Violet Lightning

Aug 14th, 2019
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  1. >Be Lightning
  2. >She broke up with you
  3. >Skydancer broke up with you!
  4. >There was nothing you could do but sit there dumbfounded as she gave some little speech about the cycle of abuse
  5. >And a bunch of other nonsense that didn't make any sense
  6. >You hugged her and begged her not to leave you through tears
  7. >She cried too, but refused to change her mind
  8. >It's so unfair!
  9. >That you could have something so wonderful together, then one pony can just end it regardless of how the other feels
  10. >And the feeling you're left with is a new one for you
  11. >Sadness and loss you've experienced before
  12. >And you feel a lot of both right now
  13. >But rejection is new for you, and it aches just as much as the other two, if not more
  14. >Of course there aren't really any secrets in the dorm, so you've gone scandalous to sympathetic in the eyes of the other girls
  15. >In an instant
  16. >You went from having something special - being somepony special - to being heartbroken
  17. >And the worst part is you know you didn't do anything to deserve it
  18. >Even Madam agreed with that when she sat you down for a talk in her office
  19. >She said Sky had developed qualms with the nature of your relationship - specifically being the marefriend of a filly
  20. >You asked if it was a sex thing and Madam said that was part of it, yes
  21. >Which made it sound like the mare had gone insane!
  22. >Or you weren't good enough, maybe that was it?
  23. >You know men pay a lot of money to sex you - you can't be that bad!
  24. >It is different with a mare though
  25. >A mare, whom you actually LIKED - LOVED even!
  26. >You saked Madam if it was because she was getting you for free, but Madam said that wasn't it
  27. >She said Sky didn't think it was ethically right to be with you
  28. >And you don't know what to make of that
  29. >What changed?
  30. >You don't know
  31. >You just know you miss her and you will never see her again
  32. >You will never smell her again or feel her warmth against you
  33. >You will never taste her again...
  34. >That wasn't the most important part of your relationship, but it was definitely a part of it
  35. >You were proud of being able to get her off as fast or even faster than you could make a man cum
  36. >And she gave you more pleasure than any man ever has
  37. >If that was OK then why is it suddenly not OK now?
  38. >You don't think you're going to figure that out any time soon, if ever at all
  39. >Now it just hurts
  40. >It doesn't help knowing your room is her old one
  41. >You used to love that
  42. >Now it just reminds you of her
  43. >Lying on your bed - did the bed used to be hers as well? - you don't want to know
  44. >You've been crying and feeling sorry for yourself all morning
  45. >Madam came by to check on you and told you not to worry about your chores today
  46. >Of course you'll still have to work later - no way around that - but the break from your chores is welcome
  47. >Even if you're spending your time sobbing
  48. >"Knock knock," a small voice comes from the other side of your door
  49. "Come in, Violet"
  50. >"You OK?"
  51. "I hurt in a way I didn't know I COULD hurt"
  52. >"Poor thing. I brought you something since you missed breakfast"
  53. >A muffin?!
  54. "Where did you get a muffin?"
  55. >"I have my ways," she replies, passing the treat to you. "Sorry there's a bite out of it. My willpower failed me"
  56. >You laugh
  57. >It feels good to laugh for a second
  58. "It's still very kind of you"
  59. >"You would do the same for me"
  60. >Is she right?
  61. >Maybe
  62. >If you knew she was miserable?
  63. >Yeah, you'd try to do something
  64. >Or you like to think you would
  65. "Thanks"
  66. >"Can I ask what happened?"
  67. "She dumped me. For no reason"
  68. >"For no reason? What's wrong with her?"
  69. "I can't figure it out"
  70. >"That's so cold. I didn't think ponies could be cold like that. Not mares at least"
  71. "It was a surprise to me as well"
  72. >She looks down at her hooves, then back up to meet your eyes
  73. >"You know," she begins sheepishly, "I.. um... was always jealous of you and her"
  74. "I bet you aren't jealous of me now"
  75. >"No... not at all," she says gently, giving you a quick nuzzle. "But I used to... imagine you two together and, um... what you did together"
  76. >Is she doing what you think she's doing?
