Mar 23rd, 2017
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  1. >"Daaaaaaaad Applejack is hogging the bathroom again!" Rarity yells from across the hall
  2. >It was a Saturday morning, and that meant one thing for rarity. Shopping day.
  3. "Rarity you can afford to be patient. It's that or you would be complaining about her farm smell all day"
  4. >Rarity started to say something but decided against it she knew her father was right after all. She instead headed for her room to plan on what to buy.
  5. >"Hey dad whats for breakfast?" Rainbow Dash had just entered the kitchen which came as a surprise to you given how much she sleeps on the weekends.
  6. "If you get pinkie for me we can have the works. You know how good she is with pancakes."
  7. >Dash's face lit up as she raced down the hall to get her sister.
  8. >"Father would you mind taking me to the library today? There are some new books in that I would really like to check out."
  9. >Twilight's addiction to reading seemed a bit unhealthy but you figured that maybe she would get a big-time job and eventually support you so you always spoiled her when it came to learning.
  10. "Sure thing sweetie just don't forget you can't take spike with you anymore." you leaned in and kissed her forehead as she walked by.
  11. >Twilight just sighed at this "Yes father I remember you made me work at the library doing whatever they wanted for a month after he peed on the librarian."
  12. >Truth be told when it happened you couldn't control your laughter. He only peed on her because she yelled at twilight for sneezing. Old bitch
  13. >Rainbow dash returned followed by Pinkie pie "Oh come on dad THAT was funny! I mean did you see the look on her face as he did it? PRICELESS!" rainbow started laughing at the thought
  14. >"Morning daddy so we doing the weekend feast today?"
  15. >Pinkie came in wearing her apron and ready to go. You knew she meant business.
  16. "Yeah, I figured we would have the works today. I will get the eggs, bacon, sausage, and potatoes if you get the pancakes and fruit all prepped."
  17. >Pinkie started working as Applejack entered the room now finished with her shower
  18. >"FIIIIINALLY I've been waiting for hours!" you hear rarity say as she closed the bathroom door
  19. >Applejack tossed a mean look her way "Well 'scuse me! Not like ah didn't work extra at the farm yesterday or nuthin."
  20. "You two have to make some sort of agreement about the bathroom situation at some point you know." You say as you wave a fork at her
  21. >"Ah know dad it's just so hard with her sometimes. Ah just don't feel like she understands how hard ah work."
  22. >You turn to give her hug. She wrapped her arms lightly around you as you did.
  23. "Listen I understand how hard you work ever since my accident you've put in more effort than ever."
  24. >Her grip tightened slightly after you said that. Maybe you shouldn't have brought that up they don't seem to be entirely over it yet.
  25. "You have to understand she works hard in her own way as well. It takes patience and a lot of knowledge to do well in the fashion world."
  26. >"Yeah Applejack She may not be working as hard physically, but she works just as hard as anyone to make her dreams come true" twilight pitched in
  27. >Applejack kinda looked at Twilight with a sad expression "Yeah your right sugarcube. Ah should be givin her more credit."
  28. >"Dad are you TRYING to ruin breakfast?!" Rainbow shouted while you turned and realized some of the bacon is getting a little too crispy
  29. >"No way! You know I love the crispy ones dashie!" Pinkie says as she juggles a burning piece of bacon
  30. "Hey... Wheres Fluttershy? She usually doesn't sleep this late." You say while tending the bacon and sausage a bit more carefully
  31. >"Oh she said something bout helpin the Zoo early today," Applejack said as she set the table
  32. "I wish she would tell me when she is going to do that. It kinda worries me when she is there, but at least I'll know where she is."
  33. >"Well it's fine she should be back soon anyway." Twilight stated without putting her book down
  34. "Almost ready on the pancakes sweetie?" You toss a glance over at Pinkie who now has a huge stack of pancakes
  35. >"MHMM! All set and ready to go!" she says as she salutes you
  36. "DIIIIIIISSSSMISSED PRIVATE PINKIE!" you say chiming into her joke
  37. >Fluttershy enters the dining room "Oh, hello everyone" she says quietly stifling a yawn.
  38. "What happened at the zoo this time?" you say rather dryly annoyed that she didn't tell you
  39. >"Harry was throwing a little fit because he lost his sleeping bear."
  40. "He lost his ... Sleeping bear? Did he need his blankey too?" you say jokingly as she sits at the table
  41. >"He is a very sensitive bear who just happens to be afraid of the dark."
  42. >"Oh come on already I'm starving dad!" Rainbow states impatiently
  43. >You bring all the food to the table and everyone, excluding rarity, starts to chow down.
  44. >"Well you could have at least waited for me!" rarity says now finally prim and proper to her liking
  45. >"Hey I was hungry!" dash says mouth half full. You shoot her a glance, and she immediately chews and swallows knowing what you meant by it.
  46. >As breakfast came to its end, you knew it was time to get everyone to where they wanted to be.
  47. >Pinkie to Sugarcube corner, Fluttershy to the animal shelter, twilight for her books, and the rest with you to the mall.
  48. "Alright everyone we ready to go?" You grab the keys, and they race out in front of you.
  51. >As you drive you hear pinkie rambling on about something a customer did as the girls laugh. All except for Applejack who just stares out the window with a sad look on her face.
  52. >You can tell what it is and you know it's your fault. You just don't think you can get her to stop thinking about it.
  53. >"My dear Applejack whats wrong darling?" Rarity says as she leans closer to her sister.
  54. >"Hmm? Ahm just thinking about... that." you didn't look back, but you could tell she was looking at you when she said it.
  55. >The whole car went quiet after she said that. "Listen, girls, I'm fine now. That's all that matters right?"
  56. >"NO IT AIN'T ALL THAT MATTERS!" Applejack exploded slamming her fist into the car seat "AH THOUGHT.... ah thought..." she trailed off, and you could tell she was about to cry
  57. >You decided to pull over so you could face them and talk.
  58. "Look, girls, I don't regret what I did, But you shouldn't blame yourselves in the slightest for what happened."
  59. >"We thought we were going to lose you daddy" Pinkie said quietly
  60. >"If we had just been a bit more careful..." Rarity started
  61. >"NO RARITY IT WAS ALL THAT JERKS FAULT!" Rainbow started to yell
  62. >Fluttershy curled up in her seat hugging her legs and hiding her face.
  63. "Rainbow Dash! Do not yell at your sister like that!" You said pointing your finger
  64. >"She's not wrong dad." Twilight chimed in. It was odd to hear her say dad, she usually just said father.
  65. "I would never leave you alone, but don't expect me to sit idly by when I see my girls lives at stake. I love you all more than life itself, and ANYONE who threatens you has a bad day coming for them." You started to tear up as well.
  66. >"Yeah well same goes for us! That jerk put you in the hospital! He's lucky I never got my hands on him myself!" rainbow started in
  67. >"Yeah ah would've liked ta give him a piece of my mind mahself" Applejack responded
  68. >"Yes well, a proper lady does not usually partake in such vulgarity, but nobody messes with my dad." It was like you gathered a mob. You felt rather glad they didn't get to the poor guy.
  69. "When I dropped you off for school that day I don't think anyone was ready."
  70. >You started to think back to that day. You had just dropped the kids off in the parking lot across the street from the school.
  71. >They had started to cross the street, and you were about to pull away when you heard the crossing guard shout
  72. >You had looked over, and a car was going incredibly fast. They were never going to stop before they hit your daughters so you did the only thing you could think of. They slammed their breaks, and you drove in front of them to try and stop them.
  73. >The next thing you remember was the hospital and seeing all six of your children safe and sound but crying. The sight both broke your heart and made you overflow with joy.
  74. >The next few weeks had been you stuck in that hospital bed. You had never been lonely though as at least one of your kids seemed to stick around.
  75. >Of course, you had been punished by Fluttershy when she realized you were calling in nurse Redheart for no good reason. Who could blame you? HEEEELLOOOOOOO NURSE!
  76. >Truth be told it was after you were supposed to be able to be out of bed that things took a turn.
  77. >The first time you tried to stand at the doctors request you found you really couldn't easily do it. Luckily your kids weren't in the room at that exact time so they couldn't worry even more initially.
  78. >"After some scans, it seems your leg suffered some permanent nerve damage. We couldn't catch it initially due to the extensive damage your lower left half had sustained."
  79. >"You will have a limp for the rest of your life but shouldn't need a walking aid for a few years."
  80. "I work a farm doing all sorts of lifting though! How am I gonna be able to work if I can't even walk well?" You say somewhat exasperated
  81. >"You won't be able to do that kind of job. This kind of damage will render you unable to bear a lot of extra weight or any kind of pushing of heavy objects." He starts looking over his papers
  82. >"If you work on private land you own then I am sorry, but you will have to get someone to fill your shoes. You can always manage the... farm, was it? Just oversee that the work is getting done right and work on finances."
  83. >Your fist started to shake. You knew that granny smith had wanted to keep that farm in the family. It had taken a lot of time and trust for her to allow you to help when Applejacks real parents had died. She was just a little girl, and Granny Smith and big mac could not handle that on their own.
  84. "Well, thanks for giving it to me straight doc. I need to speak to my daughters if you don't mind letting them in." He nodded his head and exited the room with the girls entering shortly after.
  85. >You started to open your mouth, but the words just didn't want to come out.
  86. >"Well dad is it bad?" Applejack was the first to speak
  87. >You just nodded slightly "What? How bad could it be? I mean you are my dad after all. I don't see a little car wreck keeping you down!" Dash said with a nervous chuckle.
  88. >"I'm sure whatever is wrong we can help you out." Fluttershy said holding her hands to her chest. You knew that was her sign of both compassion and concern.
