Gen Prime v Viper Invasion

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  1. Keioseth: A seeming peaceful evening in MC is eclipsed by the seemingly worldwide attack by VIPER. Most people are inside glued to the reports as heroes from around the world team up at the cities being attacked. MC seemed thankfully overlooked by the terrorist group, or perhaps it was too soon to say that... Cobalt was currently standing over a tased thief in the west >
  2. (3:53:06 PM) Keioseth: side of MC when an explosion rang out. He got to a high point and looked out toward the source, springing from the waters near the docks was a small army of VIPER goons complete with several submarines and a bunch of tanks. "I knew it was too quiet..."
  4. silverswede: Tyrfing had been at the gym just recently, on his way home along the waterfront when the news had hit of VIPER's massive offensive. Having not thought much about it, things would change once he saw the armada rise from the waters of the docks head-on. It's with a rather dispassionate and unenthusiastic blink that he responds. "Oh, that doesn't look too good..."
  6. CapsLockRAGE: Megan had been leaving the care of M.E.D.I.C. The robot in charge of her maintenance and well being, when she heard the explosion ring out. At first, she didn't care, taking a few steps away from the situation. Apathy had never been her strong suit. However, something told her she should check it out. Drawing her hoverboard and extending it, she hopped on the mechanical deathtrap, and quickly found herself on the path towards the monstrous kaboom.
  8. GeneralFreedom: Already dressed in her costume thanks to the news reports, Bom-Pom was more than ready when her robot assistant Tutor informed her of the attack on MC! The explosive cheerleader approaches the docks with a confident stride. She smirks to herself as she gets within sight of their incoming forces and clenches her fists, forming shimmering globes of pinkish red force around them.
  10. Swixer: *Elsewhere, a mugger hits the ground with a thud and doesn't get back up. Kid Billionaire stands over him, breathing heavily.* "I'm sorry about your situation, but theft isn't the answer."
  11. *Wiping some blood from his mouth, he stoops down and picks up the stolen purse, returning it to its nearby owner.* "And I hope you don't hold this against him. The real enemy are the fascists and the corrupt power that causes this kind of desperation." *The woman seems confused by his words but, nonetheless, thanks him and leaves. As the explosion goes off, Kid Billionaire looks over to its location and exhales.* "Time to give back to the community, I guess." *With that, he runs over to investigate.*
  13. Keioseth: With so many of the local heroes off helping around the world few are left in the City to defend it. The tanks open fire causing nearby building to shudder with the impacts. As the tanks roll on, an imposing red armor clad figure leans out of the top of the biggest of them, "Move out, destroy it all!"
  15. GeneralFreedom: Bom-Pom glances around, noticing the other heroes on the way or arriving on the scene. Though she probably will need some help, she doesn't admit that. "This is all? Well, I guess I can leave a few terrorists for the rest of you if you want." She moves right into the battle and leaps, aiming an explosive punch into the ground to create a rippling explosion of energy that cascades towards the front lines!
  17. Swixer: *Kid Billionaire watches the destruction unfold from a crouching position in a nearby alleyway. Narrowing his eyes, he begins to vibrate slightly, causing five identical clones of himself to emerge from his back.* "Okay, Buck. This isn't some disenfranchised mugger. These are fascists and terrorists -- the real deal."
  19. silverswede: Tyrfing drops his duffle bag to the ground and goes to rummage through it with an neutral look on his face. "Ah, uh... I think it's here somewhere... oh, here it is." He mumbles sheepishly and brandishes a sheathed sword with an ornate, golden hilt. He looks up as there's suddenly explosions flying both ways, and promptly unsheathes the ... wooden? sword. In a spark of flames, the dispassionate youth transforms! Now sporting a viking-esque look and a bloodthirsty grin, it's with an echoing laughter he throws himself straight into battle. "Awh yeah! Come on and face me, Shitstains!"
  21. CapsLockRAGE: Cannon is a shoot first, ask questions later kind of girl, This is made obvious by the sudden blue burst of plasma bolts being fired from her arm, at the tanks from above. She's aiming for the tanks main guns and treads, Attempting to immobilize and disarm them.