  77. >A quick, uncertain lick comes as an answer
  78. >You appreciate her interest, but her timing is really terrible
  79. >"I'm not stupid," she says, "I know I can't take her place. That's not what I'm trying to do"
  80. "It looks like you're trying to hit on me"
  81. >"Is that OK? Is this too awkward? I've never done this before. I'm sorry, I..."
  82. >What do you do here?
  83. >Besides blush furiously, which both of you are doing
  84. >Your emotions are now like a thick soup of things that shouldn't go together
  85. >You shouldn't feel elated and abandoned at the same time
  86. >Sad and excited - it's too much!
  87. "I um... You don't have anything to be sorry for I'm just... overwhelmed"
  88. >"Oh. So you're not mad at me?"
  89. "You brought me most of a muffin and are trying to comfort me. How can I be angry"
  90. >Can comforting somepony and hitting on them be the same thing sometimes?
  91. >"Friends are allowed to comfort each other, right?"
  92. >Sure it can
  93. >You think about the kind of comfort she's offering
  94. >You're pretty sure she doesn't even know the actual mechanics of it - you know, IT
  95. >You'll have to be the teacher, like Sky was with you
  96. >Not that there's all that much for her to learn
  97. "Can we stay friends and still... comfort each other?"
  98. >She smiles at you - it's a little bit of a nervous smile, but cute anyways
  99. >She is really cute
  100. >Not sexy like Sky, but really, really cute
  101. >And really, really in your room with you right now making an offer she doesn't even completely understand
  102. "Would you be OK with taking this very slowly? You know I'm pretty freshly dumped, and nowhere near over it"
  103. >"Maybe I can help you get over it"
  104. >If not it would at least be a distraction from it
  105. >A welcome distraction?
  106. >Not an unwelcome distraction, that's for sure
  107. >You tap a hoof on your bed next to you
  108. "Get in here"
  109. >She's beside you in a flash giving you a sloppy but enthusiastic kiss, which you return
  110. >This is happening?
  111. >This is happening
  112. >Pulling away from the kiss you say:
  113. "Your willpower isn't failing you now, I see"
  114. >"I'm really nervous, actually"
  115. "Don't be. I don't bite," you reply, then add, "Unless you want me to..."
  116. >"I don't know what I, actually..."
  117. "We can find out together"
  119. >Be Lightning
  120. >Having a thing with Violet is OK, but it's not the same as with Skydancer
  121. >She's a filly, not a mare
  122. >So it doesn't have that exciting feeling of being the special somepony to somepony who is older
  123. >But it's more than that
  124. >She doesn't smell like a mare either
  125. >She's very much a filly like you
  126. >Well, not exactly like you - she's never...
  127. >Gotten off
  128. >She was a little shocked the first time you did with her
  129. >She thought it was a man thing - that only men could orgasm
  130. >She had no idea mares (or even fillies) could, too
  131. >You've tried to show her - to get her there - but you haven't been successful yet
  132. >Which is frustrating, though she seems OK with it
  133. >She's willing to let you try with her, but she gets bored after a few minutes
  134. >Which isn't satisfying at all
  135. >Especially in light of the fact she's gotten you there a few times
  136. >But again, she seems OK with that
  137. >It seems like what she really wants is somepony to cuddle with
  138. >And that contact is just as important as the other kind of intimacy
  139. >Though you're not going to give up on the other
  140. >This was NEVER an issue with Sky!
  141. >Though you'd never actually cum until you were with her
  142. >But you did on like, the second or third time you two were intimate
  143. >It's been four times now with Violet and still nothing
  144. >Makes you doubt yourself a little bit
  145. >You're sure the other girls in the dorm are talking about the two of you
  146. >Not that it's super scadnalous - fillies have had things with each other before
  147. >Of course the other girls talk about it
  148. >They're all earth ponies, so the only pegasus hooking up with the only unicorn is going to be commented upon
  149. >Is that weird?
  150. >A pegasus and a unicorn being a thing?
