Raffle Winners (Casual Sexx)

Feb 4th, 2019
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  1. >"'Ere you go, Anon."
  2. >Applejack tossed you a bag of bits
  3. >Tired, sweaty, and in dire need of a nap, you snatched the bag out of the air
  4. >You grunted a thanks
  5. >Applejack smiled
  6. >The apple farmer had spent the whole night working same as you, but you swear that it looks like she got a full night's sleep somewhere in between all of that work
  7. >It's kinda bullshit if you were being honest with yourself
  8. >Fucking earth ponies and their aptitude for working
  9. >"Ya take it nice 'an easy for the next couple of days, ya hear?" she said. "Ya earned it."
  10. "I'm passing out the second I get home," you promised, yawning
  11. >Rubbing an eye with your free hand, you hefted your bit bag
  12. >You paused, eyes narrowing
  13. "This feels like a lot more than the fifty bits you promised me."
  14. >Applejack's grin turned sheepish
  15. >"I'ah don't right know what ya mean," she said. "I'ah counted them bits myself."
  16. >Your fingers groped the gold coins through the bag
  17. "I think you're telling me tales," you replied
  18. >"I'ah don't think I am."
  19. "But you are though."
  20. >"I'ah ain't."
  21. "Are too."
  22. >"Am not."
  23. "Are too."
  24. >"Am not."
  25. "Am not."
  26. >"Are t--"
  27. >Applejack stopped, staring straight ahead with slightly widened eyes
  28. >You could see the gears turning in the little horse's head
  29. >A good seconds passed before, with a snort, she let her shoulders sag
  31. >"Alright, ya got me," she admitted. "I gave ya a bit extra ta thank ya for all of yer hard work."
  32. "You didn't need to," you said.
  33. >"I'ah know, but if it weren't for this all nighter we might not have gotten the harvest in time for sellin'."
  34. >You opened your mouth to protest, only for Applejack to raise a hoof
  35. >"Now none o' that. Ya take them bits and get on outta here," she said. "Iffin ya try ta say anythin' than "Yes ma'am" I'm buckin' ya, ya hear."
  36. >You couldn't help but smile
  37. "Yes ma'am."
  38. >Applejack grinned, trotting over and giving your side a nuzzle
  39. >"There's a good colt. Now get on home an' get cleaned up. I got some work ta do before getting ready for the town's fair."
  40. >She gave your hip a nudge with her muzzle
  41. >A few more nudges had you walking toward the farm's entrance
  42. "I'll see you later, Applejack," you called over your shoulder
  43. >"See ya. An' iffn ya ain't too tired ya might wanna go take a look at the fair," Applejack said with a wave. "Get somethin' ya eat before ya go ta bed."
  44. "I might do that," you said, tying the bag bit to your belt
  45. >The walk back into town was a leisurely one
  46. >You were in no hurry, so why not take it easy?
  47. >You saw ponies up and about, doing whatever little horses did in the morning
  48. >Some waved, you waved back, exchanging a few words here and there
  49. >Walking into the marketplace, you could already see ponies setting up for Ponyville's annual fair
  50. >Food stands, games, it looked like Pinkie and Rainbow were even setting up a bouncy castle
  51. >You stopped for a moment, watching as Rainbow stuffed a cloud into the thing
  52. >A rumble could be heard before the castle began to inflate
  53. "...Hey, Dash? You sure that's safe?"
  54. >Rainbow turned toward you. "Morning, Anon!" she said. "And no. No I do not."
  56. >You nodded
  57. "Alrighty. Just make sure you don't kill anypony then."
  58. >Rainbow snorted
  59. >"Hey, Pinks and me didn't kill anypony with that ferris wheel last years we won't kill anypony with this!"
  60. >While you could have pointed out that ferris wheel put ten ponies in the hospital--two of which had been Pinkie and Rainbow-- you didn't
  61. >Most ponies knew what they were getting into for these sort of rides
  62. >If they didn't well, they'd learn
  63. "Well, you have fun with that then I guess," you said with a wave. "Oh, before I leave, are anyone of these food places open?"
  64. >"Yeah. I'm pretty sure Roseluck has something ready," Dash said, pointing toward Sugarcube Corner. "I think she's making donuts or something."
  65. >You brightened
  66. >Just the thing you needed
  67. "Awesome. Thanks!"
  68. >"Don't mention it."