  23. Swixer: *Turning to his clones, he stands upright.* "Like we practiced, guys. Let's make it happen." *Before he can mobilize with his team of duplicates, however, KB would see the other, more powerful heroes show up and start smashing their way through VIPER's forces.* "Starting to feel a little out of my league." "You mean -our- league." "You know how creepy it is when you do that?"
  25. Keioseth: Cobalt arrives as the fighting breaks out, "It was really too much to ask they not attack here too." He swings down from the building and slams into a VIPER soldier.
  27. silverswede: heads straight for the thickest group of foot soldiers, more interested in fighting his enemies face-to-face than dealing with their oversized toys.
  29. Swixer: *Kid Billionaire turns an eye to the panicking civilians caught in the midst of the attack and spawns three more clones.* "Crowd control, boys. Get these people to safety!" *With that, his clones disperse and begin leading people away from the combat and towards safe zones as best they can.* "I'll deal with the biting off more than I can chew." *Running into combat alongside the other heroes, Kid Billionaire looses a shrill whistle at the red armour clad soldier.* "Hey, jackboot! You think you and your army of fascists can storm this city and step all over innocent people? Think again!"
  31. Keioseth: "Oh how cute, seems the bottom of the barrel has come to fight! Just when I feared this would be too easy and dull!" He radios to his troops, "Kill these children. Tanks keep moving." The soldiers are persistent no matter what happens they just seem to keep getting back up. Cannon's attack destroys the main gun of a tank and the surrounding troops take aim and open fire on her. Bom's energy ripple knocks the troops up and flying back, some even slamming into near by cargo containers while the tanks wobble as the ground becomes uneven. Two of the tanks lower their barrels at her and fire. The red leader points a hand at KB before the finger tips open up and begin firing bullets at the young hero.
  33. silverswede: Tyrfing seems to actually enjoy the fact that these VIPER goons don't go down easy. "Kehahah! Finally a real fight!" He laughs, each shot from their blasters seemingly only fueling his hunger for battle he eventually grabs one soldier by the leg and starts to throw him around, slamming the poor sod into his fellow soldiers before throwing him away... accidentally towards -Bom-Pom-.
  35. Swixer: *KB's eyes widen as the red leader takes aim and, by the time he opens fire, he's narrowly managed to dive behind the cover of a piece of fallen debris.* "Nice weapon, warmonger. Probably paid for in blood." *With that, he spawns two more clones. The new Bucks scoop up some rocks and, with a simultaneous nod, run out from cover in opposite directions, tossing them at the red leader. The real KB, meanwhile, sneaks around from behind his cover and attempts to smash a much larger piece of debris over the red leader's head from behind.*
  37. CapsLockRAGE: Cannon continued her assault firing away at the tanks until the goons started to open fire on her. She dipped to the side just in time to have a blast graze her face, revealing a small portion of her metal jaw. She leaps off of the hoverboard, letting it fly off as she goes for ground cover, Letting off rapid blasts at tanks and goons alike as she finds something to hide behind. "Note to self, Invest in a shield generator."
  39. GeneralFreedom: Bom-Pom gasps and leaps back, staggering as the cannon shells tear up the ground around her. A shimmer of energy around her body absorbs most of the force and shrapnel, but she doesn't want to take a direct shot! A flying Viper bumps her as she prepares to make a run for the tanks and she almost loses her footing again! "Hey! Watch where you're tossing these guys, you ape!"
  41. silverswede: "Who the hell are you calling ape, you half-pint?! Watch where you step instead!" Stops his rampage for a moment to return vitriol towards Bom-Pom.
  43. Keioseth: Cobalt taps his comm after diving for cover from the tank shells, "God I hope you guys have an ear piece thing, we need a plan here cause this really isn't working."
  45. CapsLockRAGE: "I have open communications, Yes." Cannon responds to cobalt. " If you have a plan, I'd be more then willing to assist. For now, I recommend finding cover and taking out their larger weapons to minimize casualties and property damage."
