Claire in Equestria with Multiple Anons: Chapter 3

Jul 15th, 2014
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  1. "Put her in a warm bath."
  2. >"You can't do that this soon! She just came home like this!"
  3. "So? If her temperature lowers more so than normal then she'll go into hyperthermia-"
  5. "She doesn't have it, yet, she's just close to it."
  7. >No you di-...
  8. >Okay so maybe you did.
  9. >Recap
  10. >You're Claire Corlett, currently living with Raindrops
  11. >And you left Noi with the CMC, local trouble makers and spoiled brats, according to Raindrops
  12. >"There's a REASON why I don't allow Noi to play with them!"
  13. "I didn't know that! You never told me-"
  15. "You were working! I didn't want to interrupt!"
  17. >Shit... is it 8pm?
  18. >Did you come at 8pm?
  19. >Or is she exaggerating?
  20. >...She has to be
  21. >There's no way
  22. "Okay, let me point out a mistake of mine by saying that she should come home at Nightfall-"
  23. >"WHAT?!"
  24. "Let me finish, Sunshower."
  25. >You're such an asshole
  26. "I thought she'd be fine. Those are the sisters of the Elements of Harmony, am I wrong?"
  27. >She seems to have calm down, a bit
  28. >"Yes, that is true..."
  29. >And slowly, her anger returns
  31. >That was an accident!
  32. "Again, didn't know that!"
  33. >She's just ranting on how much she hates the CMC now
  34. "Also, who is Discord?"
  35. >"Only the WORST threat to Equestria, by far!"
  36. >Yeah
  37. >Tirek didn't take your power to fly or anything
  38. >That never happened
  39. >No, Discord turning everything upsidedown, twice, is the WORST, POSSIBLE, THI-
  40. >Yeah, no you're not even going finish that stupid meme
  41. >Nightmare Moon? Nope, Discord
  42. >Chrysalis? Nope, Discord
  43. >That-one-guy-who-likes-crystals-alot? Nope, Fucking Discord
  44. >Discord was mostly harmless, looking at the the the Queen who crashed a Royal Wedding, The King who enslaved an ENTIRE FUCKING NATION
  45. >And, lets not forget
  47. >Seriously? And you say DISCORD is dangerous?
  48. >Fuck, infact, he's HELPING, now!
  49. >In fact, he helped get rid of Tire-Actually, no
  50. >He betrayed the Princesses, then Tirek betrayed him
  51. >Then he gave flowers to Celestia
  52. >Of course, there's an inbetween in all of that, but still
  53. "...How bad could he possibly be?"
  54. >The devil's question, for sure
  55. >Fuck, you didn't know she would go into exstensive detail about every bad aspect of Discord
  56. >How MUCH detail, preytell?
  57. >...Lets just say you didn't want to know that Discord's dick could possibly also be used as a bottle opener of doom
  58. >The thought of Discord's dick already made you gag, the thought that it could twist and turn into shapes and sizes-
  59. >Stop, thinking about it
  60. >You're not gonna like the thoughts your stupid mind makes up
  61. >"AND THE-"
  62. "Okay! Okay. I get it, Discord is the worst thing to happen to Equestria."
  63. >Again, Tirek doesn't exist, or anything
  64. "Listen, I'm gonna go put Noi in a warm bath, then take her to Ponyville Hospital."
  65. >She rolls her eyes
  66. "They can do more to help her then we can."
  67. >Especially since you know nothing about hypothermia
  68. >"One condition."
  69. 'One condition for you to save my sister! One condition for you to take her to the hospital so she doesn't get any sicker than she already is!'
  70. >Jesus, you're a dumbass, Raindrops
  71. >"Come to me before taking her out, and never, EVER let her hang around with those FOALS!"
  72. 'Yes, Sir, Mr. Johnson.'
  73. "Sure, why not?"
  74. >Before you can hear her second outburst, you pick up the filly and take her upstairs
  75. "The bathroom's the last room down the hall, right?"
  76. >"Y-Y-Y-Yup!"
  77. >She's stuttering less, you'll give her that
  78. >Bursting into the bathroom, and quickly turning the water to the hottest of hot it can go to, you put the filly on the bathroom floor
  79. >She's, still, smiling
  80. >God, if you haven't met a more one-dimensional filly--er... you mean
  81. >If you haven't met a happier filly...
  82. >Waiting for the tub to fill up, you turn on the warm water in the faucet, and begin to pour it over her
  83. >"H-H-Heeh-hee! Th-Th-That t-tickles!"
  84. >Stuttering Stue, over her-wait...
  85. >Suttering Stephanie, suits her more
  86. >You turn the hot water off in the faucet, and in hte tub, and place the filly in said tub
  87. >"It's w-w-w-w-warm in here..."
  88. >Touching the water, yo-OW!
  89. >FUCK, THAT'S HOT!
  90. >Jesus Christmas
  91. >...Rather, Celestia... wait
  92. >What's it called in 'Questria, anyway?
  93. >Hearth's Warming, right?
  94. >Whatever, doesn't matter right now
  95. >You make sure that the tub is clogged, so the water doesn't fall out
  96. >Rather, so the water doesn't drain down the holes
  97. "Listen, Noi," You start, sitting on the toilet
  98. >Hey, the lid was down!
  99. "You're gonna sit in there for awhile. Tell me when it gets too hot, or too cold."
  100. >Too hot could be a good thing, and a bad thing
  101. >Same thing with too cold
  102. >If it's ACTUALLY cold, then if she says cold, then she's fine
  103. >Take her to the hospital for a diganosis, and you're fine
  104. >However...
  105. >If she thinks it's hot, when it's cold, then hypothermia is definitely setting in
  106. >Cause the longer you're in the cold like that, the colder you get, and then your body starts to fool it's self, saying that it's hot
  107. >Not good, 'cause then you die
  108. >If it's still hot when she says hot, she's fine
  109. >Hospital, diagnosis, fine
  110. >She'll be back here the next day, tops
  111. >Cold when it's hot?
  112. >Just add more hot water
  113. >Make it even HOTTER!
  114. >Crossing your legs, you sit, and wait
  115. >...It must of been a fucking hour until she said something
  116. >"Miss Claire?"
  117. >Yawning, you turn to the filly in the tub
  118. >"It's getting cold..."
  119. >At least she isn't stuttering anymore
  120. >Feeling the water, you notice that it's warm now
  121. >Body temperature hasn't returned to normal, yet
  122. "Well, lets go to the hospital, I'm sure Mr. Doctor can make it feel warm."
  123. >She looks at you, confused
  124. >"But it feels cold..."
  125. >But it's NOT cold
  126. >You just give her a warm smile, and pick her up, covering her in a towel and a blanket
  128. >"Alright."
  129. >GAH!
  130. >She fucking scared you
  131. >She was right next to you
  132. >...The fuck was she doing down here...?
  133. >She was just standing there
  134. >...Waiting
  135. >"But, let me tell you this..."
  136. >You're listening
  137. >"If you don't take her straight to the hospital... then consider yourself OUT, OF, HERE!"
  138. >You nod, with a smirk
  139. "Trust me, the hospital is my MAIN priority right now."
  140. >"Oh, it better b-"
  141. >"I don't feel so good..."
  142. >Poor Noi...
  143. >Exiting your house, you look towards the filly hanging over your shoulder
  144. " 'Mind if I run?"
  145. >A groan is all you hear
  146. >...You hope that's a yes
  147. >Once again, time to Sonic the Hedgehog this shit
  148. >...Well, maybe not
  149. >Maybe you should just pace yourself, so you don't run out of stamina so quick...
  151. >This time, you didn't have many problems
  152. >Especially since Noi told you to slow down twelve times in your running cycle
  153. >Reaching the hospital during the final stretch, you burst through the door, and...
  154. >Huh
  155. >Not many ponies 'round here, huh?
  156. >Since everybody's so safe 'round here, nobody really gets hurt, huh?
  157. >...Except for the CMC, apparently
  158. >Yeah, you're not the only one there
  159. >Rarity, Rainbow Dash, and Applejack
  160. >...Stay the FUCK away from Applejack
  161. >...Rainbow has a seat open
  162. >Cool
  163. >You get a chance to meet the Rainbow before finishing the rainbow
  164. >Sit next to Rainbow and put Noi on your lap
  165. >Surprisingly, Rarity's the first one to open up her trap
  166. >"Oh, Raindrops' sister was there, too?" She asks, looking towards you
  167. >You only nod, sighing
  168. >"Sweetie DID say there was a fourth..."
  169. >The white filly is trembling on the ground, with a blanket draped over her
  170. >"S-S-S-S-So... C-C-C-C-C-Cold..."
  171. >Poor filly
  172. >"I-I-I-It wasn't even m-m-m-m-m-my idea!" Chimes in the chicken with a blanket over her body
  173. >"Yeah, right!" Says bluefast, looking angrily at the chicken
  174. >"What the hay made y'all jump in an ICE LAKE?" The scary background pony exclaims, looking at the four fillies
  175. >"We thought it would get us our cutie marks..." Are what the CMC say
  176. >But Noi...?
  177. >"Scootaloo made me do it..."
  178. >And thats what made the three ponies gasp
  179. >And you would've too...
  180. >If you didn't already know the story
  181. >"What?! Scootaloo, how could you!"
  182. >Dash, was not happy
  183. >"I-I-I-I-I-I-I did n-n-n-n-n-not!"
  184. "Tell your story, Noi." You simply say, smirking quite a bit
  185. >Time for the dodo to get in trouble
  186. >Can't help but chuckle, 'cause she's gonna get her ass WHUPPED!
  187. >Just listen, alright?
  189. >You're Noi!
  190. >The filly with a pillow on her flank!
  191. >...Or maybe it was a magnifying glass?
  192. >Wait, was it icecream?
  193. >You need to check
  194. >But, that's not important right now
  195. >What IS important, is the fact that you're FINALLY hanging out with the CMC!
  196. >Raindrops doesn't like you with the CMC...
  197. >Mostly on the account that they almost killed you with they're fireworks
  198. >But, you turned out fine!
  199. >You didn't even get hurt!
  200. >And besides, it was an accident!
  201. >Water under the bridge, right?
  202. >...Not for Sister Raindrops
  203. >She usually forbids you with hanging out with them
  204. >But, Miss Claire?
  205. >She's AWESOME!
  206. >She let you hang out with them, until the moon comes out!
  207. >Celestia, is she cool!
  208. >She even took you to see those other bronies, going to Princess Twilight's castle!
  209. >And she stopped them, too!
  210. >But, you're with the CMC
  211. >At a lake
  212. >Scootaloo scooted you all over, saying she "had something fun for us."
  213. >You wondered what it was...
  214. >Until a look came over her face
  215. >It was... scary
  216. >She did this evil smile, while looking at the three of you
  217. >"You know what we can do, girls?"
  218. >"No." Applebloom states, simply, rolling her eyes
  219. >She turned around with a smile, and said this:
  220. >"We can get our cutie marks as ice-ponies!"
  221. "Ice-ponies?" You question, tilting your head
  222. >"Yeah, Noi! If we jump into this lake, and don't become cold, then we could become ice-ponies!"
  223. >"Scootaloo, if that ain't the stupidest thing that Ah've heard outta yer mouth, then Ah don't know what is."
  224. >You and Sweetie Belle giggle at her comment
  225. >"Oh c'mon, Applebloom! Don't you know how COOL it would be, to have a frozen apple as a cutie mark?"
  226. >"Scootaloo, Ah'd have a frozen apple as a cutie mark if Ah was harvestin' apples in tha' winter."
  227. >You two giggle again, attempting to hold it in
  228. >Scootaloo furrows her eyebrows, and looks at you and Sweetie Belle
  229. >"Noi, Sweetie, wouldn't having a frozen cutie mark be AWESOME?"
  230. "I already have my cutie mark, though..."
  231. >"Yeah! And what would my frozen cutie mark be, anyway? A frozen bubble?"
