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Tour of the Prodigy Center

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  1. GeneralFreedom: The Prodigy Center is finally open for business! A slick modern building that some of the team is already somewhat familiar with, it's surrounded by well kept grounds and surrounded by a high gate watched over by pleasant robotic security! As bearers of exclusive Gen Prime cards, the arriving group is allowed in without any fuss. Waiting near the doors are Becky, in civilian clothes, and Tutor.
  3. silverswede: would've been coming there on foot, turning the corner with his eyes plastered on his cellphone, following the GPS to the location. "Oh... uh, here." He mutters in an aloof fashion, looking up.
  5. ag167: Ai wanders around in the newly completed building, spinning about as she takes in all the high tech sights. She unfurls her tails, letting them fluff out as she approaches Becky and her robofriend. "Hello!"
  7. Palanius: Casually strolls out of the shadowy corners of the wall, hands in pockets and whistling to himself.
  9. Oboeshoes101: Allen Stone, the Stegoboy, lumbers through the gardens identifying all the plants by name and classification in his head. He arrives at the front door to where Bom-Pom was waiting. "Hello."
  11. (6:31:16 PM) Reldin: had arrived after some of the others started to arrive themselves. An opening had torn itself open outside and out popped the blue half alien. The portal closes after and he in. "Hey, hi, hello. What's up." he says after seeing some of the others.
  13. Swixer: *Patricia waits by the door with her headphones on, apparently having arrived early. As the others begin to file towards the building, she pockets them and bounces over to greet them, smirking* "You guys sure stand out in a crowd."
  15. machinegunblues: "Same as you man," Psyke says as he shows up at some point. "Figuring out what exactly we signed up for." His psychic 'sonar' pulses a bit more intensely to make out his new squad mates in greater resolution, producing little more among them than a brief sensation of static.
  17. GeneralFreedom: "Hey everyone. Glad so many of you could make it! So as you can see our future base, the Prodigy Center, is open for business! All the robots up and running, all the facilities operational and all staff, mechanical and otherwise, accounted for! I know it's not a contest, but I'm sure none of you are as excited about this as I am!" Tutor moves towards the doors and they slide open with a soft whooshing sound. "I will handle most of your questions on this tour. At the end of which, I will also be available to give any further information you may require."
  19. silverswede: has a duffle bag over his shoulder, the hilt of his blade peeking out from inside. "Uh, I do? But ah, anyways. 'sup?" He responds to Pat in a sheepish monotone, tilting his head and looking around.
  21. Swixer: *Patricia offers a playful punch to the arm.* "Relax. Standing out from the crowd is a good thing in my books." *She turns her attention to Becky as she starts speaking.* "Will there be a gift shop?"
  23. Palanius: Looks over the new faces and those he recognizes with an amused smirk on his face "Show me a full stocked kitchen and I'm all yours, metalman"
  25. GeneralFreedom: "But before that, we have some refreshments set up! Food, drinks, that kind of stuff," Becky grins. "No gift shop though. Maybe we'll add one on when we get out there and gain some popularity!"
  27. Swixer: *She blows a bubble with her gum and pops it as she moves forward.* "I wouldn't say no to an action figure -- just make sure I get a kung-fu grip."
  29. Oboeshoes101: Stego adjusts his glasses. "I hate to be making requests so early on, but would there be a research lab?"
  31. silverswede: doesn't react to the arm punch, but nods in response. He sets a somewhat somber and unenthusiastic gaze upon Tutor, mouth half-open as he merely nods along as the mechanical butler explains stuff. "What uh, about a gym?"
  33. ag167: Ai puffs her cheeks out, looking around at the grouping of new people. She flattens her ears against her head, pulling her tails in close to her torso to make sure no one steps on them.
  35. GeneralFreedom: "Merchandise is unlikely," Tutor says, unamused by the idea. Stuffy robot and all. He leads them into a massive lobby. There are a few small robots zipping around the area, on some duty or another. "Of course. The Prodigy Center features every convenience a modern team needs. If something more is desired, I can relay your wishes to Mr. Neven," Tutor explains. "Daddy's got it covered. He wants this to be a real experience, not some watered down kids team," Becky grins.
  37. Oboeshoes101: nods in thanks.
  39. Reldin: "Is there anywhere around here we could go skateboarding?  Or is that something we gotta ask for?"
  41. machinegunblues: "How bout a shooting range?" He waits a beat then grins stupidly in case someone didn't get the joke.
  43. Swixer: *Pat takes out her gum and sticks it to Tutor's forehead.* "Lighten up, Gearhead."
  45. silverswede: ruins the joke by stating the obvious. "Ah, it's cause you're blind... I get it."
  47. machinegunblues: "This guy," he points. "Nothing gets by this guy, I like him."
  49. GeneralFreedom: "We do have an outside exercise area. No skate park, but using the indoor training facilities hard light and morphic metal features, you can easily create an equivalent." Tutor pinches the gum between his fingers and a spark from the tips incinerates it entirely. He leads the group from the lobby to an area marked 'Living Quarters'. "We also offer a place to live for heroes that need a place to stay or simply wish to have a place away from their 'normal life'. The rooms are spacious, outfitted with many modern comforts and conveniences." He opens a door to show off one of the rooms.
  50. Pretty swanky. "You can put your own stuff in too. You don't have to go with what's already in the room," Becky grins. "It's nice, but a little boring."
  52. silverswede: totally making assumptions here but that blindfold is kind of a dead giveaway.
  54. Palanius: "You got parking space for a dozen RV's?"
  57. Reldin: does a little fist pump. That was good enough for him and he knew where he was going to spending his time. "Sweet." he says quietly to himself while following Tutor to the next stop.
  59. Swixer: "Sweet!" *She lifts off of the ground and flies around the room for a bit before plopping herself on the bed.* "I'm kinda between homes right now, so I call this one."
