The Conflux version 1

Dec 11th, 2012
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  1. The Conflux
  2. People and monsters alike fear you for what you are, and for good reason. Your spirit is voracious, it devours and melds with monsters. Whether it was by choice or some strange twist of fate, your spirit is no longer your own. The only way you can survive is to master it and all that comes with it… or you will be devoured from the inside out.
  4. Stats
  5. Health: 1d8+ constitution
  6. Base Damage: 1d8
  8. You start with these moves:
  10. Spite and Blood
  11. There is a darkness that inhabits your soul. You have a Malice Limit equal to your Wisdom score; when you spend uninterrupted time (a few hours) fighting the monsters inside for control, reset your Malice to 0. This can be done in your sleep.
  13. The Darkness Consumes
  14. When you have Malice equal to or more than your current Malice Limit, roll+Wis. On a 10+, you retain control of your soul and beat the monsters back - lose 1d6 Malice. On a 7-9, you fight for your soul and keep them at bay for now, but you are shaken - lose 1d6 Malice, but take -1 ongoing to The Darkness Consumes until you can fight the monsters inside you for control. On a miss, the monsters within you unleash their terrible powers and cause something horrible to happen - the GM will tell you what. After they have vented their anger, lose 1d6 Malice.
  16. Devour
  17. When you kill a monster that is deemed monstrous, you can devour its soul. If you do so, you can choose one of its creature moves, tags or special qualities to make your own, accessible while in your monstrous form.
  19. You can only have up to three moves, tags or special qualities at any one time. If you would gain a new one, it replaces one existing monster ability of your choice.
  20. *____________
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  24. The Monster Within
  25. You can gain 2 Malice to enter a monstrous form. While in this form, your body is twisted and mutated into a chimeric horror composed of parts of the monsters whose souls you have devoured.
  27. At any time while in this form, you can gain 1 Malice to use one of your monster abilities (moves, tags, or special qualities). Tags apply only to your next move using them, moves deal class damage, and special qualities last for a few minutes at most. You can activate multiple abilities at once. When you trigger a move by using an ability, roll+2 for that move.
  29. The Darkness Inside
  30. When you spend an hours exploring the depths of your soul, you can select up to three monsters that are deemed monstrous with 10+level HP and take 1 move, weapon tag, or special quality from each monster selected this way and add them to your list of abilities. Gain 1d4 malice for each ability you added to your ability list. When your character is first created, do this without gaining any malice.
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