Dadonequus Discord Part 253

Sep 23rd, 2016
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  1. "So, there it is. Any last minute change ups to the plan?"
  2. >You say as you stare at the castle entrance, two guards by the door.
  3. >"None whatsoever..." Chrysalis steps forward, ready. But before she went in, she had one last thing to say "Also..Anon.."
  4. >Hmm?
  5. "Yeah?"
  6. >"Don't think I've forgotten about the sleep over, that's still going to happen." Chrysalis looks back at you with a cruel smirk.
  7. >Ohhhhhhh dammit, She still remembered that?, of course she would. Even if she didn't. DT would remind her. Fantastic.
  8. >You just groan and step along beside her
  9. "...Did you have to remind me?"
  10. >Chrysalis chuckles "Yes, because it's humorous. But don't take it so badly Anon, it can still be fun. I'm willing to play nice if you can keep her in a high state of love. Besides. You're a colt...doesn't the idea of having three females in the same room entice you?"
  11. >It...did. But dammit, two of them are fillies and one is a bug. And yet, it was still enticing. You could tell her no, but she'd see right through it.
  12. >You just groan at the prospect of it
  13. "I guess, is there a point to this? Seems pretty random to bring up"
  14. >"There is, I want you to think about how my cunning and manipulation managed to make that happen. I want you to learn from it. And I want you to use it on Flam. You say you're capable, but are you actually able to do this without breaking your stride?" Chrysalis wondered
  15. "Trust me Chrysalis, I already have a few ideas on how to handle this. And I won't screw up. It's too important. If you want me to be as slick and cunning as you, fine. I can do it, easy peasy. Hell, if I could record it I'd sit down with you and watch how well I am going to do. It's gonna be great, promise"
  16. >"Good, it's good to see you being confident." Chrysalis gives you a gentle pat, a very gentle and nice one as she lowers her hoof under your chin to give it a sweet little stroke. "Make your sister proud"
  18. >oohhh, that felt nice. she seemed to be genuine on those words too. It actually motivated you.
  19. "Trust me, I'll piss him off so bad he'll sign it just to get rid of me before he hits page two hundred"
  20. >"Good, now smiles. We have to look our best....which reminds me." Chrysalis steps away behind some bushes, one small green flash later. She comes back out, wearing a little black dress and her mane flowing back like long hair in the wind. Her eyelids glisten. Her coat, shines through the night, and her hooves adorned with golden horseshoes, She steps out, and takes a sensual pose. "How do I look"
  21. >You blush hard....oh holy shit. you'd rip that dress off right now...but would that arouse you? She'd just be naked again. Fuck, what you'd give to see her in a maid outfit in this form.
  22. "Perfect...why didn't you do this earlier?"
  23. >You also notice the guards giving you both odd looks.
  24. "I mean, they noticed you changed clothes just now"
  25. >"So? They can get over it. As for why I changed now? I hadn't decided on a look yet. And given that expression. It seems I chose a good one. Now then, let's not waste anymore time"
  26. "Alright alright, Let's do this"
  27. >You both step in front of the guards. Both white pegasi stallions.
  28. >"Hello Gentleponies, I, the adviser of Prince Anon of Buenos Aeries have come with the prince himself. Both for my date and his dealings with King Flam. Would you both kindly step aside?"
  29. >She bats her eyes at them
  30. >You just give a small wave
  31. "Yo"
  32. They both look to Chrysalis, both with lust and confusion. The one on the right is the first to point out her change in clothes. "Of course, but uhhh. I gotta ask, erm...uhh" He started to blush "Do you always change clothes in public?"
  33. >" move please"
  34. >"O-of course" It was clear the guard was thinking of something. But the both of them moved, letting you two step into the castle.
  36. >You went across the entrance hall and into the Throne Room. Where Flim and Flam awaited. Ugh, and Flim was in a tux. a smarmy little smile on his face as he adjusted his bowtie. Even his hat was white and black. yeesh. Show off.
  37. >Chrysalis takes a bow in front of them, and then presents you. "King Flim, King Flam. A pleasure to see you both again. I present to you my prince, Anon."
  38. "Uhhh.....yo"
  39. >You wave to them.
  40. >"Ahhhh Prince Anon, a pleasure to see you again." Flam says with a dodgy smile of his own "My brother and I hope Canterlot has been kind to you"
  41. >You nod
  42. "It's a pretty neat place."
