Sleepover 2

Oct 30th, 2018
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  1. >The rest of the day went by in a haze
  2. >The girls didn't give you a second to rest, nor did they need to with Sunset's magic
  3. >The second one girl was lifting herself off your cock another one was ready to take a seat
  4. >You tasted each of the girls, some more than once
  5. >Fingering had happened, and you were pretty sure at one point you had found yourself navigating some sort of sexuipede
  6. >You all went at it for so long that the sun had long set and wee hours of the morning were starting to creep in
  7. >While you weren't allowed to get tired, the girls eventually did, and in turn you were able to pass out on a pile of pillows and blanket that Ponk and Fluttershy had brought
  8. >Tomorrow was going to be much of the same, you knew, so catching what sleep you could was important
  9. >They might not have been as horny as they were in high school but they'd leave you walking funny for the rest of the month if you weren't careful
  10. >Thankfully, you had mastered the art of getting a decent sleep in just a few hours
  11. >That, a good breakfast, and a bit of stretching in the morning and you'd be raring to go
  12. >"Nonny. Pshhhhhhh. Nonners."
  13. >A hand gently slapped your face
  14. >You still, very much wanting to sleep, pawed at it with an unhappy grumble
  15. >"Nonny. Anon. Hey, wake up silly."
  16. >You covered your head with an arm, to little effect, forcing you to open your eyes to confront your attacker
  17. >Pinkie's bright blue eyes stared back at you
  18. "Whatcha slappin' me for, Ponk?" you asked, sleep thick in your voice
  19. >Pinkie looked around at the sleeping girls around you
  20. >She bit her lip, leaning toward your ear
  21. >"You wanna do that thing we talked about a little while ago? The thing in the shower?" she whispered
  22. >You wouldn't say your exhaustion vanished, but you did feel a good deal more awake after her words
  24. "Yeah. Yeah," you said with a yawn. "Gimme a minute to get up."
  25. >For a moment, the only thing that you could see was Ponk's smile
  26. >"Awesome! Thanks Nonners!"
  27. >She gave you a quick kiss
  28. >"I'll go and turn the shower on."
  29. >With that, she hoped to her feet, stepping over her friends toward the bathroom
  30. >You stared at her butt as she left, struggling against sleep
  31. >If you laid here too long you'd pass right back, and that just wouldn't do
  32. >A promise was a promise, and you promised Ponk you'd be in that shower with her sometime this weekend
  33. >With that thought in mind, you made to roll onto your knees so you could begin the arduous task of getting up
  34. >Almost immediately, you noticed that there was a problem
  35. >Someone had their hand wrapped around your lil' fella
  36. >The person that was currently holding you to be more specific
  37. >"And where do you think you're going, darling?" a Rarity whispered in your ear. "Leaving me here all cold and lonely. For shame."
  38. >A hand reached around to grope your chest
  39. "I gotta shower with Pinkie," you said as the girl snuggled closer to you, pressing those perfect boobs of hers against your back
  40. >You could feel her nipples brushing against your skin
  41. >"Oh do you now? And this invitation is just offered to Pinkie Pie then?"
  42. "I promised."
  43. >Rarity gave your shaft a few slow pumps
  44. >Her hands were so soft and warm, and despite yourself you felt yourself becoming hard
  45. >You knew what the girl was trying for
  46. >First it was the handjob, then she'd be on top of you and you'd never get in the damned shower
  47. >You rolled over so that you were fact-to-face with the fashionista
  48. >Rarity, thankfully, allowed you to do this, easing up her grip so you could pull off the movement without hurting yourself
  50. >She was staring at you with a small, pleased smile
  51. >There was a predatory look in her eyes that made you want to flip her on her stomach and give her something to really
  52. >But you couldn't
  53. >Ponk was a'waiting
  54. "I'll owe you a favor in the morning if you let me get up," you said
  55. >Rarity's smile grew
  56. >"A favor, hmm?" she said placing a hand on the back of your head
  57. >With a little tug your noses were touching, Rarity staring right into your eyes
  58. >"I suppose I can't turn down such an opportunity, can I?" she said, reaching down to give your butt a squeeze
  59. >You smiled as you felt her release your grip on your johnson
  60. "Thanks, Rare," you said, giving her a kiss
  61. >As you lips connected, you tasted something very familiar on them
  62. "Were you licking Twi again?"
  63. >Rarity's smile became toothy
  64. >"I couldn't help it, darling. You know how adorable those noises she makes are~"
  65. >She licked your lips before gently biting the tip of your nose
  66. >"Now be off. Have your fun with Pinkie. I'll expect you within the hour however. It's dreadfully hard to sleep without my favorite teddy bear."
  67. >You slowly got to your feet
  68. >Your movements stiff and careful
  69. >Magic or not, you were only mortal, and having to please seven girls for hours wore down the body
  70. >You made your way toward Rainbow's bathroom, nearly tripping over a softly snoring Fluttershy in the process
  71. >You could hear the shower running through the door
  72. >Just underneath that, you could hear Ponk humming a tune to herself
  73. >You yawned again, giving the door a knock, more out of politeness than anything, before opening it and stepping inside
  74. >You were forced to squint as the bathroom's bright ass lights blinded you
  76. >It took a few seconds to get used to the light, but you were eventually able to see Ponk's head poking out from behind the shower curtain
  77. >Her curly hair hung limply around her shoulders, and there was a grin a mile wide on her face
  78. >"Nonners, did you knock?" she asked
  79. "Of course I knocked," you said
  80. >Ponk giggled, looking you up and down
  81. >"Wowie, you're covered in lipstick, Nonners."
