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  1. [IMG=AOD]
  2. [BIC]-l- About me -l-
  3. [C]I'm an anime artist and a game developer. Am a great guy to talk to because am straightforward and outgoing and if you need any help just Pm me and I'll listen to anything you want to say and reply appropriately or if you're having relationship problems and you want to seek a professional just hit me up in the pms 😉 My way of words can be quite advanced so you can get confused on the way I speak but please tell me if you didn't understand something I said if you don't then you will probably misunderstand and take it the wrong way and end up getting hurt with the words I said and the way I phrase them but remember anything I say is what you have done and acted in front of me that made me say those things. I love talking to people on a daily basis but I do get those days I want to be alone with my loved one or by myself. I was once a broken man with so many past experiences that happened during my life that made me the person I am today but let me tell you this, I lost so many people in my life that made me like this with my feelings and trust getting betrayed that became a norm in my life so as you can see am "used to it" so it takes some time for me to trust people nowadays. Right now all that matters is the people I love currently and the girl I love that I put infront of everyone else as she is the most important piece in my life.
  4. [BIC]-l- Social Media -l-
  5. [IC]- Instagram: Humayun2025 -
  6. [IMG=S0V]
  7. [IC]- Twitter: Humayun2025 -
  8. [IMG=IOK]
  9. [BIC]-l- More about me -l-
  10. [IC]- Name: Snow or Sebastian -
  11. [IC]- Age: Sebastian -
  12. [IC]- Gender: Sebastian -
  13. [IC]- Height: Sebastian -
  14. [IC]- Country: Sebastian -
  15. [IMG=BYV]
  16. [BIC]- Relationship: Taking a Break -
  18. [BIC]-l- What I Like and Dislike -l-
  19. [BIC]Likes:
  20. [C]> Games
  21. [C]> Drawing
  22. [C]> Programming
  23. [C]> Space and the Universe
  24. [C]> Making Games
  25. [C]> 3D Modeling
  26. [C]> People that are nice
  27. [C]> People that care for others
  28. [C]> People laughing and happy
  29. [C]> Making poems
  30. [C]> Making novels
  32. [BIC]Dislikes:
  33. [C]> Liars (Never lie to me because in the end it will be you that is hurt more then me)
  34. [C]> People that betray me
  35. [C]> Getting compared to others
  36. [C]> Getting used
  37. [C]> Getting ignored
  38. [C]> People that are plain annoying
  39. [C]> People who don't care for others
  40. [C]> People joking around killing themselves
  41. [C]> People that piss me off
  42. [C]> People who hurt the people I love and I care for
  43. [C]> I hate constant noise
  44. [C]> When you don't use correct wording in a sentence or a paragraph that creates misunderstanding makes me mad
  46. [BIC]-l- My Quotes That I Made -l-
  47. [IC] "An individual is like a candy wrapper, when you unwrap the wrapper you see truly how they taste like"
  48. [IC]"There are times where you wanna give up in life but always remember, is this how far you can go?"
  49. [IC]"When you think about small positive things over and over again their words would echo around your head that will become louder and louder and make you feel happy or loved"
  50. [IC]"No matter where in the world you are, we're both tied by the red string of fate, promise and love"
  52. [IC]-l- This is basically me... -l-
  53. [IMG=QCJ]
  55. [C]My current group am in are the Unicorn Droplets
  56. [BIC]-l- My Friends/Family -l- (Still under construction)
  57. [BIC]My German (Low key Hitler) [Stella|] 😉 - She means a lot to me then you think. Example I would literally pause an important meeting, that's the type of level we are talking about guys. If you do anything to her I will hunt you down like a Goddam piglet and kill you then eat you depending on how much meat you have. She truly is wonderful with a pure heart that cares a lot for others that makes it pure gold. Like again her heart is so caring that is comforting to be around her. I really cherish you 🌟⭐
  59. [C]Saved by [Grace|] 😂 - Literally reads me like a bloody book. She is funny and random in so many ways that will make smile. If anything happens to her I will cut you fam. Not gonna let Jesus take the wheel on this one.
  61. [C]Chicken Noggers [Ako|] 🍗 - She will end up forgetting that you could freeze food and send them overseas so they don't get spoiled. Plus always have paper when you meet her 😂😂. Same goes for others hurt her then you won't speak again.
  63. [C]The Shortie [Rin|] 🤣 - When she laughs you will end up laughing with her. 😂 Don't hurt her or you will end up meeting me.
  65. [C]Right now the coolest person I know is [Subaru|] :)
  67. [C]My Blood Relative [Nameless|] (^_-)
  69. [C]The one that Pins frogs [Rae|] 🤣
  71. [C]Pastaaaaa [Riya|] 😁
  73. [C]She has a honey kink [Nero|] 😁
  75. [C]My "Special" Advisor [Red|] 😘
  77. [C]The Jokestar [Blue|] 😜
  79. [C]My Lieutenant [Empress|] >:3
  81. [C]Laid back chill [Coco|] (-:
  83. [C]Sleepy Aussie [Keku|] 😴
  85. [BIC]★ - Some quotes that have a really good meaning behind them and some strong but true facts - ★
  86. [IMG=HC4]
  87. [IMG=JG4]
  88. [IMG=3JY]
  89. [IMG=DPG]
  90. [IMG=N9J]
  91. [IMG=FAL]
  92. [IMG=C9D]
  93. [IMG=5SH]
  94. [IMG=G74]
  95. [IMG=BEY]
  96. [IMG=PQO]
  97. [IMG=VE1]
  98. [IMG=37V]
  99. [IMG=411]
  100. [IMG=T7W]
  101. [IMG=Q1N]
  102. [IMG=ZJO]
  103. [IMG=OT9]
  104. [IMG=H0L]
  105. [IMG=45R]
  106. [IMG=VCO]
  107. [IMG=2AY]
  108. [IMG=GJN]
  109. [IMG=BB4]
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