  151. >You don't know
  152. >You don't know any other pegasi, or unicorns for that matter
  153. >Aside from Violet everypony you know is an earth pony
  154. >Which gives you a little advantage in the salon - you're pretty sure half the walk-ins who pick you do so because you have wings and the others don't
  155. >You don't want to be racist about it, but pegasi are just sexier that earth ponies
  156. >It's not racist if it's true, is it?
  157. >What about unicorns?
  158. >Cute - they're cute
  159. >Violet is cute, but she's not sexy like Sky was
  160. >Maybe she'll grow into that
  161. >You hope she will, because right now it feels a little one-sided, with you getting off and her not
  162. >You really want to change that
  163. >And you might get the chance now, because you hear her voice outside your door saying, "Knock knock"
  164. "Come in, sweetie"
  165. >You do like having sopepony to call sweetie - that's what Sky called you
  166. >She comes in and walks right up to you, giving you a little lick
  167. >One thing she isn't is bashful
  168. >She's even licked you in front of the other girls, more than once
  169. "How you doing?"
  170. >"OK I guess. I had a pervy one tonight"
  171. "Aren't they all pervy?"
  172. >"Well, the ones who look at you like they haven't eaten in days and you're dinner? Those are easy - you know what you're gonna get"
  173. "Right. The only question is where"
  174. >"It's the ones who look at you like they're making a calculation - you just know it's gonna be weird"
  175. "You had a weird one? I'm sorry. Want to talk abut it?"
  176. >"I do, but it's kind of a unicorn thing. I don't know if you'd understand"
  177. "Even if I don't we should still be able to talk to each other about anything, right? Isn't that how it's supposed to work?"
  178. >"I guess so. It happens every couple weeks. A client asks if he can kiss my... horn"
  179. "You don't have to let them kiss you. You know that, right?"
  180. >"I know. But I've learned to see what's coming next"
  181. "After they kiss your horn?"
  182. >"Yeah. They start, you know, like sucking a cock, except it's my horn"
  183. "That's messed up"
  184. >"And they want me to enjoy it as if it were that"
  185. "Do you?"
  186. >"I pretend to, and they get off on that"
  187. "What a waste of money, paying for a filly when they could probably just go suck a dick for free"
  188. >"Then they'd have to admit that's what they really want. You know men can be weird about that"
  189. "They can be weird about a lot of things. I've got one who wants me to call him daddy"
  190. >"So do I! How would that even work?"
  191. "It wouldn't. So this guy just sucks your horn until you fake an orgasm and that gets him off and that's it?"
  192. >"Yeah, but it always leaves me feeling weird after. Like a colt"
  193. "There's nothing coltlike about you"
  194. >"But it's like I'm a substitute for one"
  195. "Maybe in his messed up mind. You know nopony else sees you like that. You're a very pretty little filly"
  196. >"That's sweet of you to say. But you know there are guys who see the horn and think..."
  197. "I thought I had it bad when they get all grabby with my wings! This is more messed up. You win"
  198. >"I've been through... even worse"
  199. >Oh no
  200. >Do you really want to know?
  201. >You kind of have to - you two are a thing - you're her somepony to tell awful things to
  202. >"I had one guy who wanted my horn in him, but not in his mouth"
  203. "In his... butt?"
  204. >She nods, blushing
  205. "What did you do?"
  206. >"I didn't know what to do. It's not technically rough stuff, right? So I did it"
  207. "Ew. Ew ew ew ew ew ew ew ew ew!"
  208. >"I know, right? Be glad you have wings instead"
  209. "I'll take having to preen between clients over that any day. Did you tell Madam?"
  210. >"Not at first. I was, you know, in shock. I just washed my mane and went back to work"
  211. "You poor thing. That's awful"
  212. >"When I told her the next day she was shocked as well. She said that's not on the menu - her exact words"
  213. "It shouldn't be"
  214. >"She said if any client asks for that again tell them no, and if the give a hard time call the guard"
  215. "Good to know there are limits. But the horn sucking?"
  216. >"She told me I'd just have to deal with that. So I do. But I always feel weird about it"
  217. "You're right. It is weird. And wrong. A filly's horn should not be a substitute for a dick. That shouldn't be a thing"
  218. >"I couldn't agree more. But evidently for some guys it is, and being the only unicorn here..."
