Sleepover 3

Oct 30th, 2018
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  1. >"Come on and get your pancakes! I made chocolate ones, and blueberry ones, and ones with nuts in them!"
  2. >"...Nuts in them?"
  3. >"Yeah, cause I'm a lil nutty!"
  4. >You and the other girls were in Rainbow's kitchen
  5. >Her counter was piled high with bacon, eggs, pancakes, and pretty much everything else breakfast related, courtesy of masterchef Pank herself
  6. >The girls could go it--God only knows how--but you'd get as cramped as shit
  7. >The kitchen was crowded, and a bit warm from all of the cooking
  8. >You had helped Pinkie as best as you could with some of the cooking
  9. >Now you were passing out the food to everyone that wanted something
  10. >Flutters always wanted an extra helping of hash browns
  11. >Rarity usually went fruit heavy for her breakfast, while Applejack and Rainbow cardo loaded enough food for three people
  12. >It was a bit hectic, but it was that good kind of hectic
  13. >As you navigate around the kitchen, hands would grope, slap, and pinch
  14. >You had been allowed to wear your underwear this morning--to keep your junk safe from bacon grease as Ponk always told you-- but that didn't stop anyone
  15. >You gave it as good as you got however, and lord help any girl that was dumb enough to lean over the table to grab something
  16. >"I think ol' Pinkie's can finish this up, Nonners," Pinkie said, taking a now empty plate out of your hands
  17. >She gave you a kiss, the taste of maple syrup on her lips
  18. "You sure?" you asked
  19. >"Sure as sugar. Now sit down and get something in that tummy. You'll need your strength!"
  20. >A clean plate was handed to you, and you were gently, but firmly pushed toward some fresh plates of food
  21. >You had decided to stick with some fruit and just a little bit of bacon
  22. >It was never a good idea to eat heavy before an all day fuck session
  23. >The girls could go it--God only knows how--but you'd get as cramped as shit
  25. >Food in hand, you sat down next in between Applejack and Sunset
  26. >Applejack was shoving as much food into her face as humanly possible, much to Rarity's dismay
  27. >Sunset gave you a smile as she nibbled on her bacon
  28. >You smiled back, setting your plate down
  29. >Your ass hadn't touched your chair when Sunset wrapped an arm around you, pulling you close to her
  30. >An arm wrapped around your shoulders, leaning you toward her
  31. >She pressed herself against you with a happy murmur
  32. >Sunset nuzzled your cheek, knickering in your ear
  33. >Like an actual horses knicker
  34. >Scared the shit out of you the first time that you had heard it and some of the other sounds that she could made that no human could be able to
  35. >She grabbed your arm hugging it against her ample chest
  36. >You responded with a nuzzle of your own, snorting
  37. >It didn't sound quite that horsey, but over the years you had only been getting better
  38. >Sunset did a that cute happy wiggle in her chair that she did whenever you tried making horse noises
  39. >She nuzzled you with a little more force, rubbing her nose against your cheek
  40. >Her free hand made it's way from your shoulder to your butt to give it a squeeze
  41. >"Mornin' Anon," she said, resting her head on your shoulder
  42. >You grabbed a piece of bacon from Sunset's plate, offering it toward her
  43. >Sunset gave it a sniff before taking it from your hand
  44. >She chewed contently, humming as she did so
  45. "Morning, Sunny."
