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  1. Casual summer's coming to a close (got 2 games left, DRv3 and DaS3). Really, I spent most of 2018 → 2019 with game related/Twitch stuff catching up on casual playthroughs and getting into romhacking which was great fun. But 2019 → 2020, definitely getting into speedruns more. Here's my goals from the outset for the year:
  3. Platformer:
  4. Super Mario Odyssey any% 1:03 - gonna be hard, but doable - the very first version of the practice mod is sick and I'm sure more will get developed. This is gonna be long term lab work to get good before runs. 1:03's just a goal for the year but I'd like to push this as much as I could when the time comes. I have an unrecorded mid-1:10 from around when I messed with Dark Side ~6 months ago. Though Dark Side's cool, the playtime for any% is really just that much nicer, and way more competitive. So I'll spend time on any% instead for now
  6. A Link to the Past: NMG 1:30 - Gonna be work but I think this gonna be a lot of fun. I usually go into the dark and practice a ton before runs but I think I'm just gonna take this one in stride and be bad for a bit and not care in the slightest
  8. RPG:
  9. Dragon Quest IX - hold the J record. It's been a long, long time goal to hold at least one fastest time for the main DQ series in Japanese. Now it's time. There's no way I'd ever do it for DQIII (way too much time), but although DQIX's gonna be tough it's far from impossible. Many things to reroute, should be fun. It's also crazy how much faster J version is due to shorter cutscenes and menu lag. The fastest time has been around since 2015, but in classic nico fashion there's no video of it, just a blog report. Let's change that~
  11. - Sorry Arc Rise Fantasia - I love this game but it's just too long =[
  13. Marathon runs:
  14. No plans. I don't want to take up any potential DQ slots at RPGLB this coming event, have a good idea for the following event. Though if SaGa: Scarlet Grace comes out in English in reasonable time I'd probably look into that for this one. No plans for GDQs atm, definitely not going to AGDQ
  16. Let's get it
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