  47. Swixer: *One of the KB duplicates speaks up.* "Can we cut the in-fighting? If you're not helping each other, you're hindering each other!"
  49. silverswede: Tyrfing looks to KB, then to a Viper goon, then back to KB, then back to the goon. They're both green, black and yellow...
  51. GeneralFreedom: "HALF-PINT?! I'm BARELY under average height you buffoooooh!" She manages to cut herself off as she hears the chatter over the comms. "Right. Let me focus on something that's actually important!" She tries to get in close to a tank and slap her hands on it, leaving behind her energy as a sticky, explosive time bomb!
  53. silverswede: "Hah! You got spunk for a midget! Fine then, I'll play along... you guys seem like fun!" The last one is on board at last, it seems.
  55. CapsLockRAGE: "Backed by shirtless idiot, we're saved." Cannon mutters to herself.
  57. Keioseth: "Guys, VIPER attack, come on!" He peaks over his cover and is shot at before dropping down, "Red guy is in charge, but I don't think just taking him out will do. There is something way off about these dudes. Clearly we need to take out the tanks but so far I think the armored chick is the only one who's shown to have the fire power."
  58. "So, ideas?"
  60. GeneralFreedom: "Someone push the tank I marked towards the other ones. It has big glowy red things on it, so it should be easy to figure out which one I mean!" Bom-Pom calls out as she darts away from the tank, ducking fire from Viper along the way. "And don't stay too close to it. It's going to go up big in about five seconds!"
  61. "It might be enough to take them all out if we can work together."
  63. CapsLockRAGE: The barrels on cannons arm start to spin, a blue ball of plasma starts to form on it, rippling at it's magnetic containment. " I can launch the tank with the right blast, providing I can get a clear shot."
  65. Keioseth: "Right, Green guy, shirtless guy, we're covering armored chick."
  67. silverswede: Tyrfing doesn't respond with words, but his actions speak for themselves. Heading to a nearby lamp post, he rips it from the concrete and uses it to sweep goons off their feet as they try to home in on Cannon
  69. Keioseth: Cobalt runs in front of Cannon and activates his hex shield, "Take the shot when you can."
  71. CapsLockRAGE: Cannon steps out from cover, carefully aiming as her combat computer calculates blast power, trajectory, and point of impact. The ball of energy on her cannon grows to about the size of a beach ball. Her boots pike themselves into the ground, and finally, she fires, The blast tears forward with a loud "KRAKOOM!" and a blinding flash, striking the ground before the tank, sending it airborn at the other tanks
  73. Keioseth: "Oh hell..." the red guy bails from his tank as the Bom'd tank is hit and takes to the sky falling down before the other tanks. The explosion sends VIPER troops flying, destroys the other tanks, leaving the Red guy standing as the Cops and UNTIL forces arrive on the scene. His advantage of numbers gone, he gets up and points to the teens, "This is not over."
  74. "Not by a long shot!" His feet transform into jets and he blasts off into the sky at high speed.
  76. silverswede: "HEY! GET BACK HERE AND FIGHT YOU LITTLE BITCH!!" Seems like the teenaged berserker is very unhappy with this term of events, and goes so far as to throw a mailbox after the Red guy.He misses completely though. No wait, he hit a seagull.
  78. GeneralFreedom: "It is for you," Bom-Pom smirks as she stands up from her hiding spot. The energy around her hands flashes out of existence and she looks over the destruction. "Not ideal... but given the circumstances, I think we did a pretty good job." She glances towards Cannon. "Nice shot. I think I made a good choice."
  79. "As if that's surprising," she laughs to herself.
  81. CapsLockRAGE: "I'll get you and you meddling kids." Megan says in  her normal, emotionless manner at the man, mocking him. "I cannot use my plasma cannons till cooldown is finished, Therefore, i cannot fire at the escaping commander. Shall we pursue?
  83. GeneralFreedom: Bom-Pom tsks and gives a little shrug. "He's a loser and he already lost," she says, trying not to show she's upset that she can't pursue him herself. "Besides... how many of us can fly?"