  219. "You get all of them. I'm so sorry"
  220. >"Fortunately there's just a few of them. I've kind of learned to spot them, so I usually know what's coming and how to deal with it"
  221. "And there's always a bright side. At least you're not Mocha Swirl"
  222. >"Ice cream every day. Does she have any regulars who don't do her that way?"
  223. "She told me she can, you know... cum from it"
  224. >"Is that even possible?"
  225. "Not for me. For me it's just waiting for it to be over"
  226. >"Regardless of how they're doing it, right?"
  227. >You laugh because it's true
  228. "Yeah, the faster ones are better. Easier, for sure"
  229. >"I hate when it goes on so long you start thinking 'When is he gonna be done?'"
  230. "I start thinking that the moment they walk into the room. Not that I don't take pride in my work"
  231. >"Work and play are two different things"
  232. "Do you want to play?"
  233. >"If you can make me feel less... colty"
  234. "I can try"
  236. >Be Lightning
  237. >It's late, really just a few minutes from lights out
  238. >You're in your room with the door shut
  239. >Violet is with you, but she really ought to go to her own bed before they call lights out
  240. >She told you what you did made her feel good, but she still hasn't...
  241. >You did, and almost feel guilty about it now
  242. >But now that you two are so close there's something you've always wanted to know
  243. >You're sure it's a touchy subject, but you two have gotten pretty close
  244. >She can tell you if it makes her uncomfortable
  245. "So can you... You know, magic?"
  246. >"Not much. Never been trained and definitely not encouraged. Can you... fly?"
  247. "Flying is pretty discouraged, too. I've heard ponies who show too much interest in it get their wings clipped"
  248. >"That's horrible"
  249. "Well I don't know if its true, but I'm not taking any chances," you reply, instinctively pressing your wings tight against you
  250. >"It isn't much, but I can show you"
  251. "Please"
  252. >She pooints her horn at the mug half full of water on your nightstand
  253. >A very pale glow eminates from her horn
  254. >She concentrates, then grunts
  255. >The cup moves
  256. >Calling the distance it moved half an inch would be generous, but it did move
  257. >She sighs
  258. >"The worst part is feeling like I should be able to lift it up and drink from it, but this is all I can do"
  259. "Still impressive. That was actual magic, like not a trick or something. Actual magic"
  260. >"Very weak, but yeah that's actual magic. How about you? Can you actually fly?"
  261. "I can hover for a couple minutes, but it's exhausting. Some clients ask for that"
  262. >"I bet they do"
  263. >You stand up on the bed and spread your wings
  264. >A few careful beats raises you just above the bed
  265. "You have to concentrate to keep even," you say as you list to the left, then correct the cycle
  266. >"Still you're flying"
  267. "If you can call it that"
  268. >"You're beautiful in the air," she says. "My little bird pony"
  269. >You cringe, which makes you break your concentration and fall back onto the bed
  270. "Please don't call me that. I have regulars who call me that. I have to take it from them..."
  271. >"Got it. Won't do it again. Kind of like the clients who joke about how horny I must be"
  272. "Tell me they don't"
  273. >"Yeah they do, and laugh like they're comic geniuses for coming up with it"
  274. "Ugh"
  275. >There's a knock on the door and a female voice says, "It's lights out. Is Violet in there?"
  276. >The new guard
  277. >It seemed odd that they hired a woman - a black woman, the first one you've ever met - to do what is obviously a man's job
  278. >But she's no nonsense about it
  279. >She's also armed, so woman or not no one is going to mess with her
  280. >As the door opens Violet gives you a quick lick, jumps out of bed and heads for the door
  281. >"You're supposed to be in your bed BEFORE lights out," the guard chides
  282. >You hear Violet's hoofbeats quickly heading down the hall
  283. >"Playing a little game of you show me yours and I'll show you mine?," the guard asks
  284. "You were eavesdropping on us?!"
  285. >"I was coming to get Violet because she wasn't where she was supposed to be"
  286. >The woman adds, "Madam and I have no trouble turning a blind eye to this, especially whith what happened with your last girlfriend"
  287. >Girlfriend isn't the right word, but you let it slide
  288. >"But we can't let it seem like you're getting special treatment. Understand?"