  89. "The doctor said I would never walk normally again. I'll have a limp for as long as I live. That means I can't help out on the farm as much anymore." You felt your head hang in shame as you spoke
  90. >"Aww shucks big mac and I can handle the farm no problem" Applejack tried to sound like it wasn't a big deal, but you knew how much there was to do.
  91. >"Father, just focus on your health. We can do more around the house if you need it." as Twilight said that you could feel yourself getting frustrated
  92. >"Yea daddy I can do more of the cooking" Pinkie excitedly said
  93. >"I can help with the cleaning" from both Fluttershy and Twilight
  94. >"I can take care of the backyard," Rainbow said trying to sound much more excited than you knew she actually was.
  95. >"I can help with finances dad, after all, it shouldn't be too hard with the luxurious ensembles I can weave." NO that's the line. It has been drawn you are about to burst.
  96. "EVERYONE STOP!" You yell out of nowhere. Their mouths are slack-jawed, so you know they were caught by surprise.
  97. "I fully appreciate all the support, but it's just a limp. I can still cook and clean. Rarity I don't want you to make dresses just to help out with finances you have a life to live yourself."
  98. >You feel better, but there were still things you needed to address so you take a deep breath
  99. "Applejack I am going to talk to granny smith about what I can do to help. If she says nothing, then I am going to get you help. I don't know where from. I don't know when, but you and your big brother already have your hands full as is. You also have school to attend." you watch her closely and notice her hands are balled into fists.
  100. >"DANGIT DAD JUST LET US DO THIS!" She exploded "You can't expect us not to try to help out after..." She dropped to her knees and started to cry.
  101. >Fluttershy knelt beside her hugging her trying to comfort her. You knew they were all hurting. They almost lost you, and you almost lost them.
  102. >"I also get money from the cakes. I wouldn't mind giving some up for the most super awesome daddy ever!" Pinkie says
  103. "Girls I can manage, I assure you. I want to grow old and watch you all succeed in life. Following your own paths and fighting the good fight. All I EVER ask is that you follow what is right in your hearts. Learn from both my mistakes and my successes."
  104. >They all gather around for a tight hug. Thankfully you are in good shape considering how bad the crash could have been.
  105. "I love you all so much. Do not EVER forget that. I would dive in front of that car an eternity over if it meant your safety." A single tear fell from your cheek
  106. >"Ugh daaad so sappy" You hear Dash say.
  107. >The girls started laughing while crying.
  108. >You cut back to the here and now.
  110. >You start to drive again now that the emotional stuff is out of the way
  111. >You drop Pinkie, Fluttershy, and Twilight off at the corner near the school, which thankfully was in the center of where they all needed to be.
  112. >"Ok daddy I'm off to sugarcube corner! I'll be sure to bring back some sweets for tonight!" pinkie says at she skips off
  113. >Fluttershy just gives you a quick hug and whispers in your ear "I love you daddy." you kiss her on the forehead and hug back just before she exits the car.
  114. >"I will see you later this evening father." Twilight said rather coldly. She tends to shut herself off when she feels hurt or sad.
  115. "You girls be safe now!" You yell out the window of your car. They just wave in return.
  116. >"Alright dad lets hit it!" Dash says excitedly ready to get new equipment
  117. "Hold your horses Dash I want to make sure they cross safely." You found yourself saying that without really thinking. You hope it wasn't insensitive to say that.
  118. >"Look they're fine dad" Rarity pointed out. These girls, always so impatient.
  119. "Alright alright, we're going." You pull away from the corner and make your way to the mall
  120. >"Alright dad ahm just gonna head over to the Supply store just next door and pick up things we need at the farm." Applejack said tipping her hat before seeing herself off.
  122. >As you follow Rarity and Dash you notice someone running up to your group.
  123. >"Rarity!! Rainbow Dash!" The girl called out waving an arm, and as she got closer, you realized it was Sunset Shimmer.
  124. >God you hated this girl. She nearly tore your family apart just to be Princess of the fall formal in high school for a few years.
  125. >Your daughters had decided to give her a second chance, but you were wary. You would be ready if this...demon started causing trouble.
  126. >"Hey girls you doing some shopping?" It had only been a few months since that whole battle of the bands, but now she seemed all buddy-buddy with your girls.
  127. >"Why yes darling you simply must join us." You clear your throat to assert your presence.
  128. >"Oh haha silly me. Dad, would you mind if she accompanied us?" Rarity gave you her puppy dog eyes.
  129. "I suppose if that's what you girls want." You know you didn't sound pleased, but you force a smile anyway.
  130. >"Will you excuse us for a second?" Dash grabs your arm and pulls you away before she can answer.
  131. >"Dad I know you don't really like her, but I'm telling you she's different now." She was very defensive about this issue. She is not one to give up on a cause she believes in so you let it go.
  132. "Listen Dash she has done a lot of damage to this family. I may not ever come to forgive her, but I trust you to do whats right." You gave her a hug
  133. >"UGHH Dad! We're in public!" She puts up a small fight, so you let her go.
  134. "I'm gonna let you girls have fun. I'll go check on your sister and see if she's got everything she needs." Rainbow gives you a concerned and slightly frustrated look but returns to her friend.
  135. >Sunset gives you a weak smile and a wave before heading off with your girls. Strangely she almost looked sad. You don't dwell on it and instead, keep to your word.
  136. >You start looking around the supply shop and find Applejack checking out various wood boards.
  137. >She goes to grab some of the 2x4s sitting on the shelf.
  138. >As soon as she moves a couple the shelf gives way, and it starts to come down. You rush over as fast as you can with your limp and manage to pull her and turn acting as a shield.
  139. >"Dad?! What in tarnation d'you think yer doin?" She says somewhat furious.
  140. >Most of the initial boards managed to push you forward, so you didn't get hurt real bad.
  141. "I'm fine Applejack." You try to reassure her, but she isn't buying it.
  142. >"No dad yer not! You always tell us to be careful then throw yerself into harms way likety split as if nothin else matters!" She is pretty upset.
  143. >You just pull her in for a hug as she starts to tear up a bit.
  144. "I'm sorry. I can't bear to watch you girls get hurt. It breaks my heart far more than you know."
  145. >This isn't going to stop her from staying upset at you for the day, but it helps to calm her down some.
  146. "Why don't we go get something sweet to snack on yea?" She sniffles a little but offers no resistance to you moving her along.
  147. >You arrive at the food court and head for this little sweet shop at the end.
  148. "One caramel apple, please. Your absolute freshest apples if you can." You know how your daughter is about the taste of an overly ripe apple.
  149. >"Oh yes anything for our sweet acre farm apple provider!" You're shocked. Not that many people seem to know about you or Applejack. They only ever deal with Granny Smith or Big Mac.
  150. >"Here you go! It's on the house today just for you!" The lady gives your girl the caramel apple and a smile just as sweet.
  151. "That's very kind of you ma'am." You say not used to that level of kindness from someone outside the family.
  152. >"Hopefully we will see you again soon!" She says as you exit the shop.
  153. >"Ah can tell this is our farm's apples. Bout as sweet and juicy as can be!" Applejack said finally wearing a smile again.
  154. >She eats away at her apple, but as she comes to an end she stops for a moment.
  155. >"Dad... Why do ya always try so hard ta keep up happy? Even when you get hurt yer still worried about us; Why don't you ever put yer happiness before ours?"
  156. >You studied her face to read into what she may be thinking, but all you can see is guilt.
  157. "Applejack.." You sigh a little as you say her name. "One day if you have kids you'll understand." You braced for a difficult conversation, one you knew would happen eventually.
  158. >"You say that, but we ain't even really yer kids. Ah mean ah love you, you've been a great dad, but you took us in to protect us from our pain."
  159. "You were just a little girl when I took you in. Did your brother tell you about what happened?" You felt uneasy as the words escaped your mouth.
  160. >He didn't tell me the whole story, but ah reckon ah'd rather hear it from you anyway." She looks down at her hands which grip her apple stick.
  161. >"Ah've already lost my parents once. Ah don't know what ah'd do if ah lost you too." Her head sunk to hide her face.
  162. >You start to realize why she gets so angry at you when you get hurt, though it should have been obvious now that you think about it.
  163. "I did take you all in. Of course, there were different reasons for each of you, but it boiled down to the same thing." You start to pull her in for a hug.
  164. "I'm not the kind of man who can watch children suffer a pain they had no right to have." You remove her hat as it was poking you in the face a little.
  165. >"Tonight dad, ah want you to explain to us what happened when you took us in." It was a fair request. Not one you could really turn down either though.
  166. "All right. Yea. Tonight I will tell you what I know as far as the circumstances leading up to you being with me."
  167. >The day turns out to be rather boring. After a few hours, your girls finish shopping, and you head out to gather the rest.
  168. >You prepare supper with the help of all your kids and sit down to eat. Now is the time to tell them how you came to care for them.
  169. "Girls Applejack has asked that I talk with you all about how we came to be a family."
  170. >They look rather dumbstruck except for Applejack and Dash.
  171. "Applejack the night I took you in I can never forget. I lost my dearest friends that night."
  172. >You had decided to tell the stories in order. You scan their faces and can tell you have their utmost attention.
  173. "Before I get started I want to tell you that I knew your parents since we were just little kids Applejack." You think back to those days.
  174. >You and Elstar, the man who would become Applejacks father. The two of you would get into all sorts of trouble pulling pranks at school.
  175. >All of that changed in high school though. He met a pretty little country girl who came from Nebraska. Honeygold had him wrapped around her finger from day one.
  176. >You ended up being the best man at their wedding, which was held at the apple farm.
