P5 Traitor Battle JP-ENG Comparison

Apr 9th, 2017
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  1. TL;DR: This set of scenes is mostly alright, but once you take a closer look at some of the dialogue in comparison to the original lines, there's a fair few problems, with some of them being significant enough to cause story issues (either due to continuity problems, mistranslations, or being contradictory to other details).
  3. Only addressing lines with problems that stood out while going over the scenes. Translations given for the Japanese lines are intended to stay as close as possible to the original without sounding overly stilted; their purpose is just to get the general gist of the original line across as clearly as I can manage.
  5. Lines are listed in order of Japanese line > English line. Additional notes regarding the lines will be marked with ~~ at the start.
  6. Choice-related dialogue is marked with a -.
  7. If a line (or set of lines) has serious issues, notes will be marked with !! instead. If you're only here for the more serious problems, use CTRL + F and search for !!.
  9. I'll admit that a lot of this may sound nitpicky on its own, but that's an issue with highlighting translation problems in general - more often than not, there aren't many major errors, but rather a lot of small inaccuracies that gradually add up to a greater problem when combined, or differences in wording that change the tone enough to affect how a line of dialogue comes across compared to the original languages. That said, there ARE some more glaring mistranslations (and missing bits of information) in this set of scenes, so if those are all you're after, just follow the instructions above.
  11. (Note: Due to time constraints, there's a small number of lines in this compilation that still use their initial rough draft translation for comparison. These lines are currently marked with a *, and will be revised a bit more once I have more time available. They should hopefully still get the general idea of the original line across, but they're in need of a bit more polish right now.)
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  14. -PRE-BOSS FIGHT 1-
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  17. Goro (JP): 本当に…面白いやつだよ、君は。口数は少ないけど、行動力も、度胸もある。 ("You really are... an interesting guy. You only say a few words, but you have courage and the drive to take action.")
  18. Goro (EN): You truly are interesting... Quiet, yet possessing the courage and determination to take actions.
  19. ~~ Tone. For this set of lines, he's speaking mostly the same way as he does pre-reveal (僕/君, casual phrasing), though he comes off as a little colder. The localized line has the usual "too formal" problem that's been plaguing Goro's dialogue since the 6/9 scene, though it's minor here.
  21. Goro (JP): こんな立場じゃなきゃ、いいライバル同士になれたのかもね… ("If it hadn't been for circumstances like this, maybe we could've been been great rivals...")
  22. Goro (EN): Under different circumstances, we could have been great rivals... or perhaps even friends.
  23. ~~ The "or perhaps even friends" bit wasn't present in the original line.
  25. Goro (JP): アハハハハ!君、最高だね! ("Ahahahaha! You're amazing!")
  26. Goro (EN): Ahahahaha! How wonderful!
  27. ~~ Sentence subject went missing in the localization. Minor problem, since the next sentence clears it up, but still worth noting.
  29. Goro (JP): 君は、今までの自分とか、人間関係とか…そういうものに囚われない。("Who you've been so far, or human relations.. you aren't imprisoned by things like that.")
  30. Goro (EN):You don't allow yourself to be enslaved by such things as human relations or past selves...
  31. !! Meaning-wise, the localization is mostly okay here - the problem here is the use of "enslaved," as the JP line incorporates wordplay based on the same prison theme seen in, say, the Velvet Room. Additionally, 今までの自分 indicates he's not just talking about past selves, but what he's been like even until now (as in, it's something that still applies to current actions too).
  33. Goro (JP): いつだって心が『自由』だ。僕とは反対…心底羨ましい。("Your heart is always free. The opposite of me... I envy that from the bottom of my heart.")
  34. Goro (EN): And so, your heart is always free. The exact opposite of mine. To be honest, I'm envious...
  35. ~~ He's not just being honest, he's talking about his innermost feelings he'd kept to himself until then. Minor detail, but worth noting.
  37. Goro (JP): でも…タラレバの話してもしょうがないよな。 ("But... there's no point in talking about what ifs, is there.")
  38. Goro (EN): But... it's no use talking in hypotheticals.
  39. ~~ Tone's a bit too formal; the original line is where his speech starts to skew more informal than even his usual casual speech. Minor problem.
  41. Goro (JP): 何言ってんだよ。俺には…こんな国…どうでもいい。 ("What're you saying? To me... a country like this... doesn't matter at all.")
  42. Goro (EN): What are you talking about? I don't care for Shido, or this country.
  43. !! There's no mention of Shido in the original line, and adding that part doesn't make sense either considering his plan is all about getting revenge on Shido. The localization also loses the implication that he doesn't care for the country because of what it's like (he uses こんな国 - "a country like this" - instead of just この国 - "this country").
  45. Goro (JP): 前に教えてやったろ。俺の母親は、悪い男の愛人だったって。 ("I told you before, didn't I? That my mother was the mistress of an evil man.")
  46. Goro (EN): Remember I said before, how my mother had been in a relationship with some good-for-nothing man?
  47. !! 愛人 has specific connotations in a modern context - Shido wasn't in a regular romantic relationship with Goro's mother, but rather she acted as a mistress to him. The same error cropped up in the rank 3 scene as well.
  49. Goro (JP): つまり『隠し子』さ。あの男にとって俺は、存在自体が醜聞… ("In other words, I'm a bastard child. To that man, my very being is a scandal...")
  50. Goro (EN): So I'm his bastard child. My very existence is nothing but a scandal...
  51. !! He's not talking about how he views himself, but about how Shido sees his existence. This connects to a later line, so it's important.
