Aug 12th, 2020 (edited)
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  1. So, the reason I don´t like playing Spy is because you get your enemy´s cosmetics while doing so, and it's really common for someone know that it is a Spy, especially if you disguise as the person that finds you. Before when the game had no cosmetics, all classes had the same look, so it was easier to sneak around. Back then, you couldn't tell if the Spy was an additional Engineer to the team or not, since he looked like any "default" Engineer.
  3. Nowadays, I think there should be an option (on the Disguise Menu) to equip the enemy's cosmetics or not. Disabling cosmetics as a whole would make it way too obvious in competitive matches, which usually every player has some sort of cosmetic. Having the cosmetics on have the problem I stated above. So having a way to choose one or another would be really good and I probably would play Spy if that happened. Note that disabling cosmetics does not hide any weapon.
  5. Not only that, but Spy has a plenty of bugs regarding bodygroups and such from cosmetics.
  7. And someone may call me stupid for disguising as someone close to me, but how many times have you been found because you was some part of the map and the guy who has the same cosmetics as you starts following you around?
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