  232. >"If you hold your breathe down there long enough, then maybe!"
  233. >She then looks directly at you, with a smile
  234. >"And wouldn't having a frozen version of YOUR cutie mark, Noi, be awesome?!"
  235. >Well....
  236. >"Scootaloo, this is stupid. We're not gonna get our cutie marks from jumpin' in a frozen lake!"
  237. "...Well, it's not frozen. A frozen lake would have ice over i-"
  238. >"Quiet!" Applebloom shouts at you, looking back at Scootaloo
  239. >Scootaloo smiles, fluttering her wings
  240. >"Well, if you're not gonna jump in, then I will!"
  241. >The orange pegasus gets ready to jump off the boardwalk, but not before the filly with a pink bow and red scarf can stop her
  242. >"What the HAY is wrong with you, ScootalOOOWAAAAAAHHH!"
  243. >SPLASH!
  245. >The farm filly sunk into the water, as you and Sweetie Belle were in shock
  246. >"See?" She looks back to you and Sweetie, "The water's fine!"
  247. >Scootaloo jumps in the lake, head first
  248. >SPLASH!
  249. >...
  250. >Sweetie Belle looks at you, and shrugs
  251. >"If you can't beat 'em, join 'em!" She says, running into the lake with a smile
  253. >SPLASH!
  254. >You gulp, and hope for the best
  255. 'Wish me luck, Celestia...'
  256. >Taking a running start, you rush into the lake and jump in
  258. >SPLASH!
  260. >"YOU DID WHAT?!" Screamed both Applejack and Rainbow, towards Scootaloo
  261. >"I-I-I-I-I just w-w-w-w-w-wanted us to get our c-c-c-c-c-c-c-cutie marks..." The chicken says solemnly
  262. >HA!
  264. >HAHAHA....Hahaha...
  265. >...
  266. >Fuck
  267. >Poor Scootaloo
  268. >She looks depressed
  269. >...That kills your heart so fucking much
  270. >She sniffles and-is that a tear?
  272. >You should be happy at this fuckers misery!
  273. >Ugh....
  274. >Anway, Rarity is just, shocked and appauled
  275. >Shit, you were too the first time she told you
  276. >Then you couldn't help but laugh, because you knew that fucking chicken was going get her ass BEAT!
  277. >...Ironic, seeing as how you're almost crying for the kid
  278. >...You just have to see the videos of her getting her ass beat!
  279. >Yeah... yeah
  280. >That'll be fun... right?
  281. >"Miss Applejack?" A nurse calls from the hallway
  282. >"Er... Yes?"
  283. >"The Doctor shall see you and your sister, now."
  284. >The orange mare picks up her sister, and puts her on her back
  285. >They soon disappear down the hallway
  286. >"Scootaloo, I'm ashamed! I mean, how could you do that?!" Exclaims the Rainbow in cyan
  287. >"B-b-b-b-b-b-b-but..."
  288. >"Rainbow Dash..."
  289. >The room turns to the small filly on the floor, covering herself with her petite blanket
  290. >"Sweetie Belle?" Questions the fashionista pony
  291. >"Th-That's not all true..."
  293. >You're Sweetie Belle!
  294. >The sweetest filly in t-
  296. "Cut to the chase, Sweetie! You might get called next, and then we won't be able to hear your side of the story."
  297. >"R-R-R-R-Right, Claire."
  298. >And now you know why that sounds so fucking weird
  300. >You, Noi, Scootaloo, and Applebloom all stood off the dock of the lake
  301. >"This is stupid." Mentions AB
  302. >"Oh come on! Just think about the cutie marks!"
  303. >Scootaloo makes your mind wonder, as you smile
  304. >You can get your scuba diving cut-Oh wait...
  305. >You already tried that...
  306. >"Doesn't this seem a bit... dangerous, you guys?"
  307. >Noi isn't so sure about this...
  308. >"Oh, come on, Noi! Just think of the cutie marks!"
  309. >"We could DIE, Scootaloo! Don't ya know that?" AB asks, turning to your flightless friend
  310. >"Oh, what're you, chicken?" Your orange filly friend remarks, making bawking sounds
  311. >"...No, I ain't no chicken!"
  312. >"Then lets jump! All at once, okay?"
  313. "...I don't think we should do this, Scootaloo."
  314. >"Oh," She starts, turning to you, "Don't tell me you're chicken too!"
  315. "N-No... I'm not... It's just that... Fine. I'll do it."
  316. >"Great! Then on the count of three..."
  317. >You gulp, getting ready to jump
  318. >"One..."
  319. >"Two..."
  320. >It's now or never!
  321. >"THREE!"
  323. >SPLASH!
  324. >"AHHHHHH!!!"
  325. >SPLASH!
  327. >...
  328. >Shit
  329. >That was short
  330. >You actually expected it to be more than a conversation
  331. >However...
  332. >It DOES seem more likely than Noi's story
  333. >...Although, you feel compelled to trust Noi more so than Sweetie Belle
  334. >Maybe it's because you've known her longer...
  335. >Then again, technically you've always known Sweetie Belle
  336. >But...
  337. >You just feel closer to Noi, y'know?
  338. >...No, in fact, you probably DON'T know
  339. >You have never, in fact, watched a character on a T.V. show, been BROUGHT TO THEIR FUCKING WORLD, and met a child of the same age, and then have both the child you met, and the child you saw on the T.V., jump into A FUCKING ICE LAKE
  340. >Jesus
  341. >...Well, shit
  342. >Jesus ain't here now
  343. >Nor is Go-Well...
  344. >If you wanna be technical
  345. >Celestia is God, and Jesus is Luna
  346. >Cadence is God's left tit, and Twilight is God's right tit
  347. >Ya see, God likes his right tit more than his left ti-
  349. >Yawning, you cross your legs and pet the poor golden filly
  350. >Wasn't she Carrot Top's sister?
  351. >...Eh, not your problem
  352. >She's really your sister now
  353. >And nobody's gonna take her away from you
  354. >You her clopping noises-No, not THOSE clopping noise
  355. >The clip-clop of hooves, walking on the ground
  356. >Soon, a yellow filly with a drenched bow emerges, annoyed, seemingly
  357. >"All of y'all have got it w-w-w-w-wrong."
  358. >And with her, towering over her, is the background pony you've learned to fear
  359. >"How is she, AJ?" Asks Rainbow mane
  360. >"Her body temperature is returnin' to normal, says the Doctor. Ah just can't let 'er go back outside for a few days, as if she has a cold."
  361. >"Lemme tell y'all the r-r-r-r-r-r-r-r-r-real st-st-st-st-st-st-story."
  363. >You're Applebloom, yadda yadda yadda
  364. >Lets get this over with
  365. >It was a gloomy, snowy day, when this happened
  366. >Scootalooo had scooted you all here
  367. >...Well, it was on accident, to be honest
  368. >She had just flew past it, and all of us in the back had noticed
  369. >"Woah, cool! A frozen lake!" One of us had mentioned
  370. >You're not even sure which one mentioned it, seems so long ago
  371. >Scootaloo had stopped, and gotten off her scooter to see
  372. >And, it was a frozen lake
  373. >Soon, all three of us had gotten out of our sled to follow our friend
  374. >Curiosity killed Opal, am I right?
  376. >"OPAL IS DEAD?!"
  377. >"N-N-N-N-N-N-N-No, Rarity... It was a figur'a speech..."
  378. >You can't help but roll your eyes and sigh
  379. "Applebloom, please continue, before one of us is called next."
  380. >"Okie D-D-D-Dokie, Miss Claire!"
  382. >Anyway, Scootaloo had this excited look on her face, and you and Sweetie Belle couldn't help but get excited as well
  383. >Noi, on the other hoof....
  384. >Was confused, more than anythin'
  385. >"Do you know what we could do here, guys?"
  386. >You and Sweetie Belle already knew the answer:
  387. >"GET OUR CUTIE MARKS!" We yelled, all of us...
  388. >Except for Noi
  389. >Still, she was confused
  390. >"But wait," Chimed in Sweetie Belle, "How are we gonna get 'em? There's nothing much we can do here, since we tried ice skating last year..."
  391. "Yeah, an' THAT was not a pretty sight to see."
  392. >Memories of bumpin' into Scootaloo on accident, and then Sweetie Belle bumpin' into you flashed into your head
  393. >Oh Celestia that was dangerous
  394. >But at least you didn't have to go to the hospital for that!
  396. >"Hey, the ice skating one wasn't even m-m-m-m-m-m-m-m-my idea!"
  397. >Scootaloo loves to pipe her mouth open, doesn't she?
  398. >"Guys, is this apart of th-ACHOOO! ....Sniffle-story?"
  399. >Noi speaks up, for once
  400. >She must be getting a cold
  401. >You grab a napkin and wipe her nose, quickly throwing it away-
  403. >...God fucking damn it, Rarity
  404. >Don't be so close to the damn trash can, next time!
  405. >Soon, she regains her composure and magickz the napkin off of her, putting it in the garbage
  406. >...She also wipes herself off, sighing
  407. >"Please, Applebloom, do continue. I'm sorry about my... uncalled for outburst."
  408. >"Nah, it's alright, Rarity. Alright, so anyway..."
  410. >You all shared a chuckle or two, and smiled
  411. >That is, until Scootaloo spoke up again
  412. >"Listen, guys, you see this lake, right?"
  413. >We all nodded, including Noi
  414. >Scootaloo walked up to the edge of the boardwalk, as we soon followed suit
  415. >"What if... What if we jump right in!"
  416. >"To get our cutie marks?" Sweetie Belle inquired, not so sure about this
  417. >"Yeah!" Scootaloo crouched down and had put a hoof in the water, "See, it feels great!"
  418. >Did she just shiver?
  419. "...I don't see how this could get us our Cutie marks..."
  420. >"This could get us our cuite marks in frozen lake swimming!"
  421. >Confused looks were shared all around
  422. "But we already tried swimmin', Scoot!"
  423. >"But, this is FROZEN swimming! We can get frozen swimming cutie marks!"
  424. >"...What about me?"
  425. >Everyone turned to Noi, including yourself
  426. >She had lowered her ears, and poked at the wood on the ground
  427. >"I mean... I already have my cutie mark... What would this do for me...?"
  428. >Scootaloo seemed to be thinking of something...
  429. >"Uhm..."
  430. >Then, she had an idea, perking up
  431. >"Your cutie mark could become a FROZEN cutie mark!"
  432. "A frozen cutie mark-"
  433. >"REALLY?!" She exclaimed, practically growing wings and fluttering off the ground
  434. >You just sighed
  435. >"Yeah! I-In fact... I heard in a legend that if you jump into a frozen lake, and stay underwater for ten seconds, your cutie mark will be frozen!"
  436. >While Sweetie Belle and Noi got excited, you were annoyed
  437. "And what if we DON'T get our cutie marks, and her's doesn't become frozen?"
  438. >Scootaloo just looked at you with a warm smile, and said this:
  439. >"Applebloom, when have we EVER questioned it before?"
  441. >...You had burst in anger
  442. >You were getting frustrated in their stupidity!
  443. >It was dead silent...
  444. >You started to walk away, with a smile-
  445. >"Chicken."
  446. "WHUT WAS THAT?!"
  447. >You had never turned around quicker in your life
  448. >"You heard me.... Chicken."
  449. "I am NOT a chicken! If anypony's the chicken here, it's you, Scootaloo!"
  450. >"Well then, looks like I'm the bravest chicken, then."
  452. >"The SMARTEST chicken."
  453. >Grr...
  455. >"Really, then?"
  456. "YEAH!"
  457. >"Well, then, the smartest chicken would join the flock, am I right?"
  458. "YEAH-..."
  459. >Sadly, you roped yourself into this
  460. >DARN IT ALL!
  461. >You sighed, and went to the edge of the boardwalk
  462. "Fine, I'll do it.