  53. Goro (JP): 母も、俺を生んだせいで不幸になって死んだ。『生まれる事を望まれなかった子供』って訳さ。 ("Even my mother died after dealing with misfortune from giving birth to me. In other words, I'm a child whose birth nobody wished for.")
  54. Goro (EN): My mother's life turned for the worst after she had me... and died. I was a cursed child for her too.
  55. !! His mother's life didn't just "turn for the worst," since we know from the rank 3 scene that she fell into depression and died from self-harm, so in this context 不幸になって means that she became unhappy. "Cursed child" is just plain wrong - the problem is that nobody wanted him to be born, not that his birth brought misfortune.
  57. Goro (JP): 恨み抜いたよ… けどヤツは、当時もう与党の都議サマで、子供じゃどうしようもなかった。 ("I resented him... but at that time, that guy was already a metropolitan assemblyman in the government, so there was nothing a kid could do about him.)
  58. Goro (EN): I resented him, but he was already a high-ranking official by then. A kid like me could do nothing.
  59. ~~ The localization here is actually mostly fine (outside of not specifying what type of official Shido is, likely for space reasons). I'm listing it here because of the translation for 恨み used here, as that was previously translated as "grudge." "Resentment" is the right translation, but that term needs to be translated consistently due to its connection to Goro's motives and second Persona.
  61. Goro (JP): 別にいいだろ?どうせヤツら自身だって、薄汚い『食うか食われるか』をやってんだ。 ("It's fine, isn't it? After all, those guys acted on their own "eat or be eaten" filth too.")
  62. Goro (EN): Who cares? My targets were all doing the same damn thing in this eat or be eaten world.
  63. !! He's not talking about the world having an "eat or be eaten" philosophy, but the people he targeted. The fact he derides that sort of view went missing in the localization too; instead, it sounds like HE views the world that way, rather than just him giving those people a taste of their own medicine.
  65. Goro (JP): そんな害悪を処理してやったのさ。("So I dealt with that kind of evil influence.")
  66. Goro (EN): All I did was remove their evil from society.
  67. ~~ No "from society" in the original text.
  69. Anne (JP): 人殺しと一緒にするなッ!("Don't group us with a murderer!")
  70. Anne (EN): We're not murderers!
  71. ~~Anne's taking issue with him comparing their group to a murderer, not calling them murderers.
  73. Goro (JP): アイツが権力の頂点を極め、俺を必要な右腕だと認めたその時の、耳元でささやいてやるんだよ… ("Once he's at the height of his power, when he acknowledges me as his essential right-hand man, I'll whisper in his ear...")
  74. Goro (EN): Once he reaches the apex of his power and acknowledges me, I'm going to whisper in his ear...
  75. !! The "essential right-hand man" part went missing; since that's what he was aiming to be acknowledged as, it shouldn't be dropped. (There's a decent chance that this one was a line length issue, though.)
  77. Goro (JP): 俺が『誰なのか』をな! ("I'll tell him just WHO I am!")
  78. Goro (EN): I will tell him the truth of who I really am!
  79. ~~ Tone. Sounds too formal in the localization again, when at this point he's being extremely informal if anything.
  81. Goro (JP): その時初めて…存在自体が『醜聞』だった俺が、ヤツを支配する…ヤツを超えるんだ!! ("At that moment, for the first time... I, whose very being was a "scandal," will rule over him... I'll surpass him!")
  82. Goro (EN): And that's when I--an utter disgrace to the world--will rule over him. I will prevail!
  83. !! He's not calling himself "an utter disgrace to the world," he's referencing how to Shido, the existence of an illegitimate child like him is nothing more than a scandal. The localized line makes it sound more like he's just being incredibly self-depreciating. Mistranslating that part also loses the connection to the earlier line about what he is to Shido.
  85. Yusuke (JP): 歪んでいるな…哀れな程に。 ("How warped... and to a pitiful degree.")
  86. Yusuke (EN): What a warped thought... It's almost pitiable.
  87. ~~No "almost," and the original sentence doesn't specify if he's talking about what Goro's saying or Goro himself.
  89. Goro (JP): だが、まだ取り返せる。お前ら全員の首があればな。("But I can still recover from this. I just have to take your heads.")
  90. Goro (EN): I can still take it back though. I'll just need to kill you all.
  91. ~~Minor problem, as the general implication is the same, but the JP wording invokes the "bringing someone's head as proof of their death" concept.
  93. Morgana (JP): フン、そんなことのために首はやらねえよ。("Hmph, we're not gonna give you our heads for something like that.")
  94. Morgana (EN): Hmph, we won't get killed for something like that.
  95. ~~Same thing as above.
  97. Goro (JP): この俺に意見すんなよ…カス共が… ("Don't push your views on me... you dregs...")
  98. Goro (EN): Don't lecture me, you piece of shit...
  99. ~~ He's not taking issue with Morgana "lecturing" him (he's not doing that; this is after he calls Goro a kid throwing a tantrum), but with pushing his views regarding him as fact and as if he has any idea what his situation's actually like.
  101. Goro (JP): 獅童正義は、俺が責任もって生き地獄に突き落としてやるよ。("I'll take responsibility for Masayoshi Shido by thrusting him into a living hell.")
  102. Goro (EN): I am going to personally thrust Masayoshi Shido into a living hell.
  103. !! The "take responsibility" went completely missing in the localization. That's one of the two most important parts of this line, so that's... bad.
