Slave Trade Mechanics

Apr 18th, 2020
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  1. **********************************
  2. Slave Trade and how it works:
  3. **********************************
  4. **** Atlantic Slave Trade ****
  6. * Atlantic Slave Trade is a major event that fires once a non-Sub Saharan African country has an overseas coastal Slaves-producing province in the Ivory Coast, and once a CN exists in the New World. This event basically kick-starts all the mechanics of the Atlantic Slave Trade, and it usually fires around the year 1500.
  7. * Sub-Saharan Africans can raid for slaves in war by taking the "Enter the Slave Trade" decision, once they take it every time they occupy an enemy African province that is either over 7 dev or below 60 devastation they will pillage it for slaves.
  8. * Each province can only be raided for slaves once every 3 years. When a province is raided it will gain 20 Devastation and have a 50% chance to lose one point of development. If a country is doing the raiding, their "Slave POP counter" will tick up as a result, based on the development of the province that was raided.
  9. * African countries also have a special peace treaty they can enforce to take more slaves from the losing party (30 for every province the target owns), and it costs 30 Warscore.
  10. * Once your "Slave POP" counter reaches 300 you can sell the slaves to colonizers via decision, gaining immunity to Slave Raider attacks for 5 years, 150 ducats and 75 MIL tech points.
  12. * Slave Raiders: A new rebel type that pillages provinces in Africa owned by African rulers, causing devastation and a chance of loss of development in any province they capture. Spawn via event only.
  13. * Slave raiding events happen once every 5-30 years per country, with the rate and size of Slaver attacks being dependent on foreign support and the development of the target's provinces.
  14. * These rebels spawn periodically so long as a non-Sub Saharan African country owns an overseas Slaves producing province in the Ivory Coast node.
  15. * These rebels take lots of money/manpower if they break the country (1 years income plus 3 years manpower), and cause a stability/legitimacy/prestige hit as well.
  16. * When a Slave Raider pillages a province it ticks up a global "slaves" variable based on devastation gain and development loss
  17. * Once that counter reaches 300 an event fires reducing the counter by 300, creates a Slave Auction event for a random overseas Slaves province in Ivory Coast, owned by a colonizer.
  18. * This event allows the province owner to choose where to send the slaves, slaves increase production DEV in the province they arrive in by 1 and give a 30-year goods produced bonus.
  19. * Each province can only accept slaves once per 30 years, can choose to send them to Plantations (Sugar/Cotton/etc.), Mines(Gold/Copper/etc.), or a random colony, or sell it to another country's CN.
  20. * If you sell to another country's CN the CN gets the dev boost, and the seller makes 90 ducats.
  21. * Each time a province accepts slaves they tick up a hidden province variable by 1, once that variable reaches half the province's development it will flip culture to a special African Diaspora culture ex. Afro-American, Afro-Dutch, Afro-French, etc.
  23. * Sponsoring: Periodically an event fires for colonizers where Raiders ask to be sponsored (pay them 0.25 years income, 240 max)
  24. * The more Raiders are sponsored, the more frequent their attacks and the stronger the stacks they spawn are.
  25. * If nobody's sponsoring them after a while they try extorting colonist countries by threatening their Ivory Coast holdings, you can either pay them off, take a DEV hit in that province, or fight rebels in that province.
  26. * If they are being sponsored a lot they will periodically settle in Slave-producing Ivory Coast provinces, providing a DEV boost, more frequent for sponsoring countries.
  27. * Protectorates: Raiders won't attack subjects of the sponsoring colonizer. Furthermore all African subjects can pay "tribute" of citizens as slaves to their overlord.
  28. * This tribute is a diplomatic action that drains the target's manpower and development, in return for 200 slaves (or a Slave Auction if colonizer), adds +20 liberty desire, 5 year CD.
  29. * You can convert any of your Protectorates in Africa into "African Protectorates", which are a special subject type that go to war on their own (to capture slaves). The other benefit is that they'll have slightly lower liberty desire too.
  31. * If an country's capital is slave raided and under occupation there's a chance that they receive a stab hit, monarch power loss, and an unrest malus for 10 years (State Collapse)
  32. * An African Empire that owns every coastal province in Ivory Coast node can permanently end the Atlantic slave trade, preventing Raiders from spawning and Slaves from being taken.
  34. **** East African Slave Trade ****
  35. * Basically, East African countries can enter the Slave Trade at the start of the game, which lets them take Slaves when they occupy provinces/in peace deals. Christians/Muslims will not do this to provinces of their own religious group.
  36. * They can also take slaves from subjects, Non-Pagans won't do this to their same-religion subjects.
  37. * These Slaves can then be sold to a random non-African Muslim country (prefer those with province in Indian Ocean/Red Sea), where they can be used in the following jobs, at the cost of 50 ducats:
  38. 1) As manual laborers, which gives a goods produced bonus (equal to a Manufactory) to a random Sugar/Dyes/Cotton/Spices/Salt/Gems province for 25 years, or if no such province exists, a Grain province.
  39. 2) As soldiers, which gives a slight instant manpower boost and a 15 year manpower bonus.
  40. 3) As builders, which gives a build cost/time reduction to a random state area for 25 years.
  41. * Can also sell the slaves to a colonizing power to place on Plantation islands in East Indies or Africa subcontinent.
  42. * Countries that own the provinces of Zayla or Zanzibar (major slave trading ports) will periodically get events that give them extra money whenever a slave trade occurs.
  43. * Once a non-African Muslim country takes control of Zayla Slave Raiders will start to spawn in Horn of Africa, Central Sahara and Kurdufan areas, targeting non-Muslim countries.
  44. * Once a non-African Muslim country takes control of Zanzibar Slave Raiders will start to spawn in East Africa and Central Africa regions, targeting non-Muslim countries.
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