Ironman guide v4

Aug 27th, 2021 (edited)
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  1. Oldschool Runescape
  2. Ironman guide
  3. By OzirisRS
  5. Old version: https://pastebin.com/0xGyuk5r
  6. This version is mostly copy pasted from the old, with improved quest order and new methods, just in case you're wondering why it looks the exact same at first.
  12. If you want to donate to me for making this guide, here's a link you can use:
  13. paypal.me/ozirisrs
  14. This is completely optional, all donations are very much appreciated.
  20. Please read this first bit before starting with the actual guide.
  23. If there's a mistake in this guide somewhere then feel free to tweet me @ozirislol but don't tell me to update this as soon as some new update comes, these take a very long time to make.
  24. Also I rarely reply to questions that can easily be answered by using ctrl+F on this guide OR by googling.
  26. There is no single right way to play this game, everything in this guide is just what I would recommend. If you don't want to follow a step by step guide then feel free to do your own thing. It might still be worth reading this to pick up some ideas on what goals you could go for.
  29. Thank you for reading and enjoy the guide!
  31. Good luck & have fun.
  37. Contents
  39. 1. Complete walk-through to barrows gloves (starts at 54)
  40. 1.1 Early quests, wintertodt and ardy cloak 1 (66)
  41. 1.2 Thieving, fishing and mining (576)
  42. 1.3 Fairy rings, 43 prayer, kingdom, thieving (665)
  43. 1.4 Various skilling, agility for graceful (930)
  44. 1.5 Diaries and finishing RFD (1097)
  46. 2. Goals after Barrows gloves (1151)
  54. 1. Complete walk-through to barrows gloves
  56. Start as a female character, don't forget to make yourself an ironman before leaving tutorial island.
  57. female char is for recruitment drive quest
  59. Use every book and lamp on Herblore UNTIL 77herb, after that they should be used on prayer(HCIM only), agility or RC, whichever you dislike the most.
  61. Use Authenticator AND 2-step verification on registered e-mail
  66. 1.1 Early quests, wintertodt and ardy cloak 1
  68. Lumby
  69. As soon as you spawn, sell bronze dagger, sword, axe, wooden shield and shortbow to the general store
  70. Buy a spade, start X marks the spot quest
  71. Drop your runes and ask for more from the magic tutor, pick up your runes
  73. Pick up every item spawn in the castle, including the ones in cellar, don't forget the cabbage
  74. Fill a jug with water
  75. Talk to the duke to start Rune mysteries quest
  77. Go to the top of the castle, bank everything
  78. Light the 4 logs until 15 Firemaking
  79. After that fletch the same logs into 1000 arrow shafts
  80. Bank at least 4 ashes
  81. Bank 7 logs for later
  83. Take out GP, Clue(x marks the spot), air talisman, spade, mind/air runes, bread and shrimp from the bank
  84. Thieve men until 5 thieving
  85. HCIMs eat bread/shrimp, quickhop cabbages from basement if needed, normals can just suicide for hp.
  87. Dig up the clue north of bob's axes
  88. Buy a steel axe
  89. make sure the world is full stock, should cost 200gp
  90. Start Restless ghost by talking to Father Aereck
  91. Dig up the clue behind lumby castle
  94. West of Lumby castle
  95. Kill a rat (safespot with wind strike) for its meat
  96. Safespot: https://i.imgur.com/EJimQCW.png
  97. Hug the fence and run west, make sure you always have at least 15 energy to get gap just incase you get attacked by anything
  99. Pick up 5 swamp tar around the swamp cave entrance
  100. Talk to Father Urhney to get the ghostspeak amulet, equip it
  101. Take the air talisman to wizard tower
  102. Run to draynor village
  104. Dig the next clue for X marks the spot
  105. Pick up 2 cheese at Aggie in Draynor village
  106. Buy 5 wine from Fortunato, use as emergency food if needed
  107. Dig up the casket at draynor pig pen
  108. Finish the X marks the spot quest by talking to Veos
  109. Don't use the xp lamp on anything yet
  111. Walk to rimmington, pick up 1 snape grass near crafting guild at the hobgoblins.
  112. Make sure you have ~10 run energy for this so you can just quickly grab one and get out.
  113. Walk to Falador
  114. Start The Knight's sword quest by talking to the squire
  117. Minigame tele to Clan wars
  118. Pick up 2 iron bars just northwest of Ferox, Map: https://i.imgur.com/qDB44ko.png
  119. Inv: Steel axe, GP, Tinderbox, Jug of water, 1 normal log, jug of wine
  120. Recharge run energy using the pool of refreshment, then use the green portal to teleport to Castle wars.
  123. Walk to yanille
  124. Buy a pie dish at Yanille cooking shop
  126. Walk to port Khazard
  127. Buy 1 swamp paste from the general store
  128. Do Monk's friend
  130. Get 35 woodcutting at oak trees and firemake the logs as you cut them.
  131. 2 Oaks just south of ardy zoo http://i.imgur.com/EN5Jpdb.png
  134. Ardy
  135. Get 20 thieving with cake
  136. Bank 15 bread and ALL the normal cakes you get, drop chocolates.
  137. Steal silk until 25 thieving
  138. Do Sheep herder
  140. Take out GP, swamp paste and small fishing net
  141. Do Sea slug, fish shrimp while doing quest for diary
  142. Don't drop quest reward oyster pearls, worth over 500gp in the general store
  143. After the quest, buy however many sardine you can fit in your inventory from the fish shop in Witchaven
  144. Sell your silk for 60gp each, keep 10 in bank for quests
  146. You should have 10k GP at this point
  147. Buy a Player-owned house.
  148. Use the xp lamp from X marks the spot on Construction
  149. Buy 2 ropes, 5 vials, 30balls of wool and 7 papyrus from ardy general store
  150. Inv: rope, spade, gp, few cakes
  152. Dig up clue hunter gloves and boots north of Ardy, http://i.imgur.com/sOD5Zhz.png
  153. Buy greenman's ale from Rasolo
  154. Do Dwarf cannon until the part where you have to go to Ice mountain
  156. Pick up 130 planks north of the Barb agility course
  157. Do BA tutorial for minigame tele
  158. You can skip the tutorial nowadays but just make sure you have the teleport unlocked(attempt to minigame tele to BA)
