Rarity Tales 2

Dec 28th, 2015
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  1. >The frosty, winter morning finds you enjoying the view of Applejack's snow-covered orchard from your kitchen window, hot coffee in hand and a light breakfast in front of you.
  2. >Eggs (sunny-side-up), toast, some grapefruit and leafy greens.
  3. >Your near-vegetarian diet took some getting used to, but you had to admit, even the simplest meal of pony food was delicious far more often than not.
  4. >You take a few bites, sip your coffee, and sigh contentedly.
  5. >Yep, this was the life.
  6. >No worries or cares, aside from earning your keep as Applejack's farmhand and writing for Twilight's academic associates at Canterlot.
  7. >Honestly, you'd hardly consider either of those things work, you enjoyed them so much.
  8. >And to top it all off, there was your marefriend.
  9. >You take another sip of coffee absentmindedly, reminiscing.
  10. >You'd been dating her for... about 4 months now?
  11. >That seemed right.
  12. >The time you've spent together is almost a blur, happy times melting into each other, punctuated by pinpricks of shining light.
  13. >Speaking of, you realized you should really hurry up with your breakfast.
  14. >You had a date with Rarity in about an hour, and you needed to get yourself ready.
  15. >After all, she loves it when you dress to impress.
  17. >You've gotten yourself dressed and bundled up for the winter cold, and are almost ready to head off.
  18. >Before you forget, you make sure your present for Rarity was secured snugly in its bag under your arm, you set out across town for her boutique.
  19. >It wasn't much, but you'd picked it up earlier in preparation for your day together, and it was vital for today's plans.
  20. >Ponyville in the winter looks like something you've seen on a postcard, to use the old cliché.
  21. >Tudor-styled houses line the cobbled streets, leaning up against each other, and frosted with fluffy, pristine white snow.
  22. >Unlit lamps adorn the walkways, draped with festive holiday banners and ribbons.
  23. >Hearth's Warming was a big deal in Ponyville, or so you've been told.
  24. >Ponies could be seen everywhere, bundled up in scarves and hats and laden with saddlebags full of gifts and sweets.
  25. >Taking in the scenery, you arrive at the Carousel Boutique before you notice any time has passed at all.
  26. >Smiling giddily, your simple gift held behind your back, you knock on the door to the boutique.
  28. >Almost immediately, you hear Rarity's singsong voice reply from inside.
  29. >"Coming!~"
  30. >A moment later the door opens, revealing your gorgeous marefriend.
  31. >She's dressed in a suitably extravagant off-purple cape, held in place by a brooch set with a jewel the size of your fist.
  32. >You still weren't quite used to how plentiful and common "precious" gems were in Equestria.
  33. >Crouching down to her height and keeping your hand behind your back, you sweep her into a one-handed hug, her hooves reaching around your shoulders and pulling you into a kiss.
  34. >After a moment that at once seemed to go on forever and yet feel all too short, you pull back and look into her deep, sparkling blue eyes.
  35. >She cocks her head at you with a smile.
  36. >"So dear, whatever do you have planned for today? You were acting so -mysterious- when we spoke last."
  37. "Oh, nothing that exciting. I just picked up some things, and I thought we could take them out for a spin."
  38. >You bring the bag out from behind yoir back and offer it up to her.
  39. >At the sight of it, her eyes light up and she squees adorably, eager as a filly to find out what's inside.
  40. >She digs inside with her aura, eventually revealing the gift:
  41. >Ice skates
  42. >Specifally, a set of four for her, delicate and minute, perfect for her dainty hooves.
  43. >The store clerk, unfortunately, was unable to hook you up with a proper set of your own.
  44. >You'd figured as much, but happily you were able to get your hands on an old-fashioned pair that you were able to strap onto your shoes.
  45. >You'd tried them out in secret in your house the other day, and discovered that after some jury-rigging and finangling, they were as sound and usable as any set you've ever had.
  47. >"Oh Anon, how wonderful!"