  105. Goro (JP): だからジョーカー、お前は安心して…逝くがいい。("So you can feel at ease, Joker... and pass away.")
  106. Goro (EN): So, Joker... rest easy and die.
  107. ~~ This line is why leaving the "take responsibility" out of the previous line is a problem. Mentioning that he'll take responsibility for Shido is WHY he tells Joker he can feel at ease. Also, while it's hard to keep in translation, it's worth noting that while "die" is a perfectly acceptable translation for the last word here, 逝く is a rather soft way to say that, and "pass away" keeps that aspect of the word a little better.
  109. -"決着をつけよう" ("Let's settle this.")
  110. -"Let's finish this."
  111. -Goro (JP): そうだな。語り合う言葉は…もう必要ない。("That's right. There's already no need... to keep trading words.")
  112. -Goro (EN): I agree. there is no need to speak any longer.
  113. ~~ Slight tone difference. Minor problem.
  115. -"出来るとでも?" ("Think you can do it, though?")
  116. -"Think you can really do it?"
  117. -Goro (JP): ああ。期待以上にやってやるさ。("Yeah. I'll surpass your expectations.")
  118. -Goro (JP): お前の始末をつけてからな。 ("After I deal with you, that is.")
  119. -Goro (EN): ...Yes. I'll do it better than you could ever imagine.
  120. -Goro (EN): That is, once I get rid of you.
  121. ~~ Localization's mostly fine here, but it's worth noting that the initial exchange here is a callback to a choice during the first trip to Niijima Palace (when Goro first uses Robin Hood). Unfortunately, I don't have the localization's dialogue for that choice on hand, so I can't currently say if they managed to keep the callback or not.
  123. Goro (JP): まったく…その馬鹿さ加減でジョーカーの仲間が務まってるとはな。("Sheesh... to think someone this stupid's fit to be Joker's comrade.")
  124. Goro (EN): Joker... how could you be so successful while having such an idiot as your partner?
  125. ~~He's not talking to Joker, but making a general comment about Ryuji. He also doesn't call Ryuji Joker's partner, but just an ally/comrade/friend.
  127. Makoto (JP): 彼が、本当に廃人化や一連の事件の犯人なら、私たちに見せた力だけじゃ、辻褄が合わない。(If he's really the culprit behind the mental shutdowns and the chain of incidents, then just the power he's displayed to us isn't consistent with that.")
  128. Makoto (EN): If he truly is behind the mental shutdowns, he's likely only shown us a fraction of his strength.
  129. !! The fact he's also suspected of being behind the chain of incidents went missing in the localization.
  131. Goro (JP): クク…俺の『本当の力』…殺しがてらレクチャーしてやるよ。("Hehe... My "real power"... I'll give you a lecture on it while I kill you.")
  132. Goro (JP): 冥途の土産だ。("As a nice memory for the afterlife.")
  133. Goro (EN): *chuckle* I'll tell you all about my true power... while you die.
  134. Goro (EN): You can take that knowledge with you to the grave.
  135. ~~ The first original line is a bit more explicit about the killing part. The second line uses a phrase that literally means "souvenir for the afterlife/Hades/Hell,"but also refers to something that makes someone else feel like they can die in peace. Both minor problems, but they do affect the tone a bit.
  137. --------------------
  138. -BOSS FIGHT 1-
  139. --------------------
  141. Goro (JP): 騒がれてる事件は「廃人化」だけじゃない。("The mental shutdowns aren't the only incidents causing a stir.")
  142. Goro (EN): The mental shutdowns aren't the only incidents people are talking about.
  143. ~~ 騒ぐ in this context doesn't refer to something being talked about, but to something that's causing a commotion and putting people on edge.
  145. Goro (JP): 人が突然、理由もなく事故や不祥事を起こす、『人間の暴走』…("The human rampages, where people suddenly cause incidents and scandals for no reason...")
  146. Goro (EN): There are also the breakdowns which cause people to turn psychotic, creating accidents and scandals...
  147. !! 暴走 doesn't refer to turning psychotic, but to rampaging/acting reckless without regard. More on that in the next scene. The localization also left out that what characterizes these incidents is that they happen suddenly and with no clear reason behind them (which is also mentioned in other scenes).
  149. Goro (JP): 真犯人は、『心を暴走させる力』も持っていないと説明がつかない… ("If the real culprit doesn't have the power to make hearts rampage, then those can't be explained...")
  150. Goro (EN): Those cannot be explained unless the true culprit has the power to make people's hearts psychotic...
  151. !! Recurring issue with 暴走-related terms being translated as "psychotic." Going by the explanations provided, that's not how that power works.
  153. Goro (JP): 答えを見せようじゃないか! ("Why don't I show you the answer!")
  154. Goro (EN): Allow me to show you!
  155. ~~ Not a major problem, but he's referring to the answer to how the culprit could cause the rampage incidents.
  157. -Side note: the ability Goro uses at this point is called 暴走のいざない (roughly "Rampage's Invitation/Temptation") originally. The localization renders it as "Call of Chaos," which doesn't keep the connection to the rampage incidents at all.
  159. Futaba (JP): 『ロビンフッド』じゃない…別のペルソナ…!?("That wasn't Robin Hood... it's a different Persona..:!?")
  160. Futaba (EN): That wasn't Robin Hood... Could it have been a different Persona?
  161. ~~ Tone issue again. Minor problem.
  163. Goro (JP): ちっぽけな存在でも、心の枷が外れると、桁違いの力を得る事がある。 ("Even a tiny being, once you remove the bonds on its heart, can gain unimaginable power.")
  164. Goro (EN) Even the feeblest existence can gain tremendous power once the chains on its heart are broken.
  165. !! 枷 has a double meaning of both literal restraints (shackles/chains/etc) and more metaphorical ways to bind someone (such as relations to others, or societal restrictions on what you're allowed to do). While "chains on its heart" is a valid translation, it fails to maintain that wordplay in English, and given how the power he's talking about works, it's almost certainly on purpose.