  60. "Unless there's a bigger one. In which case...I call that one."
  62. silverswede: looks into the room, humming to himself as he inspects the interior.
  64. GeneralFreedom: "I only ask that you respect any room you take and treat it well. Make sure to register your card and you can use it to claim your room and call on additional services. If needed," Tutor says.
  66. ag167: Ai pokes her head into the room, having climbed up on Tyrfing's shoulders momentarily to look around.
  68. machinegunblues: Psyke bit his lower lip a bit, walking around the room and gently sensing his surroundings. "Gonna have to think about this one."
  70. Palanius: Looks genuinely impressed by the quality of the room "Now this is living in style, I could fancy that"
  72. Oboeshoes101: Stego inspects the bed for a moment. "May I ask what the weight capacity of these beds are?"
  74. Swixer: *Pat flies over to Stegoboy, using her flight to mimic doing a handstand on his head.* "Packing on a few, Dino?"
  76. GeneralFreedom: "...variable. Currently they are rated up to 500 pounds." Tutor looks over Stegoboy. "Custom orders can be done."
  78. Oboeshoes101: Stego looks to Pan. "Somewhat." He turns back to Tutor. "500 is more than enough."
  80. GeneralFreedom: Bom-Pom snickers. "I'm surprised they go to 500. Were we planning on getting a lot of huge people in?" Tutor glances over at her and makes a noise like clearing his throat. "Metahumans sometimes have specific needs."
  82. ag167: "They're fireproofed, yes?"
  84. Swixer: "Yeesh. Don't put me in the room next to hers."
  86. silverswede: remains at the back for the moment, not quite as interested in the rooms as the others. He throws his bag over his shoulder and leans back against the wall.
  88. ag167: She frowns at Patricia. "It's just a question!"
  90. GeneralFreedom: "Like that," Tutor says. "And the rooms can be adapted to suit specific needs."
  91. "Are we ready to move on?"
  93. Reldin: "Yep."
  95. machinegunblues: He paced about in serious thought. His form of fidgeting taking the guise of rolling one of his telekinesis-optimized small knives between his fingers surreptitiously. "Jesus I'm really doing this," he murmured to himself.
  97. Swixer: *She offers a wry smile in return.* "So's 'how would you like your steak?'"
  99. ag167: Ai just stares at Pat. It's clear she doesn't get whatever she was going for.
  101. Palanius: "Excellent, you got any with waterfront view?"
  103. GeneralFreedom: "When my powers first developed, I had a tendency to make things go boom," Becky comments as Tutor continues on. "I used to have to have really heavy duty furniture and all that. Big pain. At least daddy could afford to custom order it so it looked good."
  104. "You can have a holographic display put over your window to make it appear as if we're on the water," Tutor answers Spellslinger helpfully.
  106. *Patricia raises her hands up explosively.* "Fires and explosions, and all I can do is accidentally fly a chair out the window."
  108. Palanius: "That'll do" shrugs and offers a smile to tutor
  110. silverswede: "But ah, flying seems convenient and stuff. Like, don't have to pay for commuting." He comments half-assedly from outside the room, before dislodging himself from the wall to follow Tutor once more.
  112. GeneralFreedom: The next area Tutor leads them to contains multiple rooms. "This part of the facility is the Training Area. It contains a state of the art training area. Our specially designed combat training facility utilizes hard light, morphic metals and specialized equipment to mimic various terrain and conditions."
  113.  "We also have work out equipment, indoor and outdoor pools and customizable exercise areas both indoors and outdoors."
  115. Swixer: "It has its uses. Though sometimes I wish I could shoot lasers from my eyes or something." *He looks over to Tutor as he introduces the Training Area, whistling in awe.* "Speaking of, I've been meaning to get in better shape."
  117. Palanius: "There are those who would sell their soul for the ability to fly" Slinger says with a wicked grin, taking out his deck of cards and shuffling it
  119. Reldin: "Alright sorry guys. I'm calling dibs on this room."
  121. Swixer: *She looks over to Spellslinger with a raised eyebrow.* "Don't think I want the room next to that guy either."
  123. GeneralFreedom: "Hopefully, you'll all make use of these facilities. After all, it pays to stay in top shape," Tutor says. "He's just a stage magician with some fancy tricks, don't let him get to you," Becky snickers
  125. silverswede: seems a lot more interested now that they've reached the training facilities, immediately going over to check on the equipment. "These are all the latest... never seen some of these machines before."
  127. machinegunblues: "Never know when you might need a bunny on short notice."
  129. Swixer: *Patricia walks over to the machines with her hands in her pocket.* "Hey, Dino: how much you bench?"
  131. GeneralFreedom: "Many of them are rated for metahuman use, specially designed. The Bracen Institute and Thunderer Gyms use some of the same equipment and technology."
  133. machinegunblues: "He's right though," he nodded towards Tyrfing. "Hard light projectors? Like.. ONE of those things probably runs a mil or more. ..What the hell does your dad do again?"
  135. silverswede: "Hmm... interesting." He responds as unenthusiastically as always, though the way he's inspecting the machines tell that he's got some interest in them at least.
  137. Palanius: "I'm nice once you get to know me. Wanna see a magic trick?" he says as and tosses a handful of card at Patricia, they float up in front of her offering one for picking
  139. GeneralFreedom: "The equipment is very sturdy, but surprisingly easy to replace." Tutor adds. "Daddy is in aerotech and space flight technology. Among other investments," Becky smiles. "He's loaded."
  141. Oboeshoes101: Stego looks to Patricia and then looks around for some weights, seeing what he is looking for he moves over. He keeps adding weights to the bar and puts it on the lifting bench. He then lifts up the lifting bench along with the ridiculously huge weight.
  143. ag167: Ai gasps in surprise, staring at Stegoboy. She lowers her tails momentarily.
  145. silverswede: watches Stegoboy set the bar really high. If he had been in berserk mode, he'd have probably tried to up-do that. But right now he's just impressed.
