The terrible deluge in the noble city of Rome

Jan 1st, 2020 (edited)
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  1. The terrible deluge that has occurred in the noble city and the town of Rome: with the great procession made by our saint Our father the Pope
  2. The pardons and Jubilee which is given to those who confess considering the dangers of the flood for the poor people.
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  9. Stephanie
  11. Prestigious and devout Christians redeem some precious blood from our savior Jesus consider the ruins and clues from God sent to the town of (Not Legible) in the country of Flanders and other sites. Quando caput doletait factus hieronymous (Latin). His excellence Saint Gregory declares who signifies these various deluge, and signs that also happened in the said town of Rome are said in this manner. In the redemption of the sins of the world may vanish so evil is denounced: (Latin Phrases - could not translate accurately). For that we must prepare and hear what the savior said: IN LATIN: “He says, be ye ready: Because you know not the day nor the hour.”
  13. This small introduction and subsequent matter of the procession, and forgiveness given by the holy father the pope to all who confessed, when we receive the precious body of our savior. That our holy father the pope seeing that so many poor christians died with the flood, and he would see the bodies of the Christians and would give advice as to when to dispose of them. Thus, to establish processions fasting and prayer in the following manner. On the first Wednesday this minority are in prayers, orations, and fasting, and there was made as a general procession through the town of Rome universally through the amendment of our holy father. He who assembled all of the ecclesiastic colleges in order to assist to the said procession, and the proud church committee, and relics. Likely on Thursday our holy father the pope commander and chief ordered a general procession where pardons were given, as well as indulgences of different kinds, and repentants, everybody did their duty to the best of their ability because they didn’t expect either the great mercy of God or the great dangers that were going to happen. Never had we seen the dangers of the very high waters cause such destruction. True is that of the time of the last Pope Alexander the floods were so high that several houses were destroyed and washed into the Tiber. But this time the flood was higher than a spear, higher than before, even during the time of Pope Alexander, they had marked a marble stone on the tower of the castle and this time the waters were more than a spear higher from this mark. Moreover, our holy father the pope always persevering made the general procession happen: because nobody’s astrology had planned or foreseen the earthquake that was about to happen in this town. Then follows the order of the procession by our holy father the pope, and the cardinals, and the people of the church. In the mornings of Wednesday, Friday, and Saturday there was assembled ecclesiastic men and religious dignitary, a Franciscan: jacobins and other beggars at one of the churches in Rome; did a general procession. In which the procession were the ecclesiastic officers as well as cardinals, arch bishops, and bishops and that the secularists were put under the order of their rank and office. Not only these three days but also the subsequent days the procession was going on as well as fast prayer, to mitigate,
  15. (- Translator’s note - Here is where we have the last two pages in what seems like it was written in a completely different hand, but it could also be that he changed the spacing of his writing, not sure.)
  17. … sire of our savior Jesus: because of the ill that was done by the river it is not possible to declare only the destruction, damages that were done by the said Tiber. The wines that were in the cantinas were all lost. (IN LATIN - There’s a lot of doubt around the events of the year). Then came a multitude of damage done by the Tiber. First of all to know how such a flood came so suddenly, you must know that it started on the Saturday the 8th of November one thousand five hundred and thirty at midnight. The Tiber flooded so intensely that the all the bodies of waters flooded over to cover the entire city of Rome. And thus started that said day until the following Sunday with the great multitude of water that rose to the first floor of the houses. The whole city is still so full of mud, and debris that you cannot pass the streets of Rome, they are less scared of the houses that can potentially fall down, than they are of the large beams of wood that we use, that are just lying on the ground, due to the water rising it entered the cantinas and destroyed all the goods, damages the foundations of all the said city. We feel a little bit of pity for those who died, suffocated, or drowned in the said city of Rome. And for those great figures who were surprised in their houses. Lets consider as well the loss of writings like records, and other papers that were lost from the secretaries and prosecutors like my lord Eusebius, whose house melted into an abyss twice as deep as the foundation. Bread was desperately needed and those who had meat on their bones were forced to eat without bread because the water destroyed and took away the mills except for 3 or four of them. By the grace of God let us keep such well deserved inconveniences, and in our present life know the glory of paradise that is prepared for his good friends.
  19. Amen.
  21. Created in Rome, the 12th of November, 1530
  22. End of the Book.
  23. Link to the first book:
  27. Book Two-
  29. Title:
  30. Copy of letters of the terrible deluge that came to the noble town and city of Rome, since the 7th of October 1530.
  33. I conqueror of subtle inscription. I am foreseeing something but it is difficult. Inventing and proposing as right. As I hear per reason and right, a case of an accident of unforeseen circumstances or a divine ploy that came to the city of Rome, key and chief of this world that fears mischiefs but God reigns in a unique trinity his good servants of the oblique way will conserve and fortify them when everybody sees a defiant Luther.