  167. Goro (JP): 侮らない事だね。("It's not something to take lightly.")
  168. Goro (EN): You'd better not underestimate these two.
  169. ~~ He's not talking about the two Shadows, but making a general statement tied to his previous line.
  171. --
  173. Goro (JP): まずは、お見事。 ("First of all, well done.")
  174. Goro (EN): Tch, well done.
  175. ~~ Needs no explanation.
  177. Futaba (JP): 今の『暴走』を…ニンゲン相手にホイホイ使ったってのか…?("That rampage [power] just now... he just recklessly used that on people...?")
  178. Futaba (EN): That power to make others turn psychotic... He used it on actual people...?
  179. !! Recurring issue with translating 暴走-related terms as "psychotic."
  181. Goro (JP): まあ流石に、今ので倒せるとは思ってない。("Well, all the same, I didn't think you'd be defeated by [these guys] just now.")
  182. Goro (EN): Of course I didn't expect you to be defeated by them.
  183. ~~ First bit's off. Minor problem.
  185. Goro (JP): 何しろ、一度を騙されて仕留め損なった相手だ… *("After all, you're the opponent that tricked me into failing to kill you once already...")*
  186. Goro (EN): You have deceived me and escaped death, after all.
  187. ~~ This sentence got truncated to the point of losing half of it. Whoops.
  189. Goro (JP): …直接この手でブチ殺すに決まってんだろ…!!*(" it's already set in stone that I'm gonna slaughter you with my own hands...!!")*
  190. Goro (EN): I wouldn't give up my chance to massacre you with my own two hands...!
  191. ~~ The original line sounds less like he just wouldn't give up his chance to kill Joker himself, but more like he was always planning to deal with him personally from the get-go (making it clearer that the initial fight against the two Shadows was more of a test). Not too much of a problem, but worth noting.
  193. --
  195. Goro (JP): クク…ほんとの実力、見せてなかったのは…お互い様だったって、ワケか…!*("Hehe... So we're... equal in that we haven't seen each other's true strength... is that it...?")*
  196. Goro (EN): *chuckle* So... neither of us had shown our true strengths, huh...?
  197. ~~ The localization missed that he's referring to how Joker's acting, not just making a statement. Breaks the flow with the next line slightly, but it's not too much of an issue.
  199. --------------------
  200. -PRE-BOSS FIGHT 2-
  201. --------------------
  203. Morgana (JP): こいつの『暴走させる力』… ("This guy's power to make things rampage...")
  204. Morgana (EN): So he's able to turn people psychotic...
  205. !! 暴走させる means "to make [something] run wild/rampage/act reckless," not to drive the psychotic. While it can be used to refer to someone wildly lashing out at others, it can also be used for a runaway car, losing control, acting without regard or just being reckless in a potentially dangerous way. In the Persona series, this term has also been used in reference to losing control of one's Persona, and to a Shadow going berserk (for those who've played Persona 4 Arena Ultimax, the JP name for Shadow Frenzy, シャドウ暴走, also uses the term).
  206. Goro's ability makes people act recklessly without regard for others; it doesn't make them outright psychotic. (Strangely enough, the first scene at Leblanc in the game translates the incidents related to this ability as "rampage incidents," which is closer to what it should be, yet they consistently screw it up in later scenes.)
  208. Morgana (JP): てっきり、ナビみたいな特別に拾った代物かと思ったが、自前のペルソナの力らしいな。("I thought for sure he got it from some special thing he found like the Nav, but it looks like it's his own Persona's power.")
  209. Morgana (EN): I thought it was some special thing like the Nav, but it seems to be his own Persona's power.
  210. ~~ Minor wording/tone issue.
  212. Makoto (JP): あんな、人を操ったり狂わせたりする力を、自分自身の心から生み出してたなんて…("To think that the power to manipulate and drive mad others was born from his own heart...")
  213. Makoto (EN): I can't believe that the ability to control and drive others mad was born from within his heart...
  214. !! "Manipulate" and "control" aren't quite the same thing. Goro can't actually control people with his ability, just manipulate them by using his ability to remove their restraint and making them act recklessly as a result.
  216. Goro (JP): 殺すんだ…殺して、やる…!
  217. Goro (EN): I'll kill you... You're all gonna die...!
  219. Makoto (JP): 私たちの首なんか取ったって、貴方は幸せにならない。 ("Something like taking our heads won't make you happy.")
  220. Makoto (EN): Killing us won't make you happy.
  221. ~~ Same old "taking our heads" issue as in the earlier lines.
  223. Morgana (JP): オマエ…ジョーカーの事、気に入ってんだろ。 ("You... care about Joker, don't you?")
  224. Morgana (EN): And... you don't really hate Joker, do you?
  225. !! Alternatively "you like Joker, don't you?"or "you're fond of Joker, aren't you?". Either way, the implication here is that Morgana caught on to Goro getting attached to Joker, not just that he doesn't hate him. This line is also what finally sets Goro off, and just "you don't really hate Joker" isn't anywhere near strong enough to do that.
  227. Goro (JP): 仲間ぁ!?それが、なんだっつーんだよ! ("Comrades!? To hell with that!")
  228. Goro (EN): Teammates!? Friends!? To hell with that!
  229. !! Actual sentence translation here is fine (past translating 仲間 twice in two different ways), but this line marks the start of a recurring problem - translating 仲間 as "teammates," which doesn't keep the intended meaning in the context of the scene properly. For this line it's not too bad, since they used two translations for the word here and the second fits more, but it's going to be a more serious problem the next few times the word crops up.