  159. Start Barcrawl miniquest
  160. Do Waterfall quest until the part where you have to go to the gnome maze, remember to read the book
  162. Walk to Gnome stronghold
  164. Buy a drink from Blurberry for the Barcrawl miniquest.
  165. Buy these items from heckel funch(east of Blurberry);
  166. 1 pineapple, 1 orange, 2 lemons, 1 cocktail shaker, 1 cocktail glass
  167. 1 Dwellberries, 1 bucket of milk, 1 chocolate dust
  168. Buy 1000 bronze arrowheads(100/world for 1gp ea)
  169. The weapon shop is on 3rd floor south of the ladder
  170. Make the hangover cure for plague city quest
  173. Inv: Rope, dwellberries, hangover cure
  174. Walk to Ardy
  175. Do Plague city
  177. Home tele to lumby and run north to Varrock east bank
  178. Equip ghostspeak amulet if you've banked it at some point
  179. Complete Daddy's home miniquest
  180. Sell the 8 bolts of cloth from the quest reward back to the sawmill
  181. From sawmill buy 500 bronze nails
  183. Minigame teleport to Clan wars, recharge energy and use the portal to Castle wars
  184. Take steel axe and a tinderbox
  185. Run south-west of castle wars
  186. Cut and firemake teak logs until 50 Firemaking
  187. Location http://i.imgur.com/cOzCs3x.png
  190. Home tele, Lumby
  191. Talk to the ghost for Restless ghost quest
  192. Run to Draynor bank
  193. Inv:
  194. Gp, bronze nails, hammer, saw, 120 noted planks, 1k arrow shafts, 1k bronze arrowheads, 1 house tab
  196. Buy a chronicle and 2 teleport cards from Diango
  197. Use the housetab and train construction with your planks, make bookcases until out of planks.
  198. Use phials to un-note planks
  199. Walk to port sarim
  200. Buy 1000 feathers from the fishing store
  201. Should just about have enough money, but if you cant afford all of them then it's not a big deal, point is to just get
  202. a few fletching levels before WT
  205. Take the boat to Great Kourend
  206. Make your way to Wintertodt
  207. Fletch all 1k bronze arrows while you walk
  208. If you see wolves near wintertodt, you went the wrong way. Shouldn't get hit by anything on the way.
  210. Should now have 15 fletching and 20 construction as well, this will increase the xp you get in these skills from wintertodt.
  212. Do Wintertodt until 200k cash, get at least 22 fletching at wintertodt as well.
  214. You really shouldn't be in any danger of dying with 10hp, but pay attention anyway, it's a long walk back if you die.
  215. 10HP accounts start taking 1 damage at 56FM even without warm clothing, but if you dug up the clue hunter boots and
  216. gloves earlier then you might as well use them.
  218. Do whatever method you want; solo, mass, fletching the logs, it doesn't make a difference as long as you get the 200k.
  220. If you want, you can stay until you also have 12 magic logs for DT, but they're not mandatory
  222. If you want, feel free to get 99 firemaking in one go. Keep the crates in the bank after 200k gp for better loot later
  225. Inv: GP, few cakes, chronicle, ALL of your mind and air runes
  226. Home tele, Lumby
  227. Drop runes and get more from mage tutor
  228. Buy 3 buckets and 1 bucket pack from the general store
  230. Walk north to Fred's farm
  231. Kill a chicken with wind strike for it's meat at Fred's farm
  232. Pick up egg north of Fred
  233. Kill 1 cow calf for meat
  234. Fill 3 buckets with milk
  235. Dairy cow is north of the windmill
  237. Walk to Barbarian village (you can walk east of draynor manor by the river, don't walk around through falador or something like that)
  238. Get ammo mould and the notes for Dwarf cannon(Ice mountain northwest of Barb village)
  239. Use chronicle tele
  242. Varrock
  243. Start Gertrude's cat, pick up doogle leaves, use the leaves on a sardine
  244. Inv: bucket, barcrawl card, Rune mysteries package and GP
  246. Continue gertrude's cat, talk to the kids at Varrock centre.
  247. Talk to Romeo to start Romeo and Juliet quest
  248. Start Demon slayer, get the 2 keys in Varrock
  249. Talk to Reldo for the Knight's sword quest
  250. Do Shield of Arrav on any visit to Varrock
  252. Buy a fire staff
  253. Buy a newspaper from Benny
  254. Buy gloves and pink skirt from clothes shop
  255. Buy a rotten tomato from the crate near the achievement diary guy
  256. Get a drink for barcrawl at the bar south of Varrock fountain
  257. Buy 4 beers from the same bar
  259. Do museum for 9 Hunter and Slayer
  260. Steal tea from the tea stall
  261. Give the package to Aubury, talk to him again for the notes
  262. Buy 100 fire runes, 300 earth and water, 4000 mind, 8000 airs
  264. Inv: GP, Barcrawl card, bucket of milk, seasoned sardine, axe
  266. Walk to the pub north-east of Varrock
  267. Get a drink for the barcrawl
  268. Cut a dying tree at the sawmill and make 1 regular plank for diary tasks
  269. Continue Gertrude's cat at lumberyard
  272. Varrock east bank, inv: Pickaxe, Chronicle
  273. Fill 1 inventory of buckets with water, bank them
  274. Pick cadava berries and 16 redberries (bush location: https://i.imgur.com/zS8PIZi.png )
  275. Mine 4 copper ore and 1 iron ore
  276. Chronicle tele
  278. Finish Gertrude's cat, raise it with the sardine you bought
  279. Talk to juliet
  280. Varrock west bank, inv: GP, Runes, barcrawl card, cakes, equip fire staff
  282. Walk to Edgeville
  283. Start Abyss miniquest by talking to the zamorak mage in wilderness.
  285. Walk towards Falador
  286. Buy bronze med helm from Barbarian village
  287. Pick up 1 cooked meat from the table and burn it on the fire in the bar
  288. Safespot barbarians in the bar for 13 magic
  289. You can skip getting 13 mage here if you know how to safespot the first 2 forms of witch's house boss
  290. Use the trees to safespot a bear for its meat south of mind altar
  292. Falador
  293. Get a drink from the Falador bar for Barcrawl
  294. Buy 5 wizard mind bombs from the bar
  295. Buy 8 woad leaves, offer 20gp to get 2 leaves
  297. Bank, inv: GP, Cheese, runes, all 4 meat for druidic ritual, 18 cakes. Equip gloves
  300. Taverly
  301. Do Witch's house
  302. Tank the first 2 phases on the north side of the shed and run to safespot when you need to eat
  303. It's possible to safespot the first 2, but with fire strike you are in no real danger of dying with cakes.
  304. Do Druidic ritual
  305. Buy 1 PACK of eyes of newt and pestle and mortar in Taverly
  307. Minigame tele to Clan wars
  308. Inv: GP, pickaxe, burnt meat, eye of newt, 2 iron bars, bucket of water, pie dish, 10 cakes, 2 House teletabs, Fally teletab