  48. >Rarity's holding up the ice skates in front of her, eyes wide with delight.
  49. "I thought you'd like them. Pinkie Pie told me you used to be quite the skater. "
  50. >"Well, yes, back when i was a filly... Of course, I haven't been in quite some time. I'm afraid I've probably quite lost my old touch."
  51. >You can see the beginnings of a worried expression creep on to Rarity's face.
  52. "Don't worry, I'm sure you'll be fine. I haven't skated in years, but how hard can it be to pick it back up again? I'm sure it's just like riding a bike."
  53. >Rarity looks at you, completely nonplussed.
  54. "... Never mind."
  55. >With a shrug, she makes to leave the boutique, closing the door behind her and looking again at you with an excited glimmer in her eyes.
  56. >"Well darling, are you ready to get going?"
  57. >You walk up beside her, letting a hand rest on her withers.
  58. "Absolutely. After you, m'lady."
  59. >If you were wearing a fedora, you would have tipped it.
  60. >Generously.
  61. >Still, Rarity giggles, and happily trots off, with you not far behind.
  62. >That's something you like about her; she had a flair for the old-fashioned.
  63. >She was a proper lady, through and through.
  64. >You guys stopped for some coffee at a cozy café on the way out, you getting a strong espresso and her a frothy latté.
  65. >As the two of you walked on with your drinks, you made idle chitchat.
  66. >She regaled you with a story of Sweetie Belle's latest exploits and ruinous attempts at helping with the boutique, and you gave her some sneak peeks into the latest, grandest tale you were weaving for the Canterlot Library.
  68. >Eventually, you make it to the skating rink, where half of Ponyville seems to have gathered to skate.
  69. >Couples, parents and foals, groups of friends...
  70. >It's a good thing the pond is pretty large, or it would be far too crowded.
  71. >Childish grin creeping once again on your face, you look at rarity, holding up your skates.
  72. "Shall we?"
  73. >Her cheeks are mottled with pink from the cold, and her breath is coming out in little puffs of frosty mist.
  74. >Looking at the expression on her face though, the cold doesn't seem to be bothering her any more than if it were a breezy spring afternoon.
  75. >"Let's, darling."
  76. >...
  77. >Well, you're definitely out of practice.
  78. >No sooner do you set foot on the ice than you're flat on your ass.
  79. >A nearby filly giggles, and you can feel your face burning red in embarrassment.
  80. >Rarity, who's clearly more comfortable on the ice than you, skates over to your side to help you up.
  81. >She's suprisingly graceful; you realize that she must have been selling herself short on her talents purposefully, but she's holding herself together quite well.
  82. >After another few tries, you're pretty solidly able to keep yourself on your feet, gliding around and avoiding colliding with the other ponies on the ice.
  83. >To their credit, most of them seem to be making some effort to avoid the enormous, stumbling, bipedal creature in their midst, which you appreciate.
  84. >Rarity is lazily and easily tracing lines around you as you skate, her long purple mane slipping out from under her hood as the winter breeze catches it.
  85. >As usual, she's breathtaking.
  86. >She notices you looking at her, and grins sheepishly, blushing and tucking her hair back behind her ear in her hood.
  87. >And, while she's not paying attention, her skate catches on an errant dip in the ice, and she's sent sliding away on her stomach, legs spread akimbo.
  89. >An hour or two later, the two of you are more or less winded.
  90. >With your ankles burning from the stress of balancing on skates all afternoon, you've decided to take up a seat on a snowbank at the side of the pond to catch your breath.
  91. >Rarity seems similarly worn out, and has helped herself to your scarf with her aura to dab at her sweaty brow
  92. >"I think... I think that's quite enough excitement for one day, wouldn't you agree?"
  93. >She's been skating circles around you for a while, occasionally stopping to give you some tips on the finer techniques of balance and skate control.
  94. >Honestly, thanks more or less to her instruction, you've improved quite a bit, and were able to outpace her a time or two, though more often than not the attempts ended with you plowed into a snowbank.
