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  5. <blockquote><p><b>BASIC INFORMATION</b></p><blockquote>
  6. <p><small><b>FULL NAME</b>: Oscar Vicente Negrete-Cueva at birth, presently: Vicente Negrete<br />
  7. <b>MEANING</b>: Oscar means <i>divine spear</i>, Vicente means <i>conquering</i>, Negrete means <i>black</i>, Cueva means <i>cave</i><br />
  8. <b>REASONING</b>: His father insisted that he have his only son named after himself. Vicente was one of his mother's favorite musicians. He did not originally have Negrete ( his mother's surname ) on his legal documents but he changed his name when he moved out of his aunt's house.<br />
  9. <b>NICKNAME(S)</b>: Chente ( <i>family only</i> ) Vic ( <i> friends </i> ) charro & calavera ( <i> his drug world monikers </i> ) <br />
  10. <b>PREFERRED NAME(S)</b>: Vicente<br />
  11. <b>BIRTH DATE</b>: October 23, 1991<br />
  12. <b>AGE</b>: 29<br />
  13. <b>ZODIAC</b>: Scorpio<br />
  14. <b>GENDER</b>: biologically and mentally male<br />
  15. <b>PRONOUNS</b>: he/him<br />
  16. <b>SEXUAL ORIENTATION</b>: heterosexual but has experimented<br />
  17. <b>NATIONALITY</b>: American<br />
  18. <b>ETHNICITY</b>: Mexican<br />
  19. <b>CURRENT LOCATION</b>: San Marcos, Texas<br />
  20. <b>LIVING CONDITIONS</b>: he's got a roof and money, what more does he want?<br />
  21. </small></p></blockquote><h2><b>BACKGROUND</b></h2><blockquote><p><small>
  23. <b>BIRTH PLACE</b>: San Ysidro, California<br />
  24. <b>HOMETOWN</b>: Long Beach, California<br />
  25. <b>EDUCATION LEVEL</b>: Graduated from Cabrillo High School, Military Education at 29 Palms, California<br />
  26. <b>FATHER</b>: Oscar Palomo Cueva-Bernal<br />
  27. <b>MOTHER</b>: Claudia Uvia Flores-Negrete<br />
  28. <b>SIBLING(S)</b>: none that he knows of<br />
  29. <b>CHILDREN</b>: Felix Alvaro Resnik <br />
  30. <b>PET(S)</b>: he doesn't do pets because of time but loves animals<br />
  31. <b>OTHER IMPORTANT RELATIVES</b>: Yadira Cueva, Omar Cueva-Torres, Alvaro Ochoa <br />
  32. <b>PREVIOUS RELATIONSHIPS</b>: unnamed ( eiza gonzalez npc )<br />
  33. <b>ARRESTS?</b>: six months in house arrest for organizing crime as a teenager<br />
  34. <b>PRISON TIME?</b>: none yet.</small></p>
  40. <b>LEGAL NAME: </b> His full name given to him at birth is, Oscar Vicente Cueva as printed on his birth certificate. He later changes it to just Vicente Negrete, taking his mother's surname. <br>
  41. <br><b>ETYMOLOGY:</b> Oscar means <b>divine spear</b>, Vicente meaning <b>conquering</b> and his surname Cueva meaning <b>cave</b>, Negrete means <b>black</b>.<br>
  42. <br><b>NICKNAMES:</b> Chente ( <i>family only</i> ) Vic ( <i> friends </i> ) charro & calavera ( <i> his drug world monikers </i> ) <br>
  43. <br><b>ALIAS</b>: Used <i>Charro/Calavera</i> in the gang world. <br>
  44. <br><b>GENDER</b>: indentifies as and is biologically male<br>
  45. <br><b>SPECIES</b>: human<br>
  46. <br><b>DATE OF BIRTH:</b> October 23, 1991<br>
  47. <br><b>ASTROLOGICAL SIGN:</b> Scorpio<br>
  48. <br><b>PLACE OF BIRTH</b>: San Ysidro, California <br>
  49. <br><b>CURRENT RESIDENCE</b>: San Marcos, Texas.<br>
  50. <br><b>PARENTS</b>: Oscar Palomo Cueva-Bernal (father • alive) & Claudia Magdalena Flores-Negrete (mother • deceased)<br>
  51. <br><b>SIBLING(S)</b>: none ( that he's aware of ) <br>
  52. <br><b>CHILDREN</b>: Felix Alvaro Resnik (son • alive) <br>
  54. <br><b>FAMILY MEMBERS: </b> Yadira Cueva, Omar Cueva-Torres, Alvaro Ochoa.<br>
  56. <br><b>PETS: </b> none, he has no time for them but he loves animals.<br>
  59. <br><b>SEXUAL ORIENTATION</b>: heterosexual but has experimented.