  35. (Poetic form)
  36. And the consort of nasty and damned dogs.
  37. Who suffocate several by their effects.
  38. And a sea deeper I hope than the Tiber because it doesn’t want to plunge
  39. Yesterday not the whole country saw damage.
  40. So, which there is not now a design
  41. of the danger born from the Tiber
  42. God will figure out a right way.
  44. For good right and reason we must have descriptions of the evangelical sentence. That which is found in Marc Chapter 8. That reprimands us for wanting to stay up and pray to see the punishment of time in the past present and future, and now those that happen in the city of Rome, Chief of Christendom, where the divine punishment or at the very least God’s permission, of which to watch inspires us to capably say.
  46. Without a fictional parable nor dream, each of these letters of ours are a little eaten away. Who we send for sure by a Rome of virtue and haughtiness.
  49. To a banker as you can see
  50. the scrupulous if inside you hear
  51. but don't be instinctually doubtful
  52. the banker would have distinctly
  53. a desire to send for this news.
  54. Those who are living (…..) news
  55. If not true the case is obvious.
  56. (…) Jesus that has all our faith in him.
  58. The lords of the church and justice do not want you to be disagreeable if I infer,
  59. indeed this misfortune and destitution (by ? that God sent) to the knowledge of the people. It seems to me that there are many and by far more, lesser and smaller deliberative ancient and modern books than these are new to see yourself ruled according to the good principle example and to root out virtue that we see the beautiful multiply. So we must exhaust, with all his power to flee iniquity that God does not punish us our great evils. Whereby often sending dread punishment to the beautiful for correction of evils. (in Latin) However, we have respect in men of God. Let us keep our life from doing things so we end up as in Sodom and Gomorrah or distinctly as has happened in the city of Rome, but do not say it is vengeance, from then the sixth or the Seventh October as a good seal by letter sent in this city of Paris by the banks from which the tenant follows.
  61. After said bankers have described these proper and necessary affairs, declares the content as follows in the letters, of things that supposedly happened in Rome, dated October 19th, one thousand five hundred and thirty, sent to my lord master seated at his bankers post that resides in Paris.
  63. I think my lord who was here in during the sac of Rome, saw the great pity, what it was, but I promise you that there came to us another sack, as big a loss as the first, we were all in danger of our persons, we thought presently that it was the end of the world. We were afflicted for two days in our house under water which was the same for the whole city of Rome, in the end, all of the shops were filled with water, the waters rose up past the first floor of the houses, and there was a great multitude of people drowned, more in these houses were covered deep as in an abyss, many beautiful and excellent houses of Rome like the one of master Eusebius Julian, and many more beautiful houses. So says Eusebius, eighteen or twenty people remained dead in their homes. It is pitiful to see this place(.?.)Which is all full of water and muck/mud. Be sure that the city of Rome will not be cleaned in two months: you can know it better especially from the people who have been there, and go beyond the country who will tell you everything and the pity that has been in Rome.
  65. Following other letters sent from Rome there as entitled: letters of my lord banker Daulhon living in the town of Lyon sent to my lord and master Jehan posted banker on the date of 19th day of October.
  67. The said banker after declaring his affairs to said master Jehan posted the news of Rome that are quite piteous that these letters say about Rome that it is certain that on the eighth day of said month of October the Tiber was so big and filled with water, impetuously and so high that the highest site in Rome was the mountains by a height of a lance. Our losses are larger than a sack because all of the wheat in the attics, and the wines in the cellars have been lost, and wasted and more than 1,500 houses have fallen and some still collapse daily. Thus the dead, a great multitude of people were suffocated, including important people. The said Tiber was bigger than it ever was by twelve feet in height. Everybody started to pray crying out for mercy: declaring they should never die of a merciless death. And none of the astrologers foresaw that on the eight of the month of October the waters would be even higher than on judgment day. From Lyon on the last day of October, the year one thousand five hundred thirty.
  69. (Poet Form)
  70. To the French people lets consider the example
  71. That we see in front of our great and ample
  72. About this Tiber hold well your illusions
  73. Which in high erected places abounds
  74. Fear not because God does what’s best for you
  75. But in the end punishes the young and old
  76. Rome would like to see a thousand
  77. Pardons that we would like to say one time
  78. That we were taken by surprise
  79. And that the Judge took back
  80. from high and low without refuge
  81. That the Romans fear the Tiber’s deluge
  82. Universally: take amendments
  83. With God we have a roof over our head
  84. Him who is powerful and the sovereign king
  85. And the Tiber does not bring any trouble.
  86. Amen.
  88. Link to the second book:
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