  147. Swixer: *She looks back to Spellslinger with a mocking smirk.* "No offense, dude, but once you see real magic, that card trick stuff doesn't cut it."
  149. GeneralFreedom: Becky giggles at the display. "I kind of wish I had super strength or speed sometimes. Being able to blow stuff up is fun, but it's kind of limited."
  151. Swixer: *She claps for Stegoboy's feat of strength.* "Put me behind that guy when the fighting starts."
  153. Reldin: grins to himself then throws a small black sphere towards some other weights. It strikes the weights and causes them to disappear only to reappear on top of the bench that Stegoboy was holding up.
  155. Palanius: "I can assure you, you've never seen magic like mine" he replies, returning her mocking smirk with his own.
  157. Oboeshoes101: Stego doesn't seem to be straining under the weight. The sudden change did catch him off guard and he stumbles a bit.
  159. silverswede: "Hmm..." just keeps watching, before going to inspect one of those hard light things that Psyke-Out mentioned.
  161. (7:15:52 PM) GeneralFreedom: Tutor moves towards Stegoboy and helps him steady it. "Please, respect the equipment. We don't want to accidently crush our teammates, either." The hard light projectors are attached to a control panel outside of a room with a large viewing window. There are similar controls for changing terrain and conditions! And deploying robots and traps. It doesn't LOOK too complex, luckily. And thankfully it features plenty of safety measures and lockouts. Which will never fail. Nope.
  163. silverswede: resists the temptation to play with the buttons, instead satisfied with what he can see from here. He corrects the duffle bag on his shoulder and turns back to the crowd.
  165. Oboeshoes101: With the help of Tutor, Stego gently puts the equipment back down.
  167. GeneralFreedom: "If you'll follow me, I will escort you to the Media Wing," Tutor says, already moving on. "It's pretty cool. Lot's of books, if you're into that kind of thing," Becky shrugs. "The computers and digital library are way more interesting."
  169. Swixer: "Those the kind of books with pictures?"
  170. "Because if not, I'm gonna have to feign interest."
  172. silverswede: "Books? I'm not really interested in books..." He says pointedly, possibly selfishly as well, though he follows nonetheless.
  174. Oboeshoes101: "More room for me I guess."
  176. GeneralFreedom: "At least a few of them, I'm sure," Becky snickers. They arrive in the Media Wing which features a large library of dead tree books as well as several large screen computer consoles. "The digital library is impressive, featuring versions of almost every printed book here. Both cover a wide variety of topics and Mr. Neven has even donated some books from his private library," Tutor explains.
  178.  Palanius: "Now that's a shocker," sarcastically remarks on Tyrfing's comment
  180. silverswede: "Huh?" tilts his head inquisitively at Spellslinger, not as an act of aggression though. He seems to have only half-listened and didn't catch the sarcasm.
  182. machinegunblues: Like he's a bit embarrassed to even ask: "Got most of these on audio? Or.. any?"
  184. ag167: Ai leaps up towards one of the bookshelves, peering at the titles as she runs her finger over them. Anyone with sharp vision might catch her mouthing the titles to herself.
  186. GeneralFreedom: "The consoles also have access to several criminal databases and crime fighting resources, much of it volunteered or provided in exchange for donations to law enforcement." Tutor turns to Psyke. "Of course. I'm not sure how much of our library contains audio, but it's fairly substantial."
  188. Swixer: *Pat nods her head in Kitsunebi's direction.* "Looks like you'll have some company, Dino."
  190. Palanius: Snickers to himself, floating up to take a closer look at some of the older books
  192. Reldin: walks over to one of the other bookshelves, thumbing through book after book, checking out some of the history books they had around, "Cool spot to do homework in."
  194. Oboeshoes101: Stego now notices Ai's pursuing of the books. "I guess so."
  196. GeneralFreedom: "I'm surprised Daddy was able to let go of some of these dusty old things," Becky tsks as she runs a finger along the spine of one of the books. "But I guess he has to make more room for new books somehow. Unless he's planning an expansion at home." Tutor glances back at her. "I wouldn't know, Ms. Neven. Some people enjoy the feel of a real book. Or so I'm told."
  198. Swixer: *She leans closer to him and lowers her voice.* "Here's a hint: girls like confidence." *She makes a slick clicking sound and nudges him before moving on.*
  200. silverswede: walks about between the bookshelves, shooting the occasional glance upwards and sideways without much vigor to his gaze.
  202. GeneralFreedom: "If you'd like, I will now take you to visit the Dining Hall," Tutor tells the others.
  204. Oboeshoes101: Stego grumbles, his cheeks turning a shade of red before hurrying to the next room.
  206. Reldin: Morp had taken one of the books off the shelf to check it out, "Huh? Oh--hey question. Is it cool if we borrow these and take home?"
  208. Palanius: Instantly lose interest in the books and float back to the group with an excited look on his face
  210. ag167: AI's ears perk up. "Dining room?"
  212. machinegunblues: "Now you're speaking everyone's language."
  214. silverswede: "Mm." Nods in agreement.
  216. GeneralFreedom: "Did you guys even eat before we got here?" Becky snerks. "Of course. Just make sure you check the books out. There's an automated scanner near the door," Tutor tells Morp.
  218. ag167: "Ah--no?"
  220. Reldin: replaces the book and followed the others. "Nice. Thanks."
  222. Palanius: "There's no better meal then one that's free"
  224. silverswede: "I could eat again."
  226. Swixer: "If the cheerleader's paying, I'm getting lobster."
  227. "I've always wanted to try lobster! Oh, and caviar!"
  229. machinegunblues: Psyke looks at Spellslinger. "Obviously you've never been to sloppy joe night at West Side High."
