Red responses, part 2

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  1. • When should I use Earthquake and when should I use X Acc + Horn Drill on Koga?
  3. See the third note here:
  5. • What influences the gym leader order between Erika/Blaine/Sabrina?
  7. Normal gym order is Erika, then Blaine, then Sabrina. The alternate order (Blaine, Sabrina, Erika) gives you the Special badge boost for Erika, which allows you to 1-shot Victreebel and Vileplume with Ice Beam on bad Special. You can always 1-shot them with Earthquake, but in most cases, you need to preserve EQ PP to avoid using an extra PP item. Also, Earthquake is about a second slower than Ice Beam.
  9. So you do the alternate order with 0-8 DV Special (9+ DV guarantees Ice Beam range with Erika first) and 0-4 or 12-15 DV Speed. At 0-4 DV, you'll need to X Speed on Sabrina's Mr. Mime regardless of when you fight her, so fighting her early comes at no cost. At 12-15 DV, you won't need to X Speed even if you fight her early.
  11. • When should I use EQ on Victreebel? On Vileplume?
  13. The chart should detail this, but you want to EQ whenever the range is less than 95 percent. So the only range you'll risk is 98 percent on Vileplume (which occurs with 6-7 DV Special).
  15. • On what speed do I need to use an X Speed for Sabrina? Should I heal beforehand to survive Confusion?
  17. 0-4 DV, and healing beforehand is generally a bad idea. Waste of a Super Potion; you might not get Confusion (so you'll lose red bar); you could get confused from Confusion; you could get crit; the red bar you get could be too low or high. So 0-4 DV Speed has a huge added risk against Sabrina (although it's still runnable with good Attack).
  19. • Reasoning behind when to use second elixir?
  21. You want to use it after Sabrina so that it lasts you until Bruno. If it doesn't, you'll need to get an extra PP item for the Elite Four, costing you ~8 seconds. You can use the second Elixer before Sabrina if you got the PP Up and use the X Special strat against Black Belt (which is sub-optimal unless you have 11-12 DV Attack). When the chart says to Elixer after Black Belt, it's because you X Acc and Drill on that fight with your 2-3 remaining Drill PP.
  23. • Reasoning behind using Earthquake at 23-56 HP on Turn 2 of Agatha, but not at lower or higher HP?
  25. Night Shade does 56 damage, so it poses no risk at 57+ HP, because you'll sweep the fight after Gengar if you X Acc on turn 2. At 1-22 HP, you risk dying to Golbat's Wing Attack, and Golbat's non-attacking moves are more dangerous than Gengar's.
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