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Jun 6th, 2015
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  1. By Disqo for MPGH
  3. Summary:
  4. So you purchased this eBook looking for a way to make money while spending
  5. time on your computer, right? This eBook will make you a master at reselling
  6. and creating a good income with no investment at all! Everything included in this eBook is
  7. completely whitehat.
  9. Method 1
  10. Needed:
  11. A Paypal with a credit/debit so you have quick access to funds.
  12. A CowBoom and a Best Buy auction account.
  13. An Ebay account (the better the seller’s account, the quicker you will get your money!
  14. Step 1:
  15. First of all, you want to make an account on this website called CowBoom.
  16. You will need to make an account for each sale you make on ebay. That should not be an
  17. issue for you, being that making an account takes 2 minutes.
  18. Step 2:
  19. Next, you want to find the product you would like to sell on ebay. This should be something
  20. which is hot in the electronics market right now.
  21. You want to make an ebay listing with the same title as the Cowboom listing, and copy
  22. the description of the Cowboom product into the ebay description.
  23. If you think the product is preowned, list it as such. Only list it as new if you KNOW it is.
  24. List it for slightly cheaper than the other auctions on ebay, but not too low that you won’t gain any profit.
  25. Step 3:
  26. After a day or two listing will sell. Now you need to ship that product. The money
  27. should be in your Paypal, so you can go on to ordering the product off Cowboom. You will
  28. want to set the shipping address to the buyers address, and the billing address to your
  29. address. After you order the product off Cowboom, you should get a tracking code within 24 hours.
  30. After that, you're done! Enjoy the profit, and repeat as necessary.
  31. This is the most effective whitehat ebay method I know of, you can earn $20-$50 per sale.
  33. Method 2
  34. In this method you will be reselling Social Media Services. There are many ways you can
  35. do this. You can make money selling to your IRL friends, or you can advertise on other people's accounts. I’m sure you have a few friends who have an Instagram. Why not sell them followers for $5/1k? After they pay $5 for their 1000 Instagram followers, you
  36. can purchase 1000 Instagram followers off of MPGH to deliver to the user, there are services on MPGH will sell Instagram followers for $2. You can look in the "Selling Accounts/Keys/Items" section of MPGH for deals on social media services.
  37. So you can make a $3/k profit. You can mass advertise on websites such as HackForums, Spigot, even resell on MPGH. You will be nearly guaranteed to make $50+ If you advertise on several websites. You can even list an Instagram account with 20k Followers for $60+ on Ebay. Once somebody buys that listing, you buy followers on a brand new Instagram account for
  38. $20, and bam! 40! Thats a large profit, and the method WILL work! You can even make a little
  39. website and advertise this all over Facebook and Twitter!
  41. Method 3
  42. Another great way to make cash is to make your own product!
  43. I recommend Cafepress for making these products and custom designing them.
  44. We can design a neat product, say a T-Shirt made for a TV show!
  45. For example: I’m sure you guys have heard of the show Sherlock.
  46. If you search Up Sherlock shirts on Ebay, you will find many different design, creative slogans and awesome quotes from the character Sherlock himself! Often, these shirts sell very well!
  47. We can make our own T-Shirt for any popular TV Show out there!
  48. Lets make a Walking Dead T-Shirt!
  49. You can choose any type of T-Shirt,
  50. starting at $17.99,
  51. Click “Create”, then T-Shirts. All you need to do is find some logo of your TV show and put it on
  52. the TShirt Designer! Make sure it looks good so people want to buy it!
  53. After you create a design, click “Save for later", and enter an email, Cafepress will email you with a URL for that design. This is where we start selling our product. We will screenshot the picture of the TShirt with gyazo, imgur, or lightshot, we can than list the shirt on Ebay for say, $25. That's not terrible, especially if you sell these TShirts in a large quantity.
  54. After someone purchases a T-Shirt from ebay, you can click the Cafepress link in your email, and order the T-Shirt
  55. to deliver to their address! That can lead to a $5-$10 profit for each T-Shirt you sell!
  57. Method 4
  58. Fiverr is such a great place for reselling things on MPGH. One thing I found pretty neat was reselling Homework Services! Homework services on MPGH can charge up to $80, some guys on Fiverr will do this homework starting at $5!
  59. mework&x=0&y=0&page=1&layout=auto
  60. The sellers on Fiverr offer a wide selection of homework, ranging from Java coding to even foreign language homework!
  61. There are people on Fiverr who write essays for $5 per 200 words. That's not terrible, because there are people on MPGH who charge more. Why not resell these services for $7 per 200 words? It's easy pocket money. Fiverr has so many services, you can even resell something like a coding service for $50, while you only pay the person on Fiverr $5.
  63. Conclusion:
  64. There are many different ways to make money without doing much work. I've found these to be successful, but only if you try them. I've seen many complaints where people yell "this doesn't work!" before even trying it. If you try these methods, and are dedicated to at least one, you will definitely make money. Now, get out there and make some money!
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