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Red Headed Dog Monster girl (Gym Day)

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  1. >new year rolls around
  2. >get dragged along with coworker to some new gym so you can start your “new years resolution” together
  3. >Don’t give a shit but he’s a cool bro, decide to indulge him this one time
  4. >Drive out to new gym just a few minutes away
  5. >Must be popular, parking lot is filled to burst
  6. >Manage to find a spot and get in, greeted with awesome sight
  7. >It’s a monster girl gym
  8. >centaurs and lamia on treadmills, dragon girls devastating punching bags, and two golem girls duking it out in boxing ring in middle of gym
  9. >Holy balls this place is top notch
  10. >cool bro hands you a card from front desk
  11. >Just got six months for free, its all on him
  12. >That’s why he’s a cool bro
  13. >You thank him but don’t plan on coming back here again, only here out of curtsey plus it’d be rude to refuse him now
  14. >decide to take it easy and wait him out on the treadmill, not a lot of work involved in walking anyway
  15. >Find all the treadmills taken up, only free one is between an old man threatening to shatter his kneecaps and somebody that took a break, leaving their water bottle and towel
  16. >Start off at a brisk pace, nothing too strenuous
  17. >notice someone get on treadmill next to you
  18. >red headed dog monster girl, shorter than you, dressed in short orange and black compression shorts and matching sports bra
  19. >tanned skin and toned thighs and not to mention those abs, not bulkily ripped but clearly there
  20. >all the lewd thoughts happen
  21. >Increase speed on treadmill, gotta get the blood thats flowing to your head back through your body
  22. >red headed dog girl monster girl takes notice, increases speed on her own treadmill, ears flopping as she bounces up and down
  23. >Increase speed on your own treadmill, she follows suit breaking into a run
  24. >Increase power to thrusters, both of you running now
  25. >Oh its on
  28. >The two of you begin to race
  29. >her form is perfect, tail is keeping her balanced as she chugs along
  30. >Your legs feel like living fire as you try and keep up with her
  31. >Lungs are sucking in more air than a Boeing 747
  32. >Shirt starts to stick to your chest as you try to outperform her
  33. >Your vision begins to cloud, you try to blink it away, thinking some sweat got into your eye but colors begin to bleed together as you suddenly lose sense of gravity
  34. >system reboot
  35. >regain conscious looking up into a pair of amber eyes
  36. >red headed dog monster girl head is inches from yours
  37. >you feel a pressure on your sternum as she pokes your chest, which you meekly bat away
  38. >red headed monster dog girl seems satisfied and leans back
  39. >”Its okay, he’s alive” she proudly announces to the now gathered crowd of monster girls
  40. >Most utter a sigh of relief, hear disappointed groans from the dragon monster girls
  41. >Make a mental note to stay away from them
  42. >Red headed monster girl manages to help you up from the ground and carefully leads you over to a bench
  43. >She plops you down and offers her water battle to you, you don’t hesitate as you gulp down the contents
  44. >”You must be crazy to put your body through that if that’s just your warm up routine”
  45. >Look up to her as you try and catch your breath, that was just warm up?
  46. >”Of course, my workout is actually about to start. But I think it’s best if you just take a breather here for a while,” she says in a condescending tone.
  47. >Can sense the smugness oozing out from her
  48. >oh its on now
  49. >Struggle to your feet and proclaim that you’d love to join her with her work out, you only fainted because you forgot to eat breakfast
  50. >She raises an eyebrow in surprise
  51. >”Alright. But don’t say I didn’t warn you.” She says shrugging as she struts towards the weights
  52. >Challenge accepted
  55. >Barely survive the nightmare
  56. >Everything is on fire
  57. >everything
  58. >Managed to keep up with her somehow  
  59. >Just left the showers and about to head home with cool bro when you run into red headed monster god girl again
  60. >Shes still in her orange shorts and sports bra, about to put head phones on when she suddenly spots
  61. >”Not bad keeping up. But I bet your body is going to feel it tomorrow. Did you already do you cool downs?” she asks as she begins jumping up and down
  62. >unfortunately, sports bra does its job well, damn shame
  63. >Have no idea what she’s talking about
  64. >She looks at you with an astonished expression, shakes her head as she stretches her arms
  65. >”Oh boy…I guess you are new to this then. Well I suppose I’ll see you next week then. If you haven’t given up that is. Well it was nice meeting you anyways.” She says in her condescending tone.  