  310. House tab to Rimmington
  311. Complete witch's potion, onion is just north of the town
  312. Run to port sarim
  313. Make redberry pie
  314. You can buy flour and redberries at port sarim food shop.
  315. Get a security book from the Security guard upstairs in port sarim jail for a diary task
  317. Give the pie to Thurgo, and ask about Knight's sword
  318. Go down the dungeon and mine 2 blurite ore, 1 is for falador diary
  319. Use the falador teletab, talk to the squire and get the portrait from sir Vyvin's room
  320. Use house tab and run back to thurgo for the sword, run back to Falador
  321. Finish the Knight's sword quest
  323. Home tele and go to al-kharid
  324. Buy 50 thread, 3 needles and all of the moulds from the crafting shop.
  325. Start prince ali rescue and talk to Osman
  326. Fish anchovies(small fish net) south of the Al-Kharid bank for a diary
  328. Buy 1 inv of bronze bars for questing from shantay pass.
  329. Do the tourist trap
  330. Safespot for the captain https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VFxB4zWqrd8
  333. Minigame tele to fish trawler
  334. Cook whatever low level raw food you got from wintertodt for 15 cooking on the fire
  335. Buy 10 buckets of slime
  336. Buy 10 flour from general store
  337. Buy buckets of sand and soda ash.
  338. You only need to buy around 600 buckets of sand and 600 soda ash, rest of crafting will be done with other methods
  340. Mine 15 clay south of Khazard
  343. Inv: Fire strike, barcrawl card, cakes, axe
  344. Fire strike imps west of the tower of life for all 4 beads
  345. Keep a mind talisman for Falador diary if you get one
  346. Do Fight arena
  347. Do Tree gnome village, get Glarial's pebble on the way for Waterfall
  348. Safespot the khazard warlord, plenty of videos on youtube showing how to if you don't know
  350. Use the spirit tree and go to battlefield of khazard.
  351. Run to ZMI bank and safespot the zamorak warrior until you get a rune scimitar
  352. Getting the scim is optional but it's not too rare and you're still getting mage xp.
  353. You can also buy a rune sword from champion's guild if you don't want to camp for the scimitar.
  354. Get a drink from Ardy bar for the barcrawl.
  356. Buy 4 compost pack from the Ardy farming shop.
  357. Train 42 magic at Moss giants near fishing guild.
  358. Bury the bones
  361. Do Hazeel cult
  362. Get a drink for the barcrawl quest from brimhaven bar
  363. Do Tribal totem
  364. Buy some swordfish and karambwans from the food shop where you start the quest at for some of the more difficult quests.
  366. inv: glarial's pebble, notes for dwarf cannon and ammo mould, rope, 6 air/water/earth runes, cakes
  367. Finish dwarf cannon
  368. Drop runes outside glarial's tomb, get amulet and the urn
  369. Finish waterfall
  371. Minigame tele to fish trawler
  372. inv: GP, Hammer
  373. Charter to port sarim
  374. Go to zeah and get 15% hosidius favour, 100 compost and saltpetre
  375. Train 42 thieving at the fruit stall in a house east of the hosidius marketplace, NOT the stall at the marketplace itself
  376. Use strange fruits for energy restoration, they won't last long but you can do a few quests with them
  378. Home tele, Lumby
  379. Do cook's assistant
  380. Start RFD and watch the cutscene to unlock the bank chest
  381. Make 5 soft clay
  382. Buy 7 buckets of milk
  384. Inv: 20 Ball of wool, 8 cakes
  385. Do sheep shearer
  386. Pickpocket HAM members for a rusty sword
  387. If you get them, keep robes, opal and buttons
  388. Pick up 12 onion at Fred's farm
  391. Draynor
  392. Make 4 red, 4 blue, 5 yellow dye
  393. You can just use the ingredient on Aggie to skip all of the dialogue.
  394. Get the key imprint, wig and skin paste for Prince ali rescue
  395. Items needed: Soft clay, 3 balls of wool, ashes, pot of flour, bucket of water, yellow dye, redberries
  397. Do 1 lap of the agility course for a diary
  398. Start Vampire slayer, get 3 garlic upstairs from the cupboard
  399. Buy birdhouse seeds from Olivia, get as many as you can be bothered for now, if worlds are bought out then try later
  400. Buy 20 teleports for chronicle
  403. Wizard's tower
  404. Equip: fire staff, chronicle
  405. Inv: fire strikes, Rune mysteries notes, 4 beads, 20 bones(kill goblins south of the draynor jail)
  406. Finish Imp catcher
  407. Finish Rune mysteries
  408. Teleport to Essence mines for a diary task
  409. Get the Ghost's skull in the basement
  410. Kill 5 chicken/wizards, give 25 bones for demon slayer key
  412. Chronicle tele
  413. Inv: GP, cadava berries and Juliet's letter(Item name is just 'message')
  416. Varrock
  417. Continue Romeo & Juliet, get cadava potion
  418. Buy iron chainbody from Horvik
  419. Continue Abyss miniquest, get scrying orb, visit ess mines
  420. Finish demon slayer
  421. Get the stake for vampire slayer from the blue moon inn
  423. Finish romeo and juliet
  425. Spirit tree to gnome stronghold
  428. Gnome stronghold
  429. Use Brimstails to go to ess mines (make sure you had the scrying orb still with you)
  430. Start Grand tree
  431. Inv: GP, Chronicle, Bark sample, translation notes, Barcrawl card, Small fishing net, fire strikes
  433. Clan wars minigame tele, recharge energy and go to castle wars
  434. Get a drink for barcrawl from Yanille pub
  435. Buy 2 bird snares, 2 butterfly jars and a butterfly net from the hunter shop
  437. Go to Hazelmere and continue the grand tree until you are at Karamja shipyard
  438. From Karamja shipyard, charter to Karamja, Musa point
  440. Take boat to Port Sarim
  441. Get a drink from the port sarim bar for barcrawl
  442. Start Pirate's treasure
  443. Boat back to Karamja
  445. Fish shrimp north of banana trees for diary
  446. Get a drink for barcrawl from the bar south of the Karamja banana trees
  447. Do Karamja and port sarim parts of the Pirate's treasure quest
  449. Chronicle tele
  450. Get pirate's message from Blue moon inn, you can drop it AFTER reading the message
  452. Spirit tree to Gnome stronghold
  453. Finish The Grand tree
  454. This should get you 43 mage, if you didn't get 43 then fire strike some gnome guards
  456. Buy a premade blurb' sp, 4 vodka, pineapple chunks
  457. Equip Gas mask
  458. Spirit tree to ardy
  460. Ardy
  461. Inv: GP, Scrying orb, pickaxe, fire strike, 1 wizard mind bomb, 1 law rune, some food
  462. Start biohazard, get the plague sample and 3 potions
  463. Take the boat from Ardy docks to Rimmington
  464. Get the touch paper from chemist and give the 3 potions to the guys outside
  465. Take the boat back to Ardy
  467. Visit Ardy ess mines, scrying orb 3/3
  468. If you didn't bank any breads when getting 25 thieving then buy 15 now from the cake stall owner
  469. If you somehow didn't get any iron ore from wintertodt then mine 2 east of Ardy
  470. Use mind bomb and camelot tele
  471. Start Merlin's crystal and talk to Gawain and Lancelot
  473. Catherby
  474. Buy candle, 2 fishing rods, lobster pot
  475. Buy 15 pineapples from charters
  476. Put pineapples into the compost bin
  477. Buy 1 pack of normal compost and all farming tools, store everything in leprechaun
  479. Start Fishing contest
  480. Kill Mordred and get bat bones/black candle for Merlin's crystal