  47. @_@_@_@_@_@
  49. >None of you rushed breakfast
  50. >Everyone took their time, eating probably a lot more than you should have
  51. >Twilight and Rainbow had been tasked with doing the dishes--Rainbow bitched about it like she always did, the baby
  53. >The rest of you had made your way into the living room, sitting on Rainbow's big couch
  54. >The girls wanted to turn on a movie and let their food digest before you all went back at it
  55. >After some arguing, haggling, and verbal mind-fuckery, Rarity was the one selected to pick the movie
  56. >The fashionista had, of course, picked one of those nineteen-fifties telecolor movies
  57. >The other girls groaned and moaned, especially when they realized it was one of those love story movies, but were soon all quietly watching
  58. >Just like in the kitchen, Sunset was draped all over you, half sitting in your lap as you sat there
  59. >She had your arms wrapped around your stomach, squeezing her breasts slightly
  60. >Your hands were resting right above her groin, fingers playing with her gold and red pubes
  61. >Sunset had her hands over yours, rubbing her back against your chest
  62. >She'd flick her head from side to side, lightly batting your neck and face with her hair
  63. >A knicker or whinny would leave her lips every few minutes, just loud enough for you to hear
  64. >You'd respond as best as you could, letting out your own horse sounds, which she seemed to very much appreciate
  65. >The other girl would cast sideways glances at the two of you
  66. >Rarity in particular looked like she was trying very hard not to laugh
  67. >You paid none of them much mind, just focusing on the girl in your lap
  68. >Sunset was so much warmer than the other girls
  69. >Her smell was also... different
  70. >It wasn't bad, but it was a lot different than any of the other girls
  71. >Rarity had once said it might have been the shampoo she used--the same kind that horses used, the fashionista had told you once, absolutely horrified-- but you didn't think that was it
  72. >There was something else
  73. >It was like a lingering, sweet, musky, natural smell
  75. >Whenever she rubbed herself on you you it clung to you for days
  76. >It was kind of almost comforting in a way
  77. >You nuzzled the top of the girl's head
  78. >The tip of your fingers brushed against the top of her slip
  79. >She gave your hands a squeeze
  80. >You could feel her clit wink, brushing against your knuckle
  81. >Sunset tensed, whinnying
  82. >From beside you, Pank let out a giggle
  83. >"She makes the funniest noises, Nonners," she said
  84. >Sunset winked again
  85. >You played with her horse-like clit, making her squirm
  86. "Yeah she does," you replied, slipping a finger inside of her
  87. >Sunset's breathing hitched
  88. >She clenched around your digit
  89. >She was able to pull your finger into her to the second knuckle, squeezing your hand as she coated it with a spurt of girl cum
  90. >The girl's muscle control was out of this world, though, to be fair her bits weren't all that human in the first place
  91. >You neighed in Sunset's ear
  92. >She replied with a neigh of her own, rubbing against you more and more frantically
  93. >Her eyes were becoming wide
  94. >Her breathing was speeding up, causing her boobs to jiggle
  95. >Another wink, another clench
  96. >Her thick, dark lips kissed your knuckles
  97. >"Can't wait ten minutes, huh, Anon?" you heard Rainbow say. "Talk about a slut--"
  98. >Sunset knickered aggressively, baring her teeth at Dash
  99. >You shushed her, slowly pumping your finger in and out of her
  100. >Her pussy clenched, soaking your hand in girl cum
  101. >Another finger joined the first one, then another
  102. >Sunset started bucking her tips, holding onto your hands for dear life
  103. >Her back arched, pressing your nose into her hair
  105. >Finally, she could take no more
  106. >Grabbing your hand, she pulled you out of her
  107. >Panting, she hopped to her feet, spinning around to stare at you with wide, slightly crazed eyes
  108. >Before you knew it, you were yanked to your feet and half led, half carried away
  109. >"We're not gonna put the movie on pause, Sunset," Twilight called
  110. >"I don't give a shit, Twi," Sunset retorted
  111. >You were lead through the apartment into Rainbow's bedroom
  112. >The blankets and pillows that you had slept on the night before were still on the floor
  113. >Sunset span around, wrapping her arms around your neck and pulling you into a kiss
  114. >Her tongue teased your lips, asking for entry
  115. >You parted your them, allowing her tongue to slip into your mouth
  116. >You grabbed Sunset's bottom, lifting the girl into the air as you two made out
  117. >Without missing a beat, she wrapped her legs around your waist
  118. >You stumbled around the room for a bit as Sunset's freakishly long tongue battered yours around like an abused housewife
  119. >Sunset was running her fingers through your hair, whinnying and neighing and snorting up a storm
  120. >You were running your hands up and down her body
  121. >You could feel her cunt groping at your cock through your underwear
  122. >She was making a mess of Rainbow's floor, your pants, and the pillows underneath the two of you
  123. >It felt like your boxers were going to explode off your body
  124. >Finally, Sunset broke the kiss
  125. >"Put me down," she commanded breathlessly. "Put me down and mount your mare."