  231. GeneralFreedom: "Good thing there's stuff to eat at the end of the tour," Becky grins. The Dining Hall is a nice area with plenty of seating. It looks like a big group was anticipated! "Lobster can be provided, but I don't think either are on the menu today," Tutor says. "The dining hall is staffed by both mechanical and human chefs capable of carrying out custom orders." From behind a partition a robot in a tall chefs hat waves. "We have a lot on stock and more coming in. If there's something you want that we don't have, just ask." Becky looks back at the others. "Is this a sweet deal or what? You can really live the high life around here."
  233. Reldin: "Lobster? I'm good with just a ham sandwich."
  235. Palanius: "Haven't had the pleasure, I'm new in town" he replies to Psyke-Out
  237. Swixer: "Come on, Blue, use your imagination."
  239. Palanius: "Do we get access to the kitchen ourselves if we wanna cook up something special or are just out for a midnight snack?"
  241. Reldin: "Lobster's gross though. Plus I can't eat it. Tried it once, broke out with hives."
  243. silverswede: nods dispassionately at Bom-Pom in response. "It looks pretty good." he says, though the lack of enthusiasm might betray his words somewhat.
  245. GeneralFreedom: "There is a separate dining area for personal meals and snacks," Tutor says, gesturing to a door near the back of the room. "You can stock this room with whatever you wish."
  247. machinegunblues: He whistles. "Could get used to this. Not like, one hundred percent sure about robot chefs as a whole concept, but still."
  249. GeneralFreedom: "I can finally indulge my sweet tooth without people hovering over me, hm?" Becky grins to Tutor. "You'll have to ask your father. And personal trainer," Tutor says before turning to Psyke. "I may be biased, but I hope that humans will become more comfortable with assistance from androids and robots," Tutor says. "Ready to move on?"
  251. Swixer: "Didn't you ever watch the Jetsons? Robots are the future."
  253. silverswede: "Uh-huh." He nods a response to Tutor. Or an agreement. Or both.
  255. machinegunblues: "Didn't YOU ever watch the Futurama episode where Bender goes to cooking school?"
  257. Reldin: "Have you ever watched Terminator? Robots turn on everyone."
  259. machinegunblues: "Don't tell me I'm the only one thinking it, c'mon."
  261. Swixer: "So long as they're not revolting, I'm good." *She looks over to Tutor, flicking him on the chest.* "Although the gearhead's pretty revolting already."
  263. GeneralFreedom: "I like to think I'm rather pleasant" Tutor says. "I think I like the ones that don't talk better, personally," Becky grins.
  265. Palanius: "Be nice people, no need hurry on the inevitable uprising"
  267. GeneralFreedom: The next part of the tour takes the team down below the Prodigy Center, to the Research Facility! It looks like there's room for several modular workshop areas, along with a vast array of tools and scientific devices. "For the geniuses among us," Tutor says. "The research facility contains anything you would need, from the practical to the super scientific. Workshop areas can be adjusted as needed for space and project goals."
  269. silverswede: looks around for a moment, before remarking silently. "Not very interesting..." Dismisses the impressive tech rather quickly.
  271. GeneralFreedom: "Not really my kind of place either," Becky sighs. "I don't like to get my hands dirty working with machines and chemicals and bio samples or anything like that."
  273. Swixer: "I wouldn't say that. Looks like the set of Firefly, you ask me."
  275. Palanius: Walks up and grabs first best loose equipment he can find and weighs it in his hand looking almost like he knows what he's doing "Is this stuff expensive?"
  277. Oboeshoes101: Stego immediately moves past everyone and starts going through every nook and cranny of the room. Adjusting equipment, looking over manuals etc.
  279. silverswede: "Never watched it." He responds with a shrug
  281. GeneralFreedom: "As with the other areas, you may order additional supplies as needed." Tutor turns towards Spellslinger and nods. "Much of it, yes."
  283. machinegunblues: "Everything is expensive in this joint, man."
  285. GeneralFreedom: "No expenses spared," Becky grins broadly. "Like I said earlier, Daddy isn't cutting corners with this team."
  287. Palanius: "I see" smiles to himself and puts the tool back in place
  289. machinegunblues: "Some of this shit's a little beyond me," he says as he peruses a set of advanced looking adhesive and cutting tools. "But still a lot here I can probably use."
  291. GeneralFreedom: "When you're ready, we will end the tour in the Recreation Area. I'm sure most of you are looking forward to it."
  292. "I know I am," Becky nods. "After we end the tour, feel free to mingle and explore the Prodigy Center on your own. Think of it as your home."
  294. Swixer: "Rec-re-ation! Now you're speaking my language."
  296. Oboeshoes101: Stego puts down a beaker he was looking over. "Yes, I guess we must move on." He puts it down and moves back to the group.
  298. Swixer: "How big's the TV, Beckster? 50 inch? Oh, wait, wait -- 70 inch!"
  300. GeneralFreedom: "Having trouble pulling yourself away from all that nice new equipment, huh?" Bom-Pom grins at Stego before looking back to Patricia. "You'll seee." Tutor takes the tour back up to the main floor. The recreation area is spacious, featuring comfortable seating and tables. It's dominated by a truly massive television and set up on one of the tables is a selection of snacks and drinks! For those who came hungry.
  302. silverswede: "Didn't we pass that... oh right, gym." He muses to himself as he follows. He already has a handful of food that he's munching on while observing the area. "Hmm..."
  304. GeneralFreedom: "The recreation area has access to most of the content of the media wing in addition to the latest gaming consoles and entertainment devices, for those that wish to relax."
  306. Palanius: Looks around munching on snacks provided "Needs a pokertable"
  308.  Reldin: "Second favorite room."
  309. "So when's movie night?"
  311. Swixer: *Mesmerized, Patricia floats over to the television and embraces it.* "Give us a moment."
  313. ag167: "Is she alright?"
  315. GeneralFreedom: "It will be constantly updated and has storage space for anything you'd want to add," Tutor informs. "With a screen this big we have to do something with it soon," Becky laughs. "I suggest something with lots of action so we can really test the sound system."
