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  1. Humanity was always fighthing over something. Land, Resources, Oil.
  2. But by 3000 the planet was at peace. They had free energy, diseases under control, cybernetic implants, accidental deaths, and murder almost never happened thanks to the wonders of science. But there are things that even the most advanced technology couldn’t help. The atmosphere took quite a few injuries over the years, and now, it started to completly disappear. They have tried to fix it, put up barriers to protect the Earth. They were hopeless. Still, they had only one choice left. Use experimental terraforming devices, that were supposed to used to terraform other planets, once humanity started to conquer other planets. But such terraforming could take hunderds, even thousands of years. So, they built great hibernation chambers, that would release pepole in every 300 years. (This could be changed, depending on how many NPC nations there will be). Some didn’t want to be frozen for hundreds of years, and stayed on surface. While, they did not die, they were losing their grip on reality, and became crazy,mutated monsters. The first batch wasn’t so lucky either. The later groups did not become feral monsters, but thanks to an unforseen side effect of hibernation, they have forgot almost everything. They started primitive nations and tribes, taming the land, and fending off the monsters. But they got a slight mutation aswell, though these seemed to be useful ones. Some got stronger, faster. One released batch remembered more things that the others, they could operate some of the machines. One day, they discovered one hibernation facility, after studying it, they were able to release pepole from it. But they didn’t do it out of kindness. They were looking for pepole who remembered something, smart ones, who could help them. This is where you are found.
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