  231. Goro (JP): 俺の、何処が…お前に劣ってるんだ!? ("What about me... is inferior to YOU!?")
  232. Goro (EN): Why am I inferior to you...!?
  233. ~~ That's not a "why."
  235. Goro (JP): 誰かに望まれる為に、成績や大人の評判に徹底的にこだわり抜いた!! ("For the sake of being wanted by someone, I was constantly fixated on keeping up my grades and my reputation among adults!!")
  236. Goro (EN): I was extremely particular about my life, my grades, my public image, so someone would want me around!
  237. ~~ There's no mention of his life in the original line, and he specifies his reputation with adults (大人の評判) rather than his public image in general.
  239. Goro (JP): 俺は名探偵で…カリスマだ! ("I'm an ace detective... and charismatic!")
  240. Goro (EN): I am an ace detective... a celebrity!
  241. ~~ "Charismatic" got switched out for "a celebrity." Odd change, but not a serious issue.
  243. Goro (JP): それが…前歴もちで、屋根裏に住んでるゴミに!どうして俺が…!? ("And yet... compared to some attic-dwelling trash with a criminal history--! Why am I...!?")
  244. Goro (EN): But you... you're just some criminal trash living in an attic! So how...!?
  245. ~~ He's not calling Joker in general criminal, but just referring to him having a pre-existing criminal record. (As an aside, this line is terrible to translate because it's a fragmented sentence connecting to the earlier "what about me is inferior to you" line, but outside of the "criminal" issue, I'd say they actually did okay with this one.)
  247. Goro (JP): なんで、お前なんかが、俺に無いモン持ってんだよ!? *("Why does someone like you get to have what I don't!?")*
  248. Goro (EN): How does someone like you have things I don't!?
  249. ~~ Minor wording issue.
  251. Goro (JP): なんで俺より、ゴミの貴様が『特別』なんだよォォォ!? ("Why does some piece of trash like YOU get to be more special than me!?")
  252. Goro (EN): How can such a worthless piece of trash be more special than me!?
  253. ~~ Minor wording issue again.
  255. -"そんなことはない" ("That's not the case.")
  256. -"That's not the case."
  257. -Goro (JP): 憐れみか…?クソがァ!! ("Pitying me, huh...? You piece of shit!!")
  258. -Goro (EN): Is that supposed to be pity...? You piece of shit!
  259. ~~ Goro's first sentence is slightly off. Minor problem, though.
  261. -"もうやめろ" ("Stop it already.")
  262. -"You need to stop."
  263. -Goro (JP): そうだな、こんなクソなやり取り…!("That's right, [let's stop] this shitty back-and-forth...!")
  264. -Goro (EN): This argument is meaningless...!
  265. ~~ Goro's response for this one is completely off.
  267. Kaneshiro (JP): パレスを使って好き放題してるヤツが…実際にいる。("Currently, there's someone around... someone who's using the Palaces for whatever they please.")
  268. Kaneshiro (EN): There's a criminal using other people's Palaces to accomplish whatever they damn well please.
  269. ~~ Kaneshiro doesn't call the person he's speaking about a criminal, he just talks about him as if he's someone he's aware of.
  271. Kaneshiro (JP): そいつは現実で何が起きようがお構いなし…『廃人化』に『精神暴走』…何でもアリだ。 ("That person doesn't care what happens in reality... Mental shutdowns, mental rampages... anything goes.")
  272. Kaneshiro (EN): They don't care about consequences. Psychotic breakdowns, mental shutdowns... Anything goes.
  273. !! Recurring issue with translating 暴走-related terms as "psychotic."
  275. Makoto (JP): じゃあ…廃人化や、今までの不可解な連続事件は、やっぱり… ("Then... the one behind the mental shutdowns and the so-far inexplicable series of incidents really is...")
  276. Makoto (EN): So... you were behind the mental shutdowns after all...
  277. !! Once again, the part about Goro also being behind the series of incidents went completely missing.
  279. Goro (JP): ああ、でもイイな… ("Yeah, but it's fine...")
  280. Goro (EN): Oh, this is great...
  281. ~~ ...I'm not really sure what happened here. I guess the translator missed that this line is in response to Makoto's, not just a general statement?
  283. Goro (JP): こんなの初めてだ…自分でも驚いてる。お前になら、本気、出せるかな…? ("This is a first... I'm surprised too. If it's against you, I wonder if I can go all out...?")
  284. Goro (EN): I'm surprised... This is actually a first for me. I might even have to try my hardest against you.
  285. ~~ He's not surprised that he might have to try his hardest against them - he's surprised because he's starting to realize that if it's Joker, he can reveal his real strength/go all out for once, without restraint.
  287. Goro (JP): コレやったら、どこまでヤレるんだ…? ("If I do THIS, how far can I go...?")
  288. Goro (JP): I wonder how far I can go with this...
  289. ~~ Minor wording/tone issue.
  291. Goro (JP): 俺の力…そう言やあ、見たがってたよな? *("My power... Since you said that, you wanna see it, right?")*
  292. Goro (EN): You wanted to see my powers, didn't you?
  293. ~~ He's talking about his berserking/rampage-inducing power, not his powers in general.
  295. Goro (JP): いいぜ…全部見せてやるよ!! ("Fine... I'll show you EVERYTHING!!")
  296. Goro (EN): Fine... I'll show them to you!
  297. ~~ Still not talking about his powers in plural. This line ties into a later one about showing his real self (by using his power on himself), not showing off all of his powers or something (because there's only one he plans to show off).