  463. >Sweetie Belle and Scootaloo followed suit, Scootaloo's smirk never fading
  464. "I hate you, Scootaloo."
  465. >"Oh, please. You know you love the AWESOMENESS of Scootaloo!"
  466. >Noi timidly joined the three of you, a bit reluctant, after the arguement
  467. >She still had her smile, same as Scootaloo
  468. >She seemed more confident then the rest, though...
  469. >"We do it on the count of three, okay guys?"
  470. >You don't even remember who said that...
  471. >You had turned to the other three
  472. >Scootaloo was confident
  473. >Sweetie Belle was confident
  474. >Even Noi was confident, as previously stated...
  475. >Yet...
  476. >You didn't know what to think
  477. >The others had nodded, yet, you stood still
  478. >"Applebloom?"
  479. >Shaking out of your trance, you nodded your head, sighing, one last time
  480. >"One..."
  481. >Scootaloo gets ready, shaking her flank
  482. >"Two..."
  483. >Sweetie Belle and Noi got ready as well, smirks on their faces
  484. >Gulping, you took one last final look at the water, before shutting your eyes
  485. 'Here goes nothin'...'
  486. "THREE!"
  488. >SPLASH!
  490. >"A-A-A-A-A-And that's EXACTLY wh-wh-what happend!"
  491. >Said the shivering Applebloom in confidence
  492. >"L-L-L-Luckily, we were saved by a m-m-m-m-m-mare, nearby..." Adds the shivering Sweetie
  493. >You look down at Noi, with curiosity
  494. "Is that true, Noi?"
  495. >All she can do is nod slowly
  496. >"ACHOO!"
  497. >...And sneeze
  498. >Quickly cleaning her nose, you toss it towards Rarity again
  499. >This time, you were actually aiming for her
  500. >...Of course it ends up in the trash can
  501. >But, getting back on topic...
  503. >You didn't even know that there were three sides to this fuckin' story
  504. >"Rarity?"
  505. >The nurse walked back into the room, motioning the two unicorns to follow her
  506. >And soon, they did, Rarity putting the wet filly on her back, once she got up
  507. >Y'know there's something in every story that's the same
  508. >Like, scarily the same-
  509. >"So, Scootaloo."
  510. >Rainbow Dash doesn't look as gay as she usually does
  511. >...Y'know that sentence works no matter which definition you use
  512. >She looks like she's about to murder this poor filly
  513. >"Do YOU have your own side to this?"
  514. >"N-N-N..."
  515. >She eventually shakes her head, lowering it to face the the ground
  516. >Ha!
  517. >Haha...
  518. >Oh
  519. >Fuck
  520. >She looks horrible
  521. >And this doesn't look too good for her...
  522. >But... she's Scootaloo!
  523. >She called you a man!
  524. >...Damn it!
  525. >You can't help but feel sorry for the girl
  526. >In all three stories, she was made out to be the bad guy...
  527. >Especially the one told by Noi
  528. >Jesus Christ
  529. >She pushed her OWN FRIEND into the fucking water!
  530. >Seems kinda fucking harsh for a filly!
  531. >...But
  532. >For some damn reason, you can see the orange dodo bird doing something like that
  533. >...In season one, that is
  534. >Back then, their friendship was more so based on getting cutie marks, and not the adventures they had together
  535. >Back then, you could've guessed that was in Scooty's character
  536. >But, now?
  537. >Fuck no
  538. >...They all seemed to be telling the ultimate truth, however...
  539. >The only thing that they all shared, is the fact that:
  540. >A. Scootaloo is the big bad
  541. >B. Applebloom is the big good
  542. >And C. Sweetie and Noi were together, and unsure about the situation
  543. >Sweetie's and Noi's positions in that catagory, however, changed
  544. >...Often
  545. >It's... a bit odd how much they were switched
  546. >You kind of wish there was another party so they can share their story
  547. >...Scootaloo's story would be nice, actually
  548. >...You need to catch her, though
  549. >She can't tell it right now, she already refused
  550. >She wouldn't willing to tell, since it might get her into more trouble
  551. >You wouldn't think it would...
  552. >It might just save her from getting her ass beat
  553. >But, that's Scootaloo for ya
  554. >Scared
  555. >Obviously not wanting to show fear, or weakness, but really has no choice
  556. >...Y'know you have time to waste
  557. "Rainbow.... Dash, is it?"
  558. >You turned to the fucker holding Scootaloo in her lap
  559. >"Yeah?" She answered, turning to you
  560. >...
  561. >Ask something simple
  562. "Do you take care of Scootaloo?"
  563. >She shook her head and pet the filly
  564. >"Her parents don't live here."
  565. >...What?
  566. >"They usually only come to visit on holidays, like Hearth's Warming Eve. So, they asked me to take care of her."
  567. >She looks back down at the filly
  568. >"It wasn't always like that, however..."
  569. "What do you mean?"
  570. >"Well, back before I knew Scoots, like, REALLY knew her, she used to live in an orphanage."
  572. >"As you may guess, she doesn't like the orphanage, much."
  573. >Oh, no kidding?
  574. >Little Scoots turned into Little Orphan Annie, now?
  575. >"So, she asked me to take care of her. And... I really couldn't say no. After that camping trip... me and Scoots grown closer than ever."
  576. >Camping trip-OH
  577. >The one with Luna
  578. >That's right
  579. >You fuckin' forgot about that shit
  580. >It was mushed in with the shitfest that was Season 3
  581. >...TMPP was good, though
  582. >Solid 8/10
  583. >But, can't arise suspicion
  584. "What camping trip?"
  585. >"Oh, right! I forgot that you're not Rarity, or someone like her..."
  586. >...WHAT
  588. >Alright
  589. >Stay calm
  590. >Just listen to fasthorse, and don't make a scene
  591. >"See, not too long ago, Me, Rarity, Sweetie Belle, Applejack, Applebloom, and Scootaloo went on this camping trip, ya heard?"
  592. >...What.
  593. >"And on that camping trip, Scoots almost died."
  594. >Yeah, yeah, whatever
  595. >Don't care
  596. >The fucking FACT that you said "Ya heard" is more important than the little cunt dying
  597. >"And I couldn't lose my number one fan!"
  598. >She rubs the filly's head, with a smirk
  599. >...God damn it
  600. >You hate it when these ponies are cute
  601. >"So, I saved her. And shortly after that, I made her live with me ever since. And sometime, we visit her house, too."
  602. >...Once again
  603. >WHAT?
  604. "Uhm... "Her house"?" You repeat, in just UTTER confusion
  605. >"Oh, right! See, I keep forgetting that you're not one of my other five friends."
  606. >You have more than five friends, you shit
  607. >What about all your pegasus friends?
  608. >What about the Wonderbolts? You've become friends with them, haven't you?
  609. >Or was all of that just a LIE!?
  610. >"See, Scootaloo's parents don't only work hard, but they also make TONS of bits! So, they send a lot of bits, weekly, to me and Scoots. So, we eventually got enough to buy a home, on land. Since, unlike cloud houses, they aren't free."
  611. >Cloud houses are free?
  612. >...Well duh
  613. >You could've guessed that
  614. >They're FUCKING CLOUDS for Christ's sake!
  615. >...That should be taken out of context
  616. >And made into millions of fanfics
  617. >"We pay Scoot's house on the ground with Scoot's parent's money, and incase it's too dangerous to fly up to the sky, we'll go to the ground house and chill there."
  618. >Interesting
  619. >Fills in the pieces into why the fuck Scootaloo has a room in Flight to the Finish
  620. >Also known as FttF
  621. >...God that's hard to s-
  622. >"Miss Dash? Miss Claire?"
  623. >You and Dash stand up, Rainbow putting Scoots in the chair
  624. >You, however, hold your sickly filly in your hand-Is she fucking passed out?
  625. >...Yeah, she passed out
  626. >Thankfully, she's not dead
  627. >Her pulse is fine, and she's breathing correctly
  628. >Sweetie Belle trots out of the-wait WHAT?!
  629. >She trotted and fucking SKIPPED out of the hallway
  630. >In GLEE
  631. >...The fuck?
  632. >And Rarity did, as well
  633. >"What'd he say, Rarity?" The Applepone inquires
  634. >"Oh, my Sweetie Belle just has a bit of the flu! She'll be fine, she'll have to stay out of school for a few days, though..."
  635. >As the two white coats fully exit the hallway, you and Rainbow, with Scooty on her back, follow the nurse through said hallway
  636. >...
  637. >Shit
  638. >You couldn't help but look through the windows, and neither could Dash, to be honest
  639. >And what you saw....
  640. >Was grotesque, at best
  641. >It wasn't like every other door, a pony was getting multilated
  642. >But, it might have well been
  643. >You saw enough tortured and sick ponies to make you want to throw up
  644. >You felt... so...
  645. >So...
  646. >Guilty
  647. >Like, it's YOUR fault these guys are like this
  648. >...Shit
  649. >If it wasn't for Twilight, you would've either died...
  650. >Or you would've been in here, like the rest of these poor ponies...
  651. >...
  652. >You need to hug Twilight, sometime
  653. >'Nother note to self
  654. >Put right there, next to "don't visit AJ's place"
  655. >So you'll remember
  656. >"We're here."
  657. >It was a door on your left
  658. >When the nurse opens the door, you and Rainbow are blinded by the fucking light
  659. >God damn
  660. >Celestia just rose the sun in her-Speaking of
  661. >It's fucking Nightfall
  662. >Just thought you'd mention it
  663. >"Please, come in."
  664. >The Doctor is...
  666. >No, he's not
  667. >That'd be fucking retarded
  668. >And you're retarded for even believing it for a second
  669. >No
  670. >He's closer to the design of Doctors from Pinkie's Pride
  671. >You and Rainbow enter, Rainbow placing her sister on the table
  672. >You do so as well, placing Noi on the table, next to Scoots
  673. >"Oh my..."
  674. >He gasps, checking the pony's pulses, before sighing
  675. >"...I might need more time with these ones, before I can give a good diagnosis..."
  676. >He sits on a nearby stool, staring at the two fillies
  677. >"I need time with them... Alone. Can you please leave?"
  678. >Furrowing your eyebrows and frowning, you cross your arms and sit on the floor
  679. "Fuck no."
  680. >"What?! But why?"
  681. "Because, the others got to be with their sisters when they were check on. Why can't WE be with our sisters? Is it because of racism? Do you not like females who are also Pegasi and or humans? Is that it? Huh? Huh?"
  682. >"W-W-Well... I, uh-"
  683. "AND ANOTHER THING, I honestly don't fucking trust you in here with my little sis. Who the fuck KNOWS what you're going to do to her, seeing as how she's fucking passed out at the moment? I'm not about to let you you-know-exactly-what-I'm-talking-about-Doctor my sister, just because you say to leave."
  684. >There's a deafening silence in the room, as all you can do is smirk
  685. >"Fine. You both can stay in here. Just, don't interfere, alright?"
  686. >This sounds like the beginning of a bad porno
  687. >Rainbow sits next to you, astonished at your work
  688. >"...Wow. What made you burst like that?"
  689. "Overprotectiveness, to be honest."
  690. >Also before you came to 'Questria, you read this rape greentext with Rarity, Sweetie Belle, and Blueblood
  691. >Spoiler Alert: It's humanized
  692. >Still gave you feels
  693. >Oh, yeah, it's not those sexy rapefics-NOT THAT YOU READ THOSE OR ANYTHING
  694. >You obviously don't have many saved on your harddrive back at home
  695. >Also, 'nother spoiler alert: Sweetie Belle-
  696. >"Miss Claire...?"
  697. >Ah!
  698. >She's waking up!
  699. >You can't help but just FEEL your face light up, looking at her weak face smiling at you
  700. >However... the Doctor sighs
  701. >"Miss Claire, Rainbow Dash..."
  702. "What?"
  703. >"Yeah, what?"