  126. >You felt her clit poke out of it's little hood, your cock throbbed in response
  127. >Pulling her into another kiss, you knelt down
  128. >Sunset released her hold around your waist as you let her go
  129. >She rolled away a few feet, getting down on hands and knees
  131. >Looking over her shoulder, and gave you a wink as she spread her legs a bit, presenting herself to you
  132. >The lizard part of your brain wanted nothing more than she rush over there, knock her down, an fuck her silly, and there were times you did that with Sunset
  133. >If she had wanted you to do that though she would have just fucked you on the couch
  134. >Giving her rump a wiggle, Sunset let out a neigh
  135. >You crawled over, letting out a shitty neigh in response
  136. >With some fiddling, you were able to pull your cock through the slit in your boxers as you leaned down and gave her cunt a lick
  137. >She tasted sweet
  138. >Sunset's rump tensed, and she immediately pressed it back into your face
  139. >You gave her a few more licks, enjoying the noises that she made before pulling away
  140. >For fun, you gave your head a toss as you grabbed her hips
  141. >Pulling yourself upward, you got into a mounting position, pressing your tip against her dark, swallow lips
  142. >Sunset held very still as you pressed your weight onto her back, arms pressing against the sides of her breasts
  143. >"I... I am going to turn you into my personal sperm bank."
  144. >You chuckled
  145. "Breeding stud. You mean breeding stud, Sunny."
  146. >"I know what I saaaaaaaaaaaaaa~"
  147. >You thrusted forward, slipping into her with ease
  148. >Your hips slammed into Sunset's big ol' butt, causing it to jiggle
  149. >Her insides were wet, and all consumingly hot
  150. >Sunset snorted, clenching around you
  151. >It was a rhythmic, milking movement
  152. >You could feel her clit winking against your balls
  153. >You almost didn't need to do anything; you knew from experience that she was more than capable of milking you try
  154. >You did try though, thrusting your hips
  155. >A hand snaked down to play with Sunny's clit
  157. >Her neigh turned into a squeal as her insides squeezed you so hard that you couldn't move
  158. >"Fu... Fuc... F-Fuckkkkkk..."
  159. >You leaned forward as her head reared back, biting down on her ear
  160. >Sunset screamed, one of her hands reaching back to clasp your leg
  161. >Within moments, you could feel what felt like molten iron seeping throughout your body
  162. >Fucking Equestrian magic...
  163. >As you continued to thrust, or at least trying to, you felt your cock growing twice, three times its normal size
  164. >Your head turned flat, your shaft thickened
  165. >Your balls also swelled, becoming heavy and hanging low
  166. >"Fuck!" Sunset screamed as you grew inside of her, filling her completely. "Oh FUCK! Oh CELESTIA DAMMIT!"
  167. >The next knicker you let out sounded a lot more horse-ish to your ears
  168. >Your pace quickened, your thrusts becoming more savage, more feral
  169. >Each slap was wet and meaty
  170. >You could feel Sunset's cum soaking your lower body
  171. >Her clit was winking more and more frequently
  172. >The thought made your nostrils flare, your cockhead swelling
  173. >You let go of her ear, biting at the air
  174. >You could almost feel her tail against your stomach...
  175. >Burying yourself to the side, you felt your tip balloon
  176. >Sunset's front half gave out as the first spurt of your cum slamming into the deepest part of her
  177. >It was a big spurt, probably more than a whole load usually, and as thick as yogurt
  178. >You felt her insides going wild, milk you better than anyone or anything had or could ever do
  179. >"Fuuuuuck~"
  180. >Your groin and the floor was soaked as Sunset came, whole body shaking as she did so
  181. >You held onto her tight, determined to knock up your little mare, your medial ring pulsing
  182. >Your cum was spurting around your length
  184. >Sunset was utterly filled
  185. >You were surprised cum wasn't flying out of her mouth
  186. >If she wasn't using birth control she'd definitely be carrying your foals right now
  187. >The thought made you snort, bucking your hips
  188. >The thought of foals was a little weird but you chalked it up to Equestrian nonsense
  189. >Only when your spongy head had softened and you had stopped twitching did you stop your thrusting
  190. >Your soft softened, sliding out of Sunny with a wet plop
  191. >A flood of seamen spilled out of her, ruining the pillow beneath the two of you
  192. >Sunset let out a groan, looking over at her shoulder at you
  193. >Her hair was matted against her sweat-soaked face
  194. >Her eyes were hazy and unfocused, and there was a dopey smile on her face
  195. >"I-I... I really love when you let... me do that..."
  196. >Grabbing Sunset's middle, you rolled the two of you onto your sides
  197. >Already you could feel your cock returning to its normal shape and size
  198. >You were a bit too exhausted to care at the moment though
  199. >Magic sure did take a lot out of you
  200. "You know, I actually really like when you do it to me," you said
  201. >Sunset chuckled, grabbing your head and burying it between her sweaty boobs
  202. >"You really are a little pussy loving stud, aren't you?"
  203. >You neighed
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