  177. "That night there was a terrible storm." You started to remember the night that started it all. The pain showing clearly on your face.
  178. "Applejack you know that we stopped using some of the land cuz it's too close to the hills. It all started there as we prepared for the worst."
  179. >"Come on now Anon we have to hurry!" Elstar screamed at you starting to panic.
  180. >"If we don't get this barrier set up in time the farms gonna get hit by that storm!" This time it was Honeygold screaming at you over the pitter patter of rain.
  181. "I'm doing the best I can over here!" You tried your best to nail down the wood to form a sort of domed wall.
  182. "There I think I got it!" You shout out, and they give a thumbs up. No sooner than they do does your wall start to come undone.
  183. "Aww hell! The nail splintered the section it was in!" You yell back as they run to you to help.
  184. >"We ain't got time for this!" Elstar and Honeygold started working fast to repair the wall.
  185. >Thunder strikes loud causing you to jump. As you look up at the hill, you notice it. The mud at the top has started shifting which meant one thing only.
  186. "MUDSLIDES HERE WE GOTTA GO!" You grabbed your friends and started to run as fast as you could.
  187. >The mudslide was much faster than they were catching up in a matter of seconds sweeping them away.
  188. >You had managed to grab on to a tree and used it to find a few seconds of safety.
  189. >You lost consciousness and didn't wake for a few days.
  190. >Granny Smith gave you the news, but you just felt numb.
  191. >She flicked on the news and left the room. She probably couldn't bear to hear the tragedy twice.
  192. >As you saw the helicopter cam you noticed something. The mudslide had been funneled through the wall. The opening that had been left by your mistake was the only reason this had happened.
  193. >It hit you hard as they showed you and your friends. You were wheeled away by paramedics, but your friends were not so lucky.
  194. "It was all my fault applejack." You say coming back to reality tears streaming down your face.
  195. "You were about four years old at that point. Every now and again back then you called both Elstar and myself daddy." You bury your hands into your face.
  196. >"Ah don't blame you for what happened. Neither should you." She took her hat and tipped it down to hide her face.
  197. Those words rang in your ears for a moment. You had heard them before. From Granny Smith and Big Mac, but back then they fell on deaf ears.
  198. >"Why don't you tell the story of how you met me next, dad." Rainbow said quietly to take the pressure off of her sister.
  199. >You twinge with a bit of anger as you remember how you met her.
  200. "Do you remember an orphanage Rainbow?" You try to sound calm about that, but based on her worried look you failed.
  201. >"N-no? I mean not really." She was confused by your frustration, but soon she would understand.
  202. >It had been a particularly trying day as you had to go into town for supplies. Everything at the farm had been going into disrepair since the Apple parents were gone.
  203. >You remember hearing some crying coming from an alleyway in between two shops. You don't remember which shops they were, but you recall the crying all too clearly.
  204. "Hello? Is someone there?" You call out into the alley hearing some shuffling behind the trash.
  205. >"I'm never going back there! Never again!" A young Rainbow Dash says sprinting away.
  206. >You immediately give chase, after all, you can't just leave her alone out here.
  207. "Wait! I just want to help!" She stumbles and falls over crying loudly now.
  208. >"MY knee!" Her cries become like a typical hurt child, but they dissolve as you scoop her up into your arms.
  209. "There there, you'll be okay." You try to comfort her, and it works somewhat.
  210. "Now let's get you home okay? Your parents must be worried sick." She starts to struggle like crazy.
  211. >"NO I WON'T GO BACK NOOOOOO!" She starts screaming and hitting you with her little fists.
  212. >Something was not right about this. You remember rebelling against your parents when you were young, but you never dreamed of running away and not returning. At least not that this age.
  213. "Why don't you tell me whats wrong okay? Maybe I can help you." Her struggles become less frantic, and she rubs her arm against her face.
  214. >"I don't have a mommy or a daddy. There's this mean lady who whips me when I don't do what she wants." she says through her sniffling.
  215. >You weren't surprised at first, but then you took a better look at her. She had a shirt that was a bit too big for her. It was filthy as if it had never been cleaned.
  216. >She also had marks on her arms from where she had been grabbed. You could tell that they weren't the gentle tugs of a mother who cared.
  217. >Her knuckles had dried blood on them. It was as if a nun had beat them to the point of bleeding with a ruler.
  218. >You took a look at her legs. She had ripped up shorts on and other than the mark on her leg where she fell she had red lines all over. "This is sick." you thought to yourself.
  219. "Whats your name little girl?" You say as nicely as you can.
  220. >"I-I'm Rainbow Dash" She is still wary of you not that you could blame her.
  221. >You can't just take her home with you, but you feel you can't let her just go back to whatever orphanage you think she is from.
  222. "Okay listen I'll take you to my home for now, and we can get you cleaned up. We will figure out what to do from there okay?" She nods slightly wiping the tears from her face.
  223. >You take her home and get out the first aid kit. As you move towards her and bring your arms closer, she shields her face.
  224. >You trembled with anger for a moment. Not at her, but at whoever had been taking care of her. You regain your composure for her sake and open the box.
  225. "This will only sting for a moment, and then we will get you in a bath." She moved one of her hands away so she could keep an eye on you.
  226. >As you pour some rubbing alcohol on the cotton swab you gingerly pull her injured leg towards you. She yelps a little as you apply the swab, but you only maintain a very light grasp on her leg.
  227. "I know it hurts sh sh shhhh its okay you're fine." You reassure her as you wipe away at the scrape on her leg.
  228. >You scoop her up in your arms again and take her to the bathroom. You draw some lightly warm water and go to grab some clothes from Applejacks room.
  229. >They do seem about the same size and age so it should be fine. You place some bubble soap in the water to make a bubble bath for her to play in.
  230. >Her eyes start to glow as the bubbles spread throughout the water. You giggle just a little at how cute the sight is.
  231. "All right dash lets get these dirty rags off of you and get you nice and clean." She holds tightly to her shirt as you are going to take it off.
  232. >"No... Sister says never to show my back to anybody." Her voice was a mixture of fright and sadness.
  233. "It's okay Rainbow I won't tell her if you won't" You hold out your pinkie hoping she knows about pinkie promises.
  234. >"You promise?" She stuck out her pinkie and wrapped it around yours.
  235. "I promise." She stops holding her shirt allowing you to pull it off. You take it slow bracing for what she might be worried about.
  236. >Then you saw it. Her back was covered in red marks almost as if she had been whipped. You had never been more disgusted or angry in your life.
  237. >You cover your mouth as you feel vomit start to rise in your throat from the mixture of feelings from the sight.
  238. "I don't know who did this, but they will get whats coming to em when I found out." You said that out loud without thinking, but you couldn't really help it.
  239. >You finish unclothing her and place her in the tub. She instantly starts to move around the bubbles playing with em.
  240. "How does that feel? Is it too hot?" You feel the warmth of the water to make sure but are put at ease when she shakes her head.
  241. "All right now close your eyes for just a bit okay?" You scoop the water over her head and start to shampoo.
  242. >As the dirt came out of her hair you notice she has the most beautiful rainbow hair color. It was just a shame that she was so abused.
  243. >You grab a few squeaky toys that Applejack like and let her play as you wash her body off.
  244. >"This is so much fun!" She started to laugh as she played her imaginary games with the rubber duck and shark. "I wanna stay here!"
  245. >The moment had caught you somewhat off guard. You understood why she said it and you wanted to take care of her.
  246. >You finish cleaning her and start draining the water after letting her play for a little bit. "Awwww I was having fun." She gave you puppy dog eyes like you had never seen before.
  247. "Let's just get you dried off." You start to dry her going slow on some of the more bruised areas.
  248. >"Are these for me?!" She said as you picked up the clothes you had gathered before. It was just a T-shirt, panties, shorts, socks, and an extra pair of shoes you had bought for AJ just in case.
  249. "Just for you little Dashie." She hugged the leg you were kneeling on like she was getting a Christmas gift.
  250. >You get her all dressed up, but now you need to think of whats next. You don't want to take her back to the orphanage.
  251. >The police? Yea you knew a guy in the force who owed you a favor. Maybe he could help out this time.
  252. "Come on Rainbow Dash I have a friend I want you to meet." She clings to your leg as you walk to your car.
  253. >You get her strapped into the childrens seat and are on your way to the police station.
  254. >As you arrive you remember how much time you had spent at this place. Good times you'd never take back. You head in and come to the Front desk.
  255. >You recognize the somewhat older man at the desk as Officer Catch. He had been on the force since you were a child.
  256. >"Hello sir... Anonymous? Weeeellll this it quite the surprise! I remember when you used to be brought here rather than coming here yourself! So what can we do." His smug face reminded you why you didn't like him.
  257. "Well, I was hoping you could get Officer Shocker for me. I have urgent business and need his help." Catch pages your friend to the front.
  258. >"He'll be here shortly. I hope whatever mess you're in this time isn't as bad as the last time." Officer catch tipped his hat to you and walked into the back room.
  259. >You wait for a couple of minutes trying to keep Rainbow entertained in the meantime. "What you never call and now you just drop in asking for favors?"
  260. >Your old Friend Officer Crookely Shocker walks up and gives you a bear hug.
  261. "Good to see you too buddy." You manage to say through his hug. "But I need your help. This girl here is the victim of domestic abuse at an orphanage."
  262. >Your friend looks down at the little Rainbow hiding slightly behind your leg. "We had another little girl from an orphanage saying she'd gone missing."
  263. >This is perfect now you know which orphanage for sure to take down.
  264. >You grab your buddy and pull him in close to whisper into his ear.