  43. >"Yes, I suppose "neat" is a sufficient enough word. But it's good to see the glitz,glam, and wonderful shows has not overwhelmed you. I'm actually surprised you had chosen tonight to negotiate the deal. But it also happens to be no trouble. A decisive pony is a wonderful pony I always say, Isn't that right Flim?" Flam asks his brother.
  44. >But for once, he doesn't agree or add on to the fake praise.
  45. >He just walks up to Chrysalis, lifts her hoof, and gives it a kiss "You look absolutely stunning my dear, simply wonderful"
  46. >Chrysalis giggled and blushed "Oh, I bet you say that to every pretty mare. I'm simply an adviser, you needn't give me such praise after only having breakfast with me"
  47. >"Ahhh, on the contrary. There is no mare more beautiful,ravishing, and beautiful as you. You may not be royalty, but you're character is beyond that of an empress. Come my dear, let us leave my brother and your prince to contracts and deals while we have dinner in my...private chambers."
  48. >....oh god WHAT?!
  49. >You hold off a cringe as Chrysalis nuzzles her head under his "Oh King Flim, you say such wonderful things to such a plain mare as mys-"
  50. >Flim puts a hoof gently to her mouth "Ah ah, just refer to me as Flim, my dear. Well brother..." He looks to Flam "You know how to handle these things, I leave it up to you"
  52. >Flam didn't look to happy or trusting about Chrysalis at all. "Brother, Flim, my other half. Are you sure tonight is a good night to make merry when it'd be better for us to handle this together? Like we always do"
  53. >"You worry to much Flam, it will be fine. Can't you do your brother this small favor? It is only for one deal, we've done it many a time, lots of time, why I'd say it's something that we we're clearly born to do and can handle by ourselves."
  54. >Flim was obviously too into Chrysalis to want to leave her. Oh hell, so that was it. She wanted to separate them to make sure they couldn't back up eachother. Holy shit, that's brilliant!
  55. >"......Well then brother, I wish you good luck, a good night, and a good dinner.I just hope you keep your good sense about you" Flam sounded annoyed now, something Flim was not picking up on.
  56. >Flim just smiled and started leading Chrysalis away "Of course! And a good luck to you brother of mine! A good luck to you indeed!"
  57. >And was just you and Flam.
  58. >....awkward..It wasn't very comforting to be alone with him. You dealt with these two before. But you were goddamn powerful last time. Now they run the show.
  59. >Flam puts on a smile, and walks over to you, doing a humble bow "Well, Prince Anon, it is a pleasure to formally meet you. Shall we also depart to my chambers for our private meeting? We have much to discuss and the night grows older by the second. I also trust, you have a contract drawn out? I understand that your adviser personally handled it."
  60. >You nod, you don't even get surprised to being alone in his room. You knew he was a professional conpony
  61. "Yup, she wrote it all. I actually haven't read it myself. But she says it's pretty much a trade for my kingdom for some nice perks. Kinda sick of being a prince anyway, I don't ever get to do anything cool."
  62. >"Splendid, Splendid! Then let us make haste. Follow me!"
  64. >And so you were led down a slew of hallways, making twists and turns as Flam explains and apologizes to you about having to take such a long way. Explaining that many of the hallways were trapped to catch unwanted ponies. You didn't really have much to say about it, you already knew that much.
  65. >Flam led you into his room. Which holy shit. was massively extravagant. A huge bed with golden arches over it. A statue of Flam made with carefully stacked bits, a bar, a carpet with his face on it. Stained glass windows with him in various heroic poses, a negotiation table with many many seats, it was long too, it had a jacuzzi, it had a chandelier, it had a fucking portrait the size of the wall. which was huge, the whole room was just grand. a true monument to his narcissism.
  67. >In fact, the statue's shininess captures your attention. You walk over to it to inspect it as Flam closes the door.
  68. >The statue was made of the newer bits of course, very very very carefully stacked in such a way to make it look like Flam. It was on the middle of the table, held aloft by some weird yet simple looking magical device. You bring your hoof very slowly to tap it.
