Holst Tipping

Sep 25th, 2015
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  1. You lived in a simple town, far away from the hustle and bustle of the city. Green hills stretched out as far as the eye could see, and late in the summer, they turned into a golden ocean of wheat, ripe for the harvest. It was a peaceful town, but it offered little in the way of entertainment. As a result, you and your friends found other ways to keep yourselves busy. Tonight, you and a few friends were going out for a good old fashioned round of cow tipping. Or at least it would be cow tipping, if this town had any cows to tip.
  3. Most of the local farms made their money on wheat, and few animals were kept. There was a lone dairy to be found, but it had no cows. This was one of the rare farms now employing mamono, rather than keeping cattle, and instead of cows, they got their milk from a large number of holstaurs.
  5. But you and the boys were nothing if not creative. You’d managed to adapt the time honored sport into a new activity called “Holst Squeezing.” The concept was simple enough. You snuck into the dairy after dark, snuck up on a sleeping or unsuspecting holstaur, and gave her breasts a rough squeeze before running off. It got the heart pumping, and it was a good way to do something really stupid after a night of drinking. Tonight was no exception.
  7. You and the boys had shotgunned one too many cheap beers from the supermarket, and were all on board for a rousing game of holst squeezing. It was well into the night, and you were all slowly creeping up on the dairy pasture. You were hiding in a large bush, just beyond the fence of the pasture. Beyond you could see the lush grass, littered with sleeping holstaurs. It was time for the game to begin.
  9. One of your friends went first, hopping the fence, and silently creeping through the herd of snoozing cowgirls. Any one of them would do, but the further someone went into the field, the more bragging rights they were allowed for the night. He stopped at a safe distance, an easy sprint to the fence, and stooped over a holstaur that was sleeping on her back, leaving her chest defenseless. Suddenly, like a pair of vipers, his hands shot out and latched onto the holstaurs chest, firmly groping the soft, fleshy orbs.
  11. As soon as he’d given her chest a good squeeze he made his escape, dashing back towards the fence. Of course, climbing over the fence, he managed to trip and tumbled to the ground, scrambling back towards the seclusion of the bushes. You and your friends did your best to stay quiet, all the while laughing at his spill and congratulating him on a successful squeeze. You watched the reaction of the holstaur, still half asleep, looking around and feeling at her chest before settling back down to sleep.
  13. Now it was your turn. You scaled the fence as quietly as possible, creeping through the sleeping herd. You were feeling bod today, and decided to try and outdo your buddy, and went several yards further into the field, peering through the darkness at your potential victims. All you could hear around you was the soft snores of the holstaurs. Finally, you settled on your prey, a more petite holstaur with blonde hair, sleeping on her side, back nestled against what looked like a large bale of hay.
  15. Your strike was swift, and your greedy fingers wrapped themselves around the holstaur’s pliant chest, sinking into its softness. You gave them a good firm squeeze through her cow-print top and even gave them a quick shake for good measure. You marveled at the wonderful feel of her chest. A holstaur’s breasts were always pillowy soft, and yet, had just the right amount of spring. The rare, fleeting moment where you could fondle their breasts at will was what made living in this small town worth it.
  17. A few loud snorts snapped your boob induced stupor. She must be waking up by now. Turning back towards your friends, you began your mad dash to the fence line, only to trip and fall flat on your face. But it was not the alcohol that had caused your fall, your ankle had snagged on something. Tugging your leg did nothing, as whatever had caught your ankle was hanging on tight. Looking down, you saw that it was not some stray piece of equipment or gopher hole that had caught your leg, but a hand. And it was not the small, dainty hand of a holstaur, but a large rough hand, connected to a tanned, muscular arm.
  19. You followed the arm to its owner, what, in the darkness of night, you had thought was a simple hay bale. In reality, it was the body of a cow girl, similar to the holstaurs but far larger and more powerful. And then you saw something that made your blood run cold, you followed the arm along its broad shoulder to the head on its owner, a head, topped by messy brown hair, with eyes that were looking directly at you, and sporting a wide, toothy grin. This was not the gentle, dainty smile of the holstaurs that waved at men who passed by the dairy, but the self-satisfied grin of a cat who’d just caught the canary. That grin opened to seal your fate with a single word, “Gotcha.”
  21. The minotaur slowly staggered to her feet, rubbing the sleep from her eyes with a free hand, and hoisting you into the air with the other, planting your face directly in front of her hardened abs, filling your nose with the scent of sweat and fresh cut grass. Desperately seeking a way out of this predicament, you turned your head towards the bush where your friends were hidden, just in time to see them scramble out of hiding and head for the hills. You’d been abandoned.
  23. The minotaur let out a long yawn while she held you, suspended in the air. “Well, what do we have here?” she asked playfully, “A drunken little troublemaker here to fondle my little sisters’ chests, huh? You know you don’t have to sneak around like this, sugar. I’m sure these gals would be happy to let you grab their chests any old time of day. Course, seeing how you like holstaur breasts so much…” She brought a hand to her lips and let out one of the loudest wolf whistles you’d ever heard, causing every one of the sleeping holstaurs to lazily wake from their slumber. You looked up to see her licking her lips. “We’d better make sure you get your fill.”