  299. Goro (JP): ハハハ、止められねえ…!こんな気分は…初めてだ!! ("Hahaha, it won't stop...! This feeling... I've never felt that before!!")
  300. Goro (EN): Hahaha, I've never felt like this before!
  301. ~~ Half the sentence went missing here... and with it the first blatant hint that he's kind of losing control by now.
  303. Goro (JP): 確かに、獅童の評価なんて、もうどうでもいいや… ("You're right, stuff like Shidou's acknowledgment doesn't matter anymore...")
  304. Goro (EN): You're right; I don't give a damn about Shido's acknowledgment...
  305. !! This might sound like a minor difference at first, but the "anymore" going missing makes it sound like Shidou's acknowledgment never mattered to him in the first place, rather than him only giving up on it now; this causes inconsistencies with Goro's earlier statements about his motivations.
  307. Goro (JP): お前らを、ブチ殺せるか…お前を、超えられるのか… ("Beating you guys to death... and surpassing YOU...")
  308. Goro (JP): …それだけだ!! ("...That's all that matters!!")
  309. Goro (EN): All I care about now is killing all of you...
  310. Goro (EN): ...To prove I'm better than you!
  311. ~~ Mostly a wording problem, but it's worth noting that he switches from plural for the killing line to singular for the surpassing line (because that one's about Joker specifically).
  313. --
  315. Goro (JP): いいぜ…みせてやるよ。ホントの俺をさ… ("Fine... I'll show you the REAL me...")
  316. Goro (EN): Here... I'll show you who I really am.
  317. ~~ Minor tone issue.
  319. Goro (JP): くだらねえッ! *("Worthless!")*
  320. Goro (JP): くだらねえなぁッ!正義だの、仲間だの! *("Justice, comrades! It's all worthless!")*
  321. Goro (JP): 目障りなんだよ…どいつもこいつも! *("You're all eyesores... every last one of you!")*
  322. Goro (EN): Don't make me laugh!
  323. Goro (EN): Justice? Righteousness!? Keep that shit to yourselves!
  324. Goro (EN): You and your teammates piss me off!
  325. ~~ This set of lines comes across a bit differently in the localization in general, thanks to the changes to the sentences, but the two main things that stick out is losing 仲間 in the second sentence in favor of "righteousness."
  327. Morgana (JP): なんて奴だ…姿さえ、嘘だったってのか! ("What a guy... Even his appearance was a lie!")
  328. Morgana (EN): Then everything... even his appearance was a fake!
  329. ~~ No "everything" here.
  331. Goro (JP): ぶっ壊してやるよ…壊れちまえよ… *("I'll destroy you... You're gonna be destroyed...")*
  332. Goro (JP): 俺と一緒にサ!! *("...along with me!!")*
  333. Goro (EN): You're going down... I'll destroy you...
  334. Goro (EN): Go down with me!
  335. ~~ Localization screws up the tenses here a bit. This set of lines as a whole feels a little like it's been toned down - the original dialogue is somewhat clearer about him aiming to destroy both the group and himself, rather than just both of them going down.
  337. Ryuji (JP): 野郎、テメェを暴走させやがった! ("That bastard, he made himself rampage!")
  338. Ryuji (EN): That bastard... He made himself go psychotic!
  339. !! Recurring issue with translating 暴走-related terms as "psychotic."
  341. Goro (JP): さあ!仲間の目の前で、ひとりひとり死んでいけよ!!*("Now! Die one by one, right in front of your comrades' eyes!")*
  342. Goro (EN): Now! Let's see you drop dead one at a time, in front of your precious friends!
  343. ~~ This line is actually fine, but I'm noting it anyway because they translated 仲間 as "(precious) friends" here, while it's been "teammates" for every other line. In context, that's actually more appropriate - but since they translated it differently for the other lines, it's still an example of the localization being inconsistent with itself.
  345. --------------------
  346. -BOSS FIGHT 2-
  347. --------------------
  349. Goro (JP): 殺す!壊…ス!…ねじ伏せるっ! ("I'll kill you! I'll... break you! ...I'll MAKE you back down!")
  350. Goro (EN): I will kill you! Destroy you! Crush you...!
  351. ~~ Last word's wrong - he's using a phrase that refers to using force to make someone yield (in the sense of actual surrender or forfeiting in an argument), such as by pinning them down or twisting their arm. Somewhat hard to keep in English, to be fair, but just "crush you" doesn't convey that at all.
  353. Goro (JP): 『仲間』なんて…カスの集まりなんだよぉ!*("Comrades... are just gatherings of dregs!")*
  354. Goro (EN): Teammates are nothing but trash!
  355. ~~ And we're back to translating 仲間 as "teammates." While a valid translation, it still doesn't really convey the actual sentiment of that phrase. The same issue continues for two more lines in this fight, but those lines are otherwise okay, so I won't note them separately.
  357. --------------------
  358. -POST-BOSS FIGHT 2-
  359. --------------------
  361. Goro (JP): わかってる…懲りたよ… ("I get it... I learned the hard way...")
  362. Goro (EN): I know... I've had enough.
  363. ~~ "I've had enough" is technically a valid translation for 懲りたよ, but in context, it's more along the lines of admitting that he's learned the hard way that he can't win against them.
  365. Goro (JP): …いいよな、お前は。 ("...You have it good.")
  366. Goro (JP): 仲間に囲まれて、認められてさ… ("You're surrounded by comrades/friends, and acknowledged...")
  367. Goro (EN): ...You're so lucky.
  368. Goro (EN): Lucky to be surrounded... by teammates who acknowledge you...
  369. ~~ Second line's kind of wonky; he's envying both the fact Joker has comrades/friends around him and the fact he gets to be acknowledged, not both combined.