  317. Reldin: Morp looks at Ai, "She met her new boyfriend." he points to Patricia.
  319. silverswede: "Mm." thinks so too.
  321. ag167: She blinks, looking at Patricia with a strange look.
  323. Swixer: "Boyfriend nothing. I'm marrying this hunk."
  325. ag167: "I don't follow."
  327. Palanius: Looks at the giant TV with an unimpressed frown, then returns to the snack bar for seconds
  329. Swixer: *She turns back to the others with a wide smile.* "Just think of how many channels our kids'll have."
  331. GeneralFreedom: "If you require anything else, I will be..." Becky interrupts Tutor by pushing on him. She obviously can't move him. "Yeah, yeah. Now's the part where we just enjoy ourselves." The robot looks over her head and to the others. "I will be available. Please enjoy yourselves and welcome to the Prodigy Center."
  333. machinegunblues: Psyke's momentarily engrossed with cracking open and slugging back an energy drink and stuffing his face with chips and finger food. For obvious reasons he doesn't think much of the TV setup one way or another.
  335. (8:01:22 PM) silverswede: Looks up at the flying girl hugging the TV screen, then to the robot butler, then back down the corridor. "Ok. I'll be at the gym, then." He says absentmindedly and starts to trail off.
  337. machinegunblues: He flashes the bot a silent thumbs-up with a taco halfway in his mouth.
  339. GeneralFreedom: Becky watches Tutor go before going to take a handful of candied almonds from the table. "Wonderful. If you guys don't mind, I'm going to indulge a bit myself. My personal trainer is a real bear about me eating unnecessary treats. Which is basically anything that tastes good."
  341. Palanius: "I'd like a word with you roboman, if you have the time" says to Tutor, moving somewhat away from the rest of the group
  343. GeneralFreedom: Tutor nods to Spellslinger and joins him.
  345. Swixer: *Landing inelegantly on the couch, Patricia lies down and begins flicking through channels.*
  347. Reldin: "Go for it. Wish I could do the same. I have to watch what I eat since I'm allergic to like, everything."
  349. GeneralFreedom: They have every channel you could want. Even that weird sports channel that has midget bowling.
  351. silverswede: stops in his tracks. "Sports channel...?" He says. That might've gotten his attention.
  353. Swixer: *She peers over the couch at Morp.* "I'm allergic to loneliness. Come, Blue Boy. Join me in the enjoyment of television -- let us start our friendship by melting our brains into one."
  355. GeneralFreedom: "...really? You said you can't even have lobster earlier. What can you eat?" Becky does her best to maintain her composure while snacking down on sugary treats.
  357. silverswede: "Do you have football? Like, real football? Not the weird american one?" He suddenly decides to return into the room.
  359. ag167: Ai meanders her way over to the snack table, peering at the varying foods and drinks on display. She chews her bottom lip and goes for the most comfortable thing she can find.
  361. Palanius: Walks with tutor down the hallway into one of the rooms up for claiming outside earshot of the others "So, I've noticed you got some nice security going, lots of blinky lights and techno stuff. "I'm wondering though, how're we looking on magic security? Wards, charms, barriers, all that good stuff"
  363. GeneralFreedom: "We should. I think the TV can also display up to ten different channels at once. Or something," Becky shrugs.
  365. Reldin: "Awww yeeeah!" Morp runs over to the couch from behind, placing his hands on the headrest and jumping up to do a short handstand before falling over to sit himself on the couch next to Patricia.
  367. GeneralFreedom: "I didn't read the manual. I bet Tutor knows it all by heart."
  369. Reldin: bounces on the couch, "I can eat ham, bacon--I'd probably cry if I couldn't eat that. I can eat chicken. I'm kind of allergic to beef, pork.  Strawberries would probably kill me."
  371. Oboeshoes101: Stegoboy moves quietly away back to the sanctuary of the library, but not before grabbing a bag of chips on the way.
  373. GeneralFreedom: The android makes a thoughtful sound. "I'm... not certain we took it into account beyond a token gesture. Mysticism is a bit out of the realm of expertise for most modern businessmen, I'm afraid."
  374. "No strawberries... Why even live," Becky shudders.
  376. Reldin: "I can't even eat eggs, man! It SUCKS."
  378. silverswede: looks around for the remote, only to find it in Pat's hand. He then decides to have a seat and kicks his feet up on the table. "Could you get the guide up? I wanna see which matches are on."
  380. GeneralFreedom: "That sounds awful. Although I will say, I'm a bit sick of eggs. They're a big part of my current diet."
  382. machinegunblues: "Jesus man, that's.. wait. No offense, but are you human?"
  384. Swixer: "Wouldn't have invited you to watch with me if I knew you were gonna be such a downer, Blue."
  386. ag167: Ai grabs a soda and a few more snacks, then perches on the back of the couch behind Pat and Morp. She shifts her tails about in a wide arc to balance, chewing noisily.
  388. Reldin: "Half human. My dad's an off worlder. Soooo I get a lot of my allergies from him."
  390. Swixer: "Ew, no. We're not watching soccer."
  392. machinegunblues: "Ahh, makes sense."
  394. Palanius: A concerned frown grows across Slinger's face "Well, we can't really leave that hanging, can we? There's no way of knowing what wicked things might come our way. Lucky for you, you got just the right man to help beef up that security. I'm gonna need certain items though, nothing that should be too hard to obtain." He slips out a list from inside his coat and hands it to the robot.
  396. silverswede: "I wanna watch it. And it's football, not soccer."
  398. Swixer: "And yet, here -I- sit, with dibs on the remote."
  400. silverswede: "I could take it."
  402. machinegunblues: "Football.. dude, if I wanted to hear a bunch of guys flailing around and not scoring I'd go to a bar."
  404. silverswede: really likes his football.
