New Crystal route

Jan 30th, 2015
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  1. This route is a work in progress, but I think it's better than the current one. The major differences start at the Azalea Mart and end at the Goldenrod Mart.
  4. - Buy 4 Potions (2 more than current)
  5. - Buy 7 Repels
  6. - Buy 3 Antidotes (1 more than current)
  7. - If you hit Russell and a slave broke out of a ball (or didn't hit him and had two breakouts), buy 1 fewer Potion OR Antidote
  10. - No changes, but it helps to use only 1 Potion here
  12. BUGSY
  13. - No changes, but it helps to not heal before the fight
  15. RIVAL 2
  16. - Instead of taking the center before this fight, heal to full with 1-2 Potions. Take the center if you could only heal to full with a Super Potion (you might need the Super during the fight)
  17. - Use a Repel after the fight, not before. Use it in the building, four tiles before the guard's sprite. (Obviously, this only applies if you have a Cut slave)
  20. - After talking to Farfetch'd the first time, walk up to talk to it again, rather than going around. Then continue up and walk around the bird to move it left. Then walk back and move it three more times.
  21. - Don't get the Revive, as it's out of your way with the above movement and likely won't be necessary for money
  22. - The Repel should wear off on the tile where you use Cut. This allows you to combine the second Repel menu with the Cut menu, offsetting the time loss from not repelling on the Rival 2 menu
  23. - Get the hidden Super Potion and the hidden Ether
  24. - Your last Repel should last through all of the Route 34 grass, saving 2.6 seconds on average, which makes up for the 1.2-second loss from slower Farfetch'd movement
  27. - Get the Bicycle as normal
  29. ROUTE 35
  30. - No changes
  33. - If you have yet to hit a spinner, fight the two underground trainers before Whitney.
  34. > Slowpoke: Headbutt x2
  35. > Slowpoke: Headbutt x2
  36. > Magnemite: Water Gun
  37. > Magnemite: Water Gun
  38. > Magnemite: Water Gun
  39. > Voltorb: Headbutt
  40. - With no spinners and no underground, you'd be Lv. 19 for Whitney's Miltank, which really sucks, because you get a damage boost at Lv. 20 and often take one less damage from Rollout. With the experience from the underground, you get Lv. 21 for Miltank and Lv. 20 for Snubbull, possibly saving the 1-2 turns that the Slowpoke 2-shots cost.
  41. - If you hit a spinner, fight Whitney as normal, as you'll be Lv. 20 for Miltank
  44. - If you hit a spinner, fight the two underground trainers after Whitney. Because you're now Lv. 21* (as opposed to Lv. 20 with experience-less Whitney), you can 1-shot the two Slowpokes with Bite.
  45. - Skip the center if your HP + the HP you get from all your healing items (Berry, Potion, Super Potion) is at least 80.
  46. - Buy everything as normal, except buy 5 X Specials (instead of 6). Sell the two TMs (and all of your Poke Balls if you didn't hit a spinner).
  48. *Russell doesn't give you Lv. 21
  50. THE REST
  51. - Skipping the Goldenrod Center likely means healing and using your Ether on Headbutt before or during the Kimono Girls. You need 9-10 Headbutt PP for the girls and everything else before the Olivine Center. If you're able to save your Ether, skip the one in the Lighthouse.
  52. - Enjoy your extra 1,100 experience for the girls (about 1 fewer turn; you might speedtie/outspeed Espeon; higher HP/defenses for Thundershock and other trolling)
  53. - You're Lv. 25 for Rival 3's Bayleef, so you can skip the X Special on this fight and still 2-shot it with Ice Punch. This actually saves a turn when the lead Haunter uses Curse (or when you critical it)
  54. - Double deposit in Olivine if you skipped both the Azalea and Goldenrod centers (the egg won't have hatched)
  55. - You're Lv. 30 at the top of the lighthouse if you get ~900 experience from spinners (as opposed to ~2,000 with late underground). That means skipping the Rare Candy, which saves ~15 seconds. If you get 2,000 exp. anyway, the extra 1,100 might give you an extra level in a few helpful fights (Chuck, Electrodes, Pryce). The extra experience for skipping the candy and for later fights saves roughly 7 seconds. Calculations here: http://pastebin.com/E757m0Dc
  56. - Having 1,100 less experience later in the game (Rival 4 onward) can cost a small amount of time, but the early boost to experience makes up for it
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