  25. The holstaurs, still weary from having their sleep interrupted all gathered around, curiously eyeing your dangling form.
  27. “Who’s this, Tina?”
  29. “Why’s he here so late?”
  31. “Is he lost?”
  33. Rather than answer the herd’s barrage of questions, Tina released your leg, dropping you. Seizing the opportunity, you scrambled to your feet in an effort to escape, but surrounded as you were, all you managed to do was run straight into the open arms of a holstaur, who quickly wrapped you in an embrace, hugging your head to her chest. Then you felt the hands of the minotaur tighten around the waist of your pants before yanking them down around your ankles, exposing you to the entire herd.
  35. “Now that’s better, isn’t it?” Tina chimed. Grabbing your shoulders, she pulled you down and sat you in her lap, locking her arms around your shoulders to keep you from struggling. You noticed you head nestling between something warm and round. You quickly realized that the minotaur had removed her tattered half shirt and was resting your head between her bare breasts. They were quite a bit firmer than that of her holstaur cousins but still had an incredible amount of give to them, lightly forming around the contours of your neck.
  37. “Alright Anna, why don’t you go first,” Tina called out, and one of the many bovine girls stepped forward. In fact, you recognized this one. It was the very same girl you’d been groping right before Tina had caught you. “Since he picked your chest out of all the others, it seems only right that you should have the first go at him.” She got on all fours and slowly crawled toward you, her breasts swaying and shaking with every movement. Normally you’d be struggling to free yourself, but the combination of the minotaur’s breasts on your neck, and the holstaur’s gentle, reassuring gaze kept you calm enough for her to approach.
  39. Soon enough, you were face to face with the busty bovine, and she graced you with a soft smile before reaching down, and tenderly began to stimulate your exposed penis with her dainty hands. “Don’t you fret now,” Tina whispered into your ear, “Little Anna is real gentle. She’ll treat you right.” Sure enough, Anna’s lewd fondling soon brought you to a full erection. The rest of the herd watched intently, their curious gazes all focused on your erect penis.
  41. “That’ll do, Anna,” Tina told the holstaur, who stopped at her command, “Now, since he seemed to like your breasts so much, why don’t you show him what they can really do.” With a nod, Anna pulled up her top, exposing the milky white skin of her breasts, capped with little pink nipples. She grabbed her breasts in her hands, spreading them apart before lowering her chest and wrapping the fleshy orbs around your engorged shaft. She slowly massaged your cock with her supple breasts, staring up at you with large, blue eyes, giggling at every little gasp or moan she elicited from you.
  43. “Hey. Why so quiet?” Tina whispered to you, “Don’t you see how much effort she’s putting into this? How much she’s trying to make you feel good with those big soft breasts of hers? Doesn’t it feel good, being stroked by her chest? Go on. Tell her how much you love it. Tell her what a good cow she is.”
  45. Between Anna’s attentions and Tina’s lewd comments, it wasn’t long before you reached the points of no return. You bucked your hips, and your cock spasmed, filling her cleavage with your semen. Your sudden release didn’t even startle the holstaur, who massaged you through your orgasm. “Good work, Anna. Now go wash up.”
  47. The holstaur nodded before leaning in to give you a quick, chaste kiss. “Thank you,” she whispered before rushing off to rinse her breasts that you’d so thoroughly coated.
  49. “I think she likes you, sugar. She’s normally such a shy one, too,” Tina mused before motioning to another holstaur from the herd, “Belle! You’re up next!”
  51. “You got it, Tina!” Out from the crowd stepped a holstaur with fiery red hair, pulled back into a tight braid. She was a head shorter than most of her sisters, but every bit as busty, and sported a set of wide, flared hips. Unlike Anna, who’d been cautious to approach, Belle wasted no time, practically leapt to your crotch, tearing off her top and sandwiching your cock between her breasts. Where Anna had been slow and careful, Belle was rapidly moving her breasts up and down your sensitive shaft, filling the air with the sound of her chest slapping against your thighs.
  53. “Belle’s always been a little firecracker,” Tina breathed into your ear, “I dare say I’ve been rubbing off on her.”
  55. “You bet!” Belle agreed enthusiastically, smiling up at the minotaur “I want to be just like you, Tina!”
  57. “Aww, isn’t that sweet? But you’ve got to try a bit harder if that’s what you want. You’re being way too soft on him.”
  59. “Is that a challenge?” Belle grinned and picked up the pace, stroking you with her tits as fast as she could. The sheer stimulation had you crying out and bucking every which way. If it weren’t for Tina holding you still, it probably would have looked like you were having a seizure. In no time at all, the intense stimulation of her breasts coaxed another load out of you, and you shot rope after rope of semen out of her cleavage, and straight onto her face. The energetic holstaur pulled back in surprise as you covered both her face and chest in your seed.
  61. Tina chortled at the spectacle. “Well done, Belle! Well done! Now go clean yourself up. You’re a mess.” Belle stood up and used her finger to scrape a bit of your cum off her breasts, popping it into her mouth, and winking at you before running off to wash up.
