Gadriel (Gadds) Chimera Sentinel for HQ

Feb 19th, 2020
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  1. Name: Gadriel (or Gadds for short)
  2. Gender: Male
  3. Race: Angel/demon Chimera
  4. HP: 25
  5. Class: Sentinel
  6. Patron Diety: Buiwong
  7. Alignment: Undefined
  9. -----------ABILITIES----------
  10. Talent: Of a Higher Regard: +1 to all abilities
  12. >SHAPESHIFT: spell, recharge 4 after effect ends; alters your body to gain another racial until you go helpless.
  13. >CORPSE EXPLOSION: spell, ranged; explodes a dead creature’s corpse, dealing damage to all nearby enemies on success. +1 to crit range per target corpse’s power level (10+ crits on Weak, 9+ on Medium, 8+ on Strong etc). Exploded corpses cannot be resurrected, raised or communed with. Target reanimates as a hostile on crit fail.
  14. >MARKSMAN SHOT: recharge 3, requires ranged weapon, weapon; autocrits (any success is critical), benefits from Trick Ammo
  16. >TRICK AMMO Instant Automatic, recharge 1; Adds an additional effect to a skill that can benefit from it (Marksman Shot, Custom Job, Repeating Fire or Barrage). This effect can be any of the following ,but they all share the same recharge.
  17. -SILENCE: On hit, the enemy cannot cast a spell next two turns
  18. -KNOCKOUT: On hit, the enemy is unable to counterattack next turn, and is considered helpless, but does not lose a wound. He instantly and automatically gets up on the turn after that.
  19. -SPLIT: Hits 2 targets at once
  21. >SPELL RESONANCE: Automatic Spell, Recharge 4; You may cast a spell you know Automatically, provided you have successfully cast it earlier in this combat. Normal spell recharge still applies.
  22. >HEAL: recharge 1, spell, ranged; restores target’s hits to full and restores one wound, or removes all status effects. Crit restores 2 wounds, crit fail deals a wound of damage to the target.
  23. >INURE: spell, ranged; target is immune to a specific damage type (fire, ice, poison, possessed etc) for a short time
  25. Appearance: Although a chimera Gadriel is mostly aesthetically uniform, All of the fur that makeup his body are metal needles and daggers of spines that shift into one another and become flush. With a amorphous nature to his metal coat, Gadriel's metal furs can easily become malleable, or soft as silk pillows, fluffy like cotton, or stiff as daggers, strong as rock, even porous or smooth -as he wills it either as a whim or feat of strength. Gadriel's coat is a dim grey, neither dark or bright with a violet sheen waxing across his fur in the right light. His Anatomy's visage is the reverse of a griffon's. Gadriel has the youthful, brilliant face of a lion, earnest as it is regal, his mane, ears, and front paws are all a part of the lion's body. The hind legs and posterior are more slender than his lion's body like a bird's ending in eagle's claws. His tail is dubious in racial features. His tail is long and slender, ending in a thicker bulb than the rest of the tail. Finally his wings appear vestigial. They are palor wispy plumes of organic fur. Though Gadriel is capable of flight, his ability to fly is unnatural and his plumed wings serve a different purpose. They are catalysts for his magic and glow with pure, pale light with the use of spells. They also store liquid bulbs of ambrosia that pop like bubbles when the contents are released onto someone. Gadriel's ambrosia carry a variety of properties (HEAL, INURE, KNOCKOUT, SILENCE)
  27. Gadriel is the culmination of many lives, reflecting in the morphing nature of his body. He can search within himself to invoke the SHAPESHIFT ability. He has a preference for the π€π‘π€ππˆπ€π π€π‹π‚π‡π„πŒπ˜ Racial when not involved in combat. To store Ambrosia inside his bulbs as instant automatic potions (effect only for spells). When involved in combat Gadriel prefers switching to the Deer racial 𝐆𝐄𝐀𝐒 which is attuned for all 1-skill point abilities at character creation. (heal, Inure, Marksmanshot)
  29. >>>>>>>>>>>>>Player-Mechanics<<<<<<<<<<<<<<
  30. Gadriel is a DM/Player shared character. The DM having created the character identity is responsible for all RP by Gadriel. While the Player of Shei-Sher has limited combat control of Gadriel.
  31. How the relationship operates is described in the following quote:
  33. "If Shei and Gadriel are entered into combat together I can make Gadriel's rolls, though ultimately you(the DM) can overrule Gadriel's roll if you feel it contradicts his personality. Which I think you should since you are the one who has built up Gadriel's personality.Out of combat I do not have control over Gadriel's actions, if I want him to do something outside of combat I would need to ask him.I only have control of Gadriel's combat rolls when he is entered into Combat as Shei-Sher's ally."
  34. -VErbadoo
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