  481. Talk to Sherlock and pick 5 flax for diaries
  484. Seers
  485. Inv: GP, barcrawl card, pot, spade, fishing rod, fishing pass, garlic
  486. Do Murder mystery
  487. Get a drink from Seers' bar for the barcrawl
  488. Finish Fishing contest
  489. Inv: 1 Blue dye, 1 Orange dye, 6 clay, 4 copper, 2 iron, 5 buckets of sand, 5 soda ash, spade, fire strikes
  492. Taverly/Falador
  493. Go under the mountain and speak to Lady of the lake in Taverly
  494. Do Doric's quest
  495. Do Goblin diplomacy
  496. All 3 goblin mails are in crates in the village, don't kill goblins for them
  498. Finish Pirate's Treasure
  499. Make 5 molten glass
  500. Do Black knight's fortress
  501. Do Recruitment drive
  504. Inv: GP, 1 bread
  505. Run south to Port sarim
  506. Trade Sarah's farming shop for a falador diary task
  507. Buy a black wizards hat from Betty at port sarim magic store
  508. Port Sarim jewellery store, give the bread to the beggar to get the excalibur
  511. Minigame tele to clan wars, recharge energy and go to castle wars
  512. inv: GP, 3 planks, bronze bar, molten glass, ghost's skull, runes, some food, 10 empty slots for antipoisons
  513. Hop worlds for super antipoison(1), decant them until you have like 6 full pots
  514. Do the Observatory quest
  517. HOME TELE, Lumby
  518. Finish The Restless ghost
  519. Start the Lost tribe, do until you need to go to Varrock
  520. Inv: Brooch, Scrying orb, GP
  521. Teleport to Varrock
  524. Varrock
  525. Continue Lost tribe until you need to go to the goblin village
  526. Buy priest robes(keep these after quest), boots, gloves
  528. Finish abyss miniquest
  529. Get the magic words for Merlin's crystal at the altar
  530. Continue Biohazard
  532. Do the Digsite quest
  533. Chronicle tele and start Dragon slayer at champion's guild
  534. Use the G.E spirit tree and go to battlefield of khazard
  537. Ardy
  538. Finish Biohazard
  539. Finish off Ardy easy tasks, and get the cloak
  540. Use lamp on agility. Not worth holding on to it, we won't be 30herb for a long time still and 2.5k xp isn't that much
  541. anyway
  542. Trade cat for 200 death runes
  543. Chronicle tele and buy a new kitten
  544. Cloak tele back to Ardy
  546. Karamja
  547. Do Jungle potion
  548. Bring a small fish net with u and fish ~100 karambwanji for your kittens, BE CAREFUL of aggressive NPCs
  549. Do Shilo village
  550. HCIM; Buy a few karambwans and swordfish from brimhaven food store.
  553. inv: pickaxe, hammer, lit candle, excalibur, bat bones, black candle, tinderbox, knife, needle, thread, 4 coal
  554. Teleport to Camelot
  555. Finish Merlin's crystal
  556. Start Holy grail and talk to Merlin
  558. Get boots of lightness
  559. Play the Church organ in the Seers' Village church for diary task
  560. Do Elemental workshop 1
  561. Buy 1 inv of stew from the Seers bar
  562. inv: Lost tribe brooch and book
  565. Falador teleport
  566. Continue Lost tribe
  569. Home tele, Lumby
  570. Finish Lost tribe
  571. inv: gp, 5 silver ore, sickle mould, holy mould, key imprint, bronze bar
  572. Go through the gate to Al-Kharid
  577. 1.2 Thieving, fishing and mining
  580. Desert
  581. Start the Feud at Ali Morrisane
  582. From Ali Morrisane, buy the desert disguise for The Feud quest
  583. Smelt the 5 silver, make a sickle and unstrung holy symbol, keep 3 bars
  584. Give the key imprint and bronze bar to Osman for Prince ali rescue quest
  586. Do the Feud
  587. HCIM; if you're scared of going to mage bank, unlock the rune shop.
  589. Blackjack until 50 thieving, you can buy wines from the bar to use as food.
  592. IF you're planning on 3-tick fishing then home tele to lumby and pick up 15+ swamp tar now.
  595. Ardy cloak tele and take the boat from Ardy to brimhaven
  596. Take the cart to Shilo Village
  597. Cut uncut gems until level 32 crafting
  598. Buy 20k feathers from shilo village fishing shop
  600. Get 58 fishing with trout and salmon
  601. Bank the fish for cooking xp
  602. You can pretty easily grow cats while doing this fishing grind since you can just feed it the fish you fish.
  603. I recommend raising 10 cats for death runes in total, after that it's up to you if you can be bothered.
  606. Minigame tele to Burthrope games' room
  607. Cook all of your trout, don't cook salmon yet
  610. Minigame tele to Barb assault
  611. Get 50 agility from barb fishing, should be at 74 fishing.
  612. You can feed caviar and roe to kitten, bring a knife to cut the fish
  613. I honestly can't recommend any other way to train to 50 agi than fishing.
  616. After 50 agility
  617. Minigame tele to Burthrope
  618. Do the rogue's den minigame for full rogue outfit.
  619. Cook the salmon to regen run energy after every time you finish 1 attempt of the minigame
  620. Buy 50 lockpicks while you're here
  623. Equip the set and go back to blackjacking until you have 2.4m GP (around 83 thieving)
  624. If you really just can't stand thieving, you could go do LMS and sell rune arrows to a shop for your GP, but you
  625. don't get any XP from that so that's why I don't really recommend it
  626. 75 Thieving is needed for all hard diaries so at least get that before going LMS
  628. Carpet back to Shantay pass
  629. Inv: teleport runes, axe, pickaxe, bird snare and all the golem quest items
  630. If you got any cosmic runes from moss giants, or unlocked Ali's rune shop then make 1 or 2 dueling rings now to speed up next 2 quests.
  631. Start the Golem
  633. Finish The Golem, get the gems with chisel and hammer
  634. You can cut the Uzer teak tree, mine 5 clay and catch a golden warbler bird near the desert phoenix for diaries during the quest
  636. Do Shadow of the storm(should have priest gown and black wizard hat in bank as your black items)
  637. 10K reward on RANGED
  638. Flinch the demon with rune scimitar, just switch to darklight for the last hit.
  639. If you didn't get r scim while training mage, go buy a rune sword from champions guild
  640. Make an attack potion for the fight, speeds it up slightly
  641. Use the west torch as your safespot, https://i.imgur.com/kvn6Mf5.png
  644. Go to Edgeville and talk to Oziach to continue Dragon slayer
  645. Go to mage bank and buy 6k nats, all of the cosmics you can get while buying nats and 10 law runes each world up to 300 laws
  646. HCIM can buy them from ali morrisane if you don't wanna risk mage bank, although they're more expensive.
  648. Teleport to Falador
  649. Get 2 buckets of sap from this tree near falador east bank, http://i.imgur.com/YoH5z70.png
  650. Buy addy and rune picks from the pickaxe shop in the mines.
  652. Complete Varrock easy diary for the armour, makes next step a bit faster
  653. You can get the kudos requirement by talking to historian Minas on the 2nd floor
  654. Use the museum lamps on herblore
  655. Still not 30 herb, use diary lamp on agility
  657. Mine 2300 iron ore at ardy monastery, superheat them while walking to Ardy bank and tele back with ardy cloak.
  658. 3 ticking makes this a lot faster if you can be bothered
  659. Do medium clues if you get any from mining, might get a yew bow from reward (Comp bow works too, for temple of ikov)
  660. There are plenty of ways to get your magic up, i just like this since you get mining, smithing and later fletching xp as well.