  69. >You reached into your bit bag, pulling out a handful of bits as you made your way over toward Roseluck's cart
  70. >Sure enough, the little mare and her sisters were busy making donuts of all types
  71. >All three ponies were covered in flour and sugar
  72. >Lily, who was manning the fryer, also had a bandage around a foreleg, but looked very determined as she flipped her donuts
  73. >Roseluck watched as you lumbered over, a smile coming to her face
  74. >"Morning, Anon!" she chirped. "Can I get you anything?"
  75. >You slapped your handful of bits onto the counter
  76. "Get me a bag of those sourdough ones there."
  77. >Good choice! Lily just--"
  78. >"Motherbucker!"
  79. >Both you and Roseluck looked over at Lily, who was hopping around as she clenched a hoof
  81. >Poor earth pones...
  82. >Having to grab shit with their mouths...
  83. >Roseluck, ever the businesswoman, turned back toward you
  84. >"--Lily just pulled a bunch out of the frier, so they're nice and fresh for ya."
  85. >Daisy, after pulling her sister away from the deep frier, quickly trotted over and scooped a couple of donuts into a bag, walking over and giving them to her Rose, who handed them to you
  86. >"You have a great day, Anon," she said."
  87. "I'm about to have a great sleep," you said, fishing a donut out of your bag and taking a huge bite. "Hey, you three have a good day. Lily, maybe wear something to protect yourself...?"
  88. >"I'm fine. I just need to figure out the stupid frier!" Lily said, glaring at the thing in hatred
  89. "You've been trying to figure it out for like three years. Put something on already," you said as you turned around, making your way down the street
  90. >You might have went all the way down that street too, all the way down it toward your house, where a nice, hot shower and a comfortable bed was waiting for you, if not for something catching your eye
  91. >A few something's actually
  92. >First, you saw Empress Mi Amore Cadenza sitting behind a booth, looking as cheerful and peppy as a pony can be
  93. >The sign sitting on the table in front of her said fucking booth
  94. >In front of the booth stood another sign
  95. >Made of cardboard and wood, the thing was thirty feet tall, with writing from the very top to the very bottom
  96. >You stopped, turning fully to face the booth as you finished your donut
  97. >A part of you knew you should just walk away
  98. >Go home, sleep, let whatever nonsense this was be
  99. >But you couldn't
  100. >You HAD to know
  101. >Unfortunately
  103. >So, with a heavy heart, you made your way over
  104. "Morning, your highness."
  105. >The empress looked up
  106. >"Oh, hello, Anon," she said. "Do you wanna try something on the sign? All of the prices are labled."
  107. >You looked at the sign
  108. >And looked
  109. >And looked
  110. >The longer you stared at the words written there the more confused you became
  111. "Why is anal three bits while a kiss is five? What the hell is magical hamster wheel?"
  112. >Your face scrunched up
  113. "What the hell is ro-ban-go, and why is it eight bits? Futa? Does that mean you have the bits or--"
  114. >You shook your head, turning your attention away from the sign
  115. >The empress was staring at you, obviously waiting for you to make a selection
  116. "Your highness? You mind if I ask what all... this is?"
  117. >"It's something that ponies out west have tried at their fairs that I thought would be a good idea to bring to Ponyville," she said. "It's a booth where you can do anything you want to myself or any of my lovely assistants--"
  118. >She gestured to her left
  119. >There were Rarity, Derpy, even Mrs. Cake all sitting on little stools
  120. >There was a stallion drilling his length into Derpy's ass, his eyes shut tightly
  121. >The mares waved at you
  122. >"--for ten minutes. The proceeds go to a orphanage in Canterlot."
  123. >"The raffle we have last year didn't do as well as we had hoped, so we thought to try this," Rarity pipped up.
  124. >Oh...
  125. >It's for the kids...
  126. "Well, that's really nice of you to help chip in, your highness," you said
  127. >"It's the least I could do," Cadence said with a wave of her hoof. "Not many ponies know this, but I was an orphan myself. I know how hard it can be for those foals, and how much money an orphanage needs to keep afloat."
  129. >You couldn't help but smile
  130. "If that's the case I hope you get a lot of traffic today," you said
  131. >You reached into your bit bag, stacking bits onto the counter
  132. >The very same 50 bits that Applejack overpaid you with
  133. >Cadence's eyes were wide as she looked at all of the money
  134. >"Wow, you must be REALLLLLY pent up. So do you have in mind what you wanna do?"
  135. >You shook your head
  136. "Nah, just take it. Make sure the kids get new horse clothes or whatever."