  66. >Have no idea what shes talking about and ignore her comment, ask her if shes still working out
  67. >”No, I’m done for today. I’m just going to do a quick jog around the park and then head on home.” She says as she bounds away
  68. >Fixate eyes on tight firm butt as she leaves gym ahead of you
  69. >dat ass
  70. >leave as well and head on home with cool bro, he seems to have had a good time
  71. >wake up next morning in pain
  72. >pain literally wakes up
  73. >chest hurts, legs hurt, arms hurt, everything is in pain
  74. >every breath you take is constant agony
  75. >you’ve made a terrible mistake
  76. >have to call work and let them know that you can’t come in
  77. >Boss is not happy, says hes going to have to give corner office to Brian the office douche now
  78. >Who is responsible for this?
  79. >Mind flashes back to red headed dog monster girl, laughing and mocking you with her pity talk, this was all her fault
  80. >She will not have the last laugh
  81. >resolve to see her will shattered, you will have the last laugh
  82. >Week passes as you recuperate
  83. >Walk back into gym with new shoes, bag, and immediately seek out red headed dog msg
  84. >Find her back on the treadmill, drop your bag right next to her and ask what was next on the menu
  85. >red headed dog msg shakes her head as she flashes you an evil grin
  86. >”You have no idea what you’re getting into.”
  89. >begin tagging along with red headed dog msg during her work out routine
  90. >she gives you tips and chastises you constantly about your poor work ethic
  91.  >one day go into gym to find giant crowd surrounding the boxing ring in middle of building
  92. >hey guys whats going on here?
  93. >wyvern monster girl in one corner, completely exhausted, clearly has taken a beating
  94. >in other corner to your surprise is red headed dog msg, pepped up and ready for more
  95. >Bell rings and crowd cheers as the two fighters approach each other
  96. >although wearing padded gloves the blows are still vicious, you’re pretty sure you saw a tooth fly somewhere
  97. >Its soon over in seconds as red headed msg knocks wyvern’s msg block off, shes out cold before she even hits the floor
  98. >Crowd gives appropriate congratulations before heading back to do their own training, red headed msg steps out of ring and throws gloves at you
  99. >”Keep watching. In a couple of years maybe even you could learn something.” She says in her high and mighty voice as she sips her protein shake in victory.
  100. >absentmindedly stare at gloves in your hands, you bet your could take her
  101. >”What was that?” red headed msg thrusts her face into yours
  102. >Oh shit did you say that out loud?
  103. >”Are you telling me that you can beat me in a fight?” she says with a fearful amount of eagerness
  104. >too late to back out now, go big or go home
  105. >nod your head
  106. >red headed monster girl gives you a toothy grin as she suddenly takes your hand and shakes it
  107. >”It’s a deal then, a week from now, loser has to do whatever the winner orders them too.” She declares as she takes her gloves from your hands
  108. >She begins to circle around you, examining your body
  109. >she suddenly has an epiphany, evil smile stretches from ear to ear
  110. > she doesn’t say anything as she struts away again, hips swaying with exaggerated emphasis, giggling to her herself all the while
  111. >Impact of what you just got yourself into finally dawns to you.
  112. >cool bro comes out of nowhere like the supporting character that he is
  113. >off handedly remarks how she’s supposed to be one of the best fighters in the gym
  114. >Now you tell me this?
  117. >Decide to get help from other members of gym
  118. >lamias more focused on yoga, centaurs only know how to run, and the dragon monster girls want you to be their literal punching bag
  119. >Make a mental note to stay away from them
  120. >Most of the other boxing enthusiasts aren’t too fond of help you either
  121. >preconceived notion that human males were obviously weaker than monster girls still a prevalent stereotype
  122. >about to give up and accept your inevitable fate when you notice loud thud reverberating across the room
  123. >the hell was that?
