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  1. Hi there, I am JamiC, the owner of Team FragZone. We're back building a new team after a  4 month break. We are currently 2/5. I want to build a team of talented Counter Strike players. These days it's very hard to find a motivated, friendly and serious environment so I have decided to build one. I want to have a stable five man lineup that will constantly play together. We will be starting from basic scrims against other teams and move on to Qualifiers/Tournaments/League. Notice that this team is starting from a scratch, so if you are looking for already an established one, this is not the right team for you. Before I talk about the requirements, I want to let you know what kind of players im looking for: -Motivated (I am looking for really motivated players, that dont quit/rage after first loss) -Experience (Experience is preferred but not required. Its a huge + if you have experience in scrims/lans/tournaments with previous teams.) -Communication (I am looking for players that have excellent communication skills and have the capability to adapt to how we call.) -Gameplay (We’re looking for players that have the required gamesense, aim and the basic knowledge of flashes etc. ( Smokes for strats can be worked out as a team)). REQUIREMENTS - Rank. I wouldn't say ranks are that relevant, but we will use them as point of reference, and so that everyone is on the same level. Global / FACEIT LVL: 10 / ESEA RANK A. - Age between 15 and 25. (exceptions can be made) - Must be able to take constructive criticsm. - Not toxic etc. I have absolutely no tolerance towards raging, flaming or negativity of any kind. - You must have good team synergy. Both in-game and out-game. - Excellent communication skills - From Europe NO UK PLAYERS  - Role, we are currently looking for every role except for IGL. - Active - Able to follow the schedule (check below), If you are not able to follow the schedule please do not add me! - Motivated, we are only taking motivated players that are here to improve. - Able to pay for tournament/league entry fees - Have atleast 3k hours (exceptions can be made) Schedule ( If you are not able to follow the schedule, please do not add me)
  4. All times are in CEST.
  5. Monday 17-22
  6. Tuesday 17-22
  7. Wednesday DAY OFF
  8. Thursday 17-22
  9. Friday DAY OFF
  10. Saturday ON/OFF Depends on tournaments and league but most of the time saturday is a day off
  11. Sunday Day 15-20
  14. If you are interested and you meet all the requirements,add me on steam. ( Link below ). Please do not comment on the post, all comments will be ignored! Be proactive
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