Mar 15th, 2018
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  1. >"Oh fuuuuuuuuu--Fantastic~..."
  2. >Be Anon
  3. >Today was supposed to a lazy, relaxing Saturday
  4. >You were going to lay around all day, and when your horse-people guardians were both home you were going to watch a movie and eat too much pizza
  5. >It was going to be nice, and you had been looking forward to it
  6. >But, like most things, that particular plan didn't pan out
  7. >"Hmmm~ Right there, Anon. Really squeeze it..."
  8. >One of your guardians, a not-princess Celestia, had come into the living room with a simple request
  9. >Her back had been hurting her something fierce, and she'd really appreciate it if you gave it a rub
  10. >It didn't need to be long, she had stressed, and she didn't want to make you uncomfortable, and you could tell her no if you wanted
  11. >But her back was REALLY aching
  12. >She even offered you one of those caramel bars that you loved so much
  13. >You, of course had agreed
  14. >It was the least you could do
  15. >Her and her sister had been nice enough to let you stay here and eat their food and all of that other shit
  16. >But you weren't just going to give her a simple back rub
  17. >Fuck no...
  18. >As luck would have it, you had taken a coarse during one summer for a massage class
  19. >You had needed a humanities course for school, and somehow that class fell into that category
  20. >You had also wanted to have the ability to give your friend's back massages and immediately call them faggots when they got boners from it
  21. >Because you were the type of cunt that would spend time and money for the possibility of a joke
  22. >To your surprise, you had really taken to the class
  23. >There was something almost therapeutic about turning a rock-hard back into a puddle of skin
  24. >Sure, most of the people you had worked on were pimple riddled, fat weirdos, but it was still kind of fun
  25. >Your instructor had said that she had never seen anyone pick it up so fast
  26. >She had hinted that maybe looking into the life of a masseur
  28. >You had honestly considered it, even checking to see if your college had a six month degree for it or something like that
  29. >"Goddess~ Ohhhh yeah..."
  30. >But now you weren't at your college
  31. >You weren't rubbing weirdos backs, or being asked by some of the ugliest motherfuckers in the world for a "happy ending"
  32. >Nope
  33. >You were standing in Celestia's dining room, your sleeves rolled up, rubbing down a very large, very... filled out, very vocal woman
  34. >Her massive frame was splayed out on the dining room table
  35. >You had placed the biggest towel into the table for her to lay on, as well as a little pillow for her head
  36. >Celestia, of course, was completely naked under the towel draped over her lower body
  37. >She had been very nervous about being nude in front of you before you had started
  38. >You had done your best to tell her that everything was alright
  39. >You've seen some ugly, ugly motherfuckers
  40. >Rubbing down a beautiful woman was going to make your day
  41. >So you had thought...
  42. >"Fucki--- son of a--"
  43. >Celestia rubbed her face against her pillow before letting out a loud moan
  44. >She pawed at the edge of the table as she rubbed her thighs together
  45. >You dryly swallowed
  46. >At first, everything had been going swimmingly
  47. >But, as Celestia had gotten more and more into it, YOU were the one getting ha--
  48. >Nervous!
  49. >You were getting nervous!
  50. >Flustered!
  51. >Hard would be bad!
  52. >It didn't help that every inch of the principal's body was wonderfully tanned, and not a single tanline in sight
  53. >That and... other things...
  54. >You wiped your forehead with the back of your hand, giving your forearm a shake before getting back to work
  55. >You had been able to jerry rig up some oil by heating up some vegetable oil, making your massage as frictionless as possible, but even so it was difficult
  56. >Celestia had the back of a fucking linebacker
  57. >Every muscle all the way to her tailbone was defined
  58. >Not that you were very surprised...
  59. >What with her carrying around two fucking bowling balls around everyday...
  61. >Still, slowly but surely you had been working each muscle diligently
  62. >There wasn't a bit of tension in her back
  63. >In fact, other than the moaning, groaning, and barely held back swearing, Celestia seemed like she was about to fall asleep...
  64. >Your eyes wandered from her back to her side
  65. >The principal's breasts were bulging from her sides, forcing her arms apart
  66. >Just like the rest of her body, they were tanned
  67. >No cellulite or weird shape or nothing...
  68. >As you made your way up her back, you thought about good, wholesome things
  69. >Puppies, churches, laughing babies and grandma's coo--
  70. >"Fuuuuuck!" Celestia moaned, no longer able to contain herself
  71. >...
  72. >A bead of sweat fell from the tip of your nose and onto her back
  73. >You grimaced as the large woman wiggled on top of the table
  74. >Jesus Christ was a candy bar not worth this shit...
  75. >You placed both hands under her left shoulder blade
  76. >You applied gentle pressure
  77. >There was a pop, then another
  78. >"Oh god~!"
  79. >Celestia's body jerked
  80. >You heard her legs slam against the table with a loud thud
  81. >A blush exploded across her face as she shut her eyes tightly, muttering strained curses to herself
  82. >The table creaked as she desperately gripped at it, her body jerking and twitching
  83. >Awkwardly clearing your throat, you pulled your hands away as she wiggled, trying to ignore the new smell that was beginning to fill the room
  84. >Something might of burst on your body, a vein or an artery or something like that, but you ignored that as well, tugging at your collar with a oily hand
  85. >"Celestia? Anon? Are you two here?"
  86. >You turned your head just in time as Luna poked her head into the room
  87. >Celestia, letting out a groan, let limp on the table
  88. >She was breathing hard, a thin coat of sweat covering her body and her towel hanging half off of her
  89. >"That was... that was great..." she murmured, sounding half asleep
  90. >Luna blinked, looking at her sister, than at your sweaty, blushing self
  92. >"Oh... Are you giving massages, Anon?" she asked, sounding hopeful
  93. >She stepped into the room, tugging at the bottom of her shirt
  94. >"If you're finished with my sister, might you give me one as well? My back's been bothering me lately, so much so that I've been thinking about making an appointment somewhere..."
  95. >To empathize her point, Luna bounced on her heels
  96. >This sent her boobs, which, while smaller than her sister's, were very, very large even so, bouncing
  97. >You licked your lips, mouth feeling very dry
  98. >That better be a good ass candy bar...
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