  704. >"These fillies... They're..."
  705. >Oooooh
  706. >Drama intensifies
  707. >C'mon!
  708. >It's not like they're going to die or anythin-
  709. >"They're deathly ill."
  712. >"No, no, nothing like that!"
  713. >Phew
  714. >...
  716. >"They seemed to have caught mononucleosis from the lake."
  717. >...Mononucl-The fucking kissing disease?
  718. >The shit you caught as a kid, but went away in a week?
  719. >And they caught it... from a LAKE!?
  720. >"Apparently, they swallowed water from the lake, and apparently, the lake filled with diseases of different callibers."
  721. >...How does he know this?
  722. >Actually, you're just going to assume that he assumed all of this
  723. >Except for the mono part
  724. >You're going to assume that's real
  725. >"It should takes four weeks, at least, before they can stand again."
  726. >BEFORE THEY CAN ST-...
  727. >...
  728. "Are you SURE this is Mono? Because when /I/ had Mono-"
  729. >"You're not a pony, now are you?"
  730. "...Well, no, bu-"
  731. >"Mononucleosis can be deadly to ponies, it's rare for one, even TWO to get it. It was thought that it was wiped out completely hundreds of years ago."
  732. >Then that's an old ass lake
  733. >Or somebody with mono died in that lake
  734. >...
  735. >You're gonna go with the first one
  736. >"For a month's time, hopefully shorter, we're going to keep these two here. Feel free to visit them, whenever you like."
  737. >You stand, and sigh
  738. >...All you know, is that Raindrops is going to murder you in cold fucking blood
  739. >...And that it's going to be awhile before you can get anything out of Scootaloo, in order to prove her inno-...in order to prove what REALLY happened
  740. >Rainbow sighs, and gets up as well
  741. >"Poor Scoots..."
  742. >She walks over to the filly and hugged her
  743. >She was still unconscious
  744. >"Please, stay strong, Scoots. I'll see you tomorrow, alright?"
  745. >She's got the right idea, doesn't she?
  746. >You need to visit her
  747. >Like, everyday
  748. >...God damn it
  749. >Not to be selfish.... but...
  750. >You're gonna get tired of that, real fast
  751. >It's not like you don't care
  752. >In the... FUCKING DAY that you've known this little bastard, you've grown to her
  753. >And her cute little antics
  754. >And now look
  755. >In that same day, you've managed to give her a dangerous disease to ponies
  756. >...That'll stick with her for the rest of her life
  757. >That ponies can and most likely will get
  758. >...Someone's gonna die during this, aren't they?
  759. >Funny, how this is all your fucking fault
  760. >How this all could've been prevented if...
  761. >A: You didn't send Noi with Scootaloo and friends
  762. >B: If you didn't go to stop the fucking brony mob going to Twilight's
  763. >It's like...
  764. >It's your fucking DESTINY to be the bad guy
  765. >Like, you NEED to be bad guy
  766. >Or, just fucking bad shit happens to you
  767. >ALL THE TIME
  768. >Lets count, shall we?
  769. >1. Interrupted by brony
  770. >2. Trampled by bronies
  771. >3. Met possibly the worst guy here
  772. >4. Almost DIED
  773. >5. Roomed with a pony that hates you
  774. >6. Almost KILL the pony's little sister
  775. >And those are only the ones you can remember, OFF OF THE TOP OF YOUR FUCKING HEAD
  776. >Oh right
  777. >7. Don't forget, almost killed Scootaloo, too
  778. >You might as well take over Equestria, while you're at it
  779. >Make a fucking war on ponies and die, during it
  780. >It'll be fitting, seeing as how you almost caused four fucking fillies to die
  781. >...Karma really hates you, doesn't she?
  782. >In fact, you bet anything on your life that there's a karma pony
  783. >And that she's going to end up killing you herself
  784. >...You need to get some sleep
  785. >"Come on, Claire. We need to get home."
  786. >Really, Rainbow Dash?
  787. >No shit?
  788. >Whatever...
  789. >You and Dashie walked solemnly through the hall, eventually getting to the main waiting room
  790. >"H-Hey! Where's Scootaloo?" Sweetie pipes up, looking around frantically
  791. >"Yeah... and where's Noi...? Ah expected y'all would be back together..." Applebloom comments, confused
  792. >You contemplated for like a fucking second on telling them that they were dead
  793. >...Then you'd see crying fillies
  794. >And nobody likes crying fillies
  795. >Plus, Rainbow would've smacked you into oblivion
  796. "Well.... Applebloom, Sweetie Belle... Scootaloo and Noi are... sick."
  797. >"Yeah but, so are we? What makes them any different?"
  798. >"They have... Mononucleosis."
  799. >GASP!!
  800. >Everyone in the room gasps, excluding you and Dash, of course
  801. >"M-Mononucleosis...?" Questions Applejack
  802. >Rarity starts to cry, as Rainbow slowly nods her head
  803. "BUT!"
  804. >And that stops everyone immediately
  805. "They're not gonna die."
  806. >CHEERS!
  808. "They'll just be in the hospital for awhile, is all. They should be out at the end of this month, Va-... Hearts and Hooves day, the latest."
  809. >Sweetie Belle and Applebloom look at the floor
  810. >...In guilt
  811. >What?
  812. >The fuck do they have to be guilty about?
  813. >"C-Can we at least visit them?" Asks the apple filly
  814. >"Yeah... I'll take you guys to visit them tomorrow."
  815. >Rainbow weakly smiles, as she goes to exit the hospital
  816. >You wave goodbye to everyone, and try your fucking hardest to avoid eye-contact with Applejack
  817. >Once you exit the hospital, you hold open the door, so everyone else can exit, as well
  818. >This takes up to two minutes, for everyone to exit the building
  819. >And OH BOY did you want to slam the door on Applejack and run
  820. >And so, you did, dashing away to your place of comfort
  821. >...Well, it's not gonna be so comfortable anymore
  822. >Reaching your house... finally, you sloooooowly open the door
  823. >And, there she is
  824. >Waiting on the fucking steps
  825. >"Where is she?"
  826. "Lemme explain..."
  828. >"YOU /WHAT/?!"
  829. "IT WAS AN ACCIDENT, I SWEAR! I didn't even know mono was even dangerous, here!"
  831. "I swear, she'll be better in a month's time, maybe even sooner!"
  832. >"I'm, so, sure!"
  833. >She turns away from you, her eyebrows furrowed
  834. >"You've been nothing but fucking trouble, since you got here!"
  835. "Believe me, I know..."
  836. >Her folded ears perk up, as she turns to you with curiosity
  837. >However, that act doesn't seem to keep up, as her anger returns in a quick second
  838. >You walk up the stairs, and get to your bedroom
  839. >Before entering, however... You take one final look at Noi's bedroom door...
  840. >...It was just today that you fucking met her!
  841. >It was just today that she showed you around the house...
  842. >And NOW look what happened!
  844. >Opening your bedroom door and entering it, you SLAM your door, and walk over to your new bed
  845. >...It's small as fuck
  846. >You didn't realize it would be this small...
  847. >You slip off your shoes, and take off your clothes, exposing your jibblies
  848. >...You've been wearing your undergarments for two fucking days, now
  849. >...Damn it
  850. >You forgot to ask if she could wash your clothes
  851. >...Well, you can ask tomorrow
  852. >It's fucking late, right now
  853. >...You just so happen to notice the window
  854. >The OPEN window
  855. >You're just gonna assume it was always like that...
  856. >Looking out the winodw, you can't help but smile...
  857. >Luna's moon...
  858. >It's so beautiful...
  859. >...You've never seen a more perfect moon...
  860. >It...
  861. >Reminds you of home...
  862. >...
  863. >Home
  864. >...You, start to remember home
  865. >You had lived with another male
  866. >A jackass, who, to be honest, was more into this damn T.V. show than you were
  867. >And... assuming that he isn't somewhere in Equestria, right now...
  868. >He probably misses you more than you do
  869. >...Heheh
  870. >Wonder what Season Five'll be like with all these DAMN humans running around
  871. >As far as you know, there's only about sixty bronies, including yourself and the Avvy, living in Ponyville-...
  872. >The fucking Avvy...
  873. >...You can't help but wonder what he's doing right now...
  874. >Probably sleeping, like you should be
  875. >...Now that you think about it, the Avvy and your friend at home aren't so different, are they?
  876. >...Actually, yes they are
  877. >Your friend's a bumbling idiot, that follows you around everywhere
  878. >While the Avvy...
  879. >He's a fucking leader, to be honest
  880. >He's probably the only one who's actually had SOME sort of leadership, here...
  881. >...Y'know
  882. >You used to consider yourself quite a leader
  883. >...Sadly, the keyword is USED TO
  884. >...KeyWORDS
  885. >Your friend....
  886. >And for the love of God, you can't remember his name
  887. >He suited you...
  888. >You two bounced off of each other like bronies bounce off of... well, each other
  889. >That was fat joke, son, in case it flew over your head
  890. >...FUCK!
  891. >You miss him...
  892. >You miss the arguements you had with him...
  893. >You miss every single fucking thing you did with him...
  894. >You miss the memories...
  895. >The first time you met him...
  896. >You were alone, searching
  897. >Online, for a date
  898. >...YOU WERE LONELY, OKAY?!
  899. >Anyway.. You found his profile one random day...
  900. >And, you two met up IRL
  901. >That's 'in real life', son, in case you're dumb
  902. >On your first... "date", you guess would be the politically correct term
  903. >You two chatted up a storm
  904. >Soon, after that... You two have been friends ever since
  905. >And YES, you said FRIENDS
  906. >...Even though you fucked him once or twice
  907. >But, that was one time!
  908. >...You think
  909. >You honestly can't remember
  910. >Sighing, and leaning on the windowsil, you can't help but feel...
  911. >Lonely
  912. >Maybe that's why you hate that DAMN Avvy...?
  913. >'Cause you couldn't help but subconsciously remind yourself of your friend...
  914. >And how you fucked with him soooo much...
  915. >...Maybe you want that relationship, again
  916. >Just... someone to fill in the gap
  917. >You... sorta had that with Noi
  918. >But now she's dead
  919. >Well, okay, she's not DEAD
  920. >She's alive with a deadly disease running around her...
  921. >You'll visit her tomorrow
  922. >That's a must
  923. >After work...
  924. >After Sweetie Drops comes back from delievering her candy
  925. >You'll go right to visiting her...
  926. >Tomorrow...
  927. >...Yeah, tomorrow
  928. >It's... going to be bright, right?
  929. >The silver lining... it's gonna come...
  930. >Right?
  931. >.....Right?
  932. >Sighing, one final time, you walk over to your best, with a solemn yawn
  933. >Tomorrow...
  934. >You snuggle up in your covers, tears in your eyes
  935. "I'm sorry I left out of the blue like that... I hope you can forgive me..."
  936. >You'll be seeing him in your dreams, tonight...
  938. >The sun is killing your eyes...
  939. >And your dream...
  940. >Fuck, was it weird
  941. >You... actually think Luna visited your dreams, last night
  942. >...Nah
  943. >That's impossible
  944. >Why the fuck would she visit a HUMAN'S dreams?
  945. >She would rather visit Raindrops' dreams, or even Noi's, rather than yours
  946. >...Irrelevant
  947. >Right now it's...
  948. >Half-past sun o'clock
  949. >...This only indicates that you fucking suck at telling the time
  950. >Good thing you have an alarm ne-YAAAAAAAAAAAWN!-Oh, jesus
  951. >Next to your bed, on the small dresser, is a traditional clock
  952. >Taking the clock in your hands, you read it, to find out what time it is...
  953. >Oh shit
  954. >It's 8AM
  955. >Getting up, and grabbing your clothes off the floor, you head out of your room, and in-
  956. >"Claire?"
  957. >....Shit
  958. >Slowly turning around, you see the one who hates you so
  959. "Listen, Raindrops-"
  960. >"Shut up. I was just going to check up on you."