  371. Goro (JP): 俺は、過去の推理が自作自演とバレて、名声も信用も、全部消えてなくなる。*("As for me, when people find out my past deductions were just playing a part in my own play, my fame and [their] trust [in me], everything will disappear.")*
  372. Goro (EN): As for me, people will find out my past deductions were just charade. my fame and trust will vanish.
  373. ~~ For the first half of the sentence, he's using an idiom that refers to acting out something you came up with yourself, in his case solving the cases he caused himself.
  375. Morgana (JP): 自分で暴走させたターゲットの事件を、自分で解決させてたってことか。 *("You solved the incidents by the targets you caused to rampage yourself, huh.")*
  376. Morgana (JP): それも、シドーと手を組んでな。*("That's another thing you collaborated with Shido on.")*
  377. Morgana (EN): So you were turning people psychotic, then solving the cases yourself.
  378. Morgana (EN): And you did that by joining forces with Shido.
  379. !! Te recurring issue with translating 暴走-related terms as "psychotic" is present here too, but the bigger problem here is that the localization makes it sound like he teamed up with Shido specifically to cause cases and then solve them himself, when Morgana's actually pointing out that it's just another part of their cooperation.
  381. Goro (JP): 結局、特別な存在になんて、なれなかった。 ("In the end, I couldn't become someone special.")
  382. Goro (EN): In the end... I couldn't be special...
  383. ~~ "Become," not "be." Minor issue.
  385. Haru (JP): お父さんのこと…許すつもりはないけれど、あなたのこと、分からない訳じゃない。 ("What happened to Father... I have no intention of forgiving you for that, but it's not as if I don't understand your situation.")
  386. Haru (EN): I have no intention of forgiving you for what you did to my father, but... I sympathize with you.
  387. ~~ Minor wording problem, though this one might be on line length issues.
  389. Futaba (JP): なのに人生ソロプレイだったから、目覚めた力は、自前の『嘘』と『恨み』の、たった2個だけ… ("Even so, 'cause you went through life in single player, the powers you awakened were just your "lies" and "resentment"...")
  390. Futaba (EN): But because you went through life alone, the power you awakened was fueled by lies and hate...
  391. !! She's not saying that Goro's power is fueled by lies and hatred, but that his power is just lies and resentment - she's talking about what Robin Hood and Loki respectively seem to represent. They also translated 恨み inconsistently yet again; as already noted, that should be "resentment." They also dropped Futaba's gaming reference, but that's minor compared to the other problems here.
  393. Yusuke (JP): そいつが多分…全てで勝るお前に、唯一無かったものだ。 *("Compared to you, who excels at everything... that's probably the one thing he has that you lack.")*
  394. Yusuke (EN): You excelled at everything over us... yet that was the one thing you lacked.
  395. ~~ He's talking about Goro in comparison to Joker, not in comparison to the whole group.
  397. Goro (JP): 邪魔が嫌なら、俺を始末すべきだろ。 ("If you don't want me to get in the way, shouldn't you get rid of me?")
  398. Goro (EN): You should get rid of me... if you don't want me getting in your way.
  399. ~~ Slight tone problem. He's thrown off by them asking him to go reform Shido with them (because he expected them to kill him if they don't want him to get in the way); the wording in the localization doesn't convey that as well as the slight questioning tone in the original line.
  401. Goro (JP): …理解を超えてるよ、お前らは。 ("...You guys are way beyond my comprehension.")
  402. Goro (EN): ...You all are truly beyond my comprehension.
  403. ~~ Localization sounds too formal. I'd say it might even be too literal - a good way to keep the tone here would be something like "I don't get you guys at all," though that's a somewhat liberal translation.
  405. Cognitive Goro (JP): まさか…頼られて、内心舞い上がってた訳じゃないよな? ("Don't tell me... Because someone was relying on you, deep down you felt so happy you could dance, didn't you?")
  406. Cognitive Goro (EN): Don't tell me... Were you actually feeling good about having someone rely on you for once?
  407. !! The "deep down" went missing in the localization. More notably, he's also using an idiom referring to feeling so happy you could dance around, while the localization uses a pretty generic phrase instead - this connects to one of Shadow Shidou's lines later, and that connection is lost in the localization.
  409. Cognitive Goro (JP): ああ、船長から伝言だ…『他人を廃人化させてきた、報いを受けろ』。 ("Oh, a message from the captain... "Accept your repayment for causing strangers to have a mental shutdown."")
  410. Cognitive Goro (EN): Oh by the way, the captain says it's time you receive retribution for causing the mental shutdowns.
  411. ~~ He's passing on an actual message from Shadow Shido here. The word translated as "retribution" in the localization has a double meaning of both "reward" and "punishment," which "repay(ment)" keeps more clearly than either of those.
  413. Goro (JP): 前から疑問だったんだ…もしもこのパレスで、俺が本気で暴れたら…どう防ぐ気なのかってな。 *("I was wondering earlier... about just how he'd defend himself, if I seriously turned violent in this place.")*
  414. Goro (EN): I was wondering how he'd protect himself if I used my power to tear though his Palace.
  415. ~~ No mention of powers, just of getting serious/going all out.