  661. Don't smith the bars into anything yet
  666. 1.3 Fairy rings, 43 prayer, kingdom, 99 thieving
  669. Varrock
  670. Buy a bronze sword from Varrock sword shop (for Horror from the deep quest)
  671. Smith 3 bronze wire
  672. Buy an oak longbow and a regular shortbow from Lowe
  674. Start Priest in peril
  675. Buy 400 steel nails at the sawmill, if every world is bought out then don't bother.
  677. Start Rag and bone man on the way to the temple
  678. Do priest in peril
  681. Do Nature spirit
  682. After quest, restore prayer at the grotto for a diary task
  683. Buy 1 raw shark from Canifis food shop
  684. Do Creature of Fenkenstrain
  685. Use port Phasmatys furnace, you should have slime in bank, use it to get 5 ecto-tokens
  688. Inv: Tele runes, gp, rune scim
  689. Use Chronicle tele
  691. Go champion's guild and continue Dragon slayer, ask every question
  692. Buy a coif, green dhide chaps and vambs
  693. Kill the nearby ram, bear and unicorn for their bones (Rag and bone man quest)
  694. Camelot tele
  696. Camelot
  697. Kill a giant bat (Rag and bone man) south west of Catherby
  698. Do Elemental workshop 2
  699. Kill one of each elementals for a diary task
  702. Lumby
  703. Inv: axe, rope, lit candle, hammer, stake(vampire slayer), spade
  704. Get anti-dragon shield from the duke
  705. Kill a goblin for the bone for rag and bone man
  708. Lumby swamp
  709. Get big frog leg(you need to go in to the caves), giant rat bone(both for rag and bone man)
  710. Start Lost city
  711. Go to Draynor manor
  712. Do Ernest the chicken, finish vampire slayer
  713. Dig up the skull for fairytale part 1 while you're in the area to save some time later
  715. Bank at Draynor, Inv: Fire strike runes, food
  716. Entrana
  717. Talk to the high priest for Holy grail
  718. Get at least 5 Dramen branches, make 2 staffs
  719. Finish Lost city
  721. Draynor
  722. Start Fairytale part 1.
  723. The quest guide on os.rs.wiki lists where to get the 3 random items.
  724. If you get nature tally req, go to abyss with inv of food and kill leeches. Make sure you trap them so only 1 attacks
  725. Flinch Tanglefoot in this spot: https://i.imgur.com/2Ejgx0h.png
  727. Finish Fairytale1
  728. Talk to martin to start Fairytale2
  729. Buy 35 jugs of vinegar
  730. Buy 1 marigold seed, 3 cabbage seeds, 3 onion seeds from Draynor seed market
  731. Rescue prince ali from the jail
  734. While you wait for Martin's crops for FT2;
  735. Tele to Lumby
  736. Start Evil Dave subquest for RFD
  737. If you don't have a cat then raise one now.
  738. Kill 2 cows and make 1 soft, 1 hard leather
  739. Smelt 1 inv of gold, should have from wintertodt
  740. if you didn't get any gold then go mine some from the alkharid mine
  741. Make 1 recoil ring, 10 games necks and the rest into dueling rings
  742. From this point just use clan wars tele as your energy recharge before teleporting to a new location
  744. Draynor
  745. Speak to Martin for Fairytale 2
  746. Go unlock fairy rings at Zanaris
  747. Travel to these fairy rings to complete diary tasks: BIS, AIR, ALS, CIR, DIS
  749. Bring gp, Maze key, 90steel nails, 3 planks, hammer, food, runes
  750. Tele to POH and do Melzar's maze (Dragon slayer quest)
  751. Walk to port Sarim jail and telegrab 2nd map piece
  752. Buy and repair the ship (dragon slayer)
  753. Tele to Fally
  756. Falador
  757. Bring gp, runes, soft clay, wizard mind bomb, lobster pot, silk
  758. Equip your anti-dragon shield and recoil ring now so you don't forget it later
  759. Make unfired bowl at barb village
  761. Talk to the oracle
  762. Get the 3rd map piece for dragon slayer
  763. Tele to Lumby
  765. get Ned as your captain for dragon slayer
  766. Make sure you have the anti-dragon shield and recoil ring equipped
  768. Go to Crandor and open the shortcut to Karamja volcano
  769. Bring swordfish/karambwans as your food
  770. As soon as you go climb down from Crandor, climb back up for karamja medium diary task
  771. Kill Elvarg, you can do as many trips as you want
  772. There are flinch spots in the room, but honestly you shouldn't have any trouble with this fight. Step under Elvarg when
  773. eating
  774. Finish dragon slayer and buy a green d'hide top from Oziach
  776. Wear gloves and pick up 5 nettles at the yews
  777. Make the stew for Evil Dave while you're at Edgeville
  778. If you don't have a cat then just leave for later, don't bother doing this with a kitten
  781. Tele to Lumby
  782. Fill a bowl with water, put nettles in it and use it on a range.(This is for ghosts ahoy quest)
  783. Finish Evil Dave subquest
  784. Do Death to the Dorgeshuun. While getting the robes, keep buttons(If you didn't get them while getting the rusty sword)
  785. Buy dorgeshuun crossbow and 4000 bone bolts
  786. Buy a Bullseye lantern(empty) from Miltog at the market in Dorgeshkaan
  787. Use swamp tar on the lamp still next to Miltog, use your empty lantern on the still to fill it
  790. Finish Holy grail
  791. Diary steps near Galahad's house: Get a cup of tea from him, cross the log, mine coal at the coal trucks
  792. Diary steps at Karamja: Rope swing to the moss giant island, mine gold at the horse shoe mine
  794. Do Horror from the deep quest
  795. Complete a lap of Barb agility course for a diary
  796. Just mage the dagannoth and hide when it's weak to melee and range. Turn your run off so you don't get meleed.
  797. Use proper food like swordfish and karambwans.
  800. Do Turael slayer with dorg cbow until 37 Range and 18 slayer
  802. Use Turael, every 10th task should be done with the highest level slayer master you can use.
  803. Even though we are using Turael, the goal is to get slayer xp so you should always kill monsters with higher hp, for
  804. example on bird tasks kill terrorbirds. Vannaka has too many bad tasks so I think this is overall better.
  807. Kill tree spirits with fire strike for a mithril axe AND either another mith axe, addy axe or a rune axe, whichever is first
  808. The 2nd axe is for actual WC training, not worth the time camping for rune one unless u get lucky since u can just
  809. buy one at 60wc
  810. Do Animal magnetism
  812. Buy mithril platebody from Horvik in Varrock
  813. Buy mithril platelegs from al-kharid
  814. Do Spirits of the Elid quest
  815. You can use the mithril armor for tanking the golems, or flinch them if you're taking too much damage.
  817. Do the Underground pass quest
  818. Use the mithril armour for this quest
  819. HCIM; While this quest might seem like a dangerous one without overheads, it's honestly not.
  821. Here's a video of me completing the quest with same combat stats you'd have: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WI2SYhpwIh8
  823. You can trap the paladins behind each other same way as the captain from the tourist trap quest.
  824. For the spider, there are 2 skeletons on the east wall, stand between them and then mage the big one with earth blast.