  95. "Yeah, I'd say so. Want to go back to your place to warm up, or mine?"
  96. >"Yours, I think."
  97. >She looks at her sodden fur on her foreleg with a slight grimace.
  98. >"I have a rather large amount of material lying about the boutique and I'm afraid I'd rather not get it too... damp.
  99. "Gotcha. Don't worry, I'll have us warmed up on no time."
  100. >She nuzzles up against your jacket, looking up at you with those brilliant, sparkling eyes.
  101. >"I can't wait, handsome."
  103. >By the time you've almost reached your house, Rarity's chilled to the bone.
  104. >Not that she's admitting it.
  105. >You're leading the way, a hand resting protectively on her withers.
  106. >Through her cape, you can feel her body being wracked by the occasional fierce shiver.
  107. >She's either too proud to admit her discomfort, doesn't want to bother you with complaints, or is simply resolved to grit her teeth and bear through it.
  108. >She was fairly damp with sweat and melted snow from the skating rink, and the wind had been picking up ever since you started your walk.
  109. >As well, the sun was starting to descend into the hills, and the day was getting steadily colder.
  110. >Damned winter, you could swear it wasn't past 3:00 PM.
  111. >You could only assume that Celestia traded off seasons with Luna for some extra rest and relaxation.
  112. >Finally, you get to your house, and hurriedly rush to get your frigid marefriend through the door.
  113. >it's not terribly warm inside, by any means. Though your house is well insulated, there's no form of electric heating, and your fire had died down since you left this morning.
  114. >You get Rarity bundled up in a blanket on the couch, her sniffling hurrying you to warm the house as fast as you could.
  115. >Your assurances that you'll get the fire started and get her something hot to drink and eat are met with a wan smile, and you get to work.
  116. >You grab some firewood from outside, and get to work getting a blaze started in your fireplace.
  117. >"Here dear, let me help with that..."
  118. >Rarity unbundles herself from her quilted nest, and surrounds the firewood in her aura.
  119. >Sniffling almost the entire time, she quickly arranges and splits the wood with her magic, arranging the kindling into an immaculately put together pile.
  120. >The sticks are even woven together in places, each piece alternating shapes and sizes in a simple pattern.
  121. >Classic Rarity.
  123. >With another burst of light from her horn, the bundle of sticks ignite from within, and soon the room is bathed in the flickering glow of firelight.
  124. >You make up a couple of cups of chocolate syrup, and put some water and stew you made the night before to boil in your fireplace cooking rack.
  125. >Once that's been set, you join Rarity on the couch.
  126. >Like all of your furnishings, it's a rustic, homely thing.
  127. >Rarity's expressed time and time again that you should update your simple decor and old-fashioned furniture, but the homely charm has grown immensely on you.
  128. >Besides, you were sure it was growing on her too, if only by a little.
  129. >Rarity lifts up the blanket, and pats the spot next to her.
  130. >Not needing any further encouragement, you get in under the covers with her, letting the fire bathe both of you in its warm glow as you hold her still-cold body close to yours.
  131. >Wordlessly, she lifts herself onto your lap, holding herself close to you as your arms envelop her (see >>25826321)
  132. >The two of you lay like this for a while, wordlessly sharing your warmth as her sniffling slowly subsides.
  133. >Her muzzle starts nuzzling up against your head; cradling her cheek, you move your lips down to hers, and press against her gently.
  134. >...
  135. >Shit, that's not a good sound.
  136. >Or smell.
  137. >The pot you left above the fire is boiling over, dropping gobs of stew onto the fire and smoking viciously.
  138. >How long have you been making out with Rarity again?
  139. >You were certain it couldn't have been that long...
  140. >Quickly, you jump out of your comfy couch cocoon to the sound of rarity's giggles, and tend to the mess of food in front of you.