  69. >"PRINCE ANON!" Flam rushes over to you and gently pulls you away "Prince Anon, e-erm, I can see you're curious about my wonderful little art project, but if you could refrain from touching it, please? It took over four months to get it exactly as I like it. I don't say this to offend of course, it's just something I'd like to keep intact."
  70. "Ohhh...sorry, It just looked really shiny. What's that thing under it making it float like that?"
  71. >"Ahhh! perceptive! This marvelous, magical, phenomenal device keeps the statue in place. Why, you could shove the table over and the statue itself would stay in place. But touching the statue itself, well, I just wouldn't recommend it. But come Anon, let us relax and get down to business. You're adviser had let us know that there was a contract ready for us to look over. You have it, don't you?" Flam awaits your response, looking over at his little bit stacked statue before putting his attention fully on you.
  72. "Right....right..umm"
  73. >You pull out the contract from your saddle bag and put it on the negotiation table.
  74. >"Interesting, very interesting! It must be one detailed contract to manage to be so thick!" Flam picks the contract up and quickly flips through it's pages, putting his ear to the flappy noise "about one thousand pages if my guess is correct. Very detailed, one would usually spend a week having to read and understand it all, but don't you worry Anon, I can call you Anon can't you?" Flam gives you a slick smile We're both royalty here"
  75. "Yeah, sure, I don't see why not. So, are you just gonna read that then?"
  77. >"It appears so, it looks like everything needed for negotiation has been handled and written right here on this contract." Flam started to read, flipping a page after a few seconds. "I'll just give this a read, sign it, and then we can handle final preperations for what we should do once we have ownership of your kingdom. I can say this Anon, you won't regret this. You'll live better than any king ever should. All the riches with none of the responsibilities. None whatsoever"
  78. "So, I just wait until you're done then?"
  79. >"Yes, that's right"
  80. >Huh....well of course you weren't gonna fucking do that. But what to do, what to do? You knew you were going to have to pull some really heavy shit to pull this off. But you know what, it also shouldn't be that hard. You had a "darker" mindset than any pony, and your cutie mark was the goddamn symbol of chaos. You could do this, just start small.
  81. "Oh...then do you think I could have a drink?"
  82. >"Ahh, of course. Hospitality is my specialty. Now I can't imagine you drinking any of the kind of cider I usually keep for guests, but I do also have water for one is just parched." Flam stops reading to pull a spritzer of water out of a tub of ice where bottles of cider sat. He also took a wine glass and sprayed some cool water into it and hovered it over to you "Here you are!"
  83. >.....nope
  84. >You gently push the glass away
  85. "You think I can get some soda?"
  86. >"Soda?" Flam kept his smile up, he didn't falter at all "Sorry to say Anon, but I don't keep soda in this room"
  87. "Oh...But do you keep some in the castle?"
  88. >"I do, my brother and I keep some in the castle kitchen to bring to certain school events. The little ones do love their soda, yes they do. But Anon, it would be quite the hassle to go and fetch it. Won't water suffice?"
  89. >You give him an annoyed look
  90. "I thought I was your guest. Can't you get your maid to do it then?"
  92. >"She's a little...occupied. Anon, I promise you the water is quite fresh" Flam tried to convince you, but you wouldn't budge.
  93. >You now acted insulted
  94. "Look, if I can't even get a simple soda then I don't see why I should give up my kingdom. The promises I heard about sounded good but geez, come on, a little service will you?"
  95. >Flam didn't like the sound of that "W-what are you saying?"
  96. >You give him a mean look, and stomp your hoof
  97. "Either get me a soda or I walk."
  98. >"A-ah, I see. Well, I never said I wasn't going to get you one. Yes..." Flam puts the contract down "Give me a few moments Anon and I shall return post haste"
  99. >And with that Flam left the room.
  100. >Just in case there was anything incriminating. You started to look around for any documents or even a safe. You knew you couldn't use your horn just yet. You had used it to open Celestia's door. Hell, looking at the clock, you were going to have to stall for about two hours before you got another shot.
  101. >But dammit, there didn't seem to be anything.
  102. >Your ear perks up when you hear Flam opening the door. You hurry back to your seat and wait. Putting on an impatient expression.
  103. >"Anon, I present to you, your soda! In fact" Flam gave you a cool smirk as he put down various flavors of soda onto the table "Take your pick, I got you plenty. Now then, enjoy yourself while I resume the reading." Flam takes the contract and starts reading it again.