  124. >theres a rhythm to the loud thuds as you seek out the source
  125.  >Eventually find someone in corner of the gym wailing on sandbag
  126. >huge bitch, silver wolf ears and tail, and for some reason wearing an eye patch
  127. >wearing gym shorts and black tank top
  128. >force of kicks bend the sandbag at almost right angles
  129. >holy shit that’s amazing
  130. >almost too awestruck to approach her when she suddenly takes notice of you
  131. >collect yourself and begin introductions
  132. >giant wolf msg towers above you as you ask if she could teach you to kick like that
  133. >giant wolf msg only eye narrows
  134. >”Why?” she asks in a heavily accented voice that surprises you
  135. >You explain that you got yourself roped into a fight with a red headed dog msg
  136. >not sure whether you saw her ears twitch, but wolf msg suddenly takes interest
  137. >”…must test you.” She says as she rears her leg back
  138. >test for what?
  139. >suddenly truck plows into you at full speed, sending you flying backwards
  140. >slide an additional ten more feet before coming to a stop
  141. >Wolf monster girl stands atop you, her leg still steaming from her kick
  142. >Nods at you
  143. >”Didn’t throw up. Good. I can teach you then.” She says as she helps you up
  144. >Train with her for several days until day of fight
  145. >glove up and step into ring, your wolf monster girl master giving a reassuring nod as you step into your corner
  146. >huge crowd has assembled to watch one of their own beat up the puny human male
  147. >red head dog msg already in her corner, prepped up and ready to go, she flashes you a toothy grin
  148. >sound of bell rings, you both touch gloves as the fight officially begins
  149. >much to everyone’s amazement, the fight only lasts less than a few seconds
  152. >few days later, sitting on the park bench looking at your phone, waiting for someone
  153. >strange, you begin to wonder whether she bailed on you or not
  154. >notice a figure walk up to you
  155. >its red headed dog monster girl
  156. >except shes not wearing her usual gym attire
  157. >frilly white dress with shoulder straps and looking incredibly effeminate, the ribbon in her hair tops it off
  158. >”I’m here. Happy?” she says in a dry tone as she crosses her arms in contempt
  159. >True to your word, red head dog monster girl had done what you had ordered of her, she was now forced to wear a frilly dress
  160. >Stifle your laughter as you suddenly grab her hand and begin to lead her away
  161. >Red headed dog msg face suddenly goes red as you take her hand, all the while she tries to hold the down her dress
  162. >today’s master plan was to humiliate her in any way possible
  163. >begin to do the the most embarrassing things you could do to her, walking hand in hand, calling her puppy, and even sharing an ice cream cone together
  164. >whenever she would protest you remind her that it was you who had won the fight, and the loser had to do whatever the other ordered
  165. >she becomes more docile, her face constantly red as she tries to hold down her skirt while having to deal with being out of her zone of comfort
  166. >notice that shes been a little too protective of holding down her dress
  167. >suspicion arises
  168. >you decide to test your suspicion by taking a nearby stick and throwing it a short distance
  169. >fetch
  170. >red headed dog monster girl attention is instantly diverted to the flying stick for the briefest of moments, giving you enough time to flip up her dress
  171. >your suspicions are confirmed, biker shorts
  172. >color drains from red headed msg face as she turns to you
  173. >”Something wrong?” she asks in a high tone, suddenly fearful of you
  174. >You grab her wrist as she begins to struggle, and begin to drag her to the nearest clothing store, and more specifically, the underwear section  
  176. >”Im not putting it on!” she yells at you behind a curtain in the clothing store
  177. >roll your eyes as you remind her yet again that she had to do whatever you ordered
  178. >her pouting is music to your ears as you toss another lacy piece of undergarment behind the curtain
  179. >”Stop throwing those things in here! I’m not wearing them!” she yells to you
  180. >Calmly explain that the whole point of wearing the dress was to wear underwear, not to chicken out and cheat with biker shorts
  181. >”That’s got nothing to do with it!” she says suddenly unsure of her own argument
  182. >You grab a black string thong and sling shot it over the curtain
  183. >”Oh fuck you!” she yells back throwing the balled up piece of undergarment over again
  184. >the other costumers begin glance towards you out of curiosity and concern
  185. >Tell her she’s not leaving unless she picks out something
  186. >”Wait wait wait wait wait” she says in a hurried tone
  187. >Finally the curtain is drawn back, revealing a flustered red headed dog msg, with nothing apparently different.