  85. CapsLockRAGE: She looks to Bom Pom. Then tilts her head. She gives a nod to the compliment and responds with. " I appreciate your words of praise. Though...might I make a query?"
  86. "I can fly."
  87. "...when I get my hoverboard."
  89. Keioseth: Cobalt drops the shield and ejects the energy pack which hits the ground glowing red hot, "I can't."
  91. GeneralFreedom: "You can, but no one else can. You might need backup." She shakes her head. "Go ahead with your question though."
  93. silverswede: Tyrfing cannot fly and seems to be angry about that. He stomps his feet by the waterfront in frustration, snarling angrily towards the escaping villain. He eventually just gives up, and with the little self-control he has left he sheathes Tyrfing again... and just like that, he's back to the dispassionate, unassuming guy from before. "Phew, I'm beat..."
  95. CapsLockRAGE: "Why are you dressed like a cheerleader?"
  97. GeneralFreedom: From the quiet streets behind them, a gleaming, advanced looking robot approaches to stand behind Bom-Pom. "Are you finished? Shall I get the car?" Bom-Pom gives the robot a nod before casting a grin at Cannon. "Because it's cute. I happen to like to look good while I'm fighting crime."
  98. Before the robot leaves, Bom-Pom whispers something to it and it hands out cards to Cobalt Crush. And after a moment of hesitation, to Tyrfing. They show a simple black figure with a red cape and on the back they have contact information and the name Gen Prime.
  100. CapsLockRAGE: {The aperture of her right eye snaps once, like it's taking a photo. She then looks down at herself. She shakes her head, then looks to the others, Unsure of what she could add to the conversation.
  102. Keioseth: Cobalt shakes his head, tucks it in his jacket, "It's been a thing." He fires off a line from his bracers and is pulled up onto a nearby crane before vanishing from sight.
  104. silverswede: Tyrfing looks at the card, his gaze very different from before; No trace of the earlier rage left, only a somewhat apathetic look. "Hm, this is... a club?" He asks sheepishly, though his curiosity seems genuine.
  106. GeneralFreedom: "Kind of. I'm putting together a special project. One that I'm sure you and... that guy..." she gestures to where Cobalt disappeared. "Would be interested in!"
  108. silverswede: "Oh, and uh, sorry about calling you a Half-pint. That was rude." He turns towards the cheerleader with that apology, though his lack of enthusiasm remains. "Mm, I'll check it out."
  110. CapsLockRAGE: The pack on her back starts to fold the armor into itself. The pack then folds itself into Cannons back. Leaving her in street clothes.
  112. GeneralFreedom: Her robot friend disappears a moment and comes back with a sleek black sports car. He opens the door for her and she starts towards it. Though she gets a sour expression at Tyrfing for bringing up the comment, she gives a gracious nod. "...don't worry about it. Just don't make a habit of it!"
  114. silverswede: "I'll try." He'll try.
  116. CapsLockRAGE: {Cannon touches the exposed, metal bone on her jaw. "If we're done. I should get to work soon."
  117. {Cannon doesn't need to get to work, she's just feeling awkward and a LIAR.
  119. GeneralFreedom: She gives a short little snerk and slides into the passenger seat. "Good. Cannon, other prospective guy, take care." She leans out the window and holds out a card to Cannon. "Daddy's company works with cyborgs sometimes. Give them a call to get that face fixed!"
  121. CapsLockRAGE: "..." Cannon takes the card. "Self repair will fix it by the end of the day. " she states. "I'll be fine."
  123. GeneralFreedom: "Fair enough," Bom-Pom shrugs and slides back into the car. It drives off. Vroooom.
  125. silverswede: Tyrfing gives a wave in return, before he remembers his duffle bag. Seems it got caught in the blast and is now mostly burnt through. "Hmm... It's broke." He sighs dejectedly, sword still in hand.
  127. Keioseth: Cobalt watches the car and would follow it from the shadows.
  128. Keioseth: [END]
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