  406. Swixer: "You could try." *She nudges Morp.* "What're you hungry for, Blue?"
  408. silverswede: "Well, we could watch hockey instead?"
  410. GeneralFreedom: Becky rests against the back of the couch. She seems to have grabbed another handful of almonds. So much for self control! "Off worlder... that's pretty cool, actually."
  412. silverswede: "Though I prefer football."
  414. Swixer: "How about we just don't watch anything where a ball or a puck or any other kind of similar object is knocked back and forth by big, burly, overpaid men?"
  416. (GeneralFreedom: Tutor takes the list and looks it over skeptically. "Well... I suppose it is something we should be ready for. I'll get you what you need. This won't interfere with any of the technological countermeasures will it? I've heard tech and magic don't mix."
  418. "...Not even midget bowling?"
  420. (8:13:08 PM) Reldin: "...I vote for midget bowling."
  422. silverswede: "That doesn't sound like good TV"
  424. machinegunblues: "I SWEAR IT'S A THING."
  426. GeneralFreedom: "We could watch cheerleading," Becky says, floating the idea out there. "I like to keep track of what the college squads are doing."
  428. ag167: Ai wiggles her fingers, reach out for the TV remote while they're distracted arguing...
  430. Swixer: *She shrugs.* "Could do midget bowling. Pretty sure that's not an option, though. So, next best thing: wrestling."
  432. Reldin: "/NO./"
  433. "Cheerleading is lame."
  435. silverswede: "Wrestling's fake..."
  437. Swixer: "So's that hair of yours, but you don't see me pointing it out." *She watches as the remote floats out of her grip.*
  439. GeneralFreedom: "Oof, why would you say such a horrible thing."
  441. Reldin: "..Unless it's in person."
  442. "You didn't let me finish!"
  444. Palanius: "Don't worry, these are all passive wardings. I'll keep them centered in my quarters where I can kee[ an eye on them. Better tell the cleaners not to touch my stuff though, magic can be dangerous if tampered with by unknowing hands."
  446. silverswede: pulls on his hair. "Pretty real to me." watches the remote float out of Pat's hand. If it comes within catching distance, he'd give that a shot.
  448. GeneralFreedom: Becky rolls her eyes. "I was all set to be upset for a moment."
  450. Oboeshoes101: Stego returns sometime later carrying several books under his arm, he plonks himself down on the ground near the couch. Sitting cross legged he puts the pile of books next to him and grabs the first one off the top and opens it up.
  452. GeneralFreedom: "Very well. I thank you for your concern." Tutor bows his head and tucks the list away in a compartment in his chest.
  454. ag167: She snags the remote, crossing her legs to sit on the couch. She rapidly starts flicking through channels, before pausing on one showing cartoons.
  456. silverswede: sighs dejectedly with as much enthusiasm as he usually shows, falling back into the couch.
  458. Palanius: The list Tutor was handed looks like some sort of pure witch brewery. Strange plants and flower, blood and bone from a dozen different animals and also rocks and crystals of all shapes. Not your ordinary shopping list "No rush there friend, though some things are better handled sooner then later," Slinger says and gives Tutor a friendly pat on the shoulder before heading back out to the rest of the gang.
  460. (8:18:04 PM) GeneralFreedom: "Hey! Now you can't even tell what's on," Becky complains.
  462. ag167: "I can tell."
  464. GeneralFreedom: "Well no one else can! Come on!"
  466. GeneralFreedom: "We might as well be watching midget bowling or whatever they wanted to watch."
  468. Reldin: "No wait. Leave it here."
  470. silverswede: "Football."
  472. ag167: She puffs her cheeks out. She fiddles with the remote a bit before managing to put on subtitles.
  473. In Russian.
  475. Swixer: "...You know, I think we should figure out some kind of rotation so I don't have to see this happen again."
  477. ag167: "It's your husband, I think you need to set ground rules with it." Ai contentedly curls her tails around her body.
  479. machinegunblues: Losing a bit of interest in the fight over the remote, he momentarily turns to Spellslinger. "I'm pretty sure I know the answer. I just wanna hear someone say it. It's for real? Wizards, demons, magic, all that shit?"
  481. silverswede: helps himself to some snacks in the meantime, chomping down on them greedily.
  483. ag167: Ai pipes up, looking over at Psyke-Out. "Of course it's real! I'm real!"
  485. Palanius: Looks back at Psyke.Out with a grin "Reality is a matter of perception"
  487. GeneralFreedom: Becky smirks. "So many people say they're magic types there has to be SOMETHING to it."
  488. "They can't all be delusional."
  490. Reldin: extends his arm behind Patricia to reach over to poke Ai, "Feels pretty real to me."
  492. silverswede: "I guess I kinda count for that too... uh, somehow." He shrugs and agrees.
  494. machinegunblues: He nods at the lot of them, and murmurs.. a bit too knowingly, "Thought so."
  496. ag167: Ai smacks at Morp's hand. "Of course I'm real. Stoppit."
  498. Reldin: pokes again then retracts the hand, "Ow okay, god."
  500. Oboeshoes101: Stego briefly looks up from behind his book. "Magic still has to adhere to the laws of reality, it's simply something that certain people can attune to. We don't fully understand it...yet."
  502. Swixer: "Children, please. I'm trying to watch TV."
  504. ag167: Ai nods her head. She is queen of the remote.
  506. silverswede: "What are we even watching?"
  508. Swixer: "Magic, science, technology -- whatever. The important thing is that we're all together in the warm embrace of television."
  510. machinegunblues: "Kinda like psionics. Although it's different. For.. reasons."
  512. GeneralFreedom: "To be honest, it's all crazy stuff to me."
  514. ag167: "It's a show called, uhm..." She wiggles her ears. She rattles off a name in Japanese.
  516. GeneralFreedom: "Superscience these days makes some waaaay out there stuff."
  518. Reldin: "Oh it's an anime?"
  520. ag167: "Yes."