  188. >”There, happy?” she says to in an exasperated tone
  189. >Still not satisfied, could be cheating again, ask her to prove it
  190. >Red headed dog msg ears flick at your command
  191. >”I don’t have to…” she tries to rebuttal but falters under your withering gaze
  192. >She relents and beings to slowly lift the skirt, inching its way up her legs until finally revealing a pale blue panties, simple but incredibly alluring
  193. >mind blanks out for a second, absentmindedly tell  her to turn around  
  194. >her ears flick again, but she dosnt protest as you turns around for you, her tight butt facing you, the panties hugging in all the right places
  195. >notice that her tail is wagging as well
  196. >”Can we go now?” she asks in a soft tone that surprises you, never heard her speak quietly before
  197. >pay for her clothes and make your way out of the store
  198. >as the sun sets, the two of you become a lot quieter
  201. >walking under the illuminated light of street lamps now
  202. >cars begin to turn on their headlights as they drive by
  203. >Red headed dog monster girl extremely quite as she fiddles with her fingers as she walks beside you  
  204. >tension is so thick chainsaw would have trouble cutting through it
  205. >Suddenly, red headed dog msg gives an idea
  206. >”Hey, do you wanna stop by my place? It isn’t far.”  She says in her soft voice again
  207. >it sends shivers down her spine, you didn’t think she could sound so innocent now
  208. >agree, what else were you going to do anyway
  209. >few minutes later arrive at her apartment it’s a shared condominium
  210. >two human females,  a harpy, and her
  211. >apparently they were all university students
  212. >red headed dog msg makes her way in and beckons you over to her room
  213. >its surprisingly dirty, strewn clothes across the floor, and a variety of weights are scattered about
  214. >”Want a beer?” she asks while rummaging through her fridge
  215. >You see no reason to refuse
  216. >She tosses a bottle at you, which you deftly catch
  217. >By the time you twist yours open, shes already down hers
  218. >begin to wonder where this is going
  219. >Ask her if her roommates are around  
  220. >”The two humans are out of town so only the harpy girl is here. She’s such a daddy’s girl. I don’t really like her.” She says as she begins to twirl the bottle around in her hand
  221. >Room becomes quiet again as the two of you sit in the room
  222. >red headed dog monster girl finally breaks the silence
  223. >”Hey…do you like me?” she asks in a questioning tone
  224. >do what now?  
  226. >startled at her sudden question
  227. >can’t think of an appropriate response  
  228. >instead ask her where her question came from
  229. >She twirls the bottle again, the alcoholic drink sloshing around inside
  230. >”I’ve seen the way you keep staring at my butt. You think I don’t notice but I do.” She says while taking another swig
  231. >true, you do take every opportunity you can to gaze at that glorious ass
  232. >”And then you took me out on a date today. And even bought me clothes.” She says wistfully, having finished her beer
  233. >Well technically, you did those things to try and humiliate her, but now that you think about it you have been hanging out with red headed dog msg a lot recently
  234. >”So what do you think of me then?” she asks you again, a little more sternness in her voice    
  235. >Honestly can’t give her a proper answer
  236. >red headed dog monster girl suddenly gets irritated at your impassiveness, she places her bottle down and stands herself in front of you.
  237. >”Here, let me help you decide.” She says in a whisper as she reaches underneath her dress and hooks her panties with her thumbs, pulling them down and shimmying out of them
  238. >She steps out of them and kicks them away behind her
  239. >red headed msg leans down towards you, her breath tickling her you ear
  240. >she sits herself on your lap straddling herself on you as she begins to pull off her dress
  241. >be greeted with her small but sizable breasts, tan lines from her sports bra clearly evident
  242. >firm but supple abs from years of training and working out
  243. >shaven pussy slowly grinds against your pants, her breath is heavy as your hardness begins to press against her
  244. >”In case you didn’t know,” she says in a whisper “I also like working out in the nude.”
