Jackson V AEG Update May 15th

May 21st, 2012
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  1. Jackson V AEG Update May 15th
  3. Judge has granted AEG’s Motion to delay the trial, which is now set for 2nd April, 2013.
  5. AEG claims there is good cause to delay as the discovery in not complete, In regards to Mrs. Jackson answered to their questions, AEG say Mrs. Jackson only sent them 137 pages with partially answered questions.
  7. AEG claim they need more time to file the win on a summary judgment they need both point out the evidence Mrs. Jackson does not have and Mrs. Jackson cannot obtain evidence to support her claim. AEG claim they need more time to gather evidence about Michaels “Lengthy history of drug abuse”
  9. AEG blames Mrs. Jackson attorneys for the delay saying that they did not yet receive any substantial answers to their questions; They state they only got partial answers.
  10. AEG also claims that the delay on Mrs Jacksons part resulted in more delays. AEG is adding people to be deposed based on Mrs. Jackson depositions, such as people from the Carolwood residence, persons with knowledge about Michaels finances etc.,. Ad Mrs. Jackson’s depositions started late and still ongoing tis information is still coming in.
  12. AEG claim they could not get the basic facts, the expert discovery has not even started.
  14. AEG claim as the discovery goes on they have learnt more stuff that weakens Mrs. Jacksons lawsuit. For example they mentions that the responses confirm that Murray was a long-time personal physical of Michaels, which contradicts the claim in the lawsuit, which states AEG selected Murray.
  16. AEG even cite the responses sent for Prince, Paris and Blanket in which they said they saw Murray
  17. In Las Vegas before the family relocated to LA in 2009.
  19. AEG claims from Mrs. Jacksons depositions it’s obvious that she has no knowledge about Michael relationship with AEG or Murray.
  20. AEG claims depositions of Mrs Jackson, Tito and Rebbie confirmed “decades long history of severe substance abuse including an addiction to prescription painkillers and repeated interventions”
  21. AEG claims this is contradictory to the claim AEG somehow forced Michael to receive dangerous medications from Murray.
  22. AEG claims that they believe the further discover will undermine Mrs. Jacksons case a lot more.
  24. As for Michaels Propofol history AEG argues although Mrs. Jacksons lawsuit claims aEG coerced Michael into taking Propofol, there is evidence to show that Michael used Propofol long before AEG came into the picture. They cite evidence of Propofol use up to 20 years earlier, Neil Ratner and doctors that came forward and said Michael asked them for Propofol, such as Susan Etok and Cheryln Lee, Arnold Klein and Allan Metzger.
  26. AEG claims this information is essential for their defense and that’s why they are seeking Mihcael medical information.
  27. Michael Jacksons Estate Executor objected based on privilege privacy, In December 201, the judge ordered MJ Estate to turn medical documents, Most of its limited in the last three years.
  29. AEG claims that Mrs Jackson lawyers first agreed to confidentiality then revoke tier agreement; this is what is holding up medical records
  30. AEG claims that they did not delay the process. They sent 30,000 pages of documents to Mrs. Jackson’s attorneys and more will be sent within the next 3 weeks.
  32. Before April 2011, Mrs. Jackson lawyers only sent two depositions to Gongaware and Phillips while the Murray trial was on going. AEG say the rejected the depositions request during the Murray trial because they were witness in the Murray trail. But sent dates in January 2012. Mrs. Jacksons attorneys rejected January saying the would not depose them until they get the discovery from AEG.
  33. Currently Gongaware will be deposed next week, May 21 to 25th, and Phillips will be deposed the following week.
  34. In April 2012 Mrs. Jackson lawyers sent deposition request to 12 people, mostly AEG employees, Some names mentioned are Beckerman, Roth and Fikre, They will be deposed in June 2012.
  35. Previously Mrs. Jackson attorneys argued abusive questions at depositions, such as asking Tito about alimony payments, AEG lawyers claim that those questions are not abusive: its relevant to the issues at hand including showing witness credibility.
  36. AEG cites sections of the law that a case of health care negligence should be set no sooner than 6 months. They claim the rule is the main rule and not the age of the defendant. They argue that even though Blanket is 10 years old as Murray is a health care provider the “at least 6 months” rule should apply. AEG states that means the trial can be anytime from November 2012 to April 2013.
  38. AEG sent 43 depositions and 85 document request5.
  39. Total depositions is 62, 19 by Mrs. Jackson attorney and total documents request is 93, 8 by Mrs. Jackson attorneys.
  41. Two depositions have been completed, which are Tito and Rebbie ,
  42. Mrs. Jacksons deposition is classed as “not finished.”
  43. AEG are still waiting for 69 documents request, 31 of these are medical records.
  44. AEG claims the depositions of Klein will not be proceeding, Taunya Zilkie and Debbie Rowe depositions are proceeding.
  46. AEG has included parts of mrs Jackson and Rebbies depositions. Its stated that Tito’s is marked as confidential, exact quotes are not mentioned.
  47. Mrs Jackson from parts shown. Says she didn’t believe Michael abused prescription drugs, she says some of her children talked to her about Michaels problems and wanted to intervene and asked her to come as she would be influential, She says they went to Neverland Ranch.
  48. Mrs. Jackson was asked many questions about financial support, Michael provided. She replied Michael would leave around $1 millions wither accountant Marshall Gelfand before he goes to tour. Michael account would gve a check to Mrs. Jackson whenever she needed some money.
  50. Mrs. Jackson says Michaels left for Bahrain he put $500,000 into Graces bank account and Mrs. Jackson was given access to that bank account. Mrs. Jackson says this was the only money she got from Michael in that time period, Janet also supported her. When Michael came to LA n 2009 he gave her $20,000 or more several time, she does not remember the total.
  51. Mrs. Jackson replied Alejandra and her kids, Trent lived with her at that time.
  52. Mrs. Jackson says once she paid some expenses to Mr. Jackson, in the past Michael office also supported Mr. Jackson.
  53. Mrs Jackson states first time she met Randy Phillips was in May 2009 meeting, she does not know Gongaware or Leiwake, Michel did not talk to her about any of the men or AEG, or TII tour.
  54. Mrs. Jackson had never met Murray, Michael had never discussed him with her.
  56. Rebbie mentions 3 interventions, Neverland Ranch, New York and Las Vegas. There was another she was not a present for.
  57. Rebbie details the intervention at Neverland. She says the security did not want to let them in unannounced, so she got out the car and opened the gates.
  58. Rebbie says that Michael told them he was okay and he already had a doctor that was helping him with any issues.
  59. Rebbie says she did not believe Michael.
  60. When asked if Michael was upset, Rebbie replied even if Michael was upset he would not have shown it
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