  141. >"That's my Anon~"
  143. >It takes some doing, but with Rarity's help, you get the edible remnants of the stew into some bowls, along with some semi-fresh bread buns.
  144. >Meal assembled, the two of you re-assume your positions on the couch, and dig in.
  145. >It's pretty good, you think.
  146. >Rarity seems to agree: she's digging into her stew with relish.
  147. >Of course, this is Rarity you're talking about.
  148. >She eats as daintily and politely as ever, and even with how fast she's going, not a drop lands on her white coat or the blankets.
  149. >The meal's relatively silent, the two of you enjoying each other's warmth, the crackling of the fire on the hearth, and the slow setting of the sun outside behind the snow-covered hills.
  150. >You finish your bowl and set it aside, and lean back on the couch with a contented sigh.
  151. >Rarity puts hers aside as well, and cuddles into your chest alongside you, using her aura to pull the blankets around the two of you.
  152. >Bound close by your covers, you draw her into a close hug, kissing her forehead.
  153. >She giggles, and responds by softly planting kisses along the length of your neck.
  154. >"Anonymous?"
  155. "Hrm?"
  156. >"Have... have you considered the possibility of maybe, perhaps, us living together?"
  158. >Shocked out of words, you release her from her hug for a moment.
  159. >She gets up from her relaxed position next to you, sitting up and fixing you with nervous, unsure eyes.
  160. >Of course you'd thought about it.
  161. >The two of you have been getting more serious over the months, though neither of you had admitted it.
  162. >For a while now, the question had been hanging over your head, giving each moment with Rarity a quietly sinister tension:
  163. >What next?
  164. >Was this the pony you would spend your life with?
  165. >Would one of you leave the other?
  166. >Were you going to get married, someday?
  167. >Start a family?
  168. >The last question at least seemed to be out of the realm of biological possibility, but still, the questions had been creeping into your head more and more often lately.
  169. >Not that it had ever bothered you when you were with Rarity, of course.
  170. >She had a unique ability to be able to distract you from anything, even yourself.
  171. >She was still looking at you, looking increasingly nervous as each passing moment grew with ever-increasing tension.
  172. >You pick yourself off your back and sit up on the couch.
  173. >This wasn't the kind of conversation to have lying on your back, after all.
  174. "I have, from time to time."
  175. >"...And?"
  176. >You take in a deep breath, carefully weighing and balancing your answer.
  178. "I've thought about it. Of course I have. But... do you think we're there? I mean, is that something you'd want?"
  179. >Rarity leans back against the couch, lets out a long sigh, and stares into the beams of your ceiling.
  180. >"I... I think so. I've never been with another stallion like you, Anonymous."
  181. >"I mean, of course, I've had one or two relationships in my life before you came along, but never anything that's lasted so long, or been so good for me."
  182. >You think on that for a second.
  183. >Hadn't Applejack mentioned something about her previous relationships to you months ago?
  184. >Something about Rarity having a bit of a past, getting worked up over relationships...
  185. >Or something like that.
  186. >You hadn't thought much about it since, and you've never had cause to worry about where you and Rarity were standing.
  187. >On top of that, she'd never brought up her romantic past in any detail, and you had never pressed her for details.
  188. >You know what?
  189. >Fuck it.
  190. >You put your arm around Rarity reassuringly, gently stroking her back.
  191. >She's still looking up at the ceiling pensively, her face passive and peaceful.
  192. "Wanna try it out?"
  193. >She looks back at you, shocked.
  194. >"Are you sure?"
  195. "Of course not. How can I be? We have no idea what the future holds for us, and this could be a horrible decision."
  196. >You turn her around to face her, holding both her hooves in your hands.
  197. "But Rarity, you've been an amazing marefriend, and I've never been happier than when I'm with you. Living together is a huge step, but so long as it's with you, I know we can make it work.
  198. >Tears well up in Rarity's eyes, and she throws herself into your arms.
  199. >"Oh, Anonymous."
  201. >"So, I suppose we'll have to set our affairs in order, won't we?"