  825. Sometimes the little ones attack you but just run a bit north and then back to the same spot, they'll get stuck.
  828. Upgrade the iban staff
  829. Get 50 attack doing more Turael slayer, remember to get every 10th task from Vannaka
  830. If you get a task from Vannaka that you really can't do without melee protect then go kill sand crabs until 50 attack
  832. Make an amulet of magic
  833. Kill blue dragons with iban's blast for 43 prayer
  834. We don't have the agility level for shortcut yet so don't bother banking the hides, not worth doing twice as many trips.
  836. Add 2400 xp to your current prayer xp and calculate how many bones you need, level 43 requires 50339xp and 1 bone is
  837. 288xp with ectofuntus (2.4k pray xp is from ghosts ahoy quest which will be completed before using the bones)
  839. Regular ironmen can use the wildy altar if you want to, but either way it's only around 85 bones with ecto so do
  840. whichever method.
  842. Get at least 1 extra dragon bone on top of 43 prayer, required for the Watchtower quest
  845. Minigame tele to fishing trawler
  846. Buy however many buckets of slime you need for the bones
  847. Equip Ghostspeak amulet
  848. If you didn't prepare the nettle water earlier, do it now
  850. Make sure you have all ghosts ahoy items
  851. bring GP stack, 9 d bones, 9 pot, 9 slime, general store sells pots if you don't have
  852. Charter to port Phasmatys
  855. Phasmatys/Canifis
  856. Start ghosts ahoy
  857. Grind 9 d bones and offer them, get ecto tokens
  858. Finish ghosts ahoy
  859. Grind the rest of your bones to get 43 prayer
  862. Do Monkey madness, focus the reward on attack and defense
  863. Do Wanted! quest
  865. Get 40 slayer, Turael slay
  866. Reminder once again, every 10th task from Vannaka (or from chaeldar if you're already 70cb, Konar if 75cb)
  867. Prayer flicking is recommended, but Turael tasks are pretty easy so it's not mandatory
  868. Train range to 40 first and then start training Attack
  870. Do Shades of morton quest
  871. IF there's no one else to help you then this quest can be left until later assuming you used the museum lamps on
  872. herblore earlier.
  873. Take the book to the apothecary in Varrock for some free herb xp
  875. Get 25 herblore if you don't have yet
  876. Do Heroes' quest
  878. Do Fremennik trials
  879. Do Throne of miscellania
  880. Do Royal Trouble
  882. Put at least 750k gp to kingdom, set it on 10 maples and 5 herbs
  883. We'll be using kingdom for only 7 days at the start, make sure you go get 100% back every day for maximum yield
  885. Go back to blackjacking for a few hours and put more money to kingdom so that it doesn't drop below 750k
  886. Remember to wear rogue outfit
  887. In total you need 525k on top of the 750k to get all you need from kingdom for now
  890. Clean finds at the museum until you've found all 5 of the items you can get for kudos AND the ruby necklace
  891. Do Bone Voyage quest
  892. Set up your first bird houses
  893. Video by Alkan showing you how to start if you've never done them before: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Tf02JEqkUcA
  895. I'm not gonna remind you to do a birdhouse run, do them every 50mins
  896. Don't bother waking up every 50mins to do a run, but while playing you should at least try to be consistent with them.
  898. AFTER your first hunter levels from a birdhouse run, RC should be your lowest skill
  899. Do Tears of guthix quest, do the minigame weekly it's very worth it
  900. RC should always be your lowest skill when you do this, at least for a very long time
  903. Start The Giant Dwarf quest to unlock Keldagrim
  904. Buy 2 inventories of gold ore from the blast furnace shop
  905. Go Edgeville furnace and make plenty of digsite pendants
  906. Make molten glass and cut gems until 45 crafting. You'll need 45 for maple birdhouse when you get the 44 hunter.
  907. Make all of the molten glass first and if needed, craft fishbowls until 45
  908. Buy more seeds from Olivia at Draynor for birdhouses if needed
  909. Later on the farming guild shop is usually better so don't bother spending hours at Olivia, just get like 1-2k for now
  912. Move your house to Pollnivneach so you can do a birdhouse run every 50 mins and quickly get back to blackjacking.
  913. Entering your POH portal from Pollnivneach portal is a diary task
  914. Get 88 thieving with blackjacking, should get you about 1.4m GP
  915. Again, LMS can be done instead if you really hate blackjacking
  916. If u want something to AFK during this grind, i'd heavily recommend ammonite crabs to get 60 attack and then focus
  917. on either strength with D Scim or range with bone cbow
  919. If you really like blackjacking then feel free to get higher than 88, the extra money should be used for keeping kingdom
  920. running for longer, switch to 10herbs and 5maples in that case
  923. !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  924. REMINDER to take out GP from kingdom after the 7th day. This thieving grind could take some people 1 day and for others multiple days so it's up to you to keep track of it. You should have 6.2k maples from kingdom when you stop using it.
  926. There will be another reminder later since I'd assume for most people it doesn't take that long
  927. !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  931. 1.4 Various skilling, agility for graceful
  933. Thieve master farmers for a couple of hours just to get some low level seeds to start farming with, mainly harralanders
  934. Remember rogue outfit
  935. I recommend thieving in Draynor since the bank is right next to the farmer to grab some food quickly
  937. There is a anti-bot feature for master farmers where if you have less than 71 farming, you get less herb seeds, however
  938. according to mod Ash it should only affect ranarr, snaps and torstols. Those seeds aren't important right now so as long
  939. as you can get other seeds in good amounts, that's all that matters but I don't have an account to test them right
  940. now. Mod Ash tweet: https://twitter.com/JagexAsh/status/1400868684474765314
  943. Get 100% hosidius favour, should have 300 compost in bank
  944. at 45% do mess hall until 100%
  945. Buy pinapples for supercompost from charter ships
  946. Put 15 pineapples into each of the compost bins at the allotment patches, remember to close the bin
  947. Don't do Hosidius patch yet, we'll be doing construction soon which requires house in Rimmington so it's not worth
  948. switching house to Kourend for 1 compost run and then switching back
  950. Buy ~200 chocolate from the grand tree food shop, don't buy too much since it's faster later from the RFD chest
  951. Make energy pots, should have some harralanders from kingdom if it's been over a day since you did the quest
  954. Camelot tele
  955. Plant barley seeds at the hops patch northwest of Seers, pay the farmer 3 normal compost to look after them
  957. Minigame tele to blast furnace
  958. Do the Giant Dwarf quest
  959. if you need more rubies or emeralds, the gem stall in keldagrim is usually stocked.