  137. >The empress tore her gaze from the bits to look at you
  138. >"Are you sure, Anon? This is a lot of bits. If you wanted you could have a turn with all of us."
  139. >"More than once," Mrs. Cake said
  140. >"You could even put it in my butt," Derpy said. "Now right now though, but after this big fella's done."
  141. >"You could also fuck my mouth dear," Rarity added. "I might not be Pinkie, but I'm sure I could leave you more than satisfied."
  142. >You waved their protests away
  143. "Ladies, I've been up all night hitting trees with a bad and carrying about loads of apples in the dark. The only thing I wanna do right now is go to bed. Take the money."
  144. >"Are you sure?" Cadence asked
  145. "Surely sure," you replied, helping yourself to another donut
  146. >"That's really sweet of you, Anon, but are you sure? I'd feel kind of bad if you gave all of this for nothing," the alicorn said looking around. "Would you at least take a raffle ticket?"
  147. >She gestured toward a big roll of brick red tickets
  148. "You're having a raffle too?"
  149. >The empress nodded
  150. >"Yep, it's for a very special prize."
  151. >You thought about it for a second before shrugging
  152. "You know what? Fine. It's been awhile since I've been apart of a good raffle."
  153. >"Great!" Cadence said, clapping her hooves together
  154. >With a flurry of magic, the bits were put somewhere under the table and a ticket was placed in your hand
  156. >"The raffle goes off later today. You won't have to be here for it to happen. If you win we'd be able to find you with that tickey and give you your prize," the empress said, happily wiggling in her stool
  157. >You rubbed the side of your face, exhaustion making itself known
  158. "Kay. You all have a great day then."
  159. >You made your way down the street, passing prince-consort Shining Armor, who looked like he was running a bobbing for apples stand and having the absolute time of his life doing so
  160. >This time you managed to keep walking
  161. >No more nonsense for you
  163. ~_~_~_~_~_~
  166. >After a shower and a few hours of sleep you're feeling much better
  167. >You were lying in your lazy boy, feet proped up on your coffee table
  168. >Your stomach had been growling for the past twenty minutes, demanding that you feed it, but so far laziness was winning out
  169. >Maybe you could just poke your head out a window, see if that one pegasus that delivered pizzas was flying around
  170. >It wasn't the first time you had ordered a pie like that...
  171. >There was a knock on your door
  172. >You looked toward it, not moving an inch
  173. >A minute passed, before they person on the other side of the door knocked again
  174. >Fuck...
  175. >Grumbling, you pushed yourself to your feet
  176. >Giving your ass a scratch, you opened the door
  177. >Standing on the other side of it was the empress
  178. >You could see that she was noticably flushed
  179. >Her pupils were also dilated, and she was breathing kind of hard
  180. "Afternoon, your highness," you said, watching as her gaze settled on your groin. "Is everything alright?"
  181. >She giggled
  182. >"Yeah... Everything's great," she said. "I just came to tell you that you won the raffle."
  183. >She brushed past you, a sway in her step
  184. >The alicorn's tail was raised high, revealing a swollen, soaked marehood
  185. >You stared for a moment--but only a moment. You were a gentlemen dammit--before smiling
  186. "Awesome, so what's the prize?"
  187. >Taking a deep breath, Cadence shuddered
  188. >Her marehood winked, sending a spurt of cum onto the floor
  190. >"The prize is that you get yours truly to do with whatever you want for the next twenty-four hours," she said, turning toward you
  191. >She smiled, taking a step toward you
  192. >"I've also put the most potent heat spell that I could on myself, so if you want to take your big, fat hyoo-man cock and pump a half-breed baby into me then you're more than welcome."
  193. >She nuzzled your groin, staring up at you with her big purple eyes
  194. >You stared back, eyebrow raised
  195. >"So... what do you want me to do first, stud~?" she asked
  196. >A lightbulb went off in your head
  197. "I got just the thing."
  199. ~_~_~_~_~
  202. >"--And with that I end my turn."
  203. >"Fuck! Are you sure those dice aren't loaded? Fucking bullshit rolls."
  204. >Be Cadence
  205. >You were in the kitchen, making some peetzer as Anon and your husband played their little war game thingy
  206. >Before this, you had spent about an hour and a half cleaning up the hyoo-mans house
  207. >Your pussy was on fire, leaking into the floor below while the two colts played their dumb game
  208. >There was a very big frown on your face as you worked
  209. >You swear to Celestia, if you don't get knocked up by the end of the night you're gonna SCREAM...
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