  265. "Listen I found her in an alleyway and then I took her home to bathe her and take care of some of her cuts. Her back is torn up man whoever runs this orphanage needs to pay. DEARLY"
  266. >He pulled back to look you in the eyes. Seeing your determination, he knew serious you were, after all, you'd never joke about something like this.
  267. >"All right man we can get some pictures and have a warrant made of her injuries. She was only gone for a few hours so it's not like there's a valid excuse for any injuries she may have."
  268. >He takes one more look at the little girl then kneels down to talk to her face to face.
  269. "It's all right Dash he's a friend I promise." She looks up at you warily and then steps away from your leg closer to the officer.
  270. >"Do you know a girl named Fluttershy? She says she's been looking all over for you." He talks somewhat slowly probably because he isn't used to dealing with kids.
  271. >"Fluttershy is here?! I wanna see her!" Dash says excitedly jumping up and down a little.
  272. >"Heh excitable little one isn't she?" He picks her up and places her on his shoulder. She clings to his head for support.
  273. "Yeah, she is. That's what makes this situation so disturbing." You follow your friend into a large office type room.
  274. >In the corner there's a row of seats with a lone little girl with pink hair. She looks over and sees Rainbow and immediately runs towards you.
  275. >"Rainbow a-are you okay?" Officer shocker sets her down, and Rainbow hugs Fluttershy tightly.
  276. >As you examine Fluttershy you notice she is a little older than Rainbow Dash. You would put her at seven and Rainbow at around five. She looks just as bad as rainbow did when you first saw her.
  277. >"Yea! I met this really nice man who gave me these pretty clothes and cleaned me up!" Your friend looks over at you suspiciously.
  278. "What was I supposed to do? She was filthy and had dry blood on her!" You whisper to him which did not go unnoticed by the children.
  279. >This time your friend kneels down to talk to Fluttershy. "Can you tell me which orphanage you're from?"
  280. >Fluttershy pulls her long pink hair in front of her face somewhat to hide it. "We're umm from uhh." She looks around nervously and speaks real quietly.
  281. >You tap your friend on the shoulder to switch places with him. He gives you and the girls some space after shooting you a look that says "Let's see you do it then."
  282. "Hi, you must be Fluttershy!" You show some enthusiasm for meeting her which makes her hide slightly more. It's only now you understand how very timid she is.
  283. "I know Rainbow doesn't like it there very much. Do the other kids?" She shakes her head in response refusing to speak.
  284. "Well, I'll tell you what, if you tell us which orphanage you're from I will take you to go do ANYTHING you want. How does that sound?" She perks up a little at this.
  285. >"C-could we go to the petting zoo? I really like animals." She managed to say quietly. You just eye her over for a minute with a big smile on your face.
  286. "Yes, we could go to the petting zoo and stay till it closes if you want." You want to hug her she's so cute, but you refrain; she would probably jump if you did that now.
  287. >"It's umm Sister Holyfeather's Orphanage." She squeaked that out so quietly you almost didn't understand that.
  288. "Sister Holyfeather huh?" You turn to your officer friend "Let's pay her a visit shall we?"
  289. >The kids moved in protest "No don't take us back there! I don't like it there!" Rainbow screamed at the top of her lungs causing the other cops to stop a moment.
  290. >You turned to kneel down in front of her placing a hand on her shoulder to calm her down a little.
  291. "Don't worry; you kids will stay here with Good old Mr. Catch. He'll take nice care of you while my friend and I pay Sister Holyfeather a visit."
  292. >They both seemed to calm a little at hearing that. Officer Catch who was walking by at the time stopped at hearing this. "Oh sure not like I have anything better to do!" His sarcasm falling on deaf ears.
  293. >You Officer Shocker and a few other policemen arrive at the orphanage. From the outside, it looks rather pleasant, not at all what you expected.
  294. >You knock on the door to be greeted by this beautiful young looking nun. She had clearly won the gene lottery. Ample breasts, small waist, birthing hips, and a nice round ass.
  295. >"Miss Holyfeather I presume?" Officer shocker started to look past her to see if any kids were inside.
  296. >"Why yes that's me. Whatever can I do for you officer?" She fluttered her eyes obviously trying to look cute.
  297. >"You're under arrest pending investigation of child abuse." He started giving her the whole cop spiel.
  298. >She started kicking and cursing as he cuffed her and took her away. The other officers went into the small orphanage and gathered any kids inside.
  299. >Upon first notice you couldn't tell they'd been abused. It's not until you look a little closer that you see the fidgeting and reactions of a youth who was clearly mentally scarred.
  300. >"These kids are gonna be put into foster care for some time it seems." Hearing this made you quite sad. Maybe it would be better though for most of them.
  301. >You think back to the two girls that saved all these kids. Well, maybe not saved so much as had their story found out.
  302. "Is there a way I can take in those two girls at the Police department?"
  303. >You found yourself asking that without thinking much about it. You knew it would be difficult, but they needed real help.
  304. >You knew you could provide besides you couldn't sleep without knowing they were being cared for properly.
  305. >Your friend placed a hand on your shoulder. "You know, I think we can arrange that. I know they will be in good hands." Hearing your old friend say that filled you with joy.
  306. "I really appreciate what you've done for me and these kids today Shocker. I could never thank you enough." You turn to face him and hold out your hand as a sign of your gratitude.
  307. >He grabs your hand at first to shake it but pulls you in for a hug instead.
  308. >"You bringing this to me reminded me why I wanted to join the force at all. I'm here to protect and serve, and this was my pleasure." He pats your back a few times before letting you go.
  309. "Does that mean you still owe me a favor then?" You say with a sly grin on your face.
  310. >He slings his arm over your shoulder. "Ha fat chance buddy! I think this was a pretty generous twofer." You both start to laugh as you make your way back to the Police department.
  311. >You find officer Catch playing tag outside with young Rainbow Dash as Fluttershy sits by and watches.
  312. "Hey everybody we're back!" You wave at the group who comes bounding up to you. Between the three you see Fluttershy is the most excited of the three.
  313. >"You know seeing you two walk together reminds me of the old days. You kids used to get into all sorts of trouble but now look at you. You did some good work today."
  314. >He holds his hand out to shake yours first. It kind of shocks you as it was something you never dreamed of. You shake his hand and feel a sense of pride swelling.
  315. >You look down at the two girls next to each of his legs. You can't help but smile as you realize what it is you had done today.
  316. >You saved a small group of innocent children from an abusive lifestyle. Brought the abuser to justice and then took in a couple of the kids she abused. It was a good day to be sure.
  317. "All right girls I just have some papers to fill out then you can come live with me and your new sister!"
  318. >You kneel down and they run in for a hug. Something you think they probably never received before. You know that they will get plenty now though.
  319. >"Hey I remember what happened after that!" Fluttershy cuts into your story for her favorite part.
  320. >You look over at Fluttershy who is crying silently obviously remembering some of that horrid place. She wipes away the tears to begin her part.
  321. >"That weekend we went to the petting zoo where I met Angel bunny!" You had forgotten about her rabbit friend. He had become old over the years and passed away since then.
  322. >"So lemme get this straight. I ran away from an orphanage that was beating me. You happened to run into me and figured out what was going on then got the Nun arrested?"
  323. >Rainbow Dash had the long and short of it now. "How come I don't remember any of this?"
  324. "Well, Rainbow you were really young. You were barely four years old at that point maybe just old enough to start forming memories of such a thing." You hoped she had just blocked it out.
  325. >"Rainbow you might not, but I still do." Fluttershy put a hand on her sister's shoulder. "Back then you took some of my punishments for me, so I had to take care of you."
  326. >"When you ran away, I was afraid I would never see you again" Tears welled up in her eyes once again. You could never stand to see any of your girls cry, but it hurt to see Fluttershy cry the most.
  327. >"You were my little sister, my guiding light. You were the only reason I could manage to get up at all back then." They started to hug as Fluttershy began to break down.
  328. "Fluttershy I still remember the first thing you said when Rainbow Dash first got in trouble." You still get chills thinking of her at that time.
  329. >"Don't hit her! She didn't mean to do it! Hit me instead!" She screamed at you after you found out Rainbow had knocked over one of your family portraits.
  330. >You gathered cleaning supplies to get rid of the glass and afterward you gave Rainbow Dash her punishment. She had to eat all the veggies she didn't like for her supper.
  331. "It took some time before you stopped fidgeting when you were in trouble yourself Fluttershy." You got up from your spot at the table to walk over to her and hugged her tight.
  332. "I never wanted you to endure such a tragedy. For as long as I live you won't have to go through anything like that ever again." You kissed her forehead before taking your seat again.
  333. "Well, I guess the next story is yours Pinkie. Though you now know your real family and I'm glad you do. There was a time where that family had struggled."
  334. >The Pie family rock farm has never had an issue with finances nor were the parents cruel or unjust. Tragedy struck them all the same.
  335. >You did apple deliveries to the pie family now and again. Free of charge since they were akin to the apple family. You think that Applejack and Pinkie are really cousins to some extent.
  336. >"Thou hast brought more food to my family not a moment too soon. Thy apples will help mine daughters with their health I am sure."
  337. >Igneous and his wife always spoke in the old tongue. Something that annoyed you somewhat as it took more thought to understand what they really meant.
  338. "Your girls are getting sick? Have they seen a doctor or at least gotten any medicine?" Probably stupid to ask these questions you thought.
  339. >"Mine daughters are well cared for." Cloudy Quartz responded this time with a little bit of annoyance in her tone.
  340. "I'm sorry I meant no offense. I have three girls myself and worry like crazy when anything happens. Plus you know how much I love to see your little bundles of joy!" You chuckled a little to lighten the mood.