  82. >You looked down at yourself, not at all surprised to be covered in every color of the rainbow
  83. >It might have been neat looking in an artsy-fartsy kind of way if the lipstick didn't feel so gross against your skin
  84. "Yeah, and the sky's blue. You got room for one more?"
  85. >"'Course I do! Come on in, the water's hot," Pinkie replied, vanishing behind the shower curtain
  86. >You stared at that curtain for a moment
  87. >Where was the best place to attack?
  88. >Ponk was probably waiting for you to come from the end
  89. >Then again, knowing her, she could be posed and readied if you wanted to surprise her by going in the front
  90. >Tip toeing across the bathroom floor, you went for the the back end of the shower
  91. >One: because no matter where you went Ponk would probably be waiting
  92. >Two: because you didn't want a jet of hot water immediately slamming you in the face
  93. >You hadn't pushed your head fully into the shower when a pair of arms wrapped around your neck
  94. >With a mighty heave, you were yanked through the curtain, somehow not falling and breaking your neck by the grace of god
  95. >"There's my Nonny," Pinkie said, hugging you close
  96. >She gave you a sniff, her face scrunching up
  97. >"My stinky Nonny."
  98. "Hey, you'd be stinky too if every girl in the neighborhood run a train on you," you said
  100. >You gave Ponk a sniff
  101. "And you're not as fresh as a daisy either, missy."
  102. >Pinkie's smile lessened, though it lost none of its warmth
  103. >She reached behind her, producing a loofah
  104. >"Clean me?" she asked
  105. >You looked at the loofah, then back at her
  106. >Pinkie's smile disappeared
  107. >Something flashed across her face, something very unPinkielike
  108. >"If you want, I mean," she said, hiding the loofah behind her back. "You don't gotta. I can--thmp!"
  109. >You cupped the party girl's face, pulling her into a kiss
  110. >There was no tongue, no aggression or anyone fighting anything, it was just a smooch
  111. >You kissed her again and again, not letting her steady herself, pushing her toward the front of the shower
  112. >Pinkie let out a yelp as her bare back pressed against the cold wall
  113. >Her arms flew toward her chest, eyes huge
  114. >She squirmed, blush working its way onto her cheeks
  115. >You pressed yourself against her, still cupping her face, still kissing her
  116. >Now you were deepening each kiss, making them linger
  117. >You could smell the mint on her breath
  118. >She must have brushed her teeth before waking you up
  119. >It took awhile--it always took awhile-- but Pinkie relaxed just a little
  120. >Her arms wrapped around your middle
  121. >Your kisses were returned, and she could look you in the eye as she did so, though the blush was still there
  122. >Here was a part of Pinkie a lot of people never got to saw, not even her friends
  123. >What stood before you was a shy, emotional girl that didn't like her little belly or the things that some people said behind her back when they thought she wasn't listening
  124. >She needed to be held like this, kissed like this, told that she was just as good as everyone told her she was
  125. >Sometimes someone that went out of her way to make others happy needed someone else to do the same for her
  126. >Pinkie's grip around you tightened
  128. >She squinted, tears forming out the corners of her eyes
  129. >You gave her a smile
  130. "I love you, Pinkie Pie," you told her
  131. >Pinkie closed her eyes, a look of pain coming to her face
  132. >You kissed her a few more times as she let out a sob, shaking in your arms
  133. "I love you, you silly filly. All of you. Every little bit."
  134. >Your last kiss missed as Ponk buried her face into the nape of your neck
  135. >Sobs wracked her body as she cried
  136. >You murmured every encouragement that came to mind, running your fingers through her hair
  137. >Years ago, you had been furious seeing such a happy girl like this
  138. >You almost got suspended once hitting someone in high school that made a comment about faggy party games and no booze
  139. >Now? Now you understood what this was supposed to be
  140. >Holding all of this in wasn't good for Pank; it wasn't good for anyone
  141. >She needed to let it out, and you were more than happy to let her vent out on you
  142. >The tears and crying eventually died down
  143. >Pinkie was just leaning against you, arms hanging loosely around your waist
  144. >Her ear was against your chest
  145. >She had told you once she really liked listening to your heart beat
  146. >Slowly, she pulled her head back to look up at you
  147. >Her eyes were red from crying, and you could see some snot running down her nose
  148. >You wiped away the snot with a hand, then her eyes
  149. >Grabbing her shoulders, you took a step back and looked her up and down
  150. >She looked the same as she did since you were all Freshmen in high school
  151. >A pair of boobs just big enough to cup, a bit of pudge around her belly, very pale skin, legs almost thick as Applejack's, and a butt that could swing around and knock everything in this shower over
  152. >In a word, utterly gorgeous
  153. >You whistled
  154. >Pank giggled
  155. >Getting up on her tippy toes, she gave you a quick smooch
  156. >"Love ya too."
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