  289. "Yes, Ma'am"
  290. >"Lights out is lights out for everypony"
  291. "I got it"
  292. >"Then lights out"
  293. >You turn off your light
  294. >Part of you wanted to put up a little more resistance, but you know you have it pretty good
  295. >Your own room and the freedom for extracirricular activities
  296. >Last thing you want to seem is ungrateful and turn the guard against you
  297. >She would have been within her rights to have given Violet a much tougher time and she didn't
  298. >You two were technically in the wrong, dallying longer than you should have
  299. >She's more of a stickler than the old guard, but you like her better, actually
  300. >The old guard was always trying to be your friend, which was weird enough
  301. >But he was also always trying and failing not to ogle your hindquarters
  302. >Rumor was he'd had sex with some of the girls over the years
  303. >You were sure as fuck not going to be one of them if you could help it
  304. >You're for paying customers, not an employee perk!
  305. >The new guard shows no sign of being interested in anypony that way
  306. >So who cares if she's a little fussy about the rules?
  307. >She's still kind of new to the job, maybe she'll relax a little bit as she settles in
  308. >Hopefully Violet will, too
  310. >Be Lightning
  311. >In your bed with your little unicorn tightly held against you
  312. >You finally got her there
  313. >THERE!
  314. >She cried
  315. >She cried a lot
  316. >You've been laying next to her, holding her tightly and nuzzling her ever since
  317. >But it's about 15 minutes to lights out and you don't want trouble with the guard
  318. >So now you have to figure out how to delicately disentangle her from you so she can get back to her bed
  319. "Um, sweetie? It's getting late, um... You know, lights out?"
  320. >She presses even tighter up against you
  321. >"I don't want to go," she says
  322. "I don't want you to go"
  323. >It would be nice to actually sleep with her
  324. >To wake up together in your bed
  325. >Unless she turns out to be a bed hog or something
  326. >Even then it would probably still be nice
  327. "But we don't want any trouble, so I'm afraid..."
  328. >"I know"
  329. >She releases her grip on you and pulls back a little to look you in the eye
  330. >She does have pretty eyes, even if they're a little red and wet from crying
  331. >"I love you," she says softly
  332. >Whoa there fireball!
  333. >You and Sky had never even said that to each other, though you almost did a couple times
  334. >You're not sure how these things are supposed to work, but this seems awfully fast
  335. >Doesn't it?
  336. >You don't feel for her the way you did - and still DO feel a little - for Skydancer
  337. >But definitely a less intense version of those feelings has been growing in you toward her
  338. >So maybe this is love, just love growing?
  339. >You can't say - this really is new territory for both of you
  340. >Sky was kind of like a client you had a special relationship with because she was also like you
  341. >Being with her made you feel special - it was exciting
  342. >And if you're being completely honest it made you feel more grown up, having an older mare take an interest in you
  343. >That way
  344. >With Violet you feel like the older one, even though you're only actually older by a little bit
  345. >But the way she was just clinging to you?
  346. >You're pretty sure you were like that with Sky sometimes
  347. >Maybe more than you remember
  348. "Aren't you afraid it might be a little early in our relationship to use... THAT word?"
  349. >"Nope," she replies, shaking her head
  350. >Nope?
  351. >She's nothing if not direct
  352. "What makes you so sure?"
  353. >She looks at you like you're crazy
  354. >"I had nothing. I had nopony. Now I have you, and you have me. We have each other"
  355. >She sheds a tear
  356. >"I know love can mean a lot of things, but I'm pretty sure that's what it means to me"
  357. "Instead of nothing we have each other..."
  358. >She's got a point
  359. >This is something you have together, and it feels special in its own way
  360. >It's actually strange to be in a sexual relationship where you're nearly equals
  361. >You know that's a new thing for both of you
  362. >Do you really have each other?
  363. >You do right now, right?
  364. >It's something you chose - to be each other's
  365. >It feels good
  366. >It won't be forever, because there's no assurance you'll be together once you leave here
  367. >But that'll be a while from now
  368. >Isn't love supposed to be forever?
