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Wizard Does Magic

main-gi Oct 19th, 2016 77 Never
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  1. main_gi: Wizard: Does no magic, is still Grand's favorite piece. :p
  2. bluefanglord: if a unit is on the field gaing value on itself it makes it unit to be targeted and at risk to be taken when a unit growing in the back is at no risk if protected well
  3. TheGrandestine: wizard moves things ;)
  4. main_gi: so Wizard is more of a construction crew (Oct 14 - 2:08PM UTC)
  5. bluefanglord: Grand you going to make a peice that it attack patterns grow as it kills units? xD
  6. TheGrandestine: and wizard cannot be blocked
  7. TheGrandestine: yea eventually, the kirby style though not for a long time
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