  245. >too much now, you wrap your arms around her, pulling her close to you as you force your tongue into her
  246. >no holding back now  as he push her down to the floor, her body writhing beneath you as you kiss her neck and chest
  247. >you struggle to pull off your pants and shirt, by the time you throw off your boxers, you find her on her elbows and knees, ass in the air, waving gently for you, her tail wagging all while
  251. >No foreplay, no hand holding, just rough sex as you penetrate into her
  252. >She lets out a loud yelp followed by her moaning, which you quickly try to silence with your hand, being careful not to cover her nose
  253. >her roommate was still here
  254. >You wait for her to get relaxed with your dick inside her, her breathing ragged and her walls convulsing against you
  255. >Her body finally stops shivering, and you take it as a sign to finally have you way with her
  256. >You pull out, leaving only your head inside her before you forcefully thrust yourself back into her
  257. >her tail twitches at the sudden pleasurable sensation, you feel a muffled moan through your fingers as you begin to rhythmically pound into her
  258. >she shakes her hips  against you, trying to match your rhythm, you begin to feel hot saliva drench your fingers as she moans into your hand
  259. >her walls constantly convulse, each fold caressing around your dick
  260. > You free hand begins to explore her body, firm toned thighs, and a plump ass are all fair game
  261. >her tail wagging happily across your chest suddenly catches your attention
  262. >you grab it
  263. >she suddenly tightens herself against you, her head arching back as you hand vibrates from her muffeled yell of pleasure
  264. >You begin to use her tail as extra leverage to force more of yourself into her
  265. >the added pleasure only leads to your eventual orgasm, your seed forced deep within her, helped with gravity and your thrusting
  266. >on second thought, it might have been best to use some protection, but the thought is clearly behind you as you force more of your seed into her
  267. >Red headed dog monster girl cums as well, your hot semen triggering her own orgasm
  268. >she clamps down hard on your dick as he body convulses
  269. >You collapse atop her, the both of you breathing heavily while she licks her fingers with her tongue
  270. >The two of you stay like this for quite some time
  271. >none of you hears the subtle sound of fluttering feathers
  274. >Wake up later that day in a soft bed
  275. >oh geez do your hips hurt
  276. >remember that you did it three more times that night with her
  277. >realize that you’re the only one in the room
  278. >get up and get dressed, you notice a note on her desk
  279. >”have to go to class for the day, will see your tomorrow!”
  280. >Pocket the note and beam with pride
  281. >You just acquired a girlfriend
  282. >beam with pride and joy, and hopefully with any luck you can sneak out of the apartment and avoid the walk of shame
  283. >Peek your head out the door, satisfied that the coast is clear, you begin to make your way out
  284. >”Did you have fun last night?” a clearly feminine voice
  285. >Freeze and turn to the source of the voice, almost jump back in surprise
  286. >figure draped in black feathered wings, black hair, and massive black talons sitting on the black leather couch
  287. >must be a harpy
  288. >perfect camouflage, clever girl
  289. >Meekly introduce yourself as red headed dog monster girl’s new boyfriend
  290. >Harpy calmly sips her cocoa as she gazes at you
  291. >”I wonder about that…” she muses to herself
  292. >cock head in confusion, ask her what she means
  293. >She merely shrugs her shoulders/wings, before sliding a card towards you with one of her talons
  294. >”I’d go there after ten.” She says mysteriously before sipping more of her cocoa
  295. >cautiously take the card and quickly say your goodbyes
  296. >had to get out of there
  297. >you examine the card, pure black, only phone number and address printed on it
  298. >you try to decipher what the harpy meant now you can’t shake this nagging feeling
  299. >you resolve yourself to find out what the card meant
  302. >wait till ten at night before heading out to the address
  303. >takes you awhile to find it, but finally manage to reach it
  304. >Its close to the university
  305. >pull into the parking lot, there are only a few lamp posts, for some reason the building only has single neon light illuminating it
  306. >”Platinum Tail”  
  307. >Suspicion begins to build as you head towards what looked like the main entrance
  308. >Find  an extremely large gentlemen at the front door, looks like the guy has been lifting
  309. >He stops you and demands to see ID
  310. >You hand it to him, and demand to know what this establishment was
  311. >The extremely large gentlemen examines your ID, “First time here?”