  341. >"Indeed they are quite the good children are they not?" Cloudy looked back into the house with a smile on her face.
  342. >You heard coughing and hacking from inside which prompted Cloudy to take her leave and tend the kids.
  343. >"I worry for them night and day. This sickness does not seem to get any better and the doctor in our town hath not the equipment to deal with severe illness."
  344. >You could see the worry on his face and guide him over to his porch chair.
  345. "Take them to a hospital in the city then. I would be glad to take them and have them at least examined, so you know what you are dealing with." He looked up at you with a glimmer of hope.
  346. >"Thy kindness knows no bounds Anonymous. Please take mine family to get well again. I will stay and tend the rock farm to pay for their medical expertise."
  347. >With that Igneous headed inside the house to gather the family. You pulled your van around and helped get the kids into the car.
  348. >You dropped Cloudy and the kids into emergency care and left for the time being. You still had work to do, but that did not mean you didn't care.
  349. >After Taking care of the Apple deliveries and finishing up at the farm you grabbed your kids and headed for the hospital you left the Pie family at.
  350. >You decided to get some balloons to lighten the kid's moods. A smile on their face would go a mile in the mother's eyes as well.
  351. >After some convincing of the staff you were led to the group who were already being taken care of.
  352. >"My babies..." You hear Cloudy start to break down in a waiting area outside of the kid's room. You approach, but don't know what to say.
  353. "Cloudy what happened? Is their sickness really that bad?" You inquire trying to be as cautious as possible.
  354. >"As it happens mine daughters had played in the mines. The disease that hath plagued them is similar to Black lung disease."
  355. >This was serious. In an adult, if that built up over time they had a high mortality rate. These are children though. They don't need to breathe in as much to become as bad if not worse.
  356. "I'm going to go see them to give them these." You pointed at your bright, colorful balloons and started to turn to the door.
  357. >"AND WHAT WILL THAT DO?! WILL THAT FIX THEIR LUNGS?!" She bellowed at you frightening your kids. She looked down at them to realize what she had done and immediately composed herself.
  358. "No. It won't, but if it were my girls here, I would want them to smile from now till the day they are healthy again." You hand the balloons to Fluttershy and motion for her to wait.
  359. >You walk up to Cloudy and give her a warm embrace. You didn't know what else could really be said at this point.
  360. >"It is not fair..." She said starting to fall to her knees. You don't let her fall all the way and instead help her to a chair.
  361. "I know it isn't fair. These are wonderful, bright, and joyful children that are bedridden. They don't deserve this, but I believe they will pull through this. After all, they are YOUR children."
  362. >You give her a slight smile and she returns it in kind. "Yes, you are right. They are strong and will overcome this issue. Thank you."
  363. >She gives you one more quick hug before you pull away to accomplish your goal of bringing a smile.
  364. >As you enter the room you see that the three kids all have to wear the oxygen masks. This must have been pretty serious.
  365. "Hey, girls, I brought you some balloons and friends!" You kids enter behind you each taking a few of their toys to share with Marble, Limestone, and Pinkie Pie.
  366. >You tie the balloons off to the sides of their beds, and instantly you see weak smiles on their faces. Both Rainbow and Applejack even brought a few of their favorite storybooks.
  367. "All right I will be right back kids." You exit the room just enough to motion Cloudy over to you. You figure this could do wonders for her.
  368. >She looks into the room through the window to see bright smiles on her children's face as they share toys and stories with yours.
  369. >"Your compassion and generosity know no bounds. Truly." She wipes a single tear from her face and walks into the room to accompany her kids.
  370. "Cherish these moments. You never know how long they last." You whisper to yourself remembering something your parents once told you.
  371. >Over the next couple of weeks the hospital kept the kids just in case. You heard whispers of the kids from the staff. These children even manage to touch the staff's heart.
  372. >A few times Igneous and their other daughter Maud, whom you swear you had never seen, had visited. They made sure to bring a smile if only to keep the mood bright for the kids.
  373. >Then the news finally hit. Marble pie, the weakest of the trio, had finally succumbed to the illness. Cloudy and Igneous were devastated, and all you could do was to try and help them.
  374. >At the very least Pinkie and Limestone were going to make it. Or so you thought. Limestones health took a turn, and she started to get worse and worse.
  375. >Very suddenly it looked like Pinkie would be the sole survivor of the trio, but you weren't willing to see that.
  376. >The doctor explained to the Pie family their options to save little Limestone. IT was a matter of money at this point. They used up so much trying to keep their kids alive as is.
  377. >You couldn't sit by and watch that little girl die. You offered to pitch into the expense for an experimental treatment and did what you could to keep Cloudy sane.
  378. >Weeks went by, and your kids kept Pinkie company while Limestone was in another hospital getting her treatment. It was like she was just another sister to them.
  379. >The results of the treatment had finally come back. Limestone too had passed away. Cloudy had finally broken. She became quiet and never smiled not even for Pinkie.
  380. "Igneous what are you going to do about Pinkie? She's still at risk of getting worse if she ever goes back and her mother..." You trail off unsure of what to say without being rude.
  381. >"Tis true that my wife is out of sorts. Taking care of our beloved daughter may not be possible for the time being." Igneous takes off his glasses and rubs the bridge of his nose.
  382. >"I have seen the way you are with her perhaps you would watch her for me? At least until she can recover and we can properly take care of her once more."
  383. >You were unsure of what the correct response should be here. On the one hand, you can take Pinkie and keep her healthy and happy. On the other hand what about Cloudy's mental health.
  384. >"I see thou hast thought of the consequences of these actions. Worry not, if you take Pinkie I can focus on Cloudy and help my beloved to move on."
  385. >You see that even Igneous is unsure of the future at this point, but you have no reason to turn his offer down.
  386. "If I take Pinkie with me she will probably be with Granny Smith more than myself. I will ensure she is getting proper care in the meantime, but don't forget to look after yourself as well."
  387. >He wipes a tear from his eye as you pat his shoulder to let him know you would be there.
  388. >Taking Pinkie to your home to see her new bed and share a room with Applejack you felt as if none of the tragic events even occurred.
  389. >It was nice to have such a boundless ball of happiness and energy around the house, but every once in a while you had to comfort her.
  390. >No child can be distracted off of all the change all at once. You knew that and were willing to do what it took to keep her smiling.
  391. >More than a few times you bought her little balloons and more crayons to color with. She absolutely loved coloring books more so than most children her age.
  392. >As days turned into weeks, you saw less and less of Cloudy. It turns out she had lost the will to go on and just ceased trying to live.
  393. >Eventually Igneous became overwhelmed with the rock farm his daughter Maud and his wife. He did the only thing he could and sent cloudy to be cared for at a sort of nursing home.
  394. >You could tell he hated the thought, but he had a child to care for and a family farm to keep running. That was a lot of responsibility.
  395. "Igneous please reconsider! She's your daughter she needs you!" Igneous shook his head and took a deep breath.
  396. >"As much as it pains me to say, She needs you. I can not care for her and sustain the farm. I have already had to make a hard decision to send Cloudy to get help..."
  397. >He trailed off deep in thought and you could tell the weight of the decisions that he has had to make lately. This felt wrong, but he was right.
  398. >Really, it was little Pinkie you were worried about. A six-year-old girl who had lost two sisters and now had to leave her family. How were you gonna look her in the eyes and tell her?
  399. >"I will not cut her from my life completely, but I will not risk her health. You will be her caretaker and a second father to her." He turned to look you in the eyes.
  400. >"You have done more than any man could ever ask. I know I can trust you wholeheartedly. I have seen you with your girls and know your methods."
  401. >The thing that struck you as odd was that he dropped his olden mannerisms. You had hoped he wasn't losing his cool as well.
  402. >"I only ask that you keep an open door for Maud and I. We will need a smile like Pinkie's every now and again to keep ourselves going." You both got a laugh out of that.
  403. "You know, I think I can do that." You each look out at the sky to watch the clouds roll by. For just a moment things felt peaceful. It was as if you knew everything would be all right.
  404. >You looked up at Pinkie who was hiding her sadness behind a smile. That was her way. She never let anyone know anything but happiness for as long as she drew breath.
  405. "Pinkie since that day you have seen your sister and your father many times. You always brought a smile that could brighten anyone's day." You paused a moment to think of what to say.
  406. "So I have to ask even though it may sound dumb. Why do you call me dad when you see your real father so often?" She started to laugh at this. That was a good sign at least.
  407. >"That just means I got twice the dad! You take care of me daily, but I still know how much he cares and loves me. Besides what did you think I would call you? Uncle anon?"
  408. >She hit the nail on the head. You always thought you would be an uncle to some of these girls at least. Not that you didn't like being called dad.
  409. "Ok, one more question. How do you do it? How do you smile so often and so brightly?" That was a good question that you never understood.
  410. >She took some time to think before she started to answer this.
  411. >"You told us about the part where you brought balloons, and we all played games together when I was sick. That's the reason." Her answer was calmer than her usual self.
  412. >"When I looked over at mom that day, I saw a smile I can never forget. It was the happiest I had seen anyone ever be! So I figured the little party you threw was the key."
  413. >"That's why I love parties so much! The smiles I can bring others is what keeps me going! There's nothing like making a Saddy Mcsaddington smile!"
  414. >The sadness you saw for a moment in her eyes was now gone and she was back to her self.
  415. >The thing that had brought you the most pride in all your years of taking care of her was a particular type of party she threw.
  416. >Every so often she would go to the children's hospital in town to see the kids who had a fatal disease. She would throw them a party and be the clown to get those kids to smile.
  417. >You wanted to take credit for her doing such a thing but knew you couldn't. People would tell you sometimes that they thought you had a big heart, but they haven't seen Pinkie's.