  961. >With a swift turn, she heads back down the stairs
  962. >...Well, you just dodged a confrontation like a mother fucker runnin' from the cops
  963. >...Assuming that it wasn't consent
  964. >Or assuming it was incest
  965. >Either way, it's wrong
  966. >...It should be, anyway
  967. >Dashing to the bathroom at the end of the hall, you open and close the door
  968. >...Why'd you fucking do that?
  969. >Opening the door, you ENTER the bathroom, and THEN you close the door
  970. >Jesus fucking Christ
  971. >This is like bad fanfiction
  972. >Setting your clothes on the banister to your... right, you notice just how short the shower is
  973. >...It's about four feet high
  974. >Not as big as Twilight's showers, mind you
  975. >They were like... five, if you remember correctly
  976. >Five feet, that is
  977. >Not to confuse the metrics system with the 'Murica system
  978. >Whatever
  979. >Taking off your undergarments, you turn the shower water on, and step inside the tub made for 3 to 1ft ponies
  980. >Jesus, you easily tower over the showerhead
  981. >You take a seat on the tub floor, and begin to wash yourself
  982. >....Soon, your mind wanders back to the dream from last night
  983. >It's... blurry, but...
  984. >You could've sworn you saw her
  985. >But... what would she want with you?
  986. >You try to strain your brain to remember what she said...
  987. >Nada
  988. >She was just... there, last you remember
  989. >And you don't really remember any particular setting
  990. >Y'all weren't in Candy Land, or anything
  991. >Was there anybody else there?
  992. >...Not that you can remember
  993. >...Like you said before, this is irrelevant
  994. >It shouldn't matter what your mind thinks up of to comfort yourself
  996. >...That was from downstairs
  997. >You must be clean by now, anyhow
  998. >Turning off the shower, and trying to not get hit by the shower head, you dry off and...
  999. >...Right
  1000. >...Time to be Missus Fixit, once again
  1001. >With your towel wrapped around your body, you venture into Noi's room
  1002. >...It's so cute
  1003. >Everything's a mixture of every girl's favorite color, pink, and a girl's favorite color to see on their jewlery, gold
  1004. >...They don't clash very well, usually
  1005. >But...
  1006. >God DAMN does she do it well
  1007. >Gold and Pink striped lines on the wall, gold bed, pink carpet, various pink furniture with gold things atop
  1008. >Jesus, she really loves those two colors, doesn't she?
  1009. >But, not important
  1010. >You're pretty sure she has some tape and scissors, somewhere around here
  1011. >Your memory had drifted to yesterday, when you and her made makeshift shoes
  1012. >They got you through the snow, so you can't complain
  1013. >But... where did sh-AHA!
  1014. >Taking the scissors and tape on the desk, you smile, exiting Noi's room
  1016. >Great!
  1017. >You ruined a towel to make makeshift undergarments
  1018. >Tape on the back of your makeshift bra
  1019. >Tape on the sides of your panties
  1020. >Perfect
  1021. >...You feel like you're wearing a fucking diaper
  1022. >An uncomfortable diaper
  1023. >...But, this should be a one-time thing, as long as your clothes get washed
  1024. >Going back to the bathroom, you enter the door and throw on your clothes from yesterday
  1025. >...Actually, you just throw on your jacket
  1026. >You need to put on your pajamas
  1027. >...Nope
  1028. >You wore booty shorts the first time you came here
  1029. >No fucking way are you going to wear them again
  1030. >Until Summer, that is
  1031. >You take your clothes out of the bathroom, and enter your own room
  1032. "Just fine your clothes, Claire, and put them on. You'll wash the old ones, soon, when you get back home."
  1033. >And when you DO get back home...
  1034. >It'll be fucking night
  1035. >You'll be washing, at night
  1036. >Fuck
  1037. >So...
  1038. >You have your jacket, your pajama shirt, and your normal pants you got from Twilight
  1039. >Alongside the makeshift shoes you and Noi made
  1040. >Cracking your fingers, you get ready to set o-
  1041. >Your stomach's gonna kill you...
  1042. >Reminder, you only ate CHOCOLATE yesterday
  1043. >And...
  1044. >Sniff, sniff
  1045. >God does that smell good...
  1046. >Taking steps down the stairs, your nose leads you to the kitchen
  1047. >And... holy shit
  1048. >She's... actually cooking for you?
  1049. "Wow... You're making breakfast?"
  1050. >"Yeah, for myself."
  1051. >...Damn it
  1052. >You knew it was too good to be true
  1053. >"Feel free to feed yourself to the various vegetables we have, omnivore."
  1054. >HA!
  1055. >Jokes on her, you actually like veggies
  1056. >You only roll your eyes at her, and go digging in the fridge
  1057. >Like you said yesterday, veggies of all kinds are in here
  1058. >...Three carrots will be enough for the first half of today, right?
  1059. >Taking at least five, and putting two in either pocket, you sit down to eat your carrots
  1060. >One at midday and another when you're walking home at night
  1061. >Then dinner shouldn't be so bad
  1062. >If you get enough bits, you can buy yourself some food at the local hay burger
  1063. >Maybe even some meat...?
  1064. >You think you saw in the show, they had at least SOME meat
  1065. >After eating your makeshift breakfast, you head out to your job
  1066. >It's like... nine, you think
  1067. >...Now where was Bonny's place again?
  1068. >...You'll find it
  1069. >You found it last time, right?
  1070. >Starting out your walk... GOD FUCKING DAMN IT!
  1071. >Your mind keeps wandering back to that dream...
  1072. >It's not even significant!
  1073. >You know what is significant, however?
  1074. >The pony you're walking to
  1075. >Bon Bon
  1076. >She's quite the pecuilar one, to be honest
  1077. >To... some extent... the fanon IS true
  1078. >...Just like with Scootaloo
  1079. >To some extent, the fanon is true...
  1080. >But then...
  1081. >Things change
  1082. >Just imagine this world if the "bronies" never got their cheeto infested hands on it
  1083. >....What would be different?
  1084. >What would stay the same?
  1085. >How much did the bronies effect this world?
  1086. >Could shit like "Rainbow's Parents are racist" be actually true?
  1087. >Could Rainbow's mom be named Firefly, named after the old Wonderbolt's captain?
  1088. >...Shit, is Firefly the captain?
  1089. >You can't remember
  1090. >But, back on topic
  1091. >Just HOW MUCH of G1 effects this world?
  1092. >Was Smooze in Tartarus too, and broke out when Tirek broke out?
  1093. >Is Smooze still out there, somewhere?
  1094. >...Did the all mighty Smooze do this?
  1095. >...You didn't watch G1 so you have no idea who the FUCK Smooze is
  1096. >Or what he did
  1097. >You can only imagine he's like Muk from Pokeymanz
  1098. >...What the fuck WOULD he do if he was in this world, anyhow?
  1099. >Just absorb people, and take their powers?
  1100. >...Y'know, you just realized something
  1101. >Tirek = Majin Buu from Dragon Ball
  1102. >...Z
  1103. >Dragon Ball Z
  1104. >And if Smooze did that too
  1105. >That'd be Tirek = Smooze = Buu
  1106. >Buu can absorb people, and take their powers to grow stronger
  1107. >Tirek can absorb magic, and grow stronger
  1108. >Both are immortal... sort of
  1109. >Both got defeated by Deus Ex Machina
  1110. >Both-You know what?
  1111. >You need to stop
  1112. >Bronies compared MLP to Dragon Ball enough, already, with the fight scene, and all
  1113. >...And it's making you cringe that you actually made that fucking realization
  1114. >Jesus, you're no better than the-Hey, it's Twilight's Library!
  1115. >...Well, the remains of it, anyway
  1116. >As you attempt to etch closer, you notice somebody's already there
  1117. >...Huh
  1118. >Ain't that interestin'?
  1119. >He's just... standin' there.
  1120. >Probably payin' his respects
  1121. >...Like an auti-Oh who the fuck are you kidding?
  1122. >You would, too, if you had the chance
  1123. >That tree was there from the beginning, man
  1124. >You sigh, beginning to m-GAAAH!
  1125. >Rainbow Dash just butt-bumped you into a shrub!
  1126. >You looked through the bush, noticing Dash wasn't... quite herself today
  1127. >She was... off, to be sure
  1128. >Frantic, looking around
  1129. >...You can only wonder what got her so... scared
  1130. >The guy from before bumped into her flank, which caused the cyan mare to swiftly turn around
  1131. >She jumped into the air, eager to get awa-
  1132. >"STAY AWAY FROM ME!"
  1133. >"FUCK!"
  1134. >...Holy shit
  1135. >Dash just knocked that guy the fuck OUT!
  1136. >...Ow!
  1137. >That had to hurt!
  1138. >Poor g-...Wait
  1140. >Holy SHIT!
  1141. >Okay, retract whatever you said before, he DESERVED that shit!
  1142. >HA!
  1143. >Stupid mother fucker DESERVED that shit!
  1144. >Sooner or later, a group walks by... along with some guy and his pony
  1145. >"HEY!" Someone from the group yells
  1146. >"What do you think happened here?" The man with his pony asks
  1147. >"Was Rainbow Dash here?" A guy from the group asks
  1148. >"I... don't know... All I heard was Rainbow Dash screaming..."
  1149. >"Yeah she..."
  1150. >God damn, it's so hard to follow this shit
  1151. >"Did you see where she went?"
  1152. >"No kidding. She's gone."
  1153. >"Up, straight up."
  1154. >"Nah, there's a group with-"
  1155. >He stopped himself short, as the group of autists sighed, and walked away
  1156. >There was a moment of silence, which gave you a moment of time, so you can dechipher who the fuck said what
  1157. >...Then again, two people DID speak up
  1158. >...At the same DAMN time!
  1159. >"What the fuck."
  1160. >"Hey, are you okay?"
  1161. >Luckily, you dechipered who said what
  1162. >Some new guy said "Hey u okey brah." and the one with his pony said the just AWFUL fucking profanity
  1163. >Really, he should be sent to fucking jail for his God damn potty mouth
  1164. >"You look hurt, did something happen?" The new guy asks, reaching his hand out
  1165. >"Indeed." The pony with her human comments
  1166. >"Did they just leave that guy?" Asks the man in return to his pony
  1167. >"Yeah, I'm fine." Says the stupid Avvy, in response to the new guy
  1168. >"Seems like it... Wait, there's some brony helping him up." Says the Pon-Fuck it
  1169. >You're just going to keep things simple
  1170. >"Good. At least ONE of them knows some common sense." Guy w/ pony
  1171. >"What's your name?" Avvy
  1172. >"True. Only one of them." Pony w/ guy
  1173. >"Jeff, well... It was the name I chose. You?" New guy
  1174. >You'll call him Jeff
  1175. >"Anon, just Anon." Avv-Wait...
  1176. >Are you fuckin' SERIOUS?!
  1177. >Did the fuckin' Avvy just call himself ANON?!
  1178. >Jesus for children!
  1179. >Okay, so you MAY have pondered on naming yourself FemAnon...
  1180. >For lyke a sexond
  1181. >But still, no way in HELL would you EVER actually name yourself Anon, or some variation of the name
  1182. >"Too many cooks spoil the broth. Trust me, nothing good will EVER come from a commotion." Guy w/ pone
  1183. >"Thanks for the help, Jeff." Anon
  1184. >...God that's a stupid fucking name
  1185. >Stupid fuckin' Avvy
  1186. >"Whatever you say, Chappy. Whatever you say." Pony w/ guy
  1187. >...God damn it
  1188. >People have no sense of names here, do they?
  1189. >...Well, neither do you
  1190. >Namin' yourself after a fuckin' voice actor...
  1191. >The hell's wrong with you?