  522. Palanius: "Television..." sneers and walks of to grab more snack
  524. Reldin: "This one just come out?"
  526.  silverswede: seems less interested right now. "Is it an anime about football?" won't give that a rest.
  528. ag167: "Ye-s?"
  530. Swixer: "Gotta say, I'm not feeling the subtitles."
  532. ag167: It's unclear which question she's answering.
  534. GeneralFreedom: "They have those. Sports animes. There's a girl in school that's obsessed."
  536. silverswede: "Hm..."
  538. GeneralFreedom: "Why watch those when there's real sports though?"
  540. Reldin: "How do we even get them in English?"
  542. Swixer: "If anyone needs me, I'm gonna go see what Dino's doing." *With that she loop-de-loops out of the chair and flies over to the library." *She stops as she sees Stegoboy nearby.* "Huh. You know, for a humanoid dinosaur you have a weird tendency to go unnoticed."
  544. silverswede: "Well, I didn't get to watch real sports so I figured, uh... next best thing?"
  546. ag167: She fumbles with the remote more. It swaps subtitles to Portuguese.
  548. (8:31:01 PM) Palanius: "Mind if I ask how you got the green, big fella?" Slinger asks Stegoboy
  550. Reldin: Morp slides off the couch to stand then takes something out of his pocket. It looks like a cigarette but ISN'T QUITE ONE.  He wiggles it around at Patricia, "Gonna take a look outside for a bit."
  552. Swixer: "I'll come with. This stuff weirds me out."
  554. Oboeshoes101: Stego looks up from his book again. "I prefer to be seen and not heard. You'd be surprised how often the former can work can work in conjunction with the other." He looks to Spellslinger. "Mutation from radiated dinosaur DNA found in insects."
  556. Reldin: "Gonna get better prettttyyy sooon." he marches off to head outside.
  558. ag167: Ai tosses the remote at Tyrfing, ceding control of the television.
  560. GeneralFreedom: "Kind of like in Jurassic Park, huh?" She looks back over at Stegoboy, popping an almond in her mouth.
  563. silverswede: doesn't see it coming and it bounces off his head. "Ouch" he says and rubs it, before spotting the remote and taking control of it.
  565. Oboeshoes101: "Yes, kinda like that."
  567. Palanius: "Now I've seen some curses gone wrong in my time, but that have to top it all."
  569. GeneralFreedom: "And they say movies never get it right."
  571. silverswede: starts swapping through the channels, trying to find something he enjoys. Then he finds that all there is are replays of matches with teams he doesn't care for. Typical.
  573. Swixer: *Floating out after Morp, Patricia gestures at the "e-cigarette"* "What's that you got there, Blue?"
  575. Reldin: once outside he heads off to find a bench or somewhere to sit then takes out a lighter to light up the "e-cig." "Never seen a joint before?" he asks Patricia then takes a drag.
  577. ag167: Ai vaults over the back of the couch, waving at everyone. She remarks to Becky. "I'm going to go try and set up my room."
  579. GeneralFreedom: "Hm... I've always had my powers, I think. I was really sick for a week when I was a kid but when I got out of the hospital... Bam. Making things blow up." She smiles to Ai. "Alright! If you need anything just tell the robots. At least one of them must be able to get you what you  need."
  581. ag167: Ai waves and scurries off, vanishing into the complex.
  583. Swixer: *She floats over his head in a position that makes it look like she's lying on her front.* "For shame, Blue. Here I thought you were a well put together little imp. What is it, weed?"
  585. silverswede: looks to the rest of the group, seeing as they're sharing origins he feels like adding to that. "I found this wooden sword."
  587. Palanius: "I gambled my soul with a demon and won" grins triumphant
  589. Reldin: "Heey.  It's not like I'm stealing anything." he offers it up to Patricia, "Yeah.  You wanna try?"
  591. GeneralFreedom: "...you know, I saw the sword thing, but I didn't really understand it. So that's your 'magic thing' right?"
  593. Swixer: *She leans back and crosses one leg over the other, flicking it lazily.* "Don't think my father would approve. You go ahead, though.""
  595. machinegunblues: "I have absolutely no idea. Won't lie, that's part of the reason I'm here."
  597. silverswede: "Yeah. Or like, I think it's magic. Can't explain it any other way. I draw the sword and bam, I'm someone else." He nods at Becky.
  599. silverswede: "You don't know? So it just like... happened?"
  601. Palanius: "I could have a look at it for you, see if I can sniff out any magic from it"
  603. Reldin: "No worries. Thought I'd share."  he takes another drag then clears his throat before asking, "Yo, what's your name? Didn't ask you yet."
  605. silverswede: brings the sword up from the duffle bag he carried around. It's sheathed in a decorate leather sheath with silver ornaments. The hilt is golden. He absentmindedly tosses it over to Spellslinger.
  607. machinegunblues: "Yeah, it happened. -Something- happened. Don't remember a second of it. One minute I'm nine and.. I dunno, fucking being nine I guess-"
  609. silverswede: "Don't know what'll happen if you draw it. Might be better not to."
  611. machinegunblues: "Next I'm in a hospital down two eyes and up a third."
  612. "..Metaphorical third. Don't look too hard."
  614. silverswede: "Sounds like a mutation."
  616. Swixer: "Patricia. Call me Patty."
  618. silverswede: looks anyway.
  620. GeneralFreedom: "It's weird how little we really know about all these metahuman changes still.There have been superpowers for what, thousands of years?"
  621. "And a lot of it is still a mystery."
  623. machinegunblues: Psyke's forehead reveals nothing but his his lame haircut.
  625. Palanius: "We'll never know if we don't try. Though to be safe" raises his shadow from the ground, manipulating it over to draw the sword
  627. Reldin: "Cool. Name's Bart, but people like calling me Morp. That's my middle name my dad gave me."
  629. silverswede: Tyrfing would be drawn and... nothing happens, it seems. In the shadow's hand, it's merely a wooden
  630. sword.
