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How to Survive the Garden

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Apr 17th, 2015
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  1. In order to survive wielding the powers of the Garden of Eternity, we will need to do extensive modification on the self. To start, we will need the following:
  3. -Jagan Eye/Hybrid from Yu Yu Hakusho
  4. -No Sell from Tsukihime
  5. -Magical Body from Elona
  6. -Bucket/Mana capacity perks from places like Slayers, DxD, Strike Witches, etc.
  7. -Magic ENHANCING perks from places like Negima, Avernum, etc.
  8. -Throne of Creation from Etrian Odyssey
  9. -Gene modifying perks from Resident Evil, Geneforge, etc.
  11. The primary functions are as follows:
  13. -Jurai Trees (the base of the tree stuff) can bond with people and share a form of their power (in the canon case, agelessness and if need be the superdimensional energy)
  14. -WoW magic has a habit of changing/shaping a being when they absorb a lot of magic, such as when Fel energy turns a person into a demon (Demonology Warlock ho!) and provides a great boost in spell ability, or when the Holy magic of the Sunwell altered the magical nature of the Blood Elves.
  15. -No Sell from Tsukihime weakens the effect of weaknesses on beings, even to the point of letting a demon hold a Holy Weapon. Combined with YYH's perks that let me manipulate my own energies, this can be made to a non-lethal level.
  16. -Elona's Magical Body makes it so it's VERY difficult to tell where the body ends and the magic begins. It's a being of partially magic now, and as such one could argue that the more magic you possess, the more intense your body becomes, or even to the point where you start changing and growing due to the effects of WoW mana.
  17. -Throne of Creation, Virologist, the Geneforge, and other things will allow you to tinker with yourself so you can potentially increase your own tolerance to magical power thanks to Elona's Magical Body turning your magic into part of your biology, thereby increasing your own capacity to handle it all
  19. Of course, this can't be the ONLY precautions we take. Nooo, remember how Cyber Hindu Godbody from Asura's Wrath goes with Mantra? And the Mantra Reactor?
  21. Oh yes, those things. Nasty, powerful things. They work off of Mantra, powerful emotional energy that essentially works off of the essence of prayer and feeling. But remember what Tech Tree does in Civilization? You designate a goal, then it helps you figure out where to go and what to research to figure stuff out. Combine that with Overcoming Sample Bias from Tenchi, Connections from Starcraft, Cryptarch’s Teaching from Destiny, and Arcane from Smite to get a full on, comprehensive knowledge of how to work things... and throw in Demigod Atelier to understand the technology.
  23. All to convert the cybernetics so it will accept Mana as an acceptable source.
  25. Jagan Eye and Hybrid comes into effect once more, allowing us to study, manipulate, and merge the energies of Mantra and Mana to work together. And we all know what happens when you get a surplus of Mantra in AW...
  27. Really, the whole point of this was to ensure I had a way to combine Holy and Fel energies without completely imploding, and then it came to a point where I needed to account for the INTENSE POWERS of one Well, to say nothing of 3-4 of them (including a Spirit version of it)... and with all the different waters essentially encouraging combined effects and the Trees (which, thanks to Metaphysical Biology and the mass-produced EVAs from SEELE giving a nice amount of resources each have a single S2 core) fueling that power?
  29. I should probably mention that I used Conjoining Conjures from CCS to combine WoW magic and Elona magic for the sake of tying things up. Yes a lot of people feel Mana is Mana regardless of the source, but I always find it never hurts to keep track and cover your bases. You NEVER know what will help you out.
  31. Speaking of, there must be a means to modify the Mantra technology already within oneself, and as such you need the following perks/items:
  33. -Jakara-type Spyrer Armor (Light of Terra)
  34. -Transformium (Transformers-Bayformer Verse)
  35. -VWES (Megaman Series)
  36. -Savage Salvage (KanColle)
  37. -Craftsman of the Gods (Viking Saga)
  38. -Artificial Alloys (Anno 2070)
  39. -Magitech Perks (Gargoyles, Banjo-Kazooie, etc)
  40. -Moon Tech (Okami)
  41. -Miniaturization/Efficiency Tinker (Worm)
  42. -Technician/Cybernetic (Alpha Centauri)
  44. Admittedly the primary requirements are everywhere here, but it is the entire package that is needed to ensure the safety of oneself.
  46. The Jakara-type Spyrer Armor we must study to effectively figure out how it can absorb so many different energies and even evolve to encompass different energies. We also must study the VWES to see how it changes itself to utilize different items, and Transformium will ensure that the technology can alter and adapt itself in the event a different form is required. Moon Tech likewise has the ability to change itself and form different shapes, which means we'll be using that too. Gargoyles/Banjo-Kazooie Magitech will ensure they can all run off of magic as well, along with other magitech perks. Artificial Alloys will help us create about any kind of naturally-occuring material that would assist, and Technician from Alpha Centauri lets us mix and match theories to ensure minimal conflict if we add it with the prior knowledge/research combo.
  48. Cybernetic from Alpha Centauri allows us to make just about ANYTHING into a cybernetic function as well, and throwing in Miniaturization/Efficiency would mean we can shrink it down and make it efficient enough to more or less be nanotechnology that can be placed inside anyone who wishes to visit the Gardens. Finally, Savage Salvage allows us to eat machines and assimilate some form of traits the machine could do, which means we'll always be able to update ourselves when new things are created or encountered.
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