  961. These next 2 quests have times where you have to wait for stuff to happen, smith iron dart tips while you wait
  963. Forgettable tale of a drunken dwarf quest
  964. There's an anvil near the bank in keldagrim
  965. Your barley will be ready when you need it, use it on a range to get the barley malt
  966. Plant jute seeds after harvesting the barley for a diary task, don't need to compost or protect them
  967. Do not waste the 2 dwarven stout(m) that you get as the reward!
  970. Garden of tranquility quest
  974. Start Enlightened journey quest
  975. You need 6 willow branches for the falador diary on top of the 12 needed for the quest so get those as well
  976. While waiting for the willow trees to grow, do these steps:
  978. Do Eyes of glouphrie and Tower of life
  979. Bring a raw chicken and a raw swordfish to kill a Swordchick for Ardy diary after Tower of life
  980. Smith the rest of your iron dart tips, leave 20 bars for quests
  982. Mine Volcanic ash for ultracompost, get like 2k so you don't have to constantly come back to mine more
  984. Do a farm run of limpwurts, harralanders and ultracompost
  985. Store 15 supercompost in leprechaun for a quest, make the rest into ultras
  986. Use volcanic ash on the full bin rather than individual buckets of supercompost
  988. I'm not gonna be mentioning farm runs anymore, just do them whenever.
  989. Always use ultra compost on herbs, for limps i'd just use normal compost because the seeds are so easy to get.
  991. Do Temple of Ikov quest
  992. Start fletching iron darts while you run around doing quests
  993. If you haven't got a yew bow from medium clues that you may have got from skilling, get a yew long from young implings
  994. in puro-puro, find a spawn point and catch them as they spawn.
  997. Finish Enlightened journey and unlock Varrock and Castle wars balloons
  998. While unlikely, it's possible that you didn't get yew logs from wintertodt to unlock castle wars, in that case you'll
  999. just have to run between Varrock east bank and the sawmill instead of doing the method explained just below.
  1001. Construction method:
  1002. Make 10+ dueling rings
  1003. Equip whichever axe you got from tree spirits earlier
  1005. Start at Castle wars, cut 65 willow logs and deposit them to the log storage next to the balloon
  1006. Balloon to Varrock, cut full inventory of oak logs and turn them into planks at the sawmill
  1007. 3-ticking recommended especially if u didn't get a lucky rune axe
  1008. 3 Oaks just next to the balloon: https://i.imgur.com/twMOUDE.png
  1009. Teleport to Castle wars, repeat until you have 50 construction banked
  1010. You can use minigame tele every 20mins if you want to save a ring charge
  1011. 1500 planks not including Wintertodt XP, check xp calculator if you want to get the exact amount
  1013. Get 50 construction, un-note with Phials at Rimmington general store
  1014. lvl 22-33, oak dining table in the dining room
  1015. lvl 33-50, oak larder in the kitchen
  1016. Move your house to kourend now for farm patch
  1020. Start doing daily tree runs from now on with the seeds you get from birdhouses and later farming contracts as well
  1024. Do these quests while fletching iron darts:
  1025. Big chompy bird hunt
  1026. Rag and bone man (first part, should have all bones in bank already)
  1027. Family crest, get goldsmith gauntlets after quest is done
  1028. Start Legend's quest (Get vanilla pod for RFD)
  1029. Death plateau
  1030. Troll Stronghold
  1032. I'll assume you have fletched all of them now, if you haven't then finish the rest of them during next step underwater.
  1034. Go to the small island at fossil island with the bank, where you dive to seaweed patches
  1036. While underwater;
  1037. Fletch maple shortbows (u) until 55 fletching (Make sure you fletch all of the darts first)
  1038. The goal here is to pick up the seaweed spores that spawn every now and then
  1039. The spores can spawn north of the anchor so make sure you're checking the minimap and not just your item overlay
  1040. Plant seaweed after you get your first 2 spores.
  1041. You will get a weight warning but you can just ignore that, it makes no difference unless you go to the deep water
  1042. Fletch all of your maple logs into maple longbows (u)
  1043. Make sure to leave some logs for birdhouses
  1044. Cut all of your uncut gems
  1045. If u have any molten glass left, blow all of it into unpowered orbs, make 2 lantern lenses as well
  1048. Do seaweed farming every time u do birdhouse run from now on, very important!
  1052. Buy 2800 gold ore from blast furnace ore shop, 1 inv per world
  1053. Don't use energy pots for this or the actual smithing part, only run with empty inventory
  1054. Get 60 smithing, remember to wear goldsmith gauntlets
  1056. Go to Edgeville
  1057. Craft the gold bars into gold BRACELETS, leave like 30 bars for teleport jewellery if you need to make more
  1058. Reminder to buy rubies from either keldagrim or kourend castle gem stalls if you run out
  1059. The reason we are doing bracelets instead of amulets is the extra 120gp per high alch, which is worth more than 5xp
  1062. Mage bank
  1063. If you have 60 magic, get mage arena cape while you're here anyway
  1064. Buy another 5k nats, get some cosmics too if you need more
  1065. HCIM; if scared, you should still have enough nats to get 63mage with alching, and then you can boost to get into wizard
  1066. guild.
  1069. Do agility until full graceful, 50-60 at Canifis, 60+ at Seers
  1070. Alch your gold bracelets and maple bows(u) while doing agility
  1071. Loot kingdom and fletch more longbows to alch if you run out.
  1072. If you're still getting more maples from kingdom then it's not worth doing agility if u run out of alchs, just move
  1073. to the next step and come back to agility few days later.
  1074. Make sure you keep at least 500 logs for birdhouses!
  1075. If you want a break from agility, fish 3k raw karambwans. Banking at Zanaris bank is your best option for now
  1077. Should get to 70+ mage by the time you're done with agility for now
  1080. !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  1081. Kingdom reminder! If u haven't already, take out all gp from the coffers after the 7th day, total 6.2k maples
  1082. !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  1085. Do the Regicide quest
  1086. Pick up a few whiteberries just north of the elf tracker
  1087. Do Hand in the sand quest
  1090. Do all of the RFD subquests
  1091. If u didn't fish the 3k karambwans during agility for cook xp, u can leave awowogei's quest until later
  1092. Buy a bunch of chocolate dust from the chest and make energy pots
  1098. 1.5 Diaries and finishing RFD
  1100. Plant some Toadflax seeds, agility potion is needed soon for a quest
  1101. If you don't have toadflax seed for some reason, you can do brimhaven agility arena and get 2 toadflax from there
  1102. Make a mithril grapple
  1104. Do these quests for QP and diaries:
  1105. A soul's bane
  1106. Another slice of H.A.M
  1107. Icthlarin's little helper
  1108. In search of the Myreque
  1109. In aid of the Myreque
  1110. Eagles' peak
  1111. Enakhra's Lament
  1112. Rat catchers
  1113. Olaf's quest
  1114. Between a rock
  1115. Tai bwo wannai trio
  1116. Zogre flesh eater
  1117. Rum deal (Req 42 slayer, you should be close to it. Get a task from Mazchna for Mory diary if you don't have one)
  1118. For the 47 prayer req, you can use the ancient mace spec to boost
  1119. Cabin fever
  1120. One small favour
  1121. Watchtower quest
  1123. Do all easy and medium diaries
  1124. Kourend diaries can be left undone, I dont do them until I have Xerics tally from shamans and staminas for the quests
  1125. Wildy and fremmy mediums require higher slayer, leave those for when you go back to slayer.
  1126. You probably don't have a crystal key for fally medium diary yet so leave that for later as well.
  1127. For Lumby 50 range req I'd recommend ranging at pest control with bone cbow
  1128. If you're not 70cb for intermediate boat then go do slayer now, train attack to 60 then defense until 70cb
  1129. May as well stay until you get 250pts for void bottoms, good mage def. Need 55 range eventually anyway for red
  1130. chins.