  632. Swixer: "You're not from around here, are you, Morp?"
  634. machinegunblues: "Well, most of those thousand, I think we torched a lot of them as witches. So we haven't exactly put our heads together about it for quite as long, y'know?"
  636. Reldin: "Huh. I am. I was born here on Earth if that's what you mean."
  638. Palanius: "Well, you undoubtedly got yourself a case of the magic. Strong magic too, this thing is way cursed. Play nice with it" sheets the sword and tosses it back
  640. silverswede: nods in return. "Uhuh... well, i don't really know that stuff, I just know what happens."
  642. GeneralFreedom: Becky smirks. "I guess that's true. I'm glad we live in an enlightened age."
  644. machinegunblues: "Any idea what our first assignment is?"
  646. Swixer: "Don't mean to pull the 'where are your parents from' card, but..."
  648. silverswede: rests the sword pommel against his shoulder, turning to Psyke-out and Bom-Pom. "We get assignments?"
  650. GeneralFreedom: "Well, we've had a few missions, but not as an official team. We have Tutor monitoring things and he'll coordinate that kind of thing. It's his duty as co-leader."
  652. Swixer: "You're pretty kooky lookin'. Add that to a name like 'Morp' and it's bound to raise questions."
  654. machinegunblues: *shrug* "Hell if I know, why I'm asking."
  656. Palanius: "So, what got you people drawn into hero business?"
  658. Reldin: "Yeah. Questions I get all the time. Not a big deal." he takes another drag then puts the 'e-cig' out, saving the rest for later. "Mom's human though. dad's from a place called... Numel? Yeah."
  660. silverswede: nods at the answer, seemingly neutral towards it. He turns back to the magician. "Uh, it's hard to explain... I guess I feel like a pull towards it, ever since I got my hands on Tyrfing."
  662. GeneralFreedom: "Weeell, I don't want to sound too shallow, but I think the whole thing is quite glamorous."
  664. Palanius: "As valid as any reason I would say"
  666. Swixer: "The ol' 'impregnated by an alien' bit."
  668. silverswede: "Like, I feel the need to fight and battle... just stuff like that." He finishes, looking to Becky. "Glamorous, so like... fame and fortune?"
  670. GeneralFreedom: "That, and it makes you look good to say you're a 'superhero'. Especially if you end up being a good one. It carries respect."
  671. "And we all want to be respected, right?"
  673. Swixer: "And you're a teleporter?"
  675. Reldin: "Yeah. Pretty cool huh."
  677. Swixer: *She gives a lazy shrug.* "Not as good as flight, but it's alright."
  679. machinegunblues: Psyke gives BP a bit of a 'look'. He's not even looking quite at her, but the slight frown says enough. "Honestly I tried to be normal for a long time. Short version.. people close to me got into some deep shit. Tried to get them out of it. And.. then I just kept going. Followed the rabbit hole to see where it went."
  681. Reldin: "Aw dude, come on. It's almost like flying!"
  683. Swixer: "In the same way that walking is almost like having a car."
  685. Palanius: "Respect is only worth something it comes from repectable people. I know from long time not to worry what other think of me, easier for everyone"
  687. silverswede: looks to Psyke, nodding. "Huh... i see. Then what about you, magic man?"
  689. machinegunblues: "PSI also had a hard-on for me for awhile. So there's that."
  691. Reldin: "Good thing I don't need a car. Like ever."
  693. GeneralFreedom: Becky tsks. "For me, being a superhero is a high profile activity I can excel at. If things end up getting complicated, I'll overcome them. Just like everything else."
  695. Palanius: "Me? I'm a gambler. At least I used to be, before I got my powers. After that it became to easy, stacking the odds in my favor. I needed a new gig, a new thrill"
  697. Swixer: *She inclines her head at the joint in his hands.* "You smoke enough of that crap, you'll be flying soon enough."
  699. Reldin: "It's always fun too."
  701. silverswede: "That reminds me... what is your thing? I might've missed it." he says to Psyke-out.
  703. Reldin: he grins, "It's prescribed so don't go all after school special, for future reference."
  705. silverswede: "I know she does explosions and he apparently... does card tricks?"
  707. Palanius: "The very best"
  709. machinegunblues: As a small demonstration, he tosses the small knife he was fiddling with into the air. It stops about a foot overhead, hanging in place, and keeps spinning like some kind of perpetual motion machine. "Psionics. Telekinetics. Plus.. some other stuff."
  711. GeneralFreedom: Becky reaches down into her pocket and takes out her phone. She reads over her messages and rolls her eyes. "Okay guys, I'm out for the night. Don't give Tutor too much trouble, alright?"
  713. Reldin: Morp gets up from his seat, "Ready to go back in?" he asks Patty.
  715. Palanius: "I've already given him enough for the evening" grins at BomPom
  716. "Thanks for the free stuff, take care"
  718. silverswede: nods at Psyke. "Ah, mind stuff. Cool."
  720. Oboeshoes101: "I think I will retreat to the library, no doubt we will see each other again soon."
  722. Swixer: "I'm not the judging kind, Blue. Live and let live is what I always say." *She floats back towards the building.* "I'm gonna hit the hay. Maybe you wanna spray some deodorant before someone's super
  724. Swixer: senses pick you up."
  726. silverswede: "Right. I'll hit up the gym. I wanna try those machines out."
  728. Swixer: "I figure at least one of those guys is uptight about this kinda thing."
  730. Reldin: "Let's find out! Then we'll know who."
  732. Swixer: "You like to live dangerously, my man."
  734. machinegunblues: "Gonna go out and buy some shit I'll need to set up here. I'll see you guys."
  736. Palanius: "With the pretty dames gone I think I should head out too, I'll see you lot around"
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