Reporting V2K Harassment and Torture to NCIS

Feb 13th, 2023 (edited)
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  1. Satellite targeting using voice to skull technology. I have been targeted by the United States Navy for almost three years. On Election Day, November 3rd, 2020 the voices in my head became torturous and repetitive. Additionally after the 3rd of November, 2020 they have played high-pitched frequencies within my head.
  3. I know it is the Navy (they confirmed that it has been the Navy by telling me information that related to my life. They have been spying on me since I was approximately 13 years old.) They read what I am looking at by spying on my eyesight signal. They continue to say that the reason why they are repeating certain phrases such as "end of transmission" and "you're so freaking funny" because they want me to be awarded $750,000,000 after taxes for having been targeted and tortured by repetition and high-pitched frequencies.
  5. They claim to be targeting my brain via my dental electromagnetic frequencies so that only I can hear their transmission.
  7. I would like to have a liason from NCIS to talk about how to remedy the situation. As I previously told you I know that it is a satellite positioned in the north because they were using a pulsing signal that I could only hear within the bedroom that was on the northern side of the house. Fortunately, they rarely begin playing the pulsing signal because of how annoying it is and when I wiggle my finger it says that their transmission is being played and amplified within their family tree's heads!
  9. I have moved from 1187 Marda Lane in Annapolis, Maryland and had gone through the Pascal Crisis Stabilization Center and had stayed there for two months. The PCSC has now moved me to a local homeless shelter called Lighthouse. I am unable to work while they are playing repetitive phrases and high-pitched frequencies within my head. Their treatment of intracranial torture resulted in losing clientele for my business Digital Marketing Company (dba) which has a website address of
  11. I would like your help to simply stop the transmission and to gain compensation for pain and suffering endured throughout the past couple of years. The voices said that I'm owed 750,000,000 after taxes and I agree after looking at historic government settlements that that's an appropriate amount given they are tortiously interfering with a potential billion dollar business
  13. I know it is the Navy due to how much they know about everyone with whom I've interacted throughout my entire life. They know things about classmates from middle school and high school.
  15. They continue to say that I am innocent and they continue to comment inappropriately by saying things I would rather not mention. I can hear myself think with their Quantum Computing system and they hear my thoughts and respond to that which I am thinking.
  17. Could you please help identify the submarine (I just thought, "are you on a submarine" and they responded "we are not not on a submarine") that is transmitting these messages. They are in a no jurisdiction zone so I don't want them to get into trouble. I only would like to be freed from the constant communications that they have set up within my head and be free from torturous repetition and high-pitched frequencies. Furthermore, I would like you help filling a lawsuit against the United States Navy solely for the purpose of gaining financial compensating for that which I have survived over the past 831 days (2 years, 3 months and 9 days).
  19. I applied to the Naval Academy and received a Congressional Appointment during the fall of 2004. I did not get into the USNA because of how competitive it is being a citizen of Annapolis, Maryland. Six (6) of my family members went to the United States Naval Academy and I come from a big Navy family. Two of my ancestors are buried upon the United States Naval Academy's grounds.
  21. I believe my Uncle started a false flag that included me receiving the intracranial torture which I have undergone. The voices in my head continuous repeat that they are not trying to get me to commit suicide and they continue to repeat that I am innocent. Moreover, they say that they will stop the targeting upon my receipt of $750,000,000 after taxes.
  23. Please contact me on my cellular telephone at 443-223-6882. I am currently bored at the local homeless shelter in Annapolis Maryland located at 10 Hudson Street, Annapolis, Maryland 21401.
  25. Thank you for understanding my unique situation and my need to have an NCIS liason with whom I can communicate. I have nothing against the United States Navy and I come from a big Navy family; I simply want to file a lawsuit to be compensated for that which I have undergone.
  27. Another thing that is important to note is all of the matches that the military (the Navy) has done on Fox News and with the book and movies about Edward Snowden. The military got a comedian who shares my name "Michael Loftus" to perform on Fox Nation and they had him attend the CPAC political debates. I am related to John Adams, Jr. and I am our founding father's sixth great grandson. The United States Army had my grandfather Joseph Loftus (Leader OF The United States) LOFTUS marry a descendant of John Adams, Jr., Patricia Darling Eldridge.
  29. The Navy or the Army used the NSA/CIA to make 621 connections (6th great grandson of our 2nd president who was also our 1st Vice President, 621). Edward Snowden's fictitious birthday is 6/21.
  30. Here is a blurb that I wrote about connections they made with me that are Edward Snowden related:
  31. Declassify Edward Snowden's matching with future presidential candidate, Michael Aaron Loftus.
  32. Edward Snowden's fictitious birthday is 6/21.
  33. Michael Aaron Loftus is the 6th great-grandson of our 2nd President who was our 1st Vice President.
  34. I heard Fired(6) Up(21), say it out loud intracranially in class at UMBC twice and said it out loud.
  35. While driving by NSA Fort Meade, I heard, "123, Say it out loud" and I said it out loud.
  36. Later, Edward Snowden's book, Permanent Record arrived in the mail.
  37. I realized that upon page 123, "fired up" was written!
  38. There exists an office building 621 Ridgely Avenue and that is where John D. Newell, Esq. (On The Knoll)
  39. I took pictures and gave them to John D. Newell who forced me into prostitution where I wore a white robe and Edward Snowden wore a white robe in the movie Citizen Four.
  40. Edward Snowden went to Anne Arundel Community College and so did I.
  41. Edward Snowden travelled to Switzerland in 2007 and so did I.
  42. Edward Snowden created a social network and I created social network.
  45. I believe the military had Michael Loftus the comedian at CPAC to show that I am part of a false flag and because I'm a good looking smart Republican, I want to run for president one day (especially since the Army had my grandfather (who was in the Army) marry into the John Adams, Jr. family tree with his last name being LOFTUS - Leader OF The United States). Please help me by providing a liaison and help me file a lawsuit against the United States Navy (even though I love the Navy).
  47. Kind Regards,
  49. Michael Aaron Loftus
  50. 443-223-6882
  52. ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________
  53. As of 13 February 2023 I have reached out to National Trial Law to initiate a lawsuit against the United States Navy to remedy the situation and receive compensation for that which I have survived! This does not mean I dislike the Navy. I love the Navy and I have a big Navy family! 6 of my family members went to the United States Naval Academy!
  55. I will keep everyone posted about how things are progressing here via PasteBin.
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    1. National Trial Law and Military Law Center denied my request to help sue the military. I am awaiting a response from Golden Law.
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