  104. >You pick up a soda labeled "Hoof-a-cola".....huh
  105. >You pop off the cap and take swig. Huh..good stuff. very familiar. But you couldn't let yourself sit down and enjoy it.
  106. "So..uhhh"
  107. >You look around in wonderment.
  108. "Can I get some ice cream to go with this soda?"
  110. >Flam's mustache goes slightly crooked the moment he hears that. "Ice Cream? Why didn't you mention it before?"
  111. >You shrug
  112. "Seemed obvious to me that soda always goes with ice cream. In my country, whenever I ask for soda, it ALWAYS comes with chocolate ice cream....So yeah, Can I get some?"
  113. >Flam sighed "Anon, I do have an entire contract to read through. And it is a little too late for ice cream. Don't you think?"
  114. >You cross your forelegs like arms at him.
  115. "...I want ice cream"
  116. >You give him a shrewd look.
  117. >Flam did his best to be polite, he did a small bow, put the contract down, and went to fetch ice cream.
  118. >"Of course...there won't be anything else you need, will there?" Flam stops at the door before exiting.
  119. >You shake your head
  120. "Nope, that should be fine"
  121. >This time, you just sit on your seat and plot further.
  122. "Ok, this won't work. The guy is patient enough to weave through hallways and bring me stuff just to get it signed. I need to think of something bigger without overdoing it. That whole "in my country" shit might be a good"
  123. >You smirk evilly
  124. "....oh yes, that will work"
  125. >Flam returns with a huge bowl of chocolate ice cream for you. He had a bit of sweat on his brow. But otherwise, that smile never left him. "Here's some delicious ice cream for you Anon. As I said, all the perks without the responsibilities. Now you enjoy yourself while I continue"
  126. >With that, Flam starts reading and flipping pages.
  127. >You chugged your soda as you ate your ice cream. You were planning, waiting, what could you do right now. Wait...
  128. >You look down at the statue. And get an idea
  129. >You go and sit to the seat next tot he statue, and act like your relaxing, and slam the empty soda bottle onto the table with the statue. As Flam said, hitting the table itself did nothing to the statue. But it sure caught his attention.
  131. >"A-Anon!" Flam drops the contract onto the table and rushes over once again and quickly picks up the bottle. "Anon..ahrm..we don't put anything on this table. So please, don't you put anything on top of it either. It's not a coaster."
  132. >You act like you feel bad for startling him, putting your head down in shame "S-sorry, mnnn..."
  133. >You look at the ice cream bowl at the table. And shake your head.
  134. "I'm not hungry for ice cream anymore Flam, what should I do with it?"
  135. >"You needn't worry Anon, I'll just get your bottle, and the ice cream and dispose of it myself. I have a trash shoot a little aways from my room so it shouldn't take me too long, be back in a jiffy!"
  136. >Flam takes the bowl and the bottle and goes to dispose of it.
  137. >Time for phase two.
  138. >You start to rub your belly, gently, you could feel a gurgling in your tummy. And it was time to cut loose.
  139. >This was already pretty extreme. But the explanation you had should work. Oh man, it was so gross and yet you loved the idea.
  140. >You went to the corner of the room. Bent down, and took a humongous dump. Right onto the corner of his expensive carpet.
  141. >You rubbed your ass on the carpet to clean it, then sat back on your seat. ohhhh, what a foul stench it was.
  142. >Finally, Flam comes back into the room. "Now then, to resume reading that contract. I hope you had your fill Anon, and you needn't worry. I'm not upset about anything in case you thought that. I'm a very mild mannered and gentle soul and...." He catches a whiff of the turd "What's that?"
  144. "Oh, I took a dump on the floor. I hope you don't mind"
  145. >You give him a gentle smile.
  146. >Flam slowly turns his head to see the turd on his carpet. His pupils shrink, he tenses up, his eye twitchs. He's never seen anything so foul.
  147. >He slowly turns his head back to you, his shocked face forcing a very skewed smile.
  148. >Flam speaks in a very confused and choked up voice "......whhyyyy?"
  149. >You shrug "In my country, we just poop wherever and our maids clean it up. Isn't that how it works here, it must be annoying to walk over tot he bathroom all the time?"
  150. >hehehehe, the ole poo in loo trick.