  202. >It's been about an hour since you'd agreed to move in with her.
  203. >An hour that passed about exactly as you'd have expected, and you were just finishing washing yourself off in your minute bathroom.
  204. >Toweling the water and leftover sweat off your face, you turn off the faucet.
  205. "What do you mean?"
  206. >Rarity walks into the bathroom, matted, messy hair hanging loosely off her withers, looking at you through the mirror with lidded eyes and a satisfied smile.
  207. >"Well darling, I'd imagine you'd move in with me in the carousel boutique? I can't very well move my business to your neck of the woods, after all."
  208. >You stop and think about that for a moment, and lean on the bathroom counter.
  209. "No, I suppose not, huh? Yeah, I could live in the boutique. Sell off this old place, or maybe keep it around as a getaway cabin or something."
  210. >Rarity's draped herself across your back, absentmindedly massaging your shoulders.
  211. "You have room for me in there?"
  212. >"Why, I believe so. Maybe we could add a room or two to the ground floor, beside the patio or something. Of course, we could share a bedroom..."
  213. >She interrupts herself by kissing your neck, here.
  214. >"But you would need your own little space, wouldn't you? A study for your work, or something like that, right?"
  215. >You turn yourself around, and scoop up Rarity by her behind, holding her up so her face is level with yours.
  216. "Sounds perfect, Rares. I'm looking forward to it."
  217. >You bring a hand up to her cheek, moving some of her messy strands of hair behind her ears.
  218. >"So am I, darling."
  220. ~-~-~-~-~-~INTERLUDE~-~-~-~-~-~
  222. >The sun shines brightly in the cerulean, cloudless summer sky, casting a dappled light through the emerald leaves of the palm tree above you.
  223. >You're lounging on a towel that's been draped across the scorching sand of a beach an hour's train ride out from Canterlot, sipping on a lemonade and enjoying the cool breeze blowing off the ocean.
  224. >Rarity's next to you, relaxing on a suitably extravagant beach chaise lounge, protected from the sun beneath a large parasol and larger summer hat.
  225. >Rarity always did like her hats, and she'd said that your little summer excursion was a fantastic opportunity to showcase her summer line of headgear.
  226. >Another smaller towel was laid out next to yours; its occupant wasn't really one for staying idle on the beach, and had ventured out in the ocean proper to see if she could find some wild ocean creatures.
  227. >Judging by the stalks of green sticking out of the soaked mane peeking out of the waves in the distance, all Sweetie Belle had managed to find so far was kelp.
  228. >You sit up, adjusting your sunglasses and stretching out your neck and shoulders.
  229. >You'd almost nodded off just now, and you'd be damned if you were going to waste your short vacation on napping.
  230. >You look over to your marefriend, who's laying elegantly on her chair with a sleepy, lazy smile on her face.
  231. "Hey, Rarity."
  232. >No response, except for her to shift slightly in her chair and murmur gently.
  233. >So, she'd fallen asleep.
  234. >You prod her gently, and say her name again.
  235. >"Wakey wakey, Rares."
  236. >With another murmur and a soft, sleepy groan, she rolls away from your touch.
  237. >Apparently, she'd forgotten that she was on a slim beach chair, and before you can jump to her rescue, she's flopped over on to the hot sand below.
  239. >The resulting sound is remarkably similar to the *pomf* sound of a falling feather pillow hitting the ground, and Rarity disappears behind her chair in a small explosion of sand and purple hair.
  240. >"Waah!"
  241. "Ah, shit."
  242. >You get off your towel and inspect the damage.
  243. >A disheveled and grumpy-looking Rarity is batting the sand out of her mane, pouting angrily.
  244. "Want a hand?"
  245. >"I think you've given me quite enough of a hand already, Anonymous. Don't you?"
  246. "Oh, come on, that was completely an accident. Besides, it's your fault for falling asleep."