  417. Goro (JP): お前がその係…同じ顔した人形に殺させるって訳だ。…あの男らしい。*("You're in charge of that... in other words, I'd be killed by a puppet with the same face as me. ...That's just like him.")*
  418. Goro (EN): Turns out you're how. So he's making a puppet kill me... Sounds like something he'd do.
  419. !! The fact that it's a puppet "with the same face" matters - it's having a doppelganger kill him that's just like Shido, not just sending a personal puppet after him.
  421. Cognitive Goro (JP): そうとも、オレは人形さ。何だってする。 ("That's right, I'm a puppet. I'll do anything.")
  422. Cognitive Goro (JP): けどオレが人形なら…ほんとの人形は、お前だろ。 ("But if I'm a puppet... then the true puppet is you, isn't it?")
  423. Cognitive Goro (EN): That's right. I'll do anything.
  424. Cognitive Goro (EN): But look at yourself... you're the true puppet.
  425. !! Cognitive Goro admitting that he's a puppet went missing in the localization, but it's important; that's WHY he calls Goro the real puppet (since he's his cognitive counterpart, that means he's been a puppet in Shido's eyes all along).
  427. Haru (JP): 今からでも遅くない!一緒に改心させよう? ("It's still not too late! Why don't we change his heart together?")
  428. Haru (EN): It's still not too late! We can change his heart together!
  429. ~~ She's making an actual offer to him, not just making a statement.
  431. Haru (JP): たとえ実の親でも…ううん、実の親だからこそ! ("Even if he's your real father... No, because he's your real father!")
  432. Haru (EN): Even if he's your father... No, because he's your father!
  433. ~~ Alternatively, "biological father." Either way, a word went missing here.
  435. Cognitive Goro (JP): 何なら、誰か身代わりを志願しろよ。少しはこいつの死が遠のくかも知れないぜ? ("If you feel like it, have someone volunteer to take his place. It might just delay this guy's death a little, you know?").
  436. Cognitive Goro (EN): You know what? I'll let someone volunteer to take his place. Who knows, you might delay his death.
  437. ~~ The first sentence is spoken in imperative. The second sentence lost the "a little" in the localization.
  439. Cognitive Goro (JP): 『誰かのため』がモットーなんだろ? ("Your motto is "for someone else's sake," right?")
  440. Cognitive Goro (EN): You guys are all about doing things for others, aren't you?
  441. ~~ He's quoting their actual motto. It's mentioned in one or two earlier scenes as well, IIRC.
  443. Cognitive Goro (JP): ああ、オレと同じだな。オレも船長の為ならいくらでも罪を被って死ぬ気だし。 *("Oh, it's the same for me. If it's for the captain, I'm willing to shoulder as many sins as needed and die for him, too.")*
  444. Cognitive Goro (EN): Oh, that's just the same as me. I'm going to take all the blame for our captain. I'll die for him too.
  445. !! He's not talking about what he's going to do, but what he's willing to do. Since cognitive Goro reflects how Shido views him, that's an important detail.
  447. Makoto (JP): 人殺しを手伝わせた上に、こんな風に思ってるなんて…! ("How could he think of him like this, after making him help with murders...!?")
  448. Makoto (EN): This is what Shido thinks of Akechi-kun, even after making him help with the murders...!?
  449. ~~ Original line's a little more obviously indignant. Minor problem.
  451. Goro (JP): やっぱり馬鹿は…お前らだ。見捨てて行けば、よかったのに… ("The real idiots... are still you guys. It would've been fine if you'd... just abandoned me and left...")
  452. Goro (EN): The real fools... are you guys. You should have just abandoned me here a long time ago...
  453. ~~ There's no "a long time ago" in the original line.
  455. Goro (JP): コイツら相手に…今の俺を抱えてちゃ、全滅だろうが。*("Against opponents like that... if you're weighed down by the way I am now, you'll be annihilated.")*
  456. Goro (EN): You would have all perished... if you had tried to face these with me weighing you down...
  457. ~~ Mostly fine, though the original sentence is a little harsher about what sort of fate would await the PT if they tried to fight cognitive Goro and his allies while having to make sure Goro doesn't get killed. It also specifies that the problem comes from the state Goro's in (aka injured and drained from the previous two fights), which is missing in the localization.
  459. Goro (JP): 代わりに、取引だ…まさか、断ったり…しない、よな…? ("In return, let's make a deal... There's... no way you'd... refuse, right...?")
  460. Goro (EN): Let's make a deal... OK? You won't say no... will you?
  461. ~~ Missing the mention of the deal being in exchange for helping them.
  463. Goro (JP): 獅童を…改心、させろ…俺の代わりに、罪を終わりに… ("Change... Shido's heart... End his crimes... in my place...")
  464. Goro (EN): Change Shido's heart... in my stead... End his crimes...
  465. !! The "in my place/stead" here is about ending Shido's crimes, not reforming him. Small error, but significant.
  467. -(明智との確かな絆を感じる…) ("I feel a certain bond with Akechi...")
  468. -(I sense a solid bond between me and Akechi...)
  469. !! This is a weird error. In the Japanese version, Goro is one of the only characters with a different rank 10 message - for almost everyone else, it's "[name]との固い絆を感じる…" ("I feel a solid bond with [name]..."). Somehow, this distinction got lost in the localization, and instead of getting a personalized rank 10 message, Goro ended up with the same generic message as most of the other characters.
  471. Goro (JP): 最後の相手が『人形だった俺自身』か… ("My final opponent is the puppet I used to be, huh...")
  472. Goro (EN): So, my final opponent is a puppet version of myself...
  473. !! He doesn't just see cognitive Goro as a puppet version of himself, but more of a manifestation of the puppet he used to be until literal moments ago. That's significant, but unfortunately went missing in the localization.
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