  1192. >"Can't convince you, 'eh?" Chappy w/ pone
  1193. >"No problem, An-What kind of name is 'Anon', anyway?" Jeff
  1194. >...You're askin' the same damn question
  1195. >"Not even the slightest. Hey, it looks like that brony's alright." Pone w/ Chapp
  1196. >Such a stupid name...
  1197. >He seems alright, though
  1198. >"A name that I'm probably going to regret..." Anon
  1200. >You feel yourself getting FURIOUS, ruffling the bushes
  1201. >...Oh Jesus, you hope no one notices
  1202. >"Yeah, we'll leave them, then. Don't wanna burn daylight." Chappster w/ Pone
  1203. >...Burn daylight?
  1204. >God it's hard to focus on two conversations at once
  1205. >Maybe Chappy and that pony he's with said something that alludes to why they don't want to burn daylight
  1206. >"Shouldn't you be heading off back with them?" Anon
  1207. >Nah, he's a rebel
  1208. >Ain't that right, Jeff?
  1209. >"To be honest, I'd rather not."
  1210. >See? Rebel
  1211. >Only rebels would "rather not."
  1212. >"Right. The entrance to the forest isn't that far away. We'll visit the local shaman first." Pone w/ Chap
  1213. >Local shaman...?
  1214. >You mean Zecora?
  1215. >What for?
  1216. >Too bad you won't know why, as the two start to leave
  1217. >The two guys, however, stay there for quite a bit, their conversation going on longer than it should
  1218. >...You still listened, however
  1219. >They could provide info that could be useful to you...
  1220. >You hope it is, at least
  1221. >"Then why were you hanging around with them?" Asks the faggot who named himself Anon
  1222. >Seriously, who even DOES that?!
  1223. >"They managed to convince me it'd be worth it, and when 'visiting' Rainbow turned into 'chasing' Rainbow, I..."
  1224. >...
  1225. >What
  1226. >Those fucking bastards
  1227. >What if Rainbow was going to visit Scootaloo?!
  1228. >They don't even fucking CARE!
  1229. >Okay, now THAT makes you mad
  1230. >Poor pegasus...
  1231. >Hope she gets to Scoots well
  1232. >...You're a bit surprised she didn't punch the shit outta you when she heard the storie-oh, right
  1233. >She doesn't know you sent Noi with the-Yes she does
  1234. >Noi said it
  1235. >...Again, you're a bit surprised she didn't punch the shit outta you when she heard the stories
  1236. >'Twas your fault that they went to that lake, anyhow
  1237. >...Sort of
  1238. >Maybe she's just an understanding pegasus
  1239. >The man named Jeff continues on:
  1240. >"I knew what they were doing was wrong, but I couldn't find the right time to leave them."
  1241. >"So, in a way, we both helped each other out?"
  1242. >If by "helped each other out" you mean "I got knocked out by a pony and you're someone normal." Then yeah, you helped each other out
  1243. >The two fuckers laughed, and began to walk away, talking about other things that you didn't care about
  1244. >And... once they were far enough away...
  1245. "GAAH!"
  1246. >SLAM!
  1247. >"What the...?"
  1248. >Y'know, jumping out of a hedge and faceplanting on the ground wasn't apart of your list of ideas
  1249. >"HEY!"
  1250. >Looking up, you see-...Huh?!
  1251. >...A...No, you're the only one!
  1252. >...Right?
  1253. >The both of you were shocked, beyond belief
  1254. >"Another girl!?" The both of you exclaimed, surprised about one another
  1256. >"Get up!" SHE commanded, with yourself following orders
  1257. >She inspected you, with curiosity on her face
  1258. >While you couldn't hold your excitemnt
  1259. >Look at this, you can't even spell "excitement" right!
  1260. >THAT'S how excited you are
  1261. >Hash-tag-slash get fuckin' hyped
  1262. >After her inspection is over with, she flaps her gray jacket-which is surprisingly reminiscent of Sunset's human form.
  1263. >Actually
  1264. >She, herself, is surprisingly reminiscent of Sunset Shimmer's human form
  1265. >Everything besides the skin color and hair color
  1266. >She has black hair, blue eyes, and a cutiemark-logo on the bottom of her jacket
  1267. >Which is a purple heart with some sort of lower case 'F' in the middle of it
  1268. >Only thing different about her and Sunset, is that she wears pants
  1269. >Cyan-ish pants
  1270. >"Hm..." She finally speaks up, standing in front of you, now, "It seems like I'm not the only girl here."
  1271. "Ditto."
  1272. >"Where did you get your clothes?" She asks, obviously noticing that they're not pajama-ish at all
  1273. "Twilight gave them to me. She gave clothes to everyone who stayed at her castle."
  1274. >"...Since when could you stay at Twilight's Castle!?"
  1275. >...She must be new here
  1276. "Hey, tell me somethin'..."
  1277. >"Maya. Maya Descant"
  1278. >Ain't that a normal name?
  1279. >For a girl, anyway
  1280. "Maya. When did you come to Ponyville?"
  1281. >"Yesterday. Why?"
  1282. >...Oh boy
  1283. "Lets walk and talk, yeah?"
  1284. >She obliges, as the two of you start to walk together
  1285. >You're leading her to your place of work
  1286. >But, as the two of you walk, you explain to her what has happened so far
  1287. >...Including Scootaloo
  1288. >And you quickly find out...
  1289. >She's an asshole
  1290. >She literally laughed at the fact that you A. Almost died and B. Almost killed Noi and Scoots
  1291. "The hell's your problem?"
  1292. >"HAHAHAHAHAhahaha..."
  1293. >She wipes a tear from her eyes and looks at you with a smile
  1294. >"Don't you find that funny? That someone you utterly hate, got their commupance?"
  1295. "She's just a foal, though..."
  1296. >"And? Even foals deserve what's coming to them."
  1297. "Not if it means they could die-"
  1298. >"But they're not. In fact, they're going to be okay in four weeks time, you said. So, what's a bit of karma to teach 'em a lesson?"
  1299. >...
  1300. >She is right...
  1301. >Karma's goin' after someone who's NOT you, and for a reason, this time
  1302. >...But she's just a filly!
  1303. >Your mind goes back to the first time you saw her pained face...
  1304. >She wasn't even in the Doctor's room, yet
  1305. >...She was obviously weak, unable to even say "No", without painfully stuttering
  1306. >You remember she just shook her head, and dropped it to the ground
  1307. >Ow...
  1308. >Your heart...
  1309. >...However
  1310. >It serves her right, as well
  1311. >Maya's right
  1312. >She's more right than you could ever possibly be-NO!
  1314. >You're going to believe some gal who just showed up out of the blue, and says that you're wrong for being sympathetic for Scooty!
  1315. >"Besides, you only have yourself to worry about, now."
  1316. >That stopped you in your tracks, as she kept walking
  1317. >You only have yourself to worry about now...
  1318. >That's not true...
  1319. >Is it?
  1320. >No! Of course not...
  1321. >...Well
  1322. >You don't have any friends...
  1323. >Noi's in the hospital...
  1324. >And Raindrops couldn't give less of a shit about you
  1325. >In fact, you bet that most ponies couldn't give less of a shit about you
  1326. >...Stop it, Claire
  1327. >Someone gives a shit about you!
  1328. >...And he's not here right now
  1329. >You sigh, and notice out of the corner of your eye, you see "BON BON'S BON BONS!"
  1330. >Good, you're here
  1331. >Making a turn, you go right into the shop, Maya following you inside
  1332. >"Hey, you came in!" The mare with two names starts, smiling at the counter, "I wasn't really expecting you, basing it on what happened yesterday."
  1333. >Wait...
  1334. >She knows?
  1335. "You know? How?"
  1336. >"Word spreads fast in a small town, Claire. The only ones who I don't think know about, are the humans, since they wouldn't know about Scootaloo."
  1337. >Oh, are you so wrong about that, Sweetie
  1338. >The tan...ish mare comes from behind the counter, bars of all sorts of candies around her neck, in a concession-guy style
  1339. >You know, those guys who walk around the stadium yelling "HOT DAWGS FOR SAAAEEEEEELE!"
  1340. >"You two can take care of the shop for me, while I'm out?"
  1341. >"Wait, what do you mean you t-MHMHMHMHMMM!"
  1342. "Yes, yes, we can handle it! Have fun, Bon Bon! Sell those candies!"
  1343. >She nods, and exits the store, galloping gleefully
  1344. >When you're sure she's far enough away, you uncover your hand from her mouth
  1345. >"The hell's wrong with you!?"
  1346. >She reminds you of yourself
  1347. "Yeah, you're not about to Jepordize this for me, Maya. Besides, you can get half of my cut, if you work with me, okay?"
  1348. >She shuts up, her smirk returning to her face
  1349. >"So, what do we gotta do?"
  1350. >That was too easy, you have to say
  1351. "Just stay in here and watch the candy. Maybe sell some, if ponies come in."
  1352. >She rolls her eyes, and sits on a nearby stool
  1353. >"Sounds boring."
  1354. "Oh shut it, all work is boring."
  1355. >"Pinkie Pie."
  1356. "BESIDES Pinkie's work-"
  1357. >"Rainbow Dash."
  1358. "BESID-"
  1359. >"Twilight, Rarity, Fluttershy... I could go on all day."
  1360. "Okay, okay! So I see your point-"
  1361. >"So, tell me, why we have to do this BORING work?"
  1362. "You want money, right?"
  1363. >"W-"
  1364. "Yes, you do. That's we do work, because we need money."
  1365. >She just sighs, resting her arm on the table
  1366. >Silence passes over the two of you for awhile
  1367. >Until Maya speaks her little self up
  1368. >"Think there's any money in there?"
  1369. "In where?"
  1370. >She points to the cash register
  1371. >...Right
  1372. "...Why?"
  1373. >"Easy bits, Claire. Easy bits. Just think, just think about HOW MANY bits there are in there?"
  1374. >Zero
  1375. "You DO know that Bon Bon hasn't made any money in like, a year, right?"
  1376. >Her face goes blank for a second, her anger visually rising
  1377. >"DAMN IT!"
  1378. >You can't help but chuckle at her ange-
  1379. >"DON'T YOU LAUGH AT ME!"
  1380. >All you do is giggle, while jumping over the counter, and getting to the cash registor
  1381. >"Hey, wait, what're you doing?"
  1382. "Insult to injury, is all. Just to show you that there isn't any money in here, at all."
  1383. >She rolls her eyes, crossing her arms
  1384. >"You're an asshole, you know that?"
  1385. 'Not as much as an asshole as you are.'
  1386. >Once you get to the cash registor, you-oh
  1387. >Two buttons
  1388. >Well
  1389. >Shit
  1390. >...How the fuck are you supposed to work this?
  1391. >...Uh
  1392. >You tap the buttons a few times, hoping something would happen
  1393. >...Nope, nothing
  1394. >God damn it
  1395. >"No luck?"
  1396. "Nu-uh. Can't figure out these... hoof panels."
  1397. >How do they make numbers out of this shit?
  1398. >...Or even WORDS?
  1399. >"Here," She starts, jumping over the counter and pushing you out of the way to get to the register, "Let me try."
  1400. "Listen, if I can't crack it, then you sure as HELL ca-"
  1401. >SMASH!
  1402. >Millions of bits fly everywhere, as you try to comprehend WHAT THE FUCK JUST HAPPEND?!
  1403. >...Did she just...?
  1404. "Did you just...?"
  1405. >"Yup! Had to get it out, somehow!"
  1406. >Holy fuck..
  1407. >She just punched the fuck out of that thing..
  1408. >It was probably harder than Rainbow's punch!
  1409. >And that made the fuckin' Avv-Oh wait
  1410. >Sorry, "Anon" fall to the ground
  1411. >Jesus Christ
  1412. >...Just how strong is this bitch?
  1413. "...How did you-"
  1414. >"Being the future mare-in-red has an advantage, you know."
  1415. >...Mare in red?
  1416. >She's not a mare, though
  1417. >She's a fucking girl
  1418. "Uh... What's th-"
  1419. >Know what?