  418. >Everyone finishes the supper, and you start to clear the table. Before you knew it, there was a massive pile of dishes in the sink.
  419. "You know thinking about it you four were the easier transition into living with me. Not to say that it wasn't rewarding to have all of you, but you were so young."
  420. >Your eyes turn to Rarity and Twilight. These two had been a little older and took more time to adjust to you.
  421. "You know Rarity I kinda feared for a time that you would run away at first chance when you were younger."
  422. >"Me? Psh, perish the thought daddy dearest." She was sugarcoating her words because she knew what you meant.
  423. >"I mean, of course, I didn't immediately take to you, but that's changed. I'm sure now that it was for the better." She started to play with one of her bracelets.
  424. "By that time girls, you were about nine years old excluding Fluttershy who was ten." You took a good look at them all realizing that it's been almost six years since then.
  425. >At that time you frequented the mall with your kids to meet with their clothing demands. Who knew four growing girls could go through so many clothes?
  426. >You happened to see a young girl with a booth for custom clothing. Intrigued you walked a bit closer.
  427. >It was a young Rarity giving away a kids dress. It was a little simplistic, but for a girl her age outstanding. You could actually see yourself buying it for one of your girls.
  428. >You overheard that she was giving the dress out for free so long as they told others about her work. It was amazingly generous for someone of her age you thought.
  429. >"Rarity! What did I tell you about giving things away?! We are here to make money not waste it!"
  430. You could see a rotund man with a "Mario mustache" doing a yelling whisper at her to try and keep from making a scene.
  431. >"But dad they can get us more customers! Besides she wasn't fully happy with the dress, so I thought..." She was interrupted by her father.
  432. >"You didn't think! That's why I am losing money! I have debts to pay off you foolish girl!" You couldn't stand to hear any more of this.
  433. "Kids, you stay here in sight for just a second okay?" You walk over to her booth to try and defend her somewhat.
  434. "Excuse me, sir?" You say tapping his shoulder. "You know I saw her generosity and was actually going to buy my girls some of her custom work just because of that."
  435. >He looked at you dumbfounded. He didn't know what to say he just looked at you and his daughter for a moment
  436. >"Uhh, yes! Please, please do! I am sure it will be her finest work yet!" He shot her a gaze that made you think he might as well have said or else.
  437. > He walked away for a moment to attract other customers as you motioned your girls over.
  438. >"What can I make for you today?" She said somewhat sullen. You couldn't blame her given what you just heard.
  439. >"Golly what's got her so down?" You heard Applejack whisper to Pinkie. "I don't know maybe she hasn't had any cake today!"
  440. "Girls mind your manners!" You said quietly but firmly. "It's important to remember that you don't know what she may be going through and saying things like that doesn't help."
  441. >"Sorry dad," Both of your girls said together hanging their heads.
  442. "Now I'm sorry you said what can YOU make for us? You make the clothes here?" You didn't try to sound rude, but immediately thought you could have rephrased that.
  443. >"Yes sir. My mother taught me how to sew. She's gone now, but dad says these clothes I can make can help him."
  444. >She sounded mature for someone her age. She had to be about nine just like your girls.
  445. "Well, I must say that I saw your other dress and I think you do good work! Plus you are very generous, something that I couldn't help but admire."
  446. >She perked up a bit, and you could instantly see the lights flicker in her eyes. It was if you made her day by saying that.
  447. >"Thank you very much, sir! Now I believe you wanted some clothes made!" You were right about one thing. Her attitude improved one million fold.
  448. >After some questioning and some size measurements she got to work. It was kind of impressive the speed at which she worked.
  449. >After you saw the finished product you can't say you were anything less than impressed overall. The clothes looked like they were made to the personality of each of your kids.
  450. >Of course even the most intricate parts were still very simplistically made the clothes were both fitting and comfortable from the feel of the fabric.
  451. "Now how much do I owe you for this?" Her father cut in this time. It seems he didn't trust his little girl to learn from his last episode.
  452. >"For four matching tops and bottoms that will be ehhh 120 dollars" Your jaw dropped instantly.
  453. "I'm sorry you said one hundred and twenty?" You made sure to emphasize the price to be sure.
  454. >"Yes that is what I said. She made this custom made to order. She had to size your kids and make these by hand. Surely that's worth the extra money over those factory made clothes."
  455. >He had a sly smile on his face, and you knew precisely the kind of person he was. He was scum abusing his child's talent to make a quick buck.
  456. "Fine, but only because of your girl's attitude and skill given her age." You fork over the cash slowly. You were miffed over the whole thing, but hey what can you do?
  457. >You turn to Rarity and pull her aside from her father as he counts the money.
  458. "Hey listen.. Rarity right?" She nods a moment, and you continue. "This is my phone number. If anything gets out of hand or you need help call me okay?"
  459. >She tucked the piece of paper with your phone number in her pocket. "Okay thank you again for what you said!" She ran back over to her father who was talking to another potential buyer.
  460. >As the days pass you notice Rarity is going to the same school as your kids. Her father seems to pick her up across the lot to avoid the traffic nearer to the school.
  461. "Hey, girls do you happen to see Rarity at school?" They looked at you funny for a moment before responding.
  462. >"Well yeah ah guess. Why?" Applejack wondered why you would have an interest in another kid at all.
  463. "Well, I just wonder if she is doing all right. I don't think her father is very nice to her that's all." Fluttershy perked up a little at this.
  464. >"You don't think she was like us do you?" She started to rub her left elbow and looked away as she asked, seemingly remembering something.
  465. "Well, no not that bad. I just don't get the feeling he treats her like he should."
  466. >"Well yeah not everyone can be as cool and awesome as you!" Rainbow ran up and hugged your leg.
  467. "I love you too my little Dashie." You chuckle to yourself knowing how much she hates that.
  468. >"Daaaad! You said you wouldn't call me that!" You knelt down and gave her a proper hug.
  469. "Yea I know I'm sorry." You weren't sorry and never would be shes always gonna be your little Dashie.
  470. >Still you couldn't help worry about that girl. It felt like she was being used for her talent by someone who didn't care about her.
  471. >You try not to think about it, after all, she isn't your kid, and there isn't much you can do about it without some kind of proof.
  472. >"I think this is the part where I explain what happened, dad." Rarity's voice was a little uneasy when she said that, but she was surrounded by family. She would be fine sharing this.
  473. >"Rarity I want you to go into the other room for the night and stay there. I have some people coming over for some.... business."
  474. >Magnum had a very serious look on his face, so you do what you're told. He was grumpy a lot of the time, but he seemed to care.
  475. "Okay, daddy will you read to me tonight?" He smiled and patted your head before nodding. You felt a sense of victory and started turning to go to your room.
  476. >The doorbell rang and Magnum hurries you to your room. You grab the phone on the way to your room just in case. Business for him never sounded like fun.
  477. >"You got our money? You know how much you owe and the boss ain't gonna wait forever.
  478. >You peek through a crack in the door and see two huge men standing over your father.
  479. >"You know it would be a shame if anything were to happen to that daughter of yours."
  480. >"No no! That won't be necessary I assure you! Look I have some of the money right here." He holds out what you had been making off of the clothes.
  481. >"Payments are five hundred minimum Magnum. What are you trying to pull giving us only three hundred bucks?"
  482. >You can't see your dads face from this angle, but you don't like the way he is being talked to.
  483. >"It's been a slow week I'm not trying to pull anything! We have to use some money to make some money, but it is coming!" The man backhands your father sending him to the ground.
  484. >"You ain't nothing but a little punk. You think you can steal from our boss and get away with it you got another thing comin!"
  485. >You start to panic and dial up the nice man who gave you his phone number. It rings and rings, but its taking so long. Finally, he picks up.
  486. >"Hello this is Anonymous speaking." You could hear what sounded like kids playing in the background.
  487. "Mr. Anonymous I need your help! I'm the girl who made those clothes at the mall!" You were talking fast and somewhat loudly. You peeked out the door to make sure you didn't get noticed.
  488. >They did hear something, but they don't make a move initially. You tell Anonymous your address, and he tells you to sit tight.
  489. >You can't help but curl into a ball in the corner of your closet in fear the bad men will come for you.
  490. >You wait for what seemed like an eternity and then you heard noise from your room. They were inside the room looking for you!
  491. >You almost hold your breath praying for them not to come to your closet. You can hear them moving stuff around your room getting closer and closer.
  492. >You can see them through the slits in your closet door. One is large with a scar over his left eye. He was pure muscle as far as you were concerned.
  493. >The other was a skinny man with a sort of burn scar around his mouth and right cheek. He walked with an arched back and had a long hooked nose. He made you think of a crow.
  494. >"Gotcha!" The skinny man rips open the closet door grabbing you as you scream.
  495. >As they carry you outside you see your dad on the floor blood coming from his nose.
  496. >You kick and scream hoping he would get up and save you, but he doesn't. He just turns his head towards you and watches as they take you.
  497. >"Now you be a good little girl and sit right here!" The hooked nose man says as he places you in the cramped back seat of a truck.
  498. "I think this is where I come back in Rarity." Truth be told you just wanted to tell the part of the story where you were the hero.
  499. >You could see the two men carrying Rarity into their truck as she kicked and screamed.
  500. >It was a good thing you brought those brass knuckles. You never thought you would use them when Shocker gave them to you, but now seems like a good time.
  501. >You sprint up to the Hooked nose man and pull back your left giving him all you've got. You hit him so hard his head flies into the truck door with a thud, and he drops like a paperweight.