  62. <br><b>RELATIONSHIP STATUS</b>: taken for granted<br>
  63. <br><b>SIGNIFICANT OTHER</b>: no one  <br>
  64. <br><b>PAST RELATIONSHIPS</b>: Adela Briones ( Eiza Gonzalez npc ) <br>
  65. <br><b>STORY OF FIRST KISS</b>: it happened during fifth grade with a girl named Rumi Clifton at a birthday party during a game of spin the bottle.<br>
  66. <br><b>STORY OF LOSS OF VIRGINITY</b>: he lost his virginity to his social worker, Elaine Resnik. that's all the detail we'll go into.<br>
  67. <br><b>OCCUPATION(S)</b>: former marine, presently an agent of the federal bureau of investigation.
  68. <br><b>EDUCATION</b>: military, law, forensic, and psychological degrees.<br>
  69. <br><b>HAIR COLOR</b>: dark black, sleek. thick and usually needs a trim every two weeks.<br>
  70. <br><b>EYE COLOR</b>: a dark, expresso brown<br>
  71. <br><b>HEIGHT</b> 6 feet, 1 inches (6'1")<br>
  72. <br><b>WEIGHT</b>: 173 pounds<br>
  73. <br><b>BODY BUILD</b>: Broad, toned. Lithe but muscular. The body of a dancer.<br>
  74. <br><b>TATTOOS</b>: too many, will go into detail eventually. <br>
  75. <br><b>PIERCINGS</b>: a nose piercing.<br>
  76. <br><b>LANGUAGES</b>: spanish and english<br>
  77. <br><b>ETHNICITY</b>: Mexican-American<br>
  78. <br><b>NATIONALITY</b>: Dual Mexican & American citizenship<br>
  79. <br><b>ALLERGIES</b>: None <br>
  80. <b>HERITAGE</b>: Mexican, Aztec<br>
  82. <br><b>TRANSPORTATION/VEHICLES</b>: a cherry red 1967 el camino named <i>"maria felix"</i> and an all black 1996 chevrolet tahoe named <i>"pedro infante"</i><br>
  84. <br><b>WHERE HE LIVES: </b> He resides in a trailer in San Marcos, Texas. He makes the daily drive to San Antonio for work.<br>
  86. <br><b>DESCRIPTION OF THEIR HOME: </b> a double wide, made to feel open and styled after a mexican hacienda. <br>
  88. <br><b>DESCRIPTION OF THEIR BEDROOM: </b> cement wall and tiled with cream colored pieces with navy blue decorations on them. queen size bed, cream and brown colored sheets with cowboy designs on them. a black, brown, and golden toned lion blanket from the flea market is the center piece on the bed.<br>
  92. <br><b>DEFINING GESTURES/MOVEMENTS: </b> bites lips, crosses arms, runs hands on his neck when annoyed, manic pacing, tilts head, narrows eyes when he wants to whack someone upside the head, stoic face when he doesn't want to be read.<br>
  95. <br><b>PET PEEVES: </b> unruly people, loud phone speakers, any loud noise that isn't his own music, bright lights, not being allowed to speak, being interrupted, being scrutinized because of his ethnicity and appearance.<br>
  97. <br><b>HOBBIES/INTERESTS: </b> soccer, basketball, reading horror books—from r.l. stine to stephen king, watches cold case shows, listens to true crime on any accessible service, dips his toe into theology because of his catholic upbringing—and later because of his decision to sell his soul.<br>
  99. <br><b>POSTURE: </b> Confident, assessing, not one to slouch or disappear into the background. When he walks into the room, everyone turns to look at him or stands to talk to him.<br>
  101. <br><b>HABITS:</b> Has a tendency to always have the radio on during meals. Reads distractedly during meals if nothing is on the radio or he's listened to all the episodes he wanted to listen to.  
  103. <br><b>PERSONALITY</b>: he is very quiet and prefers to disappear into the background. a wallflower, not out of shyness, but because he prefers to observe. vicente is calculating, wants to remain one step ahead. he trusts no one but his family.  <br>
  106. <br><b>INTROVERT OR EXTROVERT?</b> Both. prefers to remain out of things but he can usually assimilate into any group or setting. <br><br>
  108. <br><b>OPTIMIST OR PESSIMIST? </b> Depends on the situation. Usually believes the worst of people but <i>sometimes</i> hopes for the best.<br>
  110. <br><b>LEADER OR FOLLOWER? </b> Leader. He's not that big a fan of being told what to do or following. of course, he had to take a step or two back in the military. as a man of color, you <i>sometimes</i> have to pick your battles.