  1420. >You'll ask later
  1421. >The fact that Bon Bon has been hiding all of this fucking money in the one place you would've EVENTUALLY CHECKED, is fucking baffling
  1422. >"What's what?"
  1423. "...Nothing."
  1424. >You jump over the counter, again, and start collecting the bits
  1425. >And, to your un-surprise, you notice Maya collecting the cash, as well
  1426. >Hopfully for the same reason you are...
  1427. >Nope, as you see her quickly pocketing the bits
  1428. "Uh... Maya?" You start, looking towards the gal
  1429. >"Yeah, what?" She looks towards you, stopping her coin collecting
  1430. "...What are you doing?"
  1431. >"What does it look like I'm doing?"
  1432. >Snarky little...
  1433. "It looks like you're /stealing/."
  1434. >"It's not stealing if-"
  1435. >Shut the fuck up
  1436. "No, it's stealing."
  1437. >"...Then what are YOU doing?"
  1438. >Well...
  1439. "I'm-"
  1440. >...Shit
  1441. >It looks like you're doing exactly what she is...
  1442. >You say nothing to her, as you carry the bits to the counter
  1443. "Do you have a box?"
  1444. >"Can't hear you over all this change in my pockets!"
  1445. >You set the bits down and walk over to her to scream in her ear
  1446. "I SAID 'DO YOU HAVE A BOX?'!"
  1447. >"GAAH!"
  1448. >She falls over on the floor, looking at you in anger
  1449. >Serves you right, shitpicker
  1450. >"No, I don't, asshat. The hell do you need a box fo-...Ooooh, I see your jist."
  1451. >Yeah!
  1452. >You smile at her, as she goes to look for a box
  1453. >Looks like she's not as bad as you thought
  1454. >Looking around, you notice that there's STILL more change, all around
  1455. >God... fucking DAMN
  1456. >You need a broom...
  1458. "There... we got 'em... We got them all..."
  1459. >"No thanks to you."
  1460. >WHAT DO YOU ME-...
  1461. >Calm down, Claire
  1462. >Just reply sarcastically
  1463. "Yeah, sure."
  1464. >You roll your eyes and and smile at the room, glad that it's finally DONE WITH
  1465. >Jesus Christ, that took you sooo long..
  1466. >It took like... what? Two hours?
  1467. >Going on three, perhaps?
  1468. >She gives you the box, and you start to pour aaaall of the bits in the box
  1469. "How many do you think is in here?"
  1470. >"Easy thousand, I'd say."
  1471. >Thousand...?
  1472. 'It looks like a hundred..."
  1473. >Then again, you were never that good at estimates...
  1474. >Or math
  1475. >...You're not the brightest Orange in the tree, now that you think about it
  1476. >Street skillz and brute strength were always your forte
  1477. >Also fear
  1478. >You had that whole fear thing going for ya
  1479. >...Now you're friends with ponies
  1480. >Isn't it cruel how life works out?
  1481. >If you weren't with a bunch of neckbeards and THIS asshole, then you would say "No"
  1482. >But, you are
  1483. >Along with two almost-dead children on your shoulders
  1484. >And a mare that hates you
  1485. >...Your life fucking sucks, man
  1486. >But, you gotta make the best of it
  1487. >Since, you know, YOLO
  1488. >And also OLUY
  1489. >Only losers use YOLO
  1490. >...Shit, you need to use that, some time
  1491. >Just yell it to some random brony some time-
  1492. >"Claire?"
  1493. >Huh?
  1494. >You snap out of your trance, and look towards Maya, with a nervous smile
  1495. "Uh, yeah?" You question, trying to sound like you were listening
  1496. >"Well? What do you want to do with all this?"
  1497. >...What the fuck do you mean by that?
  1498. >This is for Bon Bon, not for us us
  1499. >...God you wish you said that
  1500. "...Leave it in the store?"
  1501. >"Pfft! Like we'd do that! C'mon, be serious, Claire, what do you want to do with the money?"
  1502. "Hopfully get some from Bon Bon-I don't know what you're talking about..."
  1503. >"We're taking the money, Claire. Wasn't that clear?"
  1504. >No!
  1505. "No."
  1506. >"What, you actually thought we were going to leave all this cash here? I opened that cash register for a fucking REASON, Claire!"
  1507. >Oh, yeah...
  1508. >You turn back to the register, and notice the destroyed remmnants
  1509. >...Yeah she smashed that shit
  1510. >You could barely break a fucking arm-Well...
  1511. >Arms are stronger than registers, scientifically
  1512. >Since, you know, it's bone
  1513. >Funny, since they're easy as fuck to break, in most cases
  1514. >Still, it's amazing that she did this
  1515. "We're not taking this, Maya. This isn't ours, we have to EAR-"
  1516. >"Bleeeh, we have to eaaarn money!" She mocked, pointing at your chest, "Don't they always say, 'The best things in life are free'?"
  1517. "Yeah, free, not STOLEN!"
  1518. >You move the register off of the counter, and put the box where the register was
  1519. >"Stolen and free and practically synonymous."
  1520. "Free is finding a stick on the ground and making a game out of it. Stolen is stealing a game you could've earned, over time."
  1521. >"Practically synonymouse!"
  1522. "MAYA!!"
  1523. >GAH!
  1524. >Ow!
  1525. >She slammed your ass against the wall!
  1526. >Well, that refutes any arguments saying that you're stronger than her
  1527. >Your back and head REALLY took a toll to that...
  1528. >"Listen, Claire, there's no fucking way you're stopping me from getting this-"
  1529. >"Stopping you from getting what now?"
  1531. >Sweetie Drops enters the store, and observes the current situation
  1532. >"Who broke my register?"
  1533. >God you're sick of that word
  1534. >You take a look at Maya, as she drops you to the ground
  1535. >...Now your back, head, AND ass are sore
  1536. >"I don't know, Miss. I-"
  1537. >"Cut the shit, I'm not a moron."
  1538. >God she has a good bullshit detector
  1539. >Sweetie walks up to the asshole you know as Maya, and puts her hoof on her Maya's chest
  1540. >"Listen, here, brony, I don't know WHO you are, and I don't care. Three options for you immediately pop into my head when I see this..."
  1541. >You don't bother getting up, you just smile at the thought
  1542. >Sitting in antipaction, you watch Bon Bon and Maya have their convo
  1543. >"One, I could report you to the Princess, and have you jailed. Simple, huh?"
  1544. >...That's a bit simple, yeah...
  1545. >"Two, I could do things the simple way and have you work for me, but then that would leave the risk of you robbing me, again."
  1546. >A bit oldschool, but yeah...
  1547. >"And three, I could handle you MY way, and have you fucking deported to the Griffon Kingdom. And they are NOT nice there."
  1548. >She's scared of that last option, you can tell
  1549. >Sweetie Drops closes the space inbetween her and Maya, looking up at the evil bitch
  1550. >"I'm sure they'd love to eat fresh meat like you."
  1551. >She backs up, with a smirk, from Maya, looking pretty snive right about now
  1552. >"But, lucky for you, I won't do any of those. I'll leave you off the hook, if you leave my store, right, now."
  1553. >But, Maya stays, like a dumbass
  1554. >She just might be frozen in fear, though...
  1555. >"Ten... Nine... Eight..."
  1556. >And she's gone
  1557. >You get up off the floor and smile, reaching your hand out to Bonny
  1558. "Thanks, m-"
  1559. >She slaps her hoof away and goes over to the box, opening it
  1560. >"You do know that you're getting your pay HEAVILY decreased, right?"
  1561. "Ri-WAIT WHAT?!"
  1562. >"You brought her in here."
  1563. >Damn...
  1564. >Sweetie doesn't fuckin' play around
  1565. "So... How much percent do I get now?"
  1566. >"Three."
  1567. >...What
  1568. >She tosses a couple of bits your way, and pours her's bits in the box
  1569. >"There. 16 bits for you. If today keeps up like it has with yesterday, then you should been getting about 30 bits a week, six bits a day."
  1570. >You catch the bits-Actually, no you don't
  1571. >Quite a few fall on the floor, causing you to pick them up and pocket them
  1572. "Wait... what about today? What's with the extra ten?"
  1573. >"That was for yesterday, since I went out to try out your idea that day. Today, and for now on until I get less money, or more money each day, you're getting six a day."
  1574. >God damn...
  1575. >Well, it works out
  1576. >You deserve it, for getting that maniac in here
  1577. "...Wait, what about the bits that were in the register?"
  1578. >"Did you not just hear me? I went out to try your idea yesterday, shortly after you left."
  1579. >...Oh, right
  1580. >That's why there was so much...
  1581. >Two hundred bits looking like a thousand
  1582. >HA!
  1583. >Silliest thing you ever heard
  1584. "Thank you, Sweetie."
  1585. >"No problem. Come back here at anytime, and look after the shop if I'm already gone, which I doubt."
  1586. >You nod with a smile, and leave, bits jingling in your pock-
  1587. >"DUDE!"
  1588. >GAH!
  1589. >...AGAIN!
  1590. >As soon as you left the shop, Maya pounced you to the ground
  1591. >"The fuck is her problem?"
  1592. "The fuck is HER problem!? THE FUCK IS /YOUR/ PROBLEM!?
  1593. >"What do you mean?"
  1594. >...She can't be serious
  1595. >She can NOT be fucking serious
  1596. "Oh, nothing... Just the time when you THREW ME AGAINST THE FUCKING WALL!"
  1597. >"Oh yeaaaah! I forgot about that!"
  1598. 'Don't play fucking dumb with me.'
  1599. >"I think I actually pinned you against the wa-"
  1601. >"Well... Sometimes I get crazy for cash, you know?"
  1602. "No, I DON'T know."
  1603. >"It's... It's a Mare in Red thing. You wouldn't know about it."
  1604. >...What?
  1605. "Oh! And that's another thing! What the fuck is the Mare in-WAAH!"
  1606. >"HEY!"
  1607. >In what seems to be a fucking flash a lightning, something runs past you and Maya, heading towards... the Castle?
  1608. >What? Did Sonic finally get to Equestria?
  1609. >...No, it seems not
  1610. >You look ahead, and notice that this fellow looks...
  1611. >Familiar
  1612. >...Is that?
  1613. >...The fucking bastard
  1614. >The hell does he want with the Princess?
  1615. >God, now you've met him TWICE today
  1616. >"Who was that?"
  1617. >...You need see what's up
  1618. "We're following him."
  1619. >"Wait, wha-"
  1620. >You grab her arm and rush towards him, running as fast as you can
  1621. >Soon, you get to the palace doors, although, he's already went in
  1622. >You and Maya enter the Castle, and search around
  1623. >"What the hell are we-"
  1624. "SHHHH! Whisper, Maya. We're sneaking around."
  1625. >...She reluctantly whispers, along with you
  1626. >"...Alright, fine. What the hell are we looking for?"
  1627. "It's not 'what', it's 'who', Maya."
  1628. >"Fine then. WHO are we looking for?"
  1629. "Anon."
  1630. >She's dumbfounded for a second, then perks up, with a smile
  1631. >"Oh! You mean that guy who stood up against Twilight?"
  1632. "...You know about that?"
  1633. >"Yeah, I heard it from somebody. Later I found out that his name's Anon."
  1634. >All you can do is roll your eyes
  1635. "You know what he looks like, right?"
  1636. >"Yeah, of course I do. The fucker's a great guy-"
  1637. "No. He's not."
  1638. >She stays silent for a moment, before replying
  1639. >"Exactly, HOW is he an asshole?"
  1640. >You stay silent as well, trying to think of something... bad about him
  1641. >...Nothing
  1642. "W-Well... His name sucks!"
  1643. >"That's strictly opinio-"
  1644. "Listen, just work with me, alright?"
