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  1. We are a hard working group of soldier always ready to fight, or capture any enemy's who stand in our path. We are a '''pvp tribe''' that use slaves to do our hard work. We might collect you why your sleeping, narc you up while your collecting resources, or raid your base and capture your tribemates, if were up to it. were a ruthless tribe and will capture and convert pretty much anybody we find into our slaves. if you don't end up one of are slaves, you'll end up dead. we are willing to trade our slaves for rare resources, armor, or weapons, but slaves will never be set free without a price. '''If your looking to join the militia contact the leader of the tribe, Camoman6059, or a admin on Xbox Live'''. To join are tribe you must be Level '''25''' or higher. To Become a Tribe Admin you must be appointed by the leader himself, you must be a long time member, level '''100''' or above, and have to have captured at least one slave . Rules of the tribe are as follows, '''NO''' freeing or trading slaves without tribe owner or admins permission, '''NO''' friendly killing, '''NO''' slave killing, and '''NO''' Stealing from tribemates, breaking any of these rules will result in the '''banning, and/or killing''' of you and your dinos. in some cases you may even become a slave yourself. we currently have '''no rivals or alliances''', but are always looking to start some. tribe alliance's '''MUST''' be created by the owner, '''NO''' Admins or tribemates can create alliances. We are Located on the server '''SteelF0rge'''.
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