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  1. Standard 1" Weight Set - $250 (Manchaca/Slaughter)
  3. Yep.
  5. Got your text,I'm ready to mail a cashier's check to you today and after it's received and clear's I'll make arrangement for the pickup,I'll add an extra $50 so you can keep it for me.Reply with your name and address so I can overnight the check on Tuesday.Mr.Griffith.
  7. 404 Ralph Ablanedo Dr, Austin, TX 78748 (local PD)
  9. Ok,get back to me with your name which the payment will be made out to.
  11. Brandon Mias, please.
  14. Ok Brandon ,you will receive the payment early this week.I will like you to take it off CL today.Enjoy the rest of your day
  16. Can you make sure to put somewhere on it "Craigslist weight set"? I get a lot of checks for work and I want to make sure I know which is you.
  17. And your phone number, please.
  18. Actually, just put "Craigslist Weight Set" on the outside of the envelope. It'll be fine.
  20. Ok,I will call you when i'm done in the hospital
  21. Hello Brandon,I will like to let you know that the payment has been sent and it will cover shipment so as soon you get the payment you deduct your asking price plus $50 for holding of sale and give the remaining balance to the mover's so they can pickup and considered this item sold to me.Mr.Griffith.
  22. Brandon,confirm if you got my text.
  24. Yes, standing by
  26. Yes,have a wonderful night rest.
  27. Morning Brandon,Sorry I get back to you this late.Had a family emergency,I want to let you know that the payment will deliver to your address this today via FedEx.When you receive it take it to your bank and deposit it or you can have it deposit through the ATM which will take 24hrs to clear.Get back to me when it clears so that I can proceed with the pickup.Mr.Griffith.
  29. Sure, let's schedule the pickup
  31. Ok,when do you want the mover's to come for the pickup?
  33. Today at 3
  35. Ok,let me know when you receive the check.
  37. I got the check. I'll go get the cash now
  39. Ok,take it to your bank and cash it. Let me know when you've cashed the check ok.
  40. Ok
  42. OK
  44. Hello,are you at the bank now?
  46. Yes. I have the cash and are ready for your guys whenever at the address I gave
  48. Ok,I text you the mover's account manager details where you are to send the remaining balance to vao Walmart. I will like you to head to Walmart now,remember you are to take out $300
  50. Lol damn your scam doesn't involve guys on the ground at all. I was hoping to waste a little more of your time. Google that address I gave you.
  51. Eat shit bottom feeder.
  53. FUCK U
  55. Lololololol
  56. Poor poor scammer
  58. FUCK U
  59. FUCK U
  60. FUCK U
  61. FUCK U
  62. FUCK U
  64. Hahahahahaaha
  65. How's it feel to have your confidence taken advantage of?
  67. By the way the check have not delivered so have cancelled the delivery.. Fuck face
  69. Lol you still spent money on it
  70. I still win
  71. Plus the cops weren't going to give a shit anyway it's just fun to make you freak out
  72. Nobody ever googles the addresses I give them, but I guess if you were smart you wouldn't be a scammer right?
  73. Anyway, I had my fun and got your hopes up and wasted your money, so I'll go ahead and block you now. Bye forever human trash <3
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