  502. > The large man tackles you down to the ground pinning you as he starts to barrage you with punches. His hands are so large that it feels like you are being hit with a hammer.
  503. >You can taste the blood in your mouth, and you get angry. You turn your torso throwing him off you and immediately get up ready to fight.
  504. He recovers quite quickly as well and takes what you could call a boxers stance as you two close in on each other.
  505. >He throws a quick left, but you dodge towards the right easily avoiding it. You hit him with a hard right to the liver sending him reeling in pain.
  506. >You close in on him again step by step ready to continue, but he surprises you with an uppercut that lands right below your ribs taking your breath away.
  507. >You fall to your knees and try to catch your breath, but he gives you no respite as he grabs your collar and hurls you away.
  508. >You manage to get your weight on your hands and knees and decide to act weak and cough up some of that blood in your mouth.
  509. >Now he is just a step away from you and is about to grab you again, but this time you're ready. You turn your torso and deliver the Devils left fist to his sac making him whimper and fall to the ground.
  510. "Who's the big guy now eh?!" You kick him in the teeth hard causing him to scream in pain and grip his face.
  511. "Course I guess I can't call you a guy now can I?" You say spitting on him before turning to head towards the truck.
  512. >You feel like hell, but you know your enemy looks like it. How were you gonna explain this to your kids?
  513. "Rarity are you ok?" You poke your head into the truck, and she nods silently looking dumbstruck.
  514. >You pull her out of the back of the truck and she immediately runs for her house. You assume she is looking for her dad.
  515. >You decide not follow yet and call Shocker to come on over. You explain the situation real quick, and he says the same thing you said to Rarity. Just sit tight.
  516. >You head into the house to grab an ice pack for your head since you just went a round with that 6'2 behemoth of muscle.
  517. >"What the hell did you do?!" Magnum started shouting at you gripping his nose to stop the bleeding.
  518. "I believe I just saved your daughter" You reply smoothly grabbing whatever frozen goods he had in the freezer to put on your face.
  519. >"Those guys weren't just some random thugs smartass! Those guys belong to a crime boss named Filthy Rich!" As he said the name, it struck you just what you stepped into.
  520. >You suppose you were lucky it was night time and they had no knowledge of your affiliation to them prior to this. Or at least you hoped that they didn't know.
  521. "Well, what was I supposed to do when your daughter called me? Ignore that she was in trouble?!" You immediately regret saying that.
  522. >" called him for help? Do you know what you've done?!" He started in on her, but you step in the middle somewhat to halt his advance.
  523. >"You've made one of the most powerful men in this city have a reason to hunt my head! He'll kill me now!" He stepped back with fear realizing just what he said.
  524. >He turned to you much more serious than angry now. "Take my girl and leave," he said quietly.
  525. >You couldn't believe what you just heard. You could understand why; you just couldn't believe it.
  526. >"Daddy no! Don't leave me!" Rarity ran up to her father who knelt down as she embraced him.
  527. >"Rarity you need to know before I leave you. The only reason I kept you around was because you were useful to me. If you couldn't have made me money I woulda dumped you on some shmuck years ago."
  528. >You hoped he was saying this to make it easier for Rarity to let go, but something in his eyes and voice made you feel otherwise.
  529. >"Now that you've done this I can't call you my daughter anymore." You couldn't take any more of this guys attitude.
  530. "Now you listen here you little bastard! She called me here to save your sorry ass!" He started laughing as you said this.
  531. >"Listen pal, If you hadn't come and they had taken her I woulda just left and minded my own business in some other city." His laughter started becoming louder as he fell into a fit.
  532. >"Daddy you... you can't mean that! You don't mean it!" She ran out of the building before anything else can be said.
  533. "You didn't mean it did you? Just wanted her to forget you so you can go on with a clean conscious? Well, let me tell you asshole..."
  534. >He cut you off by raising his hand. "No, I meant it. Her mother was some broad I knocked up years ago. When she died, I didn't have enough money to support my gambling."
  535. >You started to realize what kind of scum this guy was. He was the kind of scum you wouldn't think twice about if you heard he was hit by a mob boss.
  536. >You turned and walked out the building to be greeted by your friend Shocker. He and a few cops had appeared and had already cuffed the other two men.
  537. >In the following weeks, Rarity was released into your care, and you were cleared of any charges on the grounds of defense of a third person.
  538. >You could tell she blamed you for every moment of being apart from her father.
  539. >Who could blame her though? After everything he said and had done he was still her father.
  540. >You didn't know what to do for her. She was a pit of anger and despair, and you had no clue how to remedy that when you are the source of it.
  541. >You decided that the best course of action was to give her something constructive to do. You took her to a place called the Carousel Boutique.
  542. >Apparently it was owned by an old-fashioned lady who had an art for making clothes.
  543. >Her name was Fussy Cutter according to Granny Smith. That lady knew just about everybody it seemed.
  544. "Hello? Miss Cutter? I brought the girl I called you about!" You knocked on her door as you spoke, so she knew what was going on.
  545. >The door opens slowly and an old hunched over lady peeks through. She looked like a witch almost with a long nose and a wart to match. She had one large eye that stayed open and the other she used to look around with.
  546. >"Yes I see potential in this one, but her stitching patterns are too simple and won't allow intricate design." She said pointing at Rarity's arm.
  547. >"How could you tell that from just one look miss?" Rarity confusion was shared by yourself. If you didn't look closely, you wouldn't even notice mistakes in the seams.
  548. >"Hohoho when you've worked as long as I have in this business sweetie you can see even the simplest of mistakes." She patted Rarity on the head and turned to go further inside leaving the door open.
  549. "Well? She's inviting you in Rarity. Why don't you follow her and maybe learn from her." You gave her a little nudge, but she shot daggers back at you.
  550. >"I don't need you telling me what I should do!" She stormed into the building leaving you standing at the door a little hurt.
  551. >You follow them inside and take a look around. You saw some of the Dresses around and realized you had given Rarity to a master.
  552. >The dresses each had their own unique patterns and colors. Some were vibrant and drew attention to themselves immediately.
  553. >Others had deep shades that drew attention to the patterns sewn into them. All of them were a sight to behold.
  554. "Miss Cutter, you made these? These are all extraordinary! I've never been one for fashion, but these are works of art."
  555. >"Yes I have made quite a few designs to be proud of, but these old hands can't work the same anymore." Fussy held out her hands showing the odd shape they sat in.
  556. >Her hands did look arthritic, but even still some of these were quite recent. That means these shouldn't compare to the work she could make when they weren't so bad off.
  557. >Noticing Rarity is distracted by the patterns and grandeur you pull miss cutter aside from Rarity for a moment.
  558. "Rarity here has been struggling lately in school and with friends. Her father abandoned her, so I took her in, and I was hoping that you could help."
  559. >Miss Cutter shoots a sad glance over at Rarity which changes to intrigue when she looks back at you.
  560. "You see apparently her mother taught her how to sew before she died and Rarity took an interest in fashion because of it. It would mean the world if you could teach her some of your tricks."
  561. >She placed a hand on her chin taking in what you said. She took a long look at Rarity then approached her.
  562. >"Would you like to learn the art of the dress, little missy?" She put her face within inches of Rarity gauging her reaction.
  563. >"Why yes more than anything! It would mean the world to me if I could follow in....." She stopped for a second, and her expression changed to sorrow.
  564. >You started to walk up, but Fussy raised her arm as a sign to stop. You comply hoping the lady knew what to do and say in this situation.
  565. >"Your mother was a very talented young lady you know?" She murmured and let Rarity take in what was just said.
  566. >"You...You knew" She stopped for a moment reeling from the news. It came as a shock to you as well, but you couldn't question it now.
  567. >"I used to teach your mother how to be a wonderful seamstress. Then one day she had you; she stopped coming here so she could take care of you."
  568. >"You know I had known that girl all her life she was almost like a daughter to me."
  569. >She tossed you a glance, and you suddenly knew where she was going with this.
  570. >"Little Rarity... The last time I saw you, you were just a baby. And now you've grown into a little lady." She hugged Rarity tightly who started to cry and hug tightly back.
  571. >"I will be here if you ever need me. Not just for sewing lessons, but as family. I want you to do me a little favor though. That man who took you in. Cut him some slack eh?"
  572. >She pointed at you and gave a little wink. You didn't know why she would do this, but you had a hunch. Granny Smith must have told her all about what was going on.
  573. "Rarity would you like me to leave you and your grandmother alone for a little while? So you can talk in private."
  574. >She nodded and kept hugging her 'Grandmother' as you decided to call her. something that didn't go unnoticed by Miss Cutter who only smiled and stroked Rarity's hair.
  575. >You let them be for the day and didn't come back until the sun had set. You figured they had a lot to talk about and she needed it.
  576. >You knocked on the door and it opened somewhat quickly this time. Rarity rushed out and hugged you. Something you were not prepared for in the least.
  577. "Are you ready to go home Rarity?" She nods and buries her face into your stomach
  578. >"You have to make a promise first. Don't leave me like he did."
  579. >You smiled and put your hand on her head.
  580. "Is that all? Rarity I promise you I won't abandon you no matter what." You kneel down and put your hands on her shoulders matching her eye level.
  581. "You have my sincerest promise that I would never do anything like that to hurt you. I will protect you no matter what." You both fall into a hug once more as Miss Cutter walks up.
  582. >"You know Anonymous if you ever break that promise, I will know. I highly doubt you want to be on my bad side if you ever hurt this precious child."
  583. >You gulped for a moment as she revealed a pair of scissors in her sleeve. Still, you had nothing to truly fear, after all, you would never break that promise as long as you live.
  584. >As time passed Miss Cutter was indeed able to help you with Rarity. Her attitude improved which helped her both get friends and improve her school grades.