  312. >You nod
  313. >He chuckles to himself, standing aside so you could enter
  314. >”Well I can guarantee that it won’t be your last” he says ominously as you stride in
  315. >Go through the heavy double doors and be greeted with three things
  316. >loud music
  317. >the smell of alcohol and depression
  318. >and monster girls
  319. >it dawns upon you
  320. >this was a monster girl strip club
  321. >you’ve heard of places like these, monster girls who couldn’t secure real jobs and forced into desperate positions
  322. >an Arachne  twirling herself between her own strands, barely wearing nothing at all
  323. >slime girls morphing herself into various shapes, enlarging or enhancing various body parts, much to the pleasure of the crowd
  324. >a Kitsune currently throwing various bits and pieces of her clothes into the crowd, and whoops and hollers in return
  325. >a black headed  dog girl currently twirling herself around a pole, and wearing little to almost nothing save for the booty shorts that covered almost nothing at all and her fish net shirt
  326. >almost didn’t recognize it at first, black hair threw you off
  327. >but you’d recognize that ass anywhere
  328. >you pounded it last night
  329. >walk over in a trance towards her, pushing you way past other patrons
  330. >your finally next to the stage
  331. >the dog monster girl is practically within reach
  332. >She's spins and twirls her way down the pole, landing in splits
  333. >Your eyes meet for the briefest of moments
  334. >her eyes are amber
  337. >The two of you stare for what seems like ages
  338. >finally she realizes who she is looking at and immediately covers her face and runs off the stage, much to the disappoint of the watching crowd
  339. >you attempt to follow, hopping onto the platform and following her into the backstage
  340. >immediately security tries to rush you
  341. >fight instincts kick in and you deck one of them, he falls down hard on his face out cold
  342. >you out maneuver the other, throwing him off stage and into the crowd, immediately a ruckus ensues
  343. >using the ensuing chaos you slip into the backstage and begin looking for any signs of her
  344. >Your mind is rushing with a multitude of thoughts, most of them returning to one single question
  345. >why?
  346. >The sound of sobbing catches your attention, you being to follow it through the winding halls before you finally find what appeared to be a dressing room
  347. >Only one figure is here, cloaked in a bathrobe and hanging her head in shame
  348. >its her
  349. >You try approach her but she suddenly yells out at you
  350. >”Don’t look at me!” she yells, her voice cracking
  351. >But you still approach her, determined
  352. >Your’e behind her now, her hands are smudged with makeup from wiping away her tears
  353. >”Don’t touch me…” she says through her sobs
  354. >You pull off her wig, revealing her signature red headedness
  355. >the burning question rises to your throat, and against your better judgment, you ask her why
  356. >she sniffles loudly before explaining
  357. >”Schools are expensive. I have five brothers and my  family has enough trouble as it is supporting them. And nobody wants to hire a dog monster girl unless you’re lucky or you start throwing your clothes off. This one pays better.” She says in a weak voice to you
  358. >you can feel her shaking as you place a hand on her shoulder
  359. >a variety of feelings arise within you, but if you had to sum it up all in one word, you’d have to say it was disgust
  360. >Whether it was disgust at her, or her predicament you couldn’t tell
  361. >”Please…” she says in her sobbing
  362. >”Don’t ask me that question…the one I know your thinking about” she begs to you
  366. >the next day
  367. >wake up in your own bed, in your own apartment
  368. >Fist still hurts from decking that one security guy
  369. >what a wild night last night
  370. >most of it was a blur, bits and pieces going in and out of your head
  371. >feel something latch onto your arm, its soft and clings tightly
  372. >its red headed dog monster girl
  373. >shes nude, currently sleeping in your bed and tightly holding onto your arm even in her sleep
  374. >vaguely remembered how you carried her out of there and fought off fifty guys trying to stop you
  375. >or maybe it was five
  376. >or maybe you tripped on your way out carrying her
  377. >But anyway, you got the girl that you thought you didn’t know at all
  378. >You promised that she could live with you and that she could give up her rent on her apartment condo
  379. >you would help support her through school
  380. >the look of hope on her face was enough to give you a heart attack
  381. >you gave her a hot shower and told her that she was a good puppy as you washed behind her ears
  382. >when the two of you crawled into your bed, she snuggled into your arms and entwined her legs with yours  
  383.  >the two of you talked about a lot of things before you fell asleep
  384. >needless  to say, she wouldn’t be working there again
  385. >You gently brush  a bit of her hair to the side as you pull her close to you, kissing her forehead lightly before closing your eyes and enjoy the moment
  386. >even under the sheets you could feel her tail wag