  63. As eager as the rest of the herd was to have a turn with you, the two consecutive orgasms you’d just had were taking their toll, and your penis began to soften. “Hey now, there’s no time for rest, sugar. There’s a lot more girls here eager to meet you. Daisy, you mind giving us a hand?”
  65. Out from the crowd stepped a tall, voluptuous holstaur in a white sundress. She looked to be the oldest of the herd, although the only sign of her age was a few small lines around her eyes. What really set her apart was her chest. Even by holstaur standards, her breasts were enormous. “My my, already calling for me? You need to work on your stamina, young man.” She spoke softly as she knelt by your side. She pulled down the top of her dress, revealing her massive breasts, already leaking milk.
  67. “Daisy’s one of our best producers,” Tina explained, “She can put out more milk in a day than most of us do in a week. A nice dose of her milk should keep you going the rest of the night.”
  69. Daisy presented you with her nipple, but you kept your mouth shut and turned your head. “Don’t be stubborn now,” Tina chastised, “Be a good boy and drink your milk!” She reached up with one of her hands to pinch your nose, cutting off your airflow. You fought for as long as you could, but it was only a matter of time before your body’s need for oxygen overwhelmed you. Your lungs began to burn, and soon it felt like your chest might burst. Finally, you gave in, opening your mouth to suck in a life-saving breath of air. You felt the sweet relief of oxygen filling your lungs, but when you tried to breathe out, you found your mouth blocked by Daisy’s engorged nipple.
  71. Tina finally let go of your nose, allowing you to get the air you so desperately craved. Meanwhile, Daisy held the back of your head with a hand, pressing you into her breast and filling your mouth with her milk. It had a very rich texture going down, almost like sweet cream, and yet it felt refreshing and energizing. “There, isn’t that better?” Daisy asked, as she stroked the back of your head, her free hand roaming down to your crotch. She slowly encircled the shaft with her fingers and rubbed the head with her thumb. Sure enough, you soon felt blood flowing back to your crotch as she worked you to a full erection.
  73. “Daisy’s always kind of been the mom of the herd,” Tina explained, “We all grew up drinking her milk, even me. It’s a good thing you showed up when you did. She hasn’t had anyone to nurse since we weened little Samantha, and the milking machines can be real tough on the poor girl.”
  75. Daisy sped up her stroking as Tina spoke, occasionally stopping to play with your balls. “How is it, sweetie?” She asked, although it wasn’t like you could respond with a mouthful of boob. “You don’t mind letting this old cow play with you for a while, right?” Perhaps it was the milk, or maybe it was the constant whispers of Daisy and Tina, but you soon felt the telltale ache in your balls, signaling that another orgasm wasn’t far off. Daisy seemed quick to pick up on this. “Are you ready to cum, sweetie? That’s alright. You don’t have to hold back. Just let it all out for me, alright.” Her words finally pushed you over the edge, as your cock pulsed, spurting your semen onto the grass. Daisy gave your shaft a few final pumps. “Good boy,” She whispered, giving you a kiss on the forehead.
  77. The rest of the night carried on in much the same manner. Tina would call one of the holstaurs over to play with you, they’d stroke you to orgasm with their breasts, and then make room for the next one, calling in Daisy to nurse you anytime you went flaccid. It wasn’t until you saw the first light of morning that the minotaur finally released your arms. You thought she was finally releasing you, that is, until she pulled you to the ground and straddled you, flashing you that same predatory grin she had when she’d first caught you.
  79. “Well…It’s finally my turn, sugar,” she said, sliding her hot pants down her legs and tossing them to the side. Panting heavily, she lined up you erect dick with her dripping snatch, rubbing the head along her slit. “Now…you’re all…MINE!” As if to punctuate her words, she slammed her hips down, engulfing your penis in her moist tunnel in a single movement. She wasted no time in getting up to speed, rapidly raising her hips before slamming them back down. It reminded you of a bull at a rodeo trying to buck its rider off, only this time the bull was the one doing the riding. Her breathing only grew heavier as she rode you into the ground, and her body began to glisten with a thin sheen of sweat. Her tan, firm breasts, each topped with a little brown nub, bounced with every thrust.
  81. “You’re getting close, aren’t you?” She huffed between breaths, “Don’t you dare try to hold it in! I’ve had to watch my sisters play with you all night, so it’s about damn time I got my fill! Let it out, sugar! Fill me up!” She hilted herself on your cock, and as if on command, you came, filling her womb with sperm. She shook and shuddered on top of your cock, clearly undergoing an orgasm of her own, before she finally collapsed. Slowly, she rolled off of you, and curled up on the ground, snoring loudly.
  83. You took this as your chance to escape, and quickly pulled up your pants, only to be caught once more by the arms of the minotaur. She was still asleep, but her grip was no weaker, and she pulled you towards her, resting your head between her breasts. The holstaurs seemed to follow Tina’s lead, and all curled up around you to sleep, most of them hugging you and pressing their breasts against you. Too tired to worm you way out of their embrace, you too decided succumbed to sleep, there in the holstaur fields.
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