  369. >You loved Sky and that still came to an end
  370. >You do love her, don't you?
  371. >You're in love with Violet, you think
  372. >"I'm not leaving until you say it"
  373. "I was just abot to!"
  374. >"Then say it"
  375. "I love you"
  376. >She giggles and gives you a little lick
  377. >"Say it again!"
  378. "I love you, Violet"
  379. >It doesn't feel like a lie - not at all
  380. >"Well good night then, lover," she says giving you a little kiss and getting out of bed
  381. >"See you tomorrow!," she adds looking back as she heads for the door
  382. >For a filly who was crying just moments ago there's quite a bit of spring in her step
  383. >You just made her very happy
  384. >That feels good
  385. >It makes you happy
  386. >And a little relieved she'll be in her bed before lights out
  387. >You also have a little bit of pride over what happened before the crying
  388. >You feel really good about that, too
  390. >Be Lightning
  391. >You feel silly
  392. >The latex bat gloves over your wings are making them uncomfortable and over heated
  393. >But they obviously spent some money on them, because they're incredibly light
  394. >When you spread your wings your feathers are enough to fill them out, all the way to the little fake claws on the tips
  395. >It would feel demeaning if it weren't Halloween
  396. >The fake teeth you're wearing to look like fangs looked cool in the mirror
  397. >But they make you sound like a lisping idiot when you try to talk
  398. >And they're actually sharp - you've already bit your lip twice
  399. >Violet helped you with the ear extensions and eyeliner
  400. Which don't look at all bad, just weird
  401. >Some guy is paying a lot of money for this
  402. >Thankfully since this is his fetish he won't last all that long and you can take this shit off
  403. >Though standing in front of the mirror in the dorm you DO look pretty sexy
  404. >"I like it," Violet says
  405. "Ugh, really?"
  406. >"Yeah. You may have just given me a little bat fantasy," she replies, blushing
  407. "No. Tell me we're not going to have to do that"
  408. >"We don't HAVE to, but it might be fun"
  409. >Unicorns are weird
  410. >But whateves
  411. >You have a client to get to
  412. >Madam coached you on how to handle him
  413. >Just be sexually needy, overly aggressive, bitey (not too hard) and keep the fake wings spread
  414. >That ought to do it, she said
  415. >And you can do that
  416. "All right. Wish me luck!"
  417. >"I've got to head down to the salon anyways, so I'll walk as far as your room with you"
  418. >You know she means your work room, not your real room by Madam's office
  419. "Let's go then"
  420. >Walking down the halls and stairway you get batcalled twice!
  421. >First you pass Mocha Swirl who gasps as she sees you and says, "Oooh, sexy"
  422. >That filly is straight as a pin - you know that for sure
  423. >So you're doing something right, as weird as this feels
  424. >Which makes you feel a little better about your get up
  425. >Violet's eye makeup probably has a lot to do with it
  426. >She went full on
  427. >Then there was the guard's reaction when you got down to where the work rooms were
  428. >She took one look at you and said, "Mmmmmh, nice"
  429. >That's the first time she's ever made a comment to you like that, but then again it is Halloween
  430. >Everyone and everypony is sexy on Halloween
  431. >Though for everyponyelse it's a matter of less elaborate costumes
  432. >Violet has done nothing more than paint her face in Dia de Meurtos makeup and she looks hella sexy
  433. >Some guys are gonna go for that even if it isn't their thing because she looks so good like that
  434. >Oh shit, it that how this night is gonna end?!
  435. >Batpone and Deathpone having a trip around your bed, leaving a trail of mascara and other thicg that require you have to wash your sheets tomorrow
  436. >But that's no big deal
  437. >Oh shit, you're at your work room door with Madam standing outside
  438. >"That'll more than do," she says
  439. >"I figured," Violet responds
  440. >"Nice work on both counts," Madam replies
  441. >Next thing you know you're lying in the bed, hooves in the air, wings spread when the client walks in
  442. >You make your left hindleg quiver in anticipation
  443. >He responds by burying a hand in your chest floof
  444. >Which you reward with a nip that draws blood because of your batpony teeth
  445. >He moans in anticipation of what's about to happen
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