  151. >"...are you serious?" Flam lost his composure, that seemed to him. And then there was his carpet. His FLIPPIN CARPET.
  152. >you nod
  153. "Mhmmm"
  154. >"W-well then...a..s-since my maid is unavailable. I-I'll it myself. G-give me a moment...please..."
  155. >Goddamn, the guy was patient. Why did he want your kingdom so bad. Actually, why did he want every kingdom? It couldn't be for cash if the leaders got to live happily without responsibility. Something seemed off.
  156. >Flam used magic to very carefully lift the turd and mold it into a ball for him to toss into the garbage shoot outside the room. "There we are..." Flam looks down at his poor stained carpet corner "..No harm done"
  157. >As he does that, you get off your chair and sneak up behind him. Right when he says "no harm done". You let out a big loud
  159. >He gets startled, and the turd ball flies right into his nose. and sticks there for a moment before he pulls it off with his magic.
  160. >He starts to gag as he tries to wipe it off his nose with his hooves "T-THIS ISN'T H-HAPPENING!"
  161. >You give a fake frown
  162. "Is something wrong Flam?"
  164. >He didn't speak after that shock of surprise. He ran over and grabbed an embroidered towelette ffrom his bar. He didn't care if it was for wiping glasses. He needed to wipe the shit off his face. After that, he looked upon the ground, gasped when he realised he dropped the turd back onto it. Picked it up. And went to the door. "D-Don't worry Anon! Don't Worry! I-It's no big deal! No big deal at all! It's not like that carpet was made of a rare silk or anything" He nearly clamped his teeth down so hard it shattered saying that last bit.
  165. >as he left to dump the turd. You had yourself a little bit of a laugh. That was good stuff, but this guy was stern. You breached his defenses but he was still pressing on through. You could knock over the statue. But that might be too much. Nah, it's just too easy. You needed something truly grandiose.
  166. >Then you notice his wine glasses.
  167. >Well....can't take a crap without taking a whizz they say. Well, you couldn't think of anyone who did say that but what the hell. Let's do that!
  168. >You grab a wine glass and start pissing in it.
  169. "Alright you bastard, I didn't get to do this on Blueblood but you'll do. You fake ass shithead."
  170. >You put the glass with the other glasses, but subtly move it nearest to the table. You had an idea.
  171. "Let's see if I managed to dent your goddamn sanity. Oh yeah, that's gonna be sweeeeeeeet if this works out. If this doesn't work. nothing will."
  172. >You go back to your seat as a disheveled Flam comes back into the room. He hangs up his hat at this point and straightens his bowtie. Then looks to you with a tired smile "Anon, I have to ask this, I really do. But there won't be any more problems or surprises tonight. Will there?"
  173. >You act confused and innocent
  174. "What do you mean Flam? Have I done anything bad?"
  176. >"" Flam puts his hoof to his head "Of course not, but It'd be doubly,triply, quadruply appreciated if you...just sit there...while I read the contract. Do you think you can do that Anon? I know it may be too much to ask a prince. But you are selling your kingdom for a collosally good deal and it'd be great for all of us if I just get this done"
  177. >You nod
  178. "Yessir, I'll just sit here and do nothing"
  179. >"Thank you...." Flam took a few moments to collect his thoughts, he was pale, he rubbed his hooves through his mane. And then took a seat to continue reading the contract. But every few moments, he'd stop to take a look at you, But you weren't doing anything wrong. But you did eye his statue. It made him increasingly nervous that you were just staring at it. It was making him lose focus with every page he read.
  180. >The contract itself was mostly bumkous, it was just super highly detailed indivisual assets going to Flim and Flam. It was taking forever to get through, and it was taking a toll on Flam.
  181. "Flam, are you alright?"
  182. >You ask, acting worried.
  183. >"Hmm?" He looks to you with a smile "Of course I am, but I suppose I am a tad parched. I should pour myself a glass of..." He then notices it, the glass of piss "Cider? Well now, I don't remember pouring myself a glass but to the me of minutes a go, a toast to you!"
  184. >Flam raises up the glass to himself
  185. >"Botoms up"
  186. >oh christ...he was gonna do it
  188. >Flam drank the whole thing in one gulp.
  189. >Then the moment it traveled down his throat, he let out a cough and started to wheeze "G-gnnn, What was wrong with that cider? It was so hard..." He felt like puking, he looked over to the ice bottles of cider "And how could it be so warm?"
