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  1. >Demon girl
  2. Pink lady
  4. >I can't do this. I ran out of mana too. This sucks.
  5. I'm getting a bit thirsty as well.
  6. >The Broadway really is dangerous at night...
  7. They suddenly get a lot stronger on the fourth floor, don't they?
  8. >peek
  9. >I wanna have a break. I'll look for a cafe on the second floor.
  10. Ah! Sounds good! Let's go buy some tobacco as well!
  12. > that.
  13. Yeah.
  14. >Use that as the insert.
  15. I get it. Or rather, I feel like we might have already done it.
  16. >Just have something that never comes up after the opening.
  17. >People might get mad though.
  18. Hehehe.
  19. >They'd be like "I wanted to watch that".
  20. Hahaha.
  21. >But, you know, something like that.
  22. Yeah.
  23. >I wanna try doing something with this dungeon-esque feel at least once...
  24. Yeah. Didn't you talk about that before? How the Broadway totally seems like a dungeon.
  25. >If the Broadway had like a hundred floors that might be kinda fun.
  26. Hehehe. And it wouldn't actually even have a top.
  27. >Seems like the Broadway really does have a second basement level though.
  28. Ooh?
  29. >The second basement level of legend.
  30. Talking about legends makes it sound like a dungeon already.
  32. >But you know, about deciding on the subject.
  33. Yeah?
  34. >If you come up with any ideas, you'll bring them up, right?
  35. Yeah.
  36. >Well, not to imply anything, but
  37. >since we made the Nakano pic and are chatting about Nakano and all
  38. Mm.
  39. >maybe something set in Nakano...
  40. >Or since it's New Year's, maybe we could do something with dogs.
  41. Ooh!
  42. For the year of the dog.
  43. >Dogs would be easy to do.
  44. That's right.
  45. I heard this story a while back about a dog that was funny.
  46. >What story are you talking about?
  47. Well, there's this guy chasing after a dog...
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