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Jul 27th, 2012
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  1. Ohai Matey.
  3. It is hard to believe that is has already been a year. Needless to say that you are missed much, as we all are so in lesbians with you.
  5. And thus we all hope that you do well in your captivity. I especially hope that you have found something meaningful and interesting to replace the raw, uninterrupted, chaotic thrill of entertainment and anarchy.
  7. And something else: Of course I have read the book of our friend Parmy. I have to admit I was a bit affected after reading about your talk with this old /b/-fag and that you both concluded that nothing really matters, at least not for long.
  9. But let me assure you good Sir that not everyone shares this belief. Ironically you helped a lot to make people stand up for what they believe in; you put back hope in our hearts. An entire generation of young Anons were inspired by your messages and your words on twitter and in so many chatrooms. And people are still inspired today. You were never forgotten and never will be; you have been granted a penthouse for life in the hearts of Anonymous. You may still think that this does not matter but let me tell you one thing, my old friend: You matter. To all of us.
  11. It were and is people like you who are the cornerstones of the Idea and I wish to thank you for the dedication and time you put into this. The result is that people carry on with what needs to be done; often secretly wishing to be like you.
  13. You did not make a microscopic impact; you are a shiny supernova that still brightens our day with fond memories and lulz. If I ever feel down, I just need to watch you trolling Shirley Phelps on the radio again to feel all better.
  15. I must set sail again; but i know we will meet again. At the latest at defcon in 19 years. The whiskey will be on us!
  17. Always sail strong, dear friend.
  19. ~marduk
  21. PS: Oh, I was asked to relay the following:
  23. Been too damn long mate, hope you are doing OK. And hell, we have to have that pint (or ten) sometime! Miss you bro, and hope they don't fuck you over. If they do, I will get very emotional. Damn, there may even be tears! - Darren (pwn)
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