pats your head
  310. “I hope it’s not my fault…”
  311. >”Don’t worry, everything's gonna be alright”
  312. “I knew it…”
  313. >”What?”
  314. “Everywhere where I’m, I cause some kind of problem. Looks like doesn’t matter where I’m everybody around me get in trouble.”
  315. >”I said don't worry, try to be calm”
  316. >”Well, I guess that there's no more to talk. Remember Anom, complete the mission”
  317. ”Okay, I'll do my best” and you put your a hoof on your forehead
  318. >Obviously making this as a little (and cute as fuck) colt makes you look less serious and Lyra can't help giggling a little and you just brush in return.
  319. >At least she is happy again
  320. >”That's all for now, you can leave”
  321. >Both of you leave the office and walk to the registration desk to take the elevator, but before leaving you want to say goodbye to that intriguing griffon. But you can’t see her and instead, you just see  Gerald drinking coffee.
  322. “Hey Gerald, we are about to leave. Where is Gilda? I want to say her goodbye before going back to the city”
  323. >”In the buffet…”
  324. “Huh, kinda weird considering how she stole those candies”
  325. >”In fact, she’s helping like a punishment for her mischief”
  326. “I guess crime doesn’t pay after all....”
  327. >”Hey! All's fair in love and war” Gilda is behind you with a kitchen hat and a dirty apron
  328. “Hi Gilda, we were about to leave”
  329. >”Yes, I know I want to deliver you a message” she looks to the sides and closes her beak to your head
  330. >”Do everything by the book, every that you do is gonna be observed”
  331. >That sounded uncanny and weird
  332. “Who said that”
  333. >”Nopony!” and she laughs awkwardly and scratches the back of her neck “But however, remember that every you do is gonna is seen”
  334. “By who exactly?”
  335. >”Nobody…” and she looks to both sides quickly “But don’t worry, ‘nobody’ is a good guy and he’s not going to hurt you in any way” and she winks you.
  336. >”Gilda!” screams some mare. She gets close and you can see who is, Ristretto “You are supposed to deliver the breakfast, what are you doing?”
  337. >”I was saying goodbye to my new friend, Nomino”
  338. >“Nomino? What that his name?”
  339. “In fact, is Anom”
  340. >”Ah, ok… how are you doing?”
  341. >”Pretty good, except that your friend is a naughty griffon.”
  342. >“Hey!” Gilda protests “I’m training to stop criminals and that means play dirty. Isn’t Anom?”
  343. “Please don’t involucre me in your crimes. Now you have to clean the dirty dishes of your actions”
  344. >”Owww… but I just wanted to be your friend”
  345. “You can’t buy me with sweets. If you behave like a good child, we could be friends like you want”
  346. >”Seriously? Okay!” She looks to Ristretto “What we have to do now?”
  347. >”Follow me, you have to deliver the food, remember?”
  348. >She nods and then they both walk to the corridor
  349. >”You are pretty mature when you want it”
  350. >She looks proud of your way to act, funny enough you were being in part sarcastic the whole time.
  351. “I was just doing my job, that girl was too crazy even for my standards.”
  352. >”So, are you ready to go up?” Gerald holds the device to scan both of you.
  353. >With the scanning finished, Lyra and you take the elevator and with that your day in the HQ is over.
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