  112. <br><b>CONFIDENT OR SELF CONSCIOUS? </b> quietly confident. doesn't doubt himself but he is not a narcissist.<br>
  114. <br><b>CAUTIOUS OR CARELESS? </b> Extremely cautious when assessing others and he has a personal log on individuals he finds concerning or a threat. He's otherwise very careless about most things.<br>
  116. <br><b>RELIGIOUS OR SECULAR? </b> was once religious in the sense that he believed in god. now he believes in death and the dark things that roam the veil.<br>
  118. <br><b>PASSIONATE OR APATHETIC? </b> Both, depends on the circumstances. Tends to lean towards apathetic. <br>
  120. <br><b>BOOK SMARTS OR STREET SMARTS? </b> both, but more so street smart. to survive the streets you have to live it. being book smart is seen as a weakness. <br>
  122. <br><b>COMPLIMENTS OR INSULTS? </b> Neither, usually. he <i>can</i> be sarcastic and give backhanded compliments when he's annoyed. <br>
  124. <br><b>PAJAMAS OR LINGERIE? </b> usually shirtless and boxers.<br>
  128. <br><b>FAVORITE COLOR: </b> black, second best is navy blue.<br>
  130. <br><b>FAVORITE CLOTHING STYLE: </b> usually in a button up or a hoodie. black t-shirts and jeans. converse. military boots. classic cortez. <br>
  132. <br><b>FAVORITE BANDS/SONGS/TYPE OF MUSIC: </b> Johnny Cash, Elvis Presley, George Jones, Antonio Aguilar, Vicente Fernandez, Los Sleepers, Soda Stereo, Caifanes, Luis Miguel, Hombres G, Los Bukis, Jose Alfredo Jimenez, Heroes del Silencio. Joan Sebastian. Led Zeppelin, Pink Floyd, Queen, Guns and Roses, The Rolling Stones, Black Sabbath, AC/DC, Aerosmith, ZZ Top, Tears for Fears, John Fogerty, Blondie, Cheap Trick, Motley Crue, Patsy Cline, Hank Williams, Conway Twitty, Marty Robbins. He loves country, mariachi, and doo wop music the most. His favorite song is "Albur de Amor" by Antonio Aguilar. <br>
  134. <br><b>FAVORITE MOVIES: </b> the first three Transformers, Crank, Transporter trilogy,John Wick. has a soft spot for paranorman. enjoys most horror movies and action movies. <br>
  136. <br><b>FAVORITE SHOWS: </b> not much of a tv show guy but will watch whatever someone else has playing.<br>
  138. <br><b>FAVORITE BOOKS: </b> Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark 1981 & 1984. the outsider by stephen king.  <br>
  140. <br><b>FAVORITE FOOD/DRINKS: </b> nopales and chiles rellenos are among his favorite meal. Tacos and a grapefruit jarrito. He enjoys grilled chicken or steak at any time with salsa and queso. He can live off of beans and grilled corn forever. Tequila, Pepsi, and Jarritos are his chosen drinks. Coffee is a tradition to drink during the evening with family, especially with grandmothers. In America he loves sweet tea the most.<br>
  142. <br><b>FAVORITE SPORTS/TEAMS: </b> Club de Futbol La Piedad and Los Angeles Dodgers. He's not much of a fan of watching sports, prefers to play. He will faithfully attend all Dodgers games just for the spirit of it. Sports he plays: Soccer, boxing, and sometimes baseball.<br>
  144. <br><b>FAVORITE TIME OF DAY: </b> 03:00 to 06:45, these are the hours where no one wants anything from him—the calm hours, and he gets his best work done.<br>
  146. <br><b>FAVORITE WEATHER/SEASON: </b> SUMMER!!! Sun? YES! Heat? HELL YEAH! Anything below 80 degrees? hard pass. he hates visiting barbie in tennessee during the winter. although, <i>sometimes</i> he likes the cold rain. feels like a rebirth. body shivers and warm drinks.<br>
  148. <br><b>FAVORITE ANIMAL: </b> serpent, octopus, jellyfish. loves most animals, really. <br>
  151. <br><b>FEARS/SUPERSTITIONS: </b> He's Mexican. There are too many superstitions. Fears? his son's death. he was terrified of the mexican boogeyman "el cucuy" as a child but that faded. fears more realistic things like guns and enemies pretending to be friends.<br>
  153. <br><b>POLITICAL VIEWS: </b> anarchist at heart but realistically a liberal—doesn't really care about politics unless it concerns immigration and children.<br>
  155. <br><b>ADDICTIONS: </b> his only addiction is grapefruit jarrito.<br>
  157. <br><b>SMOKE/ DRINK/ DRUGS</b>: doesn't smoke anything—was once a marijuana user but quit before the marines. doesn't do drugs. a hellish drunk. tends to black out. tequila and mezcal are his poison.
