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  1. # Role-play Sample?
  2. #### **The Setting is she is behind a school, there are bullies around her pressing this girl for her lunch money, she refuses and in result gets kicked in the face this is where I will start. She then raised her finger to her cheek as this dangerous aura which wasn't actually happening but for effect was happening as she smiled putting a bandage on her nose from the kick. watching the bullies walk away ** "They will pay I will make sure of that." **She then pondered walking thinking of ways of revenge, she was not just gonna tolerate kids bullying her on her FIRST DAY of school. She then snapped her fingers** "AH HAH, If I can't destroy her physically, She will be destroyed SOCIALLY!" **She then laughed to herself as she walked towards the inside of the building plotting her plans, weeks on weeks of time skips later she has prepared everything from rumors and blackmailing worthy pictures, she was gonna give them what they deserved and more. She then sent multiple NSFW pictures of the girls around the school then sliding into the restroom where one of the girls go every day to take birth control pills, she sat a mop bucket on the top of the bathroom door and turned off the lights. Standing outside the door she recorded the results of what she had set up with her phone, her now being trenched in mop water and her uniform now being-see through students gathered around taking pictures of the watered down bullying as Kinza stood in the back chuckling** "Never fuck with the new kid bitches" (Not my best but it will do)
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