  1645. >She nods, and sighs, yourself sighing aswell
  1646. >You and her tip toe all around, until you reach another set of golden doors
  1647. >You put your ear to the door, and listen in, Maya following your moves
  1648. >...You can barely hear it, but, it sounds like the Princess is talking...
  1649. >"61 bronies..."
  1650. >Fuck, it's so faint you can barely hear what they're saying
  1651. >There's just mumbles, for a few minutes, actually
  1652. >Until you hear something quite pecuilar
  1653. >"Anon! I'm so..."
  1654. >...What was that last word?
  1655. >"Is that the Princess?" Maya whispered
  1656. "Shut, up. I'm trying to hear..."
  1657. >"Rainbow?"
  1658. >...What does she want with RD?
  1659. >...God you're so confused...
  1660. >Wait, that DOES bring up the question...
  1661. >Does she know about Scootaloo?
  1662. >And Noi?
  1663. >Does she know anything about the fillies?
  1664. >Could they have told them already?
  1665. >"Princess Twilight, is ev..."
  1666. >...C-Celestia?
  1667. >"...Did you hear that?!" May yell-whispers
  1668. >You only shush her once again, trying your hardest to listen
  1669. >"This brony was just leaving."
  1670. >...Kinda harsh from Twilight
  1671. >"We're not called... humans."
  1672. >You can only assume that he's correcting the Princess
  1673. >Fuck, you're missing so much that you can't really tell what's what anymore
  1674. >Mumbling with words every now and then was the only thing heard, as you tried your fucking hardest to hear
  1675. >But soon... you hear hoofsteps
  1676. >Maya isn't foreign to this sound, too, as she scrambles for a hiding place
  1677. >You do too... until you fucking realize you can only go UP from here
  1678. >There's literally NOTHING on this fucking floor
  1679. >While Maya still scrambles, you rush upstairs, to the library, of course
  1680. >...By the way, DAMN this stairwell
  1681. >Soon, you get to said Library, and hide behind one of the bookshelves
  1682. >It's a while... but you eventually see Twilight walking up the steps, and then, much later, coming back down
  1683. >After a few minutes, you decide it's safe, and come back down the stairs
  1684. >Making sure NOT to slide down, this time
  1685. >Jesus Christ, that was stupid of you...
  1686. >As you had came down, however, you noticed Twilight... with the Princesses... sending them on their way...
  1687. >And, of course, she noticed you, walking down that twirly staircase she knows so damn well
  1688. >"Claire? What are you doing here?"
  1689. >You've got a lotta 'splainin' to dooo~!
  1690. >...GOD that's a bad joke
  1692. "Listen, Twilight, I can explain-"
  1693. >"Then explain, Claire. I don't remember letting you in."
  1694. >You start to walk down the stairwell, an echo lingering off of your footsteps
  1695. "I don't remember you letting in Anon, either..."
  1696. >"Wait... How do you know about Anon being here?"
  1697. "I-"
  1698. >Don't tell her the truth
  1699. >If you do, then she'll suspect you
  1700. >Make up a fancy lie, or something
  1701. "Well..."
  1703. >Your name is Claire Corlett
  1704. >And it's been a PERFECT day so far!
  1705. >You've just gotten off work, and you're planning to visit Scootaloo and Noi at the hospital, like the good person you are!
  1706. >But, wait!
  1707. >It's Anon!
  1708. >Your very best friend!
  1709. >He's going towards the castle
  1710. >Hm...
  1711. >You've gotta wonder what he's up to!
  1712. >So, you follow him, inside the Castle and to the golden hallway to the left of this HUGE room!
  1713. >Of course, you didn't follow him in
  1714. >In fact, you stopped at the golden doors, and scratched your chin
  1715. >You eventually head to the Library and read some books on Daring Do
  1716. >Eventually, agaaain, you hear hoof steps, but they're from downstairs
  1717. >So, you decide to check 'em out!
  1718. >When you get far enough down, you see...
  1719. >Ohmigosh!
  1720. >It's the three Prin-
  1721. >Uhh...
  1723. >Shit
  1724. >You get to the end of the staircase-god that was a long walk-, and in front of Twiley
  1725. >Ugh
  1726. >Work it out, Claire, work it out...
  1728. >It's three random ponies with the Princess!
  1729. >She seems to be sending them off on their way...
  1730. >She's turning to you now, a confused look on her face!
  1731. >"Claire? What're you doing here?"
  1733. "And here we are, now."
  1734. >GOD that fucking hurt to say...
  1735. >Trying to be nice and shi=
  1736. >"Wait, you said something about visiting Noi and Scootaloo?"
  1737. >Shit!
  1738. >She doesn't know....
  1739. >Did Rainbow not tell her?
  1740. >...Or Rarity, or Applejack?
  1741. >Shit, even Bon Bon said something about everybody but the humans knowing about it, since word spreads fast
  1742. >But... the Princess not knowing?
  1743. >That's a bit sad, actually
  1744. >...This is going to be hard
  1745. "Well," You start, sighing, "Scootaloo and Noi have..."
  1746. >Shit
  1747. >What did they have again?
  1748. >Tubercolosi-OH
  1749. >Right
  1750. >Mono
  1751. >The fucking kissing disease
  1752. "Mononucleosis."
  1753. >That fucking shock face, though
  1754. >Her ears flop down, and her face is full of sorrow
  1755. >"Th-They're going to die?"
  1756. >No!
  1757. "No, thankfully. The doctor said that they should be fine by Heart's and Hooves."
  1758. >He did NOT say that, you're just guessing
  1759. >"Oh, thank Celestia..."
  1760. >Her ears perk back up, and she starts smiling, again
  1761. >Since she's all relaxed, now, you should ask her about the Princesses
  1762. "Hey..."
  1763. >"Hm?"
  1764. >You kick at the floor, your hands behind your back
  1765. >Twilight, I...
  1766. "Who were those Alicorns that you said "Goodbye" to?"
  1767. >"Oh! Those were the Princesses. Luna, the blue one, and Celestia, the white one,"
  1768. >Actually, she's pink, Twilightiuto
  1769. >Get it right
  1770. >"Are the Princesses of Equestria. And the pink one, is Cadence, my sister and law and Princess of the Crystal Empire."
  1771. "Crystal Empire...?"
  1772. >You HAVE to do that, otherwise she'd be suspicious
  1773. >"Yes. It appeared just about two years ago!"
  1774. >T-Two years?
  1775. >What?!
  1776. >"It's an old kingdom from about a thousand years ago, but it disappeared."
  1777. >Hold the fuck up
  1778. >Two, fucking, years?!
  1779. >You can get that seasons one through fo-errr... Seasons One to the beginning of four were one year, but...
  1780. >Two years since then?!
  1781. >God damn it!
  1782. >That's insane!
  1783. >...Just to think of how much shit you missed
  1784. >Damn it writers, you should of made Season Five faster!
  1785. >Hold it
  1786. >Quick ca-
  1787. >"Claire?"
  1788. "Oh, right! Sorry, I phased out for a second."
  1789. >You quickly hug Twilight, with the purple pony princess of dea-magic awkwardly hugging you back
  1790. >"Uh... what's with the hug?"
  1791. "Just a thanks for saving my life."
  1792. >"Oh. Well, no need to thank me! I was just doing doing my job. I wouldn't let somebody die on my watch, you know!"
  1793. >You let go of her, and smile
  1794. "Right, thanks, again."
  1795. >She nods
  1796. "Well, I think I should take my leave, now. I need to be visiting Noi, to see how she's doing."
  1797. >"Alright then. It was nice talking to you!"
  1798. "Nice talking to you too."
  1799. >Okay, bye bye
  1800. >Click
  1801. >Jesus Christ it feels like it's a fucking phonecall
  1802. >You start to take your leave, as you can hear Twilight leaving, as well
  1803. >As you exit the castle, Maya fucking TACKLES you to the ground
  1804. >"Claire! Sorry I left back there, I had no where to hide, at all! What happened in there?"
  1805. "If you would get off of me, I'd explain."
  1806. >And, she does
  1807. >You get up and brush yourself off, and start to explain what happened inside those doors
  1808. >Only reason you didn't use some Flashback shit? Because you're too lazy to make up some bullshit and make it interesting
  1809. >You used up all your bullshit powers when you taked to Twilight
  1810. >"...That's boring."
  1811. 'Well what did you expect? Princess Luna to fly down and talk me and Twilight?'
  1812. >That actually would've been fuckin' cool
  1813. >Then she could explain what the fuck your dream was about
  1814. >...Implying that dream meant anything
  1815. >You and Maya start walking, yourself leading her to the hospital
  1816. >Luckily, she doesn't know that
  1817. >She wouldn't've-That's not a fucking word
  1818. >She wouldn't HAVE agreed to go to the hospital, based on her eariier assholeish statements
  1819. >'Oh, why do you need to visit those guys? They'll just drag you down, anyway!'
  1820. >'Twas your fault that they ended up like that-Y'know...
  1821. >It's odd that AB and SB didn't catch that disease, as well
  1822. >Maybe they didn't swallow the water...?
  1823. >You doubt it. They all had to have at least some water go inside them, seeing as how they all jumped in the murderous pond
  1824. >In every single story
  1825. >So, they must of had SOME water enter their systems during that jump
  1826. >...Or rather, that push, in Noi's story
  1827. >Poor gal
  1828. >In that one, she could've fucking drowned...
  1829. >...Funny how those events never happened in any other story
  1830. >Only Noi's...
  1831. >Maybe...
  1832. >She lied?
  1833. >No, of course not
  1834. >There's no way
  1835. >Y'mean, she's sick! Sick people don't lie!
  1836. >...And by that logic, every "sick" kid who faked being sick just to get out of school was telling the truth
  1837. >...Good God Noi framed Scootaloo
  1838. >Of course, you don't have any proof of that
  1839. >Even if you did, she's fucking sick for Christ's sake!, people would fucking murder you for accusing a filly of something like that
  1840. >Especially Raindrops
  1841. >But, she hasn't heard the stories
  1842. >She hasn't seen a healthy SB and AB, when they should be just as sick as Scoot and Noi
  1843. >...Fuck, has she even visited Noi?
  1844. >...Hi, it's been a fucking day, less, even
  1845. >She COULDN'T have seen Noi
  1846. >It'd be i-
  1847. >"Where the fuck are we going?"
  1848. >Shit
  1849. >Fuck
  1850. >Lie, quickly!
  1851. "Not important."
  1852. >Damn it
  1853. >"What the fuck do you mean, 'not important'? What if I don't WANT to go to wherever we're going?"
  1854. >Think of something...
  1855. >Don't say anything stupid
  1856. "Because the adventure is better than the journey?"
  1857. >What the fuck?
  1858. >Those are the same thing, almost
  1859. >You meant to say the Journey is better than the destination
  1860. >"What the hell does that even mean?"
  1861. >Stay on point, Claire
  1862. >Don't say anything stupid
  1863. "It means our conversations during our Journey, are better than the destination of the Adventure."
  1864. >Oh good, you fixed i-God damn it
  1865. >No you didn't
  1866. >You fucking switched it
  1867. >Whatever, just...
  1868. >Hope she doesn't notice
  1869. >She's not gonna notice, right?
  1870. >"Riiiiight."
  1871. >She didn't notice!
  1872. >...Sorta
  1873. >She didn't care, at least
  1874. >"So," She sighed, "To spark up a conversation, what would you like to ask?"
  1875. >Why are you such an ass?
  1876. >...Kinda sad that's the first question that popped into your head
  1877. >...Keyword, 'kinda'
  1878. >Y'know now's a good time to ask about that Mare Do Well thing...
  1879. >Mare in Red, was it?
  1880. >...It was something like that
  1881. "So, what was about that 'Mare do Red' thing you mentoned before?"
  1882. >She stops in her tracks, as you keep walking past her
  1883. >...Obviously you didn't see her stop before
  1884. >You turn around and tilt your head
  1885. "May? What's wrong?"
  1886. >"Don't, call, me, May."
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