Tildes negative feedback

Jan 2nd, 2020
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  1. Extreme left wing slant.
  2. Too far left leaning, lack of content and/or engagement
  3. I'd love more content churn
  4. Not a good place to have a laugh. More serious tone in everything.
  5. Often little discussion
  6. Not enough people yet.
  7. I'm new - don't know
  8. The (maybe apparent) lack of content about places outside the US or Europe with the exception of the human rights abuses of their governments. These areas (The Arab world, India, SE Asia, Latin America, Africa) are just as populous and complex as the US and Europe but seem to be underrepresented in Tildes. (Although, admittedly, this is probably unsolvable without making multiple separate forums for each language.) For something more tangible, the lack of discussion in many comments is also (still) a problem. The amount of posts with less than 10 comments on them is way too high.
  9. The lack of discussion. Small community.
  10. Sometimes it feels over moderated, where its so easy to break a rule or make a mistake, so I usually don't contribute.
  11. Nothing yet
  12. The lack of a mobile app
  13. no good dark gray theme, not enough users.
  14. Overall lack of activity, no WebAuthn/U2F 2FA
  15. Repetitive topics
  16. Not yet large enough for varied and multiple content, e.g. groups discussing specific games or franchies rather than just general game content.
  17. Low amount of truly in-depth comments and contributions
  18. Feel like I don't have the knowledge to comment on a lot of the stuff posted.
  19. There's not as many users as I'd like.
  20. Content is slow to aggregate and even though I check often the stream of content takes...a long time to flow. Then I forget about it because of how long it takes for new stuff to appear. And it feels like a ghost town.
  21. Most action takes place on the front page, with a lot groups not having a significant post rate.
  22. People that think it's reddit 2.0.
  23. I'm not a big fan of "tech-bro" culture and I feel like tildes has a lot of that, much like early Reddit.
  24. I do wish I could more easily curate my subs
  25. There's definitely the feel of this being a political echo chamber for the left - almost like a more civilised Reddit.
  26. Small number of users
  27. Not enough variety
  28. Not enough activity.
  29. the front-end
  30. Can be a bit elitist at times
  31. That it doesn't grow just a little bigger
  32. Moderation. I think the labeling would be good enough. Although I haven’t seen what exactly has been deleted by Deimos... and that’s exactly what I dislike about it.
  33. An apparent lack of discussion beyond the first level of commenting (iow threads are not very deep)
  34. That it doesn't entirely remove my dependance on lower substances like Reddit. But that's on me.
  35. Not many active niche communities, but maybe that isn't what Tildes is designed for.
  36. There isn't as much activity on posts as there could be, since people sometimes just upvote posts without commenting and starting a conversation.
  37. Concerned about moderation relying solely on Deimos
  38. Lack of diversity of content, lack of diversity of opinions, most people are from the same demographic (US politics are already a problem here)
  39. Possibly too much of a left-wing political echo chamber?
  40. The lack of critical mass towards smaller communities.
  41. The fact that it will never be part of a larger ecosystem of federated social networks.
  42. I don't like that it's quite so small right now but it will grow over time.
  43. idk im not here enough tbh
  44. Community is TOO small
  45. The rate at which new content is added. It's mostly a me problem, because I'm not helping all that much. I'm also still okay with this being a thing, because if we have an influx of new people, quality would drop too. I'm kinda pessimistic about those sorta things.
  46. Small, niche community.
  47. I rarely get a chance to contribute because subjects I actually have knowlege in are never talked about
  48. Someone once described the general attitude on Tildes as "smug programmers being wrong". This has not changed much in the history of the site, with pedantry running rampant and a strong over-presence of IT oriented folks.
  49. Lack of mobile app.
  50. Pedantic people
  51. To express disagreement at a factual level, I need to make a comment. That comment can't be short because a short comment looks like badly thought out content. So most times I don't try to disagree. Alternatively, to show agreeement, I can just push the Vote button.
  52. People are very same-y, it's still a bubble of likeminded individuals. Left-leaning, somewhat depressed, most-likely in IT industry. A subset of HN, pretty much.
  53. The lack of content.
  54. Sometimes goes through phases of being overly self-obsessed, inability to hide individual topics
  55. It's mostly the same people making all the posts. There's not a lot of variety yet.
  56. There's definitely a lean towards some of the more annoying techbro traits, but I think overall it's manageable.
  57. Not enough activity and the user base feels too homogeneous. For better or worse, there is a larger variety of people on reddit. Tildes content and the invitation system selects for a particular type of person. On the positive side, this results in is less disagreement and strife. On the negative side, variety of the spice of life.
  58. limited discussion topics
  59. Small community as of now
  60. ---
  61. One thing I dislike most about Tildes is, since all discussion is supposed to be constructive, users subtly fling thinly-veiled insults at one another instead of speaking plainly. The passive aggression is becoming unbearable. I also very much dislike the feeling that users are voting in entourages from shadow communities, such as Discord. The site is increasingly cliquey. The humorlessness of the site is also growing old.
  62. Certain political opinions tend to dominate where opinions are asserted as fact
  63. Small community
  64. ephemeral nature of discussions
  65. In-depth discussions can often get wordy and time-consuming, so sometimes I don't post at all because I don't want to spend a long time defending my opinion.
  66. Not a lot of content
  67. The content is sometimes slow to update
  68. Lack of people in the userbase
  69. The focus on link aggregation.
  70. Too many uninteresting links. I prefer text posts, they usually have more discussion.
  71. It doesn't perfectly fit my interests; while there is a focus on computer science and tech, it is less that what I generally browse.
  72. The community is pretty homogenous in terms of interests (mostly technology, politics, and gaming, imo).
  73. Not too many users and thus little information.
  74. there is still a low amount of content. i'm part of the problem myself.