  389. Epilouge:
  391. >get back from work one day
  392. >terrible day
  393. >Brian the office douche almost single handedly brought down the entire company
  394. >god damn it Brian
  395. >come home tired and worn out
  396. >hopefully you DVR managed to record that new TV show that everyone’s been talking about
  397. >Open the door and drop bag on the floor
  398. >Dropped the bag out of astonishment
  399. >quickly shut the door behind you and take in what your seeing
  400. >you live in red headed dog monster girlfriend following along with some TV work out special
  401. >except she was completely nude
  402. >apparently in the middle of leg lunges when she suddenly notices you
  403. >she immediately tries to cover herself up, one arm covering her breasts and the other hand covering her shaven pussy
  404. >shes embarrassed now , laughing nervously at you
  405. >”I thought you’d ring the doorbell first…” she says as she starts backing up behind the couch
  406. >Why would you ring the door bell, this was your place
  407. >Your smirk evilly as you sit down on the couch and motion for her to come at you
  408. >You didn’t mean to interrupt her work out session
  409. >She still looks flustered, but you remind her that a certain someone said they liked working out in the nude
  410. >Her face grows redder “Yeah, alone!” she exclaimed to you
  411. >You raise an eyebrow at her, giving her a stern look
  412. >Under your gaze she finally gives, you don’t understand her embarrassment, you’ve seen her naked before
  413. >she cautiously moves in front of you, dropping her arms for you to see all her glory
  414. >”Promise not to laugh.” She says as she turns her attention back towards the TV workout special, her firm butt pointed towards you
  415. >Wouldn’t dream of it
  416. >her form is perfect, muscles moving in unison as she completes her lunges effortlessly, her ass is almost too perfect for you
  417. >slowly begin to understand why the Greeks made statues of nude people
  418. >red headed msg turns around for you, swaying her hips with emphasis as she began to stretch her legs out
  419. >god damn this sight would be blinding for lesser mortals
  420. >notice that she never made eye contact with you, but would only take occasional glances at the growing bulge in your pants, her face beet red
  421. >finshed, she lay on her back, lifting one of her legs high into the air
  422. >”Could you help?” she asks you in a soft manner
  423. >Get off the couch and grasp her leg, slowly pushing it down until it reached behind her ear, she winces a bit but she was pretty flexible
  424. >You do the same with the other leg, pushing it down until her toes touched the floor
  425. >her breathing becomes ragged as you hold her legs down, and you take the opportunity to rub your crotch against hers
  426. >she lets out a gasp as you rub herself against her and for a moment she seems to enjoy it
  427. >”Wait…” she said out of breath. “Sit on the couch, pants off” she said in a hazy trance
  428. >You hurry to follow suit, pulling your crotch away from hers, your crotch being soaked in her juices
  429. >you kick off your pants sit down, red headed dog msg follows you, twirling her ass slowly near your face, which you don’t hesitate to take nibble out of
  430. >she places a hand on either side of your hip, supporting herself on the couch as she hovered her ass above your dick
  431. >she slowly lowered it, her toned but supple ass grazing you’re the head of your dick, causing you to shiver in pleasure
  432. >she works her ass all around your dick, stroking it between her cheeks or wiggling her ass down hard on your dick
  433. >all the while her tail wags across your stomach, tickling you softly
  434. >”Ready for some table dips?” she asks softly with a shaky voice
  435. >You get the hint and guide yourself into her as she slowly lowers her entire body onto you, moaning all the while
  436. >When she hilts you, you hear a loud gasp, and you begin to groan in pleasure as she slowly gyrates her hips on top of you
  437. >You give her slight slap on the ass to remind her that she was supposed to be doing table dips, but you don’t fail to notice her instant tightness when you did spank her
  438. >you’d have to remember that for later
  439. >she begins to do table dips atop of your dick, gliding herself in and out of you, all the while moaning, gasping for air as she rode you faster
  440. >Eventually you take your hands and grab her hips and begin to thrust into her as well, doubling the pleasure
  441. >You can already feel her knees begin to weaken, shes yelping with ever y thrust now, In a moment it will be too much
  442. >It all depends on who will come first
  443. >Its red headed dog monster girl as her orgasm robs her of all her strength and she hilts you again, causing you to cum as well
  444. >you feel  your seed shoot inside her, coating her insides in hot semen as you hold onto her for dear life
  445. >you can feel your mixed juices drip from her as she falls back atop you, gasping for breath
  446. >”That…wasn’t part of the routine.” She says in between breaths
  447. >Probably, you agree
  448. >Guess you were going to have to start all over now
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