osu! config

Jun 12th, 2016
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★★★ Osu Taiko Ctb Mania
min rank 113,093 11,623 2,284 13,620
days 59 *2hours 30 69 +16 100 +8

General information

always full screen with letterboxing - native resolution is 1920x1080
Monitor: BenQ XL2430T , 144 hz, blur reduction on 10/10 off, <brightess> 15 - equivalent to no blur reduction and 0% <brightness>
Black equalizer: 0, Color Vibrance: 8 , Contrast 50, Sharpness: 6, Gamma5, Color Temperature [100,100,95], AMA:High

colors are now messed up black equalizer is at 10 while playing

Keyboard: Vengeance K70 / reds with 2mm 70A(?) o-rings and vortex double shot pbt white keycaps
Tablet: CTL-480 with a cheap tablet screen protector on (front part not removed) so that the pen nib won't wear off
FPS: Unlimited (around 1000 fps - delay is about 1ms) rip
Headphones: G430 - knob: max (100%) , Apple Earpods, Steelseries Siberia 200 knob is at 100%
computer's master volume: 40% 20% - volume mixer volume: 25% 20%
osu volume(master/music/effect): 70% 60%
gray backgrounds (7F7F7F) hmm...
f.lux @4200K

[osu] AR pp


dim: 0% - sound effect: ON (?)
blur reduction: OFF
style: nomod/hd/hddt/hddthr starstarstar
Resolution : 1920x1080
Tablet area: 5x4 cm
Pen grip: Hand rests on tablet / not pencil medium but pencil low
Current skin is YUGEN 16:9 👍 with "c r y s t a l l i z e d" cursor and this followpoint
drag always - index/middle finger single tap and index + middle finger when needed
Spinner: counterclockwise (right-handed)

[taiko] pp calculator

dim: 100% - sound effect: ON (DON KATSU)
blur reduction: OFF
style: nomod maybe hr starstarhalf_star
Resolution: 1600x900
Skin: leqek's 👍
main hand is right hand right now


not sure what this is about

dim: 100% 0% - sound effect: ON (this way you know when the catcher catches a fruit/drop)
blue reduction: OFF
style: nomod starstarstarstar
Resolution: 1280x1024
Xilver's old skin (jaret mish mosh)(different colors) 👍

HyperDashAfterImage: 0,0,0,0
skin generator

[mania] FFR links FFR config

Dan 1 2 3
✔(v2) ✔(v2) trying...

dim: 100% - sound effect: OFF (mimicking FFR)
blur reduction: OFF
style: nomod , dt easy maps , ht hard maps starstarstarstar
Resolution: 1920x1080
Current skin is a custom made skin I made that tries to mimic what I use in ffr (needs adjusting but seems pretty good for now)
Game control's skin is pretty similar with the exception of receptor spacing and different note thickness
Scroll speed: 25 26 27 28
For anything that requires the use of the spacebar: the spacebar is inverted and I hit it using my right thumb

5k hours: 2

ameobea.me pp osu!daily

updated o t c m
15/4/2017 1061.62 1791.3 2505.27 2928.49
21/5/2018 1079.67 1791.48 2505.58 2688.83


GOALS o t c m
min pp 2850-70003500 2550-30003000 2850-50003500 4350-70004000
min top pp play 190 170 190 290210
min min pp play 95 85 95 145105
min rank <50k <7k <2k <7.5k

27% mania pp reduction

Advice from rohulk

last time I cleaned the k70: 25/5/2018


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