  75. Sometimes I feel that Tildes users have a tendency to be too wordy. A simple topic of discussion turns into wall upon wall of text, and often I just don't have the energy to digest that.
  76. Long running disagreements can bother some, even though they shouldn't. Discussions are sometimes pressured to an end because of this.
  77. Low number of users at present.
  78. As Tildes grows, most of its participants come from Reddit. As such, discussions here seem to have the same dominant attitudes and dispositions as Reddit. Granted, as discussions are encouraged, the posts are generally longer and aim to be more substantive. Although this does not mean they are necessarily better thought out. Often it seems people here equate being long winded and wordy as being profound. In essence, as long as it is Redditors who continue to occupy Tildes, this website will gradually become much more Reddit-like as opposed to building its own identity. The growth of this website needs to be organic, not parasitic.
  79. I sometimes don’t post because I am worried the quality would be to bad and I’ll be labeled as noise
  80. The pedantic arguments
  81. The centralized ownership and centralized moderation is concerning. Fine for starting out, but I hope there is a sustainable and democratic path forward to avoid bias and single points of failure under single person ownership.
  82. Moderation informed by labels applied by layman users leads to mob-think punishments and absolves moderators of any real culpability. "The community decided this was bad so it is bad" rather than "This goes against these specific rules for these specific reasons".
  83. Political articles
  84. Nothing really
  85. Can sometimes feel like an echo chamber where unwanted opinions are banished and users blocked for having opinions that aren't mainstream and against censorship
  86. A lot of the users have quite extreme ideas, and are particularly overworried about privacy matters (in my opinion)
  87. text heavy, mildly skewed towards technology/computer discussion, heavily skewed towards american/western mindset (not always a bad thing, just requires a change in mindset for me and can sometimes limit discussions)
  88. Nothing
  89. Moderation is sometimes heavy-handed, excessively moralistic and not very nice, treating people like children. Tildes is also notoriously anti-comedy.
  90. Slow moderation sometimes, because of a single person being responsible for it.
  91. Slow rate of new content
  92. I don't think it has anough users yet. I know it's hard to balance this one.
  93. It can be rather slow sometimes and there's a very noticeable lack of activity during noon in Hawaii :P
  94. Sometimes that high-quality discussion means a LOT of reading!
  95. Perhaps discussion can be a bit politically biased.
  96. Needs more people!
  97. Needs more content :)
  98. The fact that I don't use it enough :(
  99. Available colour themes
  100. The lack of new content.
  101. Lack of niche groups; low volume of content in general
  102. The community it doesn't yet have.
  103. Shortage of content
  104. Too modern-lefty-ish. Sometimes too arrogant.
  105. Many comments feel performative.
  106. The self-inflicted pressure to make "quality" contributions even though I know the voting score is just an irrelevant number.
  107. N/A
  108. That people scrape its posts / comments and that's accepted.
  109. It is a very far left politics where anything even remotely centre or centre-left is talked about in very dismissive tones. People can be very bitchy but in an academic faux-polite way. Many posts are simply trying to correct something that doesnt need correcting.
  110. Just not enough people using it yet, but I am hoping that will change in time.
  111. Too little content
  112. I can't find the page that explains what the color stripes on the left side of comments mean. The docs are not great.
  113. not always the most obvious UI/UX
  114. Very progressive liberal skew. Even though I agree with
  115. Nothing so far. Seriously.
  116. Interface difficult to navigate on mobile
  117. it has very little activity especially during the time of day when I access it. there is very little content that I am interested in.
  118. Unaware of any mobile apps for easier accessibility.
  119. It's still a bit too small. I'd like more discussion about college football. Be the change--I know.
  120. Inability to have embedded images.
  121. That much of the content skews towards the technical - it makes it difficult to recommend to friends who might be interested in the site
  122. Still fails to address the combative nature seen in many online discussion, though the moderation is often adequate enough to control it.
  123. The pedantry on Tildes can become tiring. The community also isn't immune to giving "hot takes" that tend to destroy the possibility to have nuanced conversations.
  124. Lack of content
  125. Barrier of entry to comment is quite high, wordy meaningful comments discourage people with less time or willpower engaging in the community.
  126. It's similarity to reddit, I think there's more radical structures that could facilitate discussion but Tildes is unable to try them out.
  127. low activity!
  128. I think a lot of people debate over never agreeing and pedantics and it's exhausting. There are times when pedantry is perfectly acceptable and other times it's not. Also people don't come into debates quite so willingly.
  129. The smaller size of the community
  130. Lack of content and participation
  131. The userbase is pretty tech-oriented, and despite being a computer science major myself (and a great lover of technology!), I tend to find such people a little bit on the boring side. Technology, in my opinion, is a means to an end (that end being self-actualization in the form of art; any medium), so discussions about programming and games and phones and whatnot, while interesting, should not maintain near-dominance in a supposedly multi-purpose discussion forum. Threads on other topics do indeed receive comments, often quite a few, but it's not exactly the same. It is not that tech threads are bad, but their quantity seems to me a little bit disproportionate. This makes it a little bit hard for me to recommend Tildes to people who actually aren't interested in technology at all.
  132. Traffic is low enough that repeated looks on the same day don't change much
  133. What I can only describe as the 'IT professional' bias - it is very prevalent.
  134. hive think
  135. Too many american news and political views. As well social views that don't adhere to the rest of the world
  136. The nitpicking
  137. Not enough content specific to my interests.
  138. The heavy leftward slant of its community can seem oppressive at times.
  139. No major dislikes.
  140. I have no particular gripes
  141. Lack of participation. Also, there are times where the progressive/liberal views are a bit silly (this comming from a VERY liberal/progressive person.
  142. It's a bit quiet still.
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