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  1. 2015 was a pretty decent year for speedrunning for me. I had three main goals:
  2. 35 in Rockman & Forte (Rockman)
  3. Play Rockman X2 at SGDQ '15 decently
  4. Learn + push DQIII, long term to get under 3 hours (past 2015)
  6. I dabbled with some other games (DQIX was fun), but I achieved those goals (questionable on the second one but I'm satisfied).
  8. As I've said before, I'm planning on submitting DQIII to SGDQ - I have very low expectations though. Hopefully it'll appear at RPGLB. I'll submit another Rockman series game to SGDQ, then I don't plan on submitting any more in the future for GDQs. It's fun to submit and prepare games, but it's easy to fall into a weird cycle of just preparing games for live events, which I definitely felt at SGDQ '15. Most of the fun I have at GDQ has nothing to do with playing games in the marathon anyway.
  10. Not sure about the future - I have high expectations for RPG Speed Watch program though.
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