  247. >"As if I could have possibly helped but drift off. This vacation you've sent us out on is far too relaxing."
  248. >You gesture out to the ocean, where Sweetie Belle was sprinting in circles in the shallows, giggling like a madman, starfish attached to her forehead.
  249. "I can think of one pony who'd disagree."
  250. >At the sight of her sister, all traces of pout and grumpiness melts off Rarity's face, and after smiling serenely at the view for a moment, she returns her gaze to you, her eyes shimmering playfully.
  251. >"A little bit childish, isn't it? Playing in the water with starfish?"
  252. >You run your hand through her mane, cupping her cheek as she leans into it, eyes fixed on yours.
  253. "Sounds right up my alley, beautiful."
  254. >Seized by inspiration, your hand wanders down her sides, and rests for a moment on her flank.
  255. >She leans in towards you for a kiss, and as you pull away from her lips a moment later, you grin at her devilishly, and give her ass a decisive, firm slap.
  256. >As fast as your legs can take you, you sprint across the sand towards the water, Rarity in furious pursuit.
  258. >Sweetie Belle is there to greet you as your legs collide with the rising surf of the ocean, gleefully prancing and splashing around, blissfully unaware of the white and purple storm about to break upon you.
  259. >The water slows you down, your legs straining to move at speed as you struggle to make good your escape.
  260. >Of course, you've learned over your time in Equestria that you were simply unable to outrun quadrupeds for very long, and the sound of crashing water behind you tells you all you need to know about your chances of safety.
  261. >You turn to face Rarity, to find her aleady airborne, barely a foot away from your face.
  262. >She barrels into your chest, bringing the both of you crashing down into the crashing waves.
  263. >The water washes over your head, and you do your best to break free of your marefriends attempt at subduing you, struggling in mock combat against her marshmallow-like hooves.
  264. >A moment of struggling and a mouthful of seawater later, you rise above the water, greeted by the sight of a giggling rarity.
  265. >You can't help but laugh at the sight, but as you do, the leftover water in your mouth works it's way down your throat, and you cough and sputter as the salty liquid blocks your airway.
  266. >Rarity immediately goes from giggling to shock, grabbing you up out of the water and banging on your back with her hoof, as she holds on to you with her other.
  267. >"Anon! Oh no, oh no, oh no..."
  268. >She's too weak to do a whole lot of good, and though you didn't necessarily need her help, you appreciate the effort nonetheless.
  269. >You cough out the water, leaving a salty, burning sensation in your throat and mouth.
  270. >Rarity breathes a sigh of relief, and immediately buries her head into your chest, holding on to you tightly enough to choke you out again.
  271. >"I swear, Anonymous, if you scare me like that again..."
  272. "So... are we even?"
  274. >After a final, gratuitous squeeze, Rarity lets go of you.
  275. >Out of your peripheral vision, you can see Sweetie Belle rolling her eyes and mock gagging dramatically.
  276. >You chuckle at the sight, and Rarity brushes her wet, now-dishevelled mane out of her face to look at you properly.
  277. >"We're even."
  278. "Good"
  279. >You reach over and scoop Rarity up, cradling her in your arms as she giggles happily.
  280. "'Cause we've got some swimming to do, beautiful."
  281. >Holding her up above the water, you sprint into the waves, the crashing salty tide washing up against your sides as you plunge the two of you into the ocean.
  282. >Of course, this time around you aren't wrestling, and you manage to avoid drowning again.
  283. >You and Rarity seperate from each other's grasp and dive into the water, the sun shining into the shimmering azure depths to reveal a submerged expanse of sand, fish, corals and flora spreading out into the distance.
  284. >You surface, and see Rarity break out of the water next to you, water droplets flying off of her mane like shimmering, falling diamonds.
  285. >She's a surprisingly adept swimmer, and keeps herself afloat in a particularly adorable kind of doggy paddle.
  286. >Another minute of swimming around later, Sweetie Belle catches up to you, her new pet starfish still affixed to her head.
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