  190. >You react like an innocent child you just found out something.
  191. "oooooh! That wasn't cider. I took a pee in that cup"
  192. >Flam's ears and eyes began to twitch. He turned pure white this time as he peered at the glass. You could see hairs coming off his mustache as more of his mane turned white from where they were already striped. "Come again?"
  193. "Yeah, in my country. Just like for pooping. we pee in glasses so the maidss can pick them up and throw them out. You don't do that either?"
  194. >Flam began to shake, he looked back to you in horror, silent, then turned from white to green as he threw up the glass to hold his hooves to his mouth.
  195. >And thats when it happened. The glass flew up, and then down. Right into his statue. Spreading bits everywhere!
  196. ""Ohhhhhhhhh, you're gonna be in trouble....with yourseeelllff"
  197. >Flam fell tot he floor, reaching his hoof out to the bits. "My I spent so long..My beautiful present to" He almost hurled again "M-My stomach...nnrgh"
  198. >That was it, Flam couldn't handle it anymore.
  199. >He stood up, and wobbled to the contract. Flipped to the last page, signed it, and gave it to you.
  200. >"Tell you what I'm going to do Anon. I'll sign the contract now. And we'll discuss everything in the morning. Now if you can please follow me back out, preferably in at least a trot. We can all go to bed...or to the bathroom."
  202. >It took all in your power to keep from laughing. But you had to at least had to hide a smile. You turned your head to hide it as you took the contract and put it away.
  204. >This could work even better. With Flam sick and wanting to go to bed. You could wait for Chrysalis to start sneaking around with even less resistance.
  205. "Thank you Flam, I was getting pretty sleepy. You're not upset about anything right?"
  206. >Flam was green still, with tears in his eyes, he was sobbing. "N-no, of course not. N-now please...follow me."
  207. >ppperrrfect. Man, Chrysalis AND Discord should be proud of you after that shit. Just...fucking amazing.
  208. >That is.....until some alarm started blaring out of nowhere.
  210. "W-what's that?!"
  211. >Flam was still recovering. The blare of the alarm brought him to peak annoyed. "...What is it now? Of all nights..why now?" Flam struggles to smile at you "A moment Anon, I need to find out why the alarm was tripped."
  212. >Flam walked over to a button on his wall. But before he could press it. Flim's voice rang out through...hmm?
  213. >You look up, there were speakers on the corners of the ceiling.
  214. >"Flam! Flam! We have big trouble! Big big trouble!"
  215. >Flam presses the button "What is it dear brother? Another thief? or maybe one of those pesky activists?"
  216. >"Worse! It's Nymous! You were right brother! You were right! I'm so sorry Flam! I should have listened"
  217. >.....oh shit....
  218. >Flam sighed and pressed the button "What did I tell you? I told you advisers are never that young. They lack knowledge, experience, and know how." Flam looks to you "Anon, it appears your adviser may have been using you like she has my brother. I could tell just from looking at her that she's the type to use others in power. My condolences to you" Though, in Flam's mind. He didn't actually care for you. Not after that, he just didn't want everything to flub over. "We have her dealt with immediately, or more, our traps will. You needn't worry. All of this will blow over and you'll have that once in a lifetime opportunity of life with leisure!"
  219. > don't even breath. This was heavy, but it seemed you were in the clear. But what do you do now? You can't just go. It'd seem suspicious.
  220. "Sure..."
  221. >"FLAM! You don't understand. I haven't just been duped. It's a double dastardly dupe!"
  222. >Flam seemed very surprised by those words "A double dastardly dupe you say? How is that possible. Anon is clearly royalty, he's rich beyond compare and his purple royalty card never turned green. It was given to him officially by one of our fine officials."
  223. >...uh oh...time to go!
  226. >"What?!" Flam Gasped
  227. >"And furthermore! Brother! Do not sign that contract! It's some sort of trap! Nymous had me sign some forms! I don't know what they were! I can't remember!..Flam?! Brother?!"
  228. >Flam went silent, he smirked, he was ready to show you what's what for what you have done to him.
  229. >"Well Anon my boy, it seems that you've been....what the?!"
  230. >But you were already gone.
  231. "Goddammit! Fuck..Fuck..Fuck!"