  585. >At the same time, her skills in fashion improved dramatically. Those simple stitchings she could do became more and more complex allowing her to make all sorts of clothing.
  586. >You didn't need to buy clothes anymore because now as long as you got fabric Rarity would make better things than anyone could get their hands on in a store.
  587. >Soon your kids were the envy of all the other students at their school.
  588. >"Don't Exaggerate so much dad! They weren't that good. Certainly not when compared to my current work!" She chuckled a little before taking her seat.
  589. "Well, they were in my eyes! Besides I still remember all the requests we would get all the time for you to make dresses and suits for formal events."
  591. >Everyone turns to twilight to see if she is ready for the last story. She sort of hugs herself and sits there for a moment looking down.
  592. "Twi listen if you don't want me to talk about it I don't have to."
  593. >She looks up for a moment and thinks about it. "No, I want you to tell them. You are all my family. I listened to your stories, so it's only fair."
  594. "Okay, then twilight I will say what I know. Thankfully your brother sent me a letter at my request detailing some of what had happened."
  595. >She perked up for a moment at the mention of her brother. "I-is he okay?"
  596. >You nod not wanting to give too much information yet.
  597. "That is something I will talk to you about later alone. It's best you hear it that way."
  598. >You begin to read the letter which only briefly talks about their parents.
  599. >The house that twilight had lived at before she came to you had been burned to the ground. Shining Armor who was barely eighteen at the time.
  600. >You are now Shining Armor.
  601. "Twily I will do anything to keep you safe. I don't have a lot, but you will get it all."
  602. >She just looked up and you and laughed. "We will be fine Bbbff. I mean you're taking care of me after all!" Despite the tragedy, she had such an optimistic view on life.
  603. >Shining had to get a job and fast if he wanted to keep his sister Twilight with him. The court was not about to let a jobless brother take care of an innocent child.
  604. >You tried and tried, but no one seemed to hire you. You needed qualifications to get a job that made enough money to allow you to keep Twilight.
  605. >Truth be told you just needed enough money to have enough money for a living space that you could maintain. Then you could keep twilight regardless of the income.
  606. >As the days turned into weeks, you became more and more desperate. Your deadline was coming up, and you needed money fast.
  607. >You were approached by two men. "We heard you needed some cash. You got a little girl to take care of right?"
  608. >The man was a wealthy looking man wearing a suit. He was smoking a cigar as he approached you and had gold rings over almost all his fingers.
  609. >His companion was a skinny man with a sort of burn scar around his mouth and right cheek. He walked with an arched back and had a long hooked nose.
  610. "Yes, I do. Are you offering me a job?" You tried to sound as dry as possible. You didn't have a good feeling in your gut talking to these men.
  611. >He chuckles for a moment. "For a big able-bodied guy like yourself yes! I just need a bit of muscle to help me with some clients."
  612. >He couldn't be serious! He was offering for you to be a bully using your size to intimidate others.
  613. >"Listen, pal, the boss here provides a pretty generous amount of money for those who work hard for him." He slung his arm over your shoulder.
  614. >"It would be wise to work for this very generous and wealthy man." His boss didn't look very pleased with the skinny man.
  615. >"Silver Tongue, please keep your comments to a minimum. I am conducting business right now."
  616. >The one called Silver Tongue took his arm off you immediately "Sorry boss won't happen again."
  617. >"Now Mr. Armor I will leave you my card. If you decide to go with my little proposition, I will make sure you and yours are well taken care of.
  618. >You were disgusted, but you took the card anyway. Didn't want to get on these guys bad side if they were who you thought they were.
  619. >You went to your temporary residence and fiddled with the card a bit. You couldn't seriously take them up on the offer, could you?
  620. >Twilight came running from the bathroom to hug you. When you looked at her, you felt nothing but the responsibility you had to take care of.
  621. >She needed a real home. A roof over her head and food on her plate. Something that you could not provide if you didn't have money.
  622. >You decided you had to take him up on the job. You wouldn't usually, but these were desperate times.
  623. >You couldn't let your sister go to some adoptive family not knowing who she could go to. You pick up the phone and dial the number on the card.
  624. "Hello, Mr. Rich it's me Shining Armor. I'm going to take you up on that offer." You said it reluctantly knowing you shouldn't.
  625. >"I'm glad you could see it my way! Now I have a client I need you to meet within an hour Silver will come and pick you up.
  626. >You made twilight a bit of dinner before you had to leave. You were uneasy about this, but for her, you could do anything.
  627. "Ok now, Twily I have some work to take care of so I need you to be good and stay here for a little bit ok?"
  628. >"Okay big brother!" She waved you goodbye as you left and dug into her dinner.
  629. >"Good of you to join us, big guy! Now you won't have to do much of the talking I've got that covered. Just look big and intimidating and if they get out of line follow me."
  630. >You kept quiet not wanting to talk to this slime-ball. You just crossed your arms and looked out the window of the truck instead.
  631. >"Yea see like that! You're practically a natural!" The rest of the car trip was rather quiet except for his music on the radio.
  632. >Your truck came upon a house and then stopped. You both got out to go to the door, and you stayed silent the whole time.
  633. >"Yes Yes what is.... Oh, Silver Tongue I was not expecting you so soon! Come in come in!" The rotund man led you inside his house.
  634. >You looked around and saw a little girl was eating dinner in the kitchen.
  635. >"Rarity be a good little girl and go eat in your room okay?" He helped her get her things and get into the room shutting it behind her.
  636. "You didn't tell me there would be kids involved!" You whisper into Silver's ear.
  637. >"Because it doesn't matter we're here for cash, not the kid. Don't worry about it big guy." He pats your shoulder, and you just give him the stare of death.
  638. >"Now Silver I have most of your money right here!" The man hands Silver an envelope, and he counts everything slowly and carefully.
  639. >"You're short 75 bucks pal. Hey, big guy do me a favor and keep the kid company for a moment."
  640. >You look at him and then the man for a moment and then comply. You weren't gonna hurt a little girl or let her get hurt anyway.
  641. >You stepped into the room and sat in the corner. She just stared silently at you for a moment before moving some of her stuff aside.
  642. >"You're not gonna hurt my daddy are you?" This was not the way you wanted this day to go.
  643. "No, I'm not gonna hurt your daddy." You picked up a withered down toy and looked it over for a moment.
  644. >It was a little-stuffed pony doll that had seen a lot of play time with the child. You walk over to her and hand her the doll. It was a light green pony with a harp on its butt.
  645. "Whats her name?" You say trying to put the little girl at ease
  646. >"Her name is Lyra! She is a pony who lives with all these other ponies, but secretly wants to be a human girl like me!"
  647. >You smile as she starts to play with the toy. You pick up another and start to play with her passing the time.
  648. "You know I have a little sister about the same age as you. She has a little pony she calls Smartypants. He's the smartest pony in all the land."
  649. >"Oooo maybe Smartypants can help Lyra become a human!" You chuckled for a moment, and then Silver came in to see what you were doing.
  650. >"Come on big guy lets get a move on." He said with a snarl clearly displeased with what he saw.
  651. >As you both walked out of the building he started his venture. "You can't make yourself look like such a softy!"
  652. >Silver pulls out the cash and hands it to you. "Boss says you can have this today. Think of it as an incentive to stick around."
  653. >You check the money and it's about five hundred bucks. It's more than enough to extend your time at the temporary home until you can get something better.
  654. >You decide to stick with this for a while to get some money fast. You know it's wrong, but the money is more than worth it.
  655. "Girls if you wouldn't mind twilight and I need to take this to the other room," says anon taking a brief moment to pause the story.
  656. >You leave the room and go to her room and lock the door getting back to where you were at the story.
  657. >You are Shining again.
  658. >Things quickly got sour as you had to use more force with some of the other clients. You never got seriously hurt, but it could happen at any time.
  659. >Eventually some of the clients switched from regular people who took shady loans to drug dealers and gang members.
  660. >Things are getting dicier until eventually the cops get involved.
  661. >"You're gonna have to deal with this yourself kid!" Silver ran out of the building leaving you with the dealers and cops.
  662. "No! Wait! You've got it all wrong!" You scream as the cops cuff you. "I have a little sister at home I need to take care of! Let me go!" You struggle a little and are met with a tasing.
  663. >You are promptly jailed for criminal intent and being an accomplice in a drug syndicate. The sentence is six years in prison.
  664. >Afterwards Twilight was sent to Anonymous at the urging of a couple of the police who promised to pitch in to help take care of her.
  665. >Things come back to the present time. "So... He was sent to jail? He was just trying to get enough money to take care of me? But I thought he had abandoned me!"
  666. >You pull Twilight in close as she starts to sob openly. You stroke her hair and rock back in forth to calm her.
  667. "He is coming back for you. I'm sorry I kept this from you, but back then you weren't ready to hear this kind of thing. I've arranged for him to work as a farm hand at the apple farm."
  668. >Slowly she stopped crying as much, and it turned into a hug instead.
  669. "It took some time to convince Big mac to let him join us, but once he heard the reason why he understood. Shining made some bad choices out of desperation and love."
  670. >"That's wonderful! Now I can have my big brother back!" She went silent for a second and suddenly looked sad again.
  671. >"But then... What about us? Will I have to leave you if I want to be with him?" You shook your head as you had already come up with a plan.
  672. "We might not have the kind of room here in the house, but we can do what we always have. Build a bit more into the house to accommodate. We do have more acres of land unused."
  673. >This was the happiest you've seen Twilight in a very long time. Maybe the happiest ever.
  674. >Now everything was out in the open. Your girls knew how the family came to be.
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