Aug 6th, 2012
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  1. /submitted anonymously/
  3. A message to #Anonymous.
  5. In support of all our fallen comrades, be it to death; natural or not. Incarceration, intimidation, and the realities of society I issue a call for solidarity now. We all know how fucked this world has become, the Occupy movement brought the social inequalities of our capitalist system to the public view; but as is the nature of modern society the message has been ignored, lost, replaced, or disregarded by the general public; replaced by television, and the mindless nationalist recreation of the olympics.
  6. I propose a three tiered plan to bring back that which made Anonymous and Occupy a real motivational force for change in our current society. This builds upon #OpRebuildTheHive and goes further in real world effect.
  8. 1st. A calling if you will, back to the roots of hacktivism. The elite among us must stand strong and remain completely Anonymous. While at the same time bringing the #LulZ and spreading the message that while terrible and appalling things occur in our world our outlook should be for the positive instead of focusing on the disparaging reality. We can change the system, we can end war, we can fight for the good of humanity. We must hack governments, contractors, and aerospace companies to release the information and technology they secret. The government funding of the death machines should be as public as possible. These companies write checks signed in the blood of human beings.
  10. 2nd. Real life activism must supplement our digital efforts. We have many important dates coming up the anniversary of #OpBart, the solidarity marches for our alleged members imprisoned throughout the world, and the rebirth of the Occupy camps this fall. We need to be proactive in getting our message out; #OpPaperstorm 2.0, etc. The pride we feel in changing the inequities of this world must not be limited to our digital identities but must be backed up in person. The tactics used can vary; while I personally believe in non-violent, peaceful protest in some situations police/military provocation makes this impossible. In those situations many resources are available regarding mitigation of tear gas, non-lethals, etc. In these situations we need to embrace each other whether one is Black Bloc, peaceful, etc we are all on the same side. The police/military in riot gear do not represent us, nor are they there to protect us. If you aren’t facing them you are facing the wrong direction.
  12. 3rd. We need to reach out to the media, our congresspersons, local officials, etc. While much can be done in elucidating the truth through our hacktivism and protest; nothing will change unless we confront the machine itself en masse. A very simple google search can result in contact information for all your elected officials that represent you. We need to confront them via e-mail, fax, and phone bombs. We need to step up and tell them we are not silent, nor are we a minority. We will stand and fight for basic human rights. We will no longer tolerate the status quo.
  14. We are Anonymous.
  15. We are Legion.
  16. We do not forgive.
  17. We do not forget.
  18. Expect Us.
  20. // @WhenOnKStreet
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