  159. <br><b>BEST SCHOOL SUBJECT: </b> he hated school. barely made passing grades. prefers hands-on learning.<br>
  161. <br><b>WORST SCHOOL SUBJECT: </b> anything in the curriculum. <br>
  163. <br><b>SCHOOL CLUBS/SPORTS: </b> played soccer until his closest teammate and cousin, Alvaro, was killed. he didn't play on teams after that.<br>
  165. <br><b>HOW DOES HE GET MONEY? </b> elaine was a source at one point. the military and a part time job at Alvaro's taco truck, "la chingada" for a while. does side jobs for omar when he needs help with his landscaping business.<br>
  167. <br><b>HOW IS HE WITH TECHNOLOGY? </b> he is not one to have anything other than a radio and a land line. still owns a vcr tv and a landline but reluctantly carries a samsung s8 plus that barbie gave him for christmas because he was tired of not being able to reach him by anything other than snail mail or library email. only uses spotify and youtube. he follows mostly horror story channels on youtube.  <br>
  169. <br><b>FONDEST MEMORY: </b> his mom spending time with him on his birthday. he never had big parties but she always made him a cake and invited his cousins.<br>
  171. <br><b>DEEPEST, DARKEST SECRET: </b> he sold his soul to la santa muerte to help him bring his dead girlfriend back from the dead.<br>
  173. <br><b>DREAM VACATION: </b> the desert, maybe arizona.<br>
  175. <br><b>BEST THING THAT EVER HAPPENED TO THIS CHARACTER: </b> getting to know his biological child. killing the girlfriend he brought back to life.<br>
  177. <br><b>WORST THING THAT EVER HAPPENED TO THIS CHARACTER: </b> losing that same girlfriend the first time. losing his cousin, Alvaro. elaine resnik. <br>
  180. <br><b>LIKES:</b> sunlight, plants, being barefoot in the dirt, horror stories around a bonfire, conspiracy theories, boxing, being with friends and family, eating, music, radio, horseback riding, farming, gardening, working with his hands.<br>
  182. <br><b>DISLIKES: </b> rude people, geese. have you ever looked at their mouths? nightmare shit, bro. <br>
  184. <br><b>INSECURITIES: </b> his relationship with his son.<br>
  186. <br><b>QUIRKS/ECCENTRICITIES: </b> always singing something under his breath when he's passing time ( something his mother also did ), wears baseball caps at weird angles a lot, has a small collection of mexican clay art, always wears a medallion with the coordinates of his hometown—la piedad, michoacan, mexico. <br>
  188. <br><b>STRENGTHS: </b> he is accessible, hard to read if he wants to remain distant, easily blends into whatever persona,  <br>
  190. <br><b>WEAKNESSES: </b> He has a hard time hearing out of his right ear, extremely vain and selfish.<br>
  192. <br><b>SPEAKING STYLE: </b> Eloquent, short and to the point. Clear voice that demands attention and respect. Can sometimes sound unintentionally angry.<br>
  194. <br><b>TEMPERAMENT: </b> Mild tempered, very calm. It takes a while to build up any anger but when it does, he's vengeful and calculative.<br>
  197. <b>CHARACTER ALIGNMENT</b>: Chaotic Neutral. <the>A chaotic neutral character follows his whims. He is an individualist first and last. He values his own liberty but doesn't strive to protect others' freedom. He avoids authority, resents restrictions, and challenges traditions. A chaotic neutral character does not intentionally disrupt organizations as part of a campaign of anarchy. To do so, he would have to be motivated either by good (and a desire to liberate others) or evil (and a desire to make those different from himself suffer). A chaotic neutral character may be unpredictable, but his behavior is not totally random. He is not as likely to jump off a bridge as to cross it.</the> <br>
  199. <b>TYPE INDICATOR</b>: ENFJ - The Protagonist  <the>Protagonists are natural-born leaders, full of passion and charisma.</the>  <br>
  204. </div>
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