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  1. [Verse 1]
  2. With the tastelessness that is served up to you.
  3. You can only become a terrorist
  4. But who shall honor my heroic death
  5. The world revolves around issuing papers
  6. That work like lots
  7. Wack Mcs want to indoctrinate the youth
  8. Like the dogs they train for the Soko. (special police)
  9. If they could, they'd collaborate with Bono.
  10. Do something good to put your logos on.
  11. For a hope-giving song engage children in chorus
  12. You are shameless.
  13. Once I become a terrorist.
  14. My target won't be an airport or a train station
  15. It's your concert
  16. And I'll blow myself up when you scream "Hands in the air."
  17. Instead of cuddly toys body parts fly onto the stage and my spirit
  18. Goes to the mic and freestyles
  20. [Vocal/hook]
  21. My mind is like a bomb and I'm blowin' up the planet
  22. Because my creation terrorizes the whole nation
  23. (Scratched x4)
  24. Cause I blow up spots like the World Trade Center
  26. [Verse 2]
  27. There are no limits
  28. People with compassion for animals
  29. Gods with compassion for people
  30. For fear of the anthropomorphic description of the world.
  31. I canceled my paper subscription.
  32. And that goes to the pigs that people keep for the production of meat in masses.
  33. boycott the shit you eat
  34. To convince you, I grunt my manifesto
  35. I'll pacify the masses.
  36. And let people applaud
  37. Feed them with your sons
  38. Till their bellies burst
  39. Show me your loyalty
  40. In heaven await you truffles and sows
  41. Enough of this
  42. I'm chasing Wack Mcs through their neighborhood with more local knowledge than the Vietcong.
  43. The hip hop elite are a bunch of adapted idiots.
  44. Want to grade what I do
  46. Translated with
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