  232. >You were looking around, you had no fucking idea where to go.
  233. "Shit! So many paths! Which one is...OMPH!"
  234. >You hear Chrysalis, still as Nymous, grunt as she trips over you. "NGH"
  235. "O-ow! What the.....CHRYSALIS!...Holy shit! What happened! Did you come to help me? I don't know where to go!"
  236. >Chrysalis quickly got up and turned to you. She noticed you were heavily panicking. And gave you a slap "Anon! This is no time to panic! We have to escape, now!"
  237. "ow!"
  238. >You rubbed your cheek
  239. "Sheesh! I'm not panicking!"
  240. >You give her a grumpy look
  241. "I just don't know which path to take. Aren't most of them primed with traps?"
  242. >Chrysalis puts a hoof to her face "Oh good, I should have realized you'd never be able to memorize the map"
  243. "Hey! Come on! was super complicated and stuff..."
  244. >Then you notice some sort of locket around her neck with the letter F in the middle. She didn't have that before.
  245. "What's that? Hell, what even happened?"
  246. >"Hmm?" Chrysalis looks down to her locket "Just some stupid trinket of love. As for what happened. Everything was going smoothly, he signed the contract, we had cider, we talked about the future.....but then he wanted me to point Buenos Aires out on a map. Turns out all three places I tried were areas they already had mining facilities in"
  247. >Wait
  248. "Didn't you have him hypnotized or something?"
  249. >"I did, and usually. There's no way to break my hypnotic hold. Not by the one I'm seducing anyway. But somehow, for whatever reason, that deal meant more to him than me. And it broke my hold on him"
  250. >actually, that made you think.
  252. "huh, then whatever broke your hold over him must have something to do with what we're looking for. Hell, it doesn't make sense at all when I think about it. They were offering me a life of leisure for my "Kingdom". And that ain't profitable at all. Hell, just taking kingdoms for themselves isn't profitable. It's a shitload to manage. Something's not right"
  253. >"Oh, you think?" Chrysalis says with sarcasm "Too bad the alarm is blaring and we now have two angry dolts after us! I even tried blasting that little cur and it did nothing! His clothes are made of anti-magic material. That's probably the oddest part. Anti-Magic material is very rare, and yet they have an abundance...they even have it for their security doors......oh wait! ANON YOU BOOB! WE NEED TO BE RUNNING! NOT TALKING! OR ELSE..."
  254. >And a security door comes down onto one of the safe paths, leaving the trapped paths open.
  255. >"....great..."
  256. >...wait...
  257. "Hold on, why are we even worried anyway? It's only them right? Let's just kick their asses the old fashioned way. They won't expect violence. We got this!"
  258. >Chrysalis lets out a sarcastic chuckle "haha, a good idea. Except they are armed."
  259. >pfffft
  260. "With what? Those pellet blaster things? oohhh, skunk gas! I'm so scared!"
  261. >You say in a mocking tone.
  262. "When did you get so thin skinned?"
  263. >"Anon...." Chrysalis sighed "You know what...let's just wait a moment"
  264. >Chrysalis sat and waited. Flam's door was already opening as Flim turned the corner and aimed his blaster.
  265. "Good, we'll let them come to us and then smash em. You and me! We can do it!"
  267. >Flim yells to Flam "Get down brother! It's going to get nasty!"
  268. >Flim aims his blaster at Chrysalis "This is for breaking my heart, you nasty little mare!"
  269. >Chrysalis just calmly looks to Flim, and gives him a wink.
  270. >Hehe, that's more like it.
  271. >Flim fires a shot right at her. Chrysalis moves her head slightly to the right. dodging the shot. and when the pellet makes impact with the security door. It actually heavily dents the pellet explodes.
  272. >Your ears droop, your bravery fades, and you choke up.
  273. >"Well there he is Anon, go rough him up"
  274. >.......
  275. >You just turn around, towards the other open hallways beside the dented security door.
  276. "You know what would be a better idea.....if we!"
  277. >"Good plan, good to know you're not a total imbecile"
  278. >Chrysalis didn't actually like the idea of running. But besides the fucking EXPLOSIVE pellets. She had no idea what other tricks the brothers might have in store. And had to come to a decision to make a hasty retreat. Still, watching you flub up, even amidst the chaos, was humoring to her.
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