  1133. Do Slayer until 60 attack
  1134. Buy Dragon scim
  1135. Normally I have recommended to also buy a Dragon battleaxe, but it's really just not needed anymore due to how easy it
  1136. is to get kwuarms and limpwurts nowadays with farming contracts
  1138. Do Eadgar's ruse
  1139. Do My arm's big adventure
  1140. Do Desert Treasure
  1141. If you didn't get magic logs from Wintertodt, go catch nature implings in puro-puro, you should have 58 hunter easily by
  1142. now from birdhouses.
  1144. Finish RFD, buy B gloves
  1145. Here's a video of me killing the bosses with stats from following this guide, not too difficult:
  1146. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Yv1h-4grhks
  1152. 2. Goals after Barrows gloves
  1155. Get autoweed perk from Tithe farm(if 54farming), herb sack IMO isn't even worth getting nowadays with everything giving more herbs and seeds than you'd ever need.
  1157. Start doing farming contracts as soon as you can do medium contracts, very important!! You can use garden pies to get mediums at 62farm, and hards at 82. Pies can be bought from Cooking guild
  1160. If you ever need something AFK to do, just go to ammonite crabs with either bone cbow if you want to catch less chins in the future, or melee them to speed up slayer.
  1164. Get 61 Crafting:
  1165. Equip rune pick, varrock armor 2, camulet, graceful apart from the body
  1166. Bring 1200 empty buckets, 60k gp, 6 waterskins and preferably knife and teak log for 3-ticking
  1167. Go to the desert quarry and mine sandstone for 1.2k buckets of sand
  1168. Walk from the rocks to the grinder to maintain run energy if you're 3-ticking
  1170. Go to rogues' den and burn giant seaweed on the fire, 4 seaweed at a time
  1171. Make molten glass at Edgeville furnace
  1172. Blow glass lenses, might as well do it underwater again for more seaweed spores
  1175. Get 71 mining and do Lunar's diplomacy
  1176. Only 60 mining is needed for now so you can do this in bits if you want to, but i'd recommend 71 for making friends with
  1177. my arm(Req 72mining but u can easily boost with dwarven stouts from burthrope bar) and to complete fremmy
  1178. hard diary very early for the herb patch shortcut.
  1180. In my opinion the best way to do this is to fill the sandstone grinder with 25k buckets worth of sand to have it ready
  1181. for later, bring 8 waterskins, drop them as they empty for inv space and then do a birdhouse run.
  1182. Finish 71 with your favorite mining method
  1187. Get a helm of neitiznot
  1188. Get a fighter torso from BA
  1189. Strength amulet is as good as a glory ammy for melee slayer(sometimes even better) so just use that for now.
  1191. Do slayer until 65 attack and 65 str, if you don't have them already
  1192. Get a dragon defender
  1193. Train defense to 60 while getting defenders
  1195. Prioritize STR training during slayer, I like to go for 65/80/65 melee stats and from there just train each skill 5 levels before switching to the next
  1197. Get 58 slayer, make sure you're consistent with all your farming and birdhouses
  1198. Personally I like to do Turael point boosting until around 150 tasks, every 10th task from Konar just to get all the
  1199. good unlocks and blocklist sorted before doing normal slayer, but you can do slayer however you like.
  1201. I recommend doing hard clues, they're good gp/h at this point of the account. Train crafting for blue dhide if you get those steps using the superglass make lunar spell.
  1203. Prioritize slayer points on;
  1204. Superior slayer > Blocklist > Extend your favorite tasks > Slay ring > Slay helm > Garg smasher
  1209. At 58 slayer;
  1210. Camp Cave horrors for mask
  1212. If you have around 65/80/65 melee stats now, do Making friends with my arm quest and make both of the basalt tele portals in your POH. The quest can be done with lower stats, but the boss can be annoying if you're not hitting well.
  1213. Do Fremmy hard diary, get 70 agility and make few agility pots to use the shortcut to speed up your herb runs even more, drink the boost before using the teleport to skip the shortcut.
  1215. Do dream mentor and imbue your mask
  1217. Get crafting level for slayer rings at some point
  1221. Keep doing slayer until level 75.
  1222. If you want to boost brews from ToB for Song of the elves you can stop at around 70slay, whenever u have 70herb banked
  1223. You can go for a B ring during a dagannoth task if you want, 70def with full rune is decent for camping Rex
  1225. Do Mage arena 2
  1227. Get 77 herblore, you should have it banked by now if you've been farming, if you don't then just keep doing more slayer
  1228. You can finish all the quests that give herb xp or lamps, some hard diaries can also be done.
  1230. Get 70 agility if you didn't get it for the herb patch shortcut earlier
  1232. Cut and bank 2.2k teak logs at fossil island, from the farming patch teaks.
  1233. Do Mahogany homes with teak planks for 70 construction
  1234. Finish 70 woodcutting with any method
  1236. Get 60 range with bone crossbow at pest control if you haven't already got 60
  1238. Get 70 smithing
  1239. If you can't afford to do it all with gold, you can buy like 2k coal and 2k iron and make steel platebodies.
  1240. Steel is a bit slower but you profit GP from it so it's still a decent method.
  1241. If you don't care about rushing DS2 and Sote, just go do more slayer until you can afford to do 70 smithing with
  1242. gold only.
  1244. Make botanical pies and +4 herblore boost for sara brews
  1247. Do Song of the elves
  1248. If you don't have 80 magic yet for blitz, you could go do MTA for B2P, master wand and inf boots.
  1249. Use blood blitz against Seren. If you go in with inventory full of brews and restores, it's basically impossible to fail
  1250. the fight
  1252. Hunt 15k red chins at the Prif hunter area
  1253. Get range void from PC
  1254. Unlock MM2 chinning area and chin to at least 87 range
  1255. At 70 range, if you're 100cb do western hard diary and upgrade to elite void
  1258. Do Dragon slayer 2
  1260. Start using kingdom again now that you'll be getting constant GP easily, put it on 10 teaks or mahogany, whichever you prefer to use for construction and 5 on herbs
  1263. Ending the guide here, you can pretty much do whatever you want from here.
  1265. By far the best thing to do next is to camp Corrupted Gauntlet until 2 enhanced weapon